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  1. packNV

    How much is Nevada paying Muss?

    If Trent Johnson followed David to Reno than it might make sense. Otherwise, I think they look at other candidates.
  2. packNV

    UNLV at SJSU

    That court is awful! Hard to watch the game. Maybe that is why nobody is there.
  3. packNV

    UC San Diego to join Big West

    You don't have a choice. You are UNLV!
  4. packNV

    UC San Diego to join Big West

    Nevada won't be going indy as well. Overall the athletic department is happy where they are at with respect to conference affiliation. I hope the shakeout comes soon and Nevada can affiliated with schools that want to be here. I see long term affiliation with Boise, Wyoming, Fresno State, Utah State and UNLV.
  5. packNV

    UNLV at Nevada

    Must be an old picture of the cannon!