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  1. I'm hearing from inside the Nevada athletic department that Nevada won't be playing in the fall. Decision has been made just not announced.
  2. JC ball is probably cheaper than youth travel baseball. That's an expensive venture.
  3. It would be hard to believe that Norvell would be a serious candidate for a p5 job at this point. He has made some questionable decisions regarding the qb position and is not a polished head coach. With that said, I am happy he's our coach. I believe he will grow into the job and is a great representative of the university.
  4. Otz is getting rid of him. He doesn't fit the system. Nobody would leave the Rebs on their own. This is a different regime.
  5. I know this isn't recruiting but just wanted to share with Reb fans. I just got an Uber ride home from Stephen Zimmerman's mom in Reno. She was a nice lady but home life seemed a little suspect. Said he is playing in Germany and just had a kid. He wants to be home in Vegas with his family.
  6. Nevada looks awesome! They have improved every game. So many weapons.
  7. I agree. I would be very suprised to see him get a D1 scholarship. Nice player but not elite.
  8. I will be there. Have you heard anything on the expected crowd? Just wondering how early I need to go to get a decent seat.
  9. UNLV will be paying him until 2022. He won't need a job for a few years.
  10. You don't have a choice. You are UNLV!
  11. Nevada won't be going indy as well. Overall the athletic department is happy where they are at with respect to conference affiliation. I hope the shakeout comes soon and Nevada can affiliated with schools that want to be here. I see long term affiliation with Boise, Wyoming, Fresno State, Utah State and UNLV.
  12. It sounds like the announcers are in a studio.
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