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  1. You look more professional than I thought😁
  2. Is there a reason the crowd is so small? Are fans not allowed at games?
  3. Is this a good hire for the Rebs?
  4. Knuth made a statement that said the alumni and students are motivated. They may have a donor lined up.
  5. They are already designing the practice facility. They are estimating a cost of 25 million. Sandoval said he doesn't want the cheap version. Sounds like it's close to a done deal with a couple hurdles to jump.
  6. I think Nevada will be fine in the end. It might take a couple years to get back on their feet, but with everybody in the NCAA getting an extra year, there is a lot of talent out there. I like Norvell, he built a very good program at Nevada with the kids he brought in. I actually thought he was a perfect fit for Nevada as he was decent here but not a P5 caliber coach which would have made it possible for him to be a long time coach. His demeanor fit perfectly for this city. He comes across as a blue collar guy and that is what Reno identifies with. If the idea is championships on a r
  7. He recruited good kids that loved playing for him and were loyal. His game day coaching is very questionable.
  8. Nevada beat 1 team in 2 years with a winning record and a stacked roster. By no means is winning guaranteed. I'm on record a month ago saying the same thing when Norvell was still our coach.
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