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  1. UNLV had a solid roster coming back from last year with two promising recruits at the guard position. I think they would have been top 3 in the MW with Nevada or another top team taking a little drop. Marvin wasn't given a fair chance in my IMHO. If Juiston doesn't get hurt this year, they probably win 20 games. I get the schedule wasn't murders row, but given the situation he inherited, the expected results are a bit unrealistic. However, I do understand for some reason he was never a fit for the Rebs. The TJO hire so far isn't looking any better than Marv. However, I don't think Marv was a bad hire. There is still a long way to go before rosters are finalized and hopefully he can get the kids in the portal to recommit. Given the change, I would expect the new coach to be able to make a splash and I haven't seen that yet. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Did Muss offer JB? I'm not seeing anything regarding Muss.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. I would imagine the school would be willing to renegotiate and pay at least a portion. Good for UNLV and props to Marv if he just walked and is moving on. If he did, he should get big respect from the UNLV fans. I remember when Carter worked for free so we would have to pay him.
  4. Yes, I have also heard rumblings that Lindsey may not be ready to play next year after hip surgery. Maybe he is thinking medical red shirt and playing somewhere else.
  5. And cost Nevada less than 400k per after the buyout. Muss was the biggest bargain and best value imaginable.
  6. I saw something from Murray saying the only interview he was aware of is tomorrow. Doesn't mean they haven't found their guy but speculation may be premature at this point.
  7. I don't think Marv would be a horrible hire for Nevada and would prefer him over Rice. It didn't work at Vegas but that is a different job.
  8. Muss has given 100% effort while at Nevada. Wether his motivation was self served or for Reno, he has given 100% to promote a product. He has been a great ambassador of the University and the community. I hope he stays, but if he leaves I wish him well.
  9. LSU will most likely be on the list at some point.
  10. Good game Aztecs! I hope we get a 3rd bid!
  11. Great game Boise!! It's amazing how good your team is and how bad your record is.
  12. Linday Drew is not playing this year.
  13. I think you would be fairly pleased with Porter and Thurman as well.