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  1. Otz is getting rid of him. He doesn't fit the system. Nobody would leave the Rebs on their own. This is a different regime.
  2. Scobey has a kid that played AAU ball with my son in Reno for a couple years. Pulling for the Spartans!
  3. Approximately 60% of the season tickets require a donation to the scholarship fund. In the lower bowl, the donation is more than the ticket.
  4. How is the average ticket price for Nevada $10 when you can't purchase a ticket for less than $30? I get some tickets might be given away and included in the average, but season ticket sales in those years was 80% of the stadium.
  5. Its Flynn for sure. Similar stats on a better team. However, I don't think Murray is conveniently leaving anything out. He just put out the facts which are stats. Indicating Harris should be considered is very reasonable. Murray does a great job reporting on the Mountain West and in most cases calls it the way he sees weather others agree or not.
  6. He's racked up 3 coference wins in the same season. When you said buyout did you mean bonus?
  7. Good racer but not necessarily a stud. However, great guy and personality for the sport.
  8. Stage racing is awesome. Forces them to race the entire race instead of hanging back and just running the last 25% of the race. What don't you like about it?
  9. Agree they are legit. A sweet 16 or better is required to be in the conversation as best. There's been some good MWC teams including SDSU with Leonard. I hope they finish the job but there is still work to be done for those accolades.
  10. Nothing to see here. I read on this board they are equals with respect to the stadium.
  11. I know this isn't recruiting but just wanted to share with Reb fans. I just got an Uber ride home from Stephen Zimmerman's mom in Reno. She was a nice lady but home life seemed a little suspect. Said he is playing in Germany and just had a kid. He wants to be home in Vegas with his family.
  12. Nevada looks awesome! They have improved every game. So many weapons.
  13. I agree. I would be very suprised to see him get a D1 scholarship. Nice player but not elite.