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  1. My son is a senior now. Every kid I know going to college is going to be highly subsidized by their parents. I'm not sure this is normal but in my circle that is what's happening.
  2. Nobody is arguing that the Rebel teams in the 70's and 80's weren't great teams. Pick any time frame in the last 30 years and the results are the same. UNLV has not been a better basketball school for 30 years and those are the facts.
  3. Check head to head for the past 30 years.
  4. Nuga appears to be a good get! His knee could be an issue but tons of upside. Kent State fans seemed to really like him.
  5. Your natty is history but you guys still like to talk about it.
  6. He should be a nice addition to the Pikes roster.
  7. I would be very surprised if that happened. He wouldn't see the floor unless there were multiple injuries. He was a part time starter last year so I'm sure he's looking for at least a similar situation. Probably should stay where he's at😁
  8. Is Marble in the portal? Any others from Wyo?
  9. That will hurt if he leaves. He should have many suitors. Hopefully the big freshmen kid doesn't follow him.
  10. There isn't enough D1 talent in the north to worry about recruiting locally in basketball. Moses Wood is towards the top. There have been better, but not many top D1 guys come from this area. Sacramento area is more feasible. Nevada will be reliant on the transfer market to a large extent.
  11. UNLV has the ability to find a "New Tark." They have some unique characteristics and built in advantages. The big challenge is unrealistic expectations from the alumni, fans and media. From the outside looking in, it's a fairly toxic situation. Hopefully Krueger gets it settled down.
  12. It's 8. We're counting right now😛 The last 20 years has been very good for Nevada and we have a chance to sustain and possibly add to the success. It's not national championships but that isn't the expectation or even realistic in the north. Hopefully Nevada found a unique situation with Alford and he will stay a few years. Otherwise, we will turnover successful coaches every 4 to 5 years and be stuck with the bad ones for 6 to 7.
  13. Well said! I respect the UNLV story and enjoyed watching and following the Rebs in the Tark era. It was magic. However, it's also possible that UNLV couldn't do it with another coach. Hopefully, coach Krueger works out but he has a lot of work to do. I would love to have both programs competing at the top level with Nevada winning of course!
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