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  1. Marina most likely wasn't there when you lived here. It's the old Helms Pit on the north side of I 80. You can see it from the interstate. Right by the Sparks Blvd exit.
  2. What year did you work in Reno?
  3. I don't see the PAC taking Baylor and it has nothing to do with on field performance.
  4. Any conference would accept their olympic sports so they would have plenty of options. My only point is the conference makeup that was suggested doesn't work for all sports and money is not the issue.
  5. Impact on athletes. Obviously money is not the issue.
  6. Travel time would be a big deal. For example, USC baseball playing multiple 3 game series on the east coast would be.
  7. Of course UNLV has to be one of them. Everybody wants them.
  8. This would be a great football only conference. I don't see how it works for all sports.
  9. Unfortunately, if they are independent contractors they will pay approximately 15% for Social Security and Medicare even if their federal income tax is $0.
  10. ASU getting in trouble doesn't "shift the balance of power in the west." I understand they are improving but they aren't there yet to make that statement fit.
  11. Congrats Bison. Good luck tomorrow!
  12. Dumpster fire is when you lose everybody on your roster from the previous year.
  13. Didn't Suggs declare this year? I thought I read that he did.
  14. Did Krueger not have one player on the roster that was good enough to get minutes and also like him? The roster turnover seems odd considering they hired him for stability. Turnover was greatly needed but you think there would have been a core of 3 players or so that were bought in. It's very obvious a coaching change was needed and the Rebs hit the jackpot with a buy out. Go Knights!
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