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  1. Lateral move as far as conference membership is concerned, but aTm has nearly $90 million more money to spend.
  2. No offense taken We also have a new coaching staff which could be a plus or if there is a lot of adjusting it could be a problem.
  3. USU could lose as many as 4 games this season the schedule is much more difficult than it was last season. Wake, LSU, FSU, and SDS on the road is a very hard schedule. Plus Boise in Logan.
  4. I believe that Fort Collins is part of the Denver area as a media market, and Logan is part of the Salt Lake market.
  5. I have friends in Wyoming in the past my work took me a lot. I travel to Laramie with a group of fans from Rock Springs and met some great people at that game. I feel very uncomfortable in Provo, no need for me to poke fun at them, but I just do not like it there.
  6. After going to games in Laramie and Provo, I still enjoy going to Laramie and watch the Aggie and Cowboys play, but I shall never go to another game in Provo. Apology not needed.
  7. Maybe for the same reason YBU does not rejoin the MWC.
  8. This is the Mountain West board not the WAC. I think any MWC team could beat Arkansas and any other Sun Belt school.
  9. Actually 3,161,000 people. Dixie wants the Big Sky membership. USU is located within 90 miles of 2,000,000 people many grads live that close.
  10. I picked Reno, when I went to the city for the basketball tournament I had a great time.
  11. I do not know why Hartwell would spread rumors. Sorry about where SDS was going to go or do in the future ?
  12. How about a 10 team conference where members play in all sports ?
  13. I was thinking more of Houston and SMU. That is about as likely to happen than the Pac-12 schools leaving to join a new G-5 conference.
  14. I would not be upset if Hawaii left the conference. Pick up a school from Texas for the many more T.V. sets.