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  1. Is either one of the Montana schools willing to spend $18 million more per season to get up to where even USU is at ? With a budget that is now only $21 million that is a sizable increase. I have heard Montana has a problem with declining enrollment. In order to get near the MWC lowest schools your university would need to put much more money into the budget as will your students. I might not be against Montana, but 2 schools from that small state is a deal breaker.
  2. Hazmat was called so the fuel as well as the vile beer was cleaned up by people with equipment to make certain they did not to have direct contact with the evil brews. Actually it was Ute fans that did this they love to dumb all over the Y.
  3. Football is interesting, and he can be filled with injuries, however the worst collision in the CSU game was when two USU special team player ran full speed into each other while trying to down a punt inside the 5 no one will get hit harder than that at LSU.
  4. Flag football at it's finest.
  5. I believe that Overton Curtis enrolled and play football for USU from 1956- 1958 if memory serves, there may have been one before that, but I'm not sure.
  6. Sarcasm is indeed a form of humor
  7. No shit I do not read all of your post's, that is because Idaho is not a MWC member so my interest is not all that great. As a USU fan I was sympathetic to Idaho's problems.
  8. My point is if the administration at Idaho went FCS to save money it has not worked. I do not know why Idaho would drop down if not to save university investment..
  9. I have been told that Idaho is using more school funds to balance the budget than they did when they were FBS.
  10. Actually the state of Utah only has 2 FBS programs, but the LDS folks wanted a little piece of heaven or hell where they control the conduct, and education of their church members so we have YBU which receives no direct sate money but takes students, and their money out of the mix if YBU did not exist or did not play sports USU would be in a hell of a lot better place.
  11. I admire the poke fans a lot, I mean there is 38,601 people in their entire county, despite that they draw well over 20,000 to home games and have a hell of a lot of fun. I love going over and watching them play they are my kind of people. USU has 140,000 in their small metro area, plus around 700,000 within one hour also has a larger student body, and yet do not draw any better than what Wyoming does. Pokes have Damn good fans for sure.
  12. Will not happen Utah would not be playing YBU without pressure from government, and USU will not even try to apply pressure on the ewe for games. They have a lot to lose and nothing to gain by playing USU, and I believe USU has enough competition in the MWC. No one outside of some fans are calling for this game.
  13. Most of the changes have been good replacing Old Buildings with new. The biggest bad change is traffic. We have not done a good job planning for that, for a small city it is not good. I read a story the said Logan is going to near double in size in the next twenty years, and Cache Valley will grow much more than what Logan will. It is a beautiful place. And that is the attraction.