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  1. Boise should give Bennett a shot in the 2nd half.
  2. Do you start tearing down the stadium when you haven't decided who is going to be the architect? Your scenario might be the case but it doesn't seem like the usual progression. Projects get scaled down quite often because of cost overruns or lack of expected funding, but when the demolition begins, usually a good portion of the funding and plan are in place. Honestly, if I were a SJSU Alum, this plan of action would chase me off from making a contribution. I hope it works out, it just doesn't seem like they know what they are doing. From the outside, it looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Especially in California where the cost will probably end up being double or triple the expected cost. Construction during the season like TCU would make perfect sense. Tear it down and get it done. The project is scheduled to take 4 years after demolition? There is something wrong with this picture.
  3. Seems odd the project didn't start until 6 months after the end of the season and it's going to take years to complete. Also, they still haven't contracted the work?
  4. I don't like the large venues at all. I've been to a St. Louis and Indianapolis and even the good seats are bad. Football stadiums have way different site lines. I prefer Sweet 16 and Elite 8 in smaller venues but I agree that it's always fun to be there. I've been lucky enough to watch the 2019 Football National Championship game, the Sweet 16 games in DC and a few games of the College World Series this year.
  5. Great series and congrats to the Raptors. It went their way and they had many guys step up. They deserve it.
  6. Very sad! Rest in Peace coach Brad!
  7. The cheering was brutal and they knew he was hurt. Many in the crowd were waving bye. The Raptors are a lot better than I thought and probably should have closed it tonight. Kawahi took over. I thought he looked tired against Milwaukee but he can turn it on when need be. I'm just hoping for 7 games at this point.
  8. With 3 of the top 6 out, not surprising at this point.
  9. I believe that number is now 35-1. I'm a Warrior fan so I'm sure I have a bias, but I don't see this as a competitive series.
  10. Mug might be complicit in this as well!
  11. He will need to score 50 with Draymond guarding him with plenty of help. Gasol is probably the X factor. I could see the Warriors in 4 or 5 as well.
  12. Per the usual Rebel sources who are correct on everything?
  13. That is awesome! Armon is a great guy and very positive with the kids. He helped out with the Ballers program on a volunteer basis from time to time. I've never seen him not smiling. I hope he does well.
  14. UNLV had a solid roster coming back from last year with two promising recruits at the guard position. I think they would have been top 3 in the MW with Nevada or another top team taking a little drop. Marvin wasn't given a fair chance in my IMHO. If Juiston doesn't get hurt this year, they probably win 20 games. I get the schedule wasn't murders row, but given the situation he inherited, the expected results are a bit unrealistic. However, I do understand for some reason he was never a fit for the Rebs. The TJO hire so far isn't looking any better than Marv. However, I don't think Marv was a bad hire. There is still a long way to go before rosters are finalized and hopefully he can get the kids in the portal to recommit. Given the change, I would expect the new coach to be able to make a splash and I haven't seen that yet. Just my 2 cents.