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  1. There were 3 guys covering nobody.
  2. You can stream at cbssports.com/cbssn
  3. Agree that Ault had his flaws. I like both coaches. I just don't think either one is/was P5 material. They are perfect for a school like Nevada or most other G5 schools.
  4. He had a first round draft pick that he didn't realize he had. He started Malik Henry in front of Carson Strong.
  5. Did you pay attention to his first 3 years? Our QB room looked like what the Rebs are doing now.
  6. He's going to get interviews because he's intriguing building a decent situation at Nevada and he's a man of color. A deeper look exposes the flaws. Just look at how he's handled the QB room at Nevada.
  7. Norvelle has recruited fairly well and created a good culture. He's been able to do that because expectations are low at Nevada and the fan base has patience for coaches they like. He is not a great coach and he would have a short stay at a P5. I like him and wish him the best if he leaves but it wouldn't be a good idea for him or his new school. I would be fine with him staying because I think he would have periods of success at a G5.
  8. The wildcard is the kid from West Virginia. Seems like a great add if his knee holds up (I think he is the kid with knee trouble). I love his style of play as a facilitator and has great toughness.
  9. Another pre-season championship! Just giving you a hard time. The Rebs do seem extremely athletic. If they can score they will be a tough out.
  10. They're not replacing the number 7 team in the nation with anybody equal or better.
  11. Where would the AAC rank right now without Cincinnati, Houston and UCF?
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