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  1. Top 75 would be 5th in the MWC this year. Seems to be fair expectations for the Rebs next year.
  2. Beard didn't even stick around to coach a game when he got his offer. Wake up!
  3. Alford has been great in Reno. He is well spoken in his interviews and is very likeable. I was neutral on the hire but have been pleasantly surprised.
  4. It was a very good win. However, the Rebs scored 20 points in the 2nd half. For long periods in the 2nd half, both teams were awful. If I were to bet, I would be all over Utah State tomorrow minus the points. For the record, I think Nevada will have their hands full with the Rebs.
  5. Rebs looking good! Fun game to watch.
  6. Great game Pokes! Both teams are extremely young and tough. Nevada games always seem to have a lot if fouls called.
  7. Nevada just doesn't have enough scoring. 4 guys score all the points. Young team with a little help on the way. Alford is doing a great job at Nevada and has been very likeable.
  8. For the record, I like him and think he's good for the university.
  9. He is not by many of the alumni. I was shocked when I first started talking to people about it. In general, it's been older people that are substantial donors.
  10. Mine is standard definition. Can't read the players name on the back of their jersey if they zoomed in. Maybe it's time to have directv come out and calibrate the dish.
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