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  1. ole blu dude

    Stunner's wet dream

    As one that went to school at the U of U, let me say that the rival game was going to end after the Logan game in 2012, never again in Logan. However a new A.D. is in place and times change I would prefer to play either BYU or Utah, but not both. BYU and Utah have treated USU badly over the years never allowing them to be a conference member with them even when the old WAC went to 16 teams, which meant that nearly every D-1 school in the west got a invite except for USU and NMS. USU just needs to be the best we can be and forget the U. If BYU ever got into a P-5 conference the home and home with USU would end.
  2. I recall a Silicon Valley football bowl classic in San Jose in the past. How was that attended ?
  3. ole blu dude

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    So NMS may have brought 25,000 fans which is more than you averaged for home games that year. The key figure to me is 10,000 locals may have come to a game pitting USU vs NMS two poor teams with 6-6 records going in.
  4. ole blu dude

    What should MWC do if it loses Vegas Bowl?

    Western fans do not travel well that is for sure, however the Vegas bowl also features also a P-5 school most often they do not travel well either. We need a signature bowl game, the San Diego bowl is poorly attended, same with Boise, and New Mexico. I would like to look at Tuscon as a possible feature location, it was by far the best attended bowl game that USU has had 39,123. I would hope that MWC schools from bigger areas would do much better. I would love to see a B-12 team play us, if not possible then a western AAC school might be a good match up. I believe a match up between BSU and even Iowa st. or Kansas st. would draw 45 to 50,000.
  5. ole blu dude

    No more Vegas Bowl for the Mountain West?

    The Arizona bowl drew more fans with a USU vs NMS game than what the Vegas bowl had with a BSU vs Oregon match up. To me that means a lot of locals went to that game. I had a better bowl experience than what I had at bowls in Boise, New Mexico, San Diego.
  6. ole blu dude

    What should MWC do if it loses Vegas Bowl?

    I agree that would be a very big spread out conference. I feel that the MWC schools that played in the Vegas bowl did quite well, and had decent fan support it is a shame that the game will no longer feature a MWC school. I feel the MWC schools did their part.
  7. ole blu dude

    What should MWC do if it loses Vegas Bowl?

    How certain are you that those you mentioned are wanted by the AAC ?
  8. ole blu dude

    What should MWC do if it loses Vegas Bowl?

    Been to the San Diego, Boise, Vegas, Arizona bowl, we need to go to Arizona, the local folks care about the bowl. The folks in Vegas and San Diego could care less about the MWC bowl, Arizona was a real surprise. 40,000 for USU vs NMS. One wonders what the MWC champion could draw with a B-12 school in Tucson.
  9. ole blu dude

    What will be the MWC's New Signature Bowl?

    Honestly I would prefer the Arizona bowl to either the spud bowl or returning to Vegas. The bowl in Idaho is a cold weather bowl been there been frozen, Vegas has no local interest in a G-5 bowl game, Much better than the San Diego bowl also. Arizona bowl was much better than what I expected, easy to get to decent stadium, locals have some interest, of course we need a upgrade to a ACC school, but I believe there is a chance to grow this thing. I can see some good things if it is done right. I saw nearly 40,000 for a USU vs NMS game I would imagine that a BSU vs Houston game getting a sellout crowd.
  10. ole blu dude

    What will be the MWC's New Signature Bowl?

    Would the Arizona bowl in Tucson be a possible tie in with the AAC, that bowl had nearly 40,000 for USU vs NMS last time out. Great weather fun times.
  11. Aggie blue mint on top of warm cougar tail. My goodness the image that brings to mind.
  12. I read a story that said Wyoming has 5,008 members of the Cowboy Joe club which is the largest group of any school in the history of the MWC. They must be doing something right.
  13. At least they got a invite, which is something that USU could not get done. That of course is a whole story by itself, not being able to get in a conference with the ewe or BYU since 1960.
  14. ole blu dude

    VP’s wet dream just came true!!!

    I do not know what U of I should or should not do, but they do have major facilities issues, and a Pac-12 school less than 10 miles away.
  15. ole blu dude


    I find Jack to be a honest poster. His opinions are not spin.