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  1. LSU will most likely be on the list at some point.
  2. Good game Aztecs! I hope we get a 3rd bid!
  3. Great game Boise!! It's amazing how good your team is and how bad your record is.
  4. Linday Drew is not playing this year.
  5. I think you would be fairly pleased with Porter and Thurman as well.
  6. We had the same turnover 2 years ago.
  7. We are going for our 3rd straight championship and we have a core coming back next year. Not expecting to win it next year but we will be competitive. When is the last time you could say that.
  8. We have 7 guys that would start on your team and 5 that would be your most valuable.
  9. Attendance 3,000? Shocking no matter the win loss record for UNLV! I say that with respect considering the tradition of the program.
  10. I just watched Cheatham play for ASU last night. He would most likely be SDSU's best player this year.
  11. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to project a roster 2 years from now given the amount of transfers in division 1 basketball. I read an article that stated 40% of the kids that go from high school to division 1 won't be at their original school after their sophomore year. UNLV could pickup transfers to fill the holes but it is extremely tough recruit freshman and expect them to stay all 4 years. Not saying it won't happen for you, just that you will need to beat the odds.
  12. It's worked this millennium for Nevada. Only SDSU has been better. Their version of Muss stayed so they had a great run. That is a premier job if it comes open again. Our track record is the next best for a 20 year period.
  13. Nevada has reached the tournament with 3 different coaches in the 2000's. Muss has taken the program to a new level, but it seems obvious that he is not the only coach that can win here. If for some reason he decided to stay, Nevada would compete near the top of the conference even in down years. If he leaves, we have to hope to get lucky with our next hire. We certainly were lucky the last time.
  14. A Nevada fan didn't write the article. We definitely don't think we have the best athletic department in the conference. You never hear Nevada fans say we need to leave this conference because we're too good. Hopefully we can stay competitive in basketball and continue to improve in football.