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  1. UNLV at SJSU

    That court is awful! Hard to watch the game. Maybe that is why nobody is there.
  2. Wyoming @ Nevada

    27 of 30 from the line.
  3. Wyoming @ Nevada

    Pokes have a lot of grit!!
  4. Question for Utah/TCU fans

    Did hosting the Olympics help Utah with facilities?
  5. UC San Diego to join Big West

    You don't have a choice. You are UNLV!
  6. UC San Diego to join Big West

    Nevada won't be going indy as well. Overall the athletic department is happy where they are at with respect to conference affiliation. I hope the shakeout comes soon and Nevada can affiliated with schools that want to be here. I see long term affiliation with Boise, Wyoming, Fresno State, Utah State and UNLV.
  7. UNLV at Nevada

    Must be an old picture of the cannon!
  8. Said Lamelo was the best and Liangelo would lead the PAC 12 in steals. Good prediction so far.
  9. Musselman Rocks!

    Musselman has been a class act since he was hired. He is a total program guy and will do anything to help with the Athletic Department. Not just basketball. He supports all the programs on campus. This guy deserves any success he gets regardless if it's at Nevada or he moves on to bigger and better things.