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  1. OT: For you Texas Expansionists

    What you posted was Texas state combination of stadium and arena beat the heck out of what UNT of UTSA have. Texas state does not have near the facilities in either sport or the athletic support facilities than UNT have. I have seen them both and it is not even close. I see no reason to add any new members at this time, and I doubt any full memberships will be considered.
  2. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    USU was added because the MWC to play football so that is correct. you had a football need. Those that think that USU basketball has gotten worse because of the quality of basketball in the MWC are wrong. This is at best a two bid league. USU does not have near the inside players it had six years ago, many of the inside players were good enough to have long term pro basketball career's in Europe, not NBA level but damn good players, none of the current inside kids at USU would get a sniff at pro basketball, anywhere. With this current group of kids USU has beaten N.M. BSU, UNLV and swept Fresno, so I do not see the MWC as some great basketball conference that we can not compete in, if we get the right coach.
  3. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    Stew was a solid coach for a middle to lower level conference which is what the MWC is, this season there is one real good team in Reno, one good team in Boise, and a bunch of average in the rest of the conference. Tim's seat is warm, but it is not because the MWC is so much tougher, his teams are not all that good. This season he has lost every instate game which included Big Sky Weber state, he has also lost the last two games to Weber, that spells trouble.
  4. Nevada @ the Baggies

    Congrats to Nevada you guys have a quality team.
  5. Utah State @ New Mexico

    Congrats on the win
  6. Caution: BYU, Gonzaga, some MW Teams Realignment Thread

    Yet another BYU tool wanting to start up the project once again. I guess the WCC venture was not all that much at least in his boy's eye's
  7. Players boycott practice in Fart Collins

    Don't you think you should talk to the players if you are removing the coach in mid season ?
  8. Congrats to Menzies, first win vs t25 team.

    That was one hell of a game, two schools that played as hard as they could, it was fun to watch regardless of the outcome. Congrats to both schools.
  9. Utah State at Wyoming

    You should not worry USU is a poor team that has no inside game, if the threes do not fall they are done, we hope for a new coach in March.
  10. San Jose State receives $5 Million dollar donation

    That is great news.
  11. Can we at least demote SJSU to football only

    They are still connected, I have no clue if UNT would join or not. I do believe they would want another Texas school to come along. They have committed above what some members of this conference have. Believe me when I say they would be a better add than UTSA. If the conference division they got put in contained them with Texas State or SMU along with New Mexico, AFA, CSU and Wyoming that may hold some interest. Schools in Virginia, Alabama are not all that connected to North Texas, many UNT folks consider themselves Western. I doubt any of this will happen but it is fun to think about.
  12. Can we at least demote SJSU to football only

    They have some interest, I know a few folks connected to that school. TCU did quite well in the MWC. I would think we would need two schools to leave the conference in order to get into Texas which could mean two schools from the lone star state. I have no interest in Rice, UTEP. UTSA is a school with a rented football stadium, and little else,it would cost UTSA tens of millions to get facilities that would match UNT.
  13. Can we at least demote SJSU to football only

    IMHO UNT has the best facilities of those schools mentioned. They have huge potential, and have invested into athletic facilities.
  14. Can we at least demote SJSU to football only

    UTSA has a 2,650 seat basketball arena. UNT has a bigger budget new on campus 30,000 stadium, and a 11,000 seat quality basketball arena, much better add.
  15. Who's boycotting the Super Bowl?

    I will not be watching, but the reason is not because of taking a knee, some of it is the over hype, the silly announcers. Football season ends for me when the college season ends. I do not watch pro football at all. I understand the racial problems in this country given my family, let me say that there is much to be done and people need to be aware of it, but there is a better ways of solving the problem than calling attention to yourself, and pissing off many people, some of the people you piss off fought to give you the right to protest.