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  1. That's called a mistake.
  2. I only went out on Saturday for the Xfinity race so it was easy. The cup race was fairly crowded so I'm assuming traffic was a nightmare.
  3. I was in Las Vegas this weekend for the NASCAR race and on Saturday the race was delayed due to snow. No accumulation but had a snow flury.
  4. I couldn't imagine going through what he is dealing with. Prayers to coach and his family.
  5. Nevada beats Grand Canyon 4-3.
  6. I know this isn't recruiting but just wanted to share with Reb fans. I just got an Uber ride home from Stephen Zimmerman's mom in Reno. She was a nice lady but home life seemed a little suspect. Said he is playing in Germany and just had a kid. He wants to be home in Vegas with his family.
  7. Nevada looks awesome! They have improved every game. So many weapons.
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