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  1. The question I would have is if BSU makes the move, and if the AAC is a stronger conference would BSU fans still attend in large numbers if the school goes 6 or 7 wins per season, Nebraska fans will, but would Boise do the same ?
  2. Many things go into conference memberships, one thing that the UU and CU bring is AAU membership, also 50,000 plus seat stadiums. If it was me SDS would be a good possible add for the Pac, but I do not make those decisions. I do believe that SDS needs to be the power in the MWC in football before any interest comes from the Pac.
  3. If it was up to me Wichita would be a member now, and of course adding SMU and Houston would be great.
  4. Wichita State wanted membership, but for some reason they got turned down. SMU and Houston would be great additions , but I'm 100 % sure they are not interested.
  5. If you do not leave it will be because the AAC and BSU could not reach a understanding, I would think between the Big West or the MVC you could find a home for your other sports. The AAC conference makes no sense for anything, but a football only membership
  6. Well then if they do not leave it will be because the AAC did not want what Boise was asking for which may be a all sports invite. RIGHT.
  7. I have heard if Boise does not leave it will be because the AAC turned them down they want out asap.
  8. Some more info reports have Anderson's contract to start at $1 million with a assistant coach's money totaling $2.5 million per season, good jump in assistant money.
  9. As discussed Andersen got fired for several reasons, and his payout was greatly reduced by mutual agreement. Anderson's buyout was $115,000 from Arky st.
  10. The fight in court statement was a attempt at humor by a BSU fan, of course he was not going to court to save his job.
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