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  1. ole blu dude

    OT: University of Tulsa Athletic Dept budget cuts

    Also most of the University money that goes into athletics goes for non revenue sports when title 9 became the law Universities spent more money. Almost every University dollar and student money goes to these programs, at least at USU that is the case, as far as hurting academics one needs to understand that USU has a overall budget of $715 million not spending the $10 to $13 million we spend would not change the academic side all that much, also some of the money spent comes from the state for the full cost of tuition which of course will not be given with no athletic programs..
  2. The Arizona bowl game had 39,123 fans attend, which is pretty good for two toilet bowl schools
  3. ole blu dude

    BIG Moment

    I find stunner fun for sure, I just like to dig him now and again. Actually I,m becoming a Ute returning to my roots, however I will always support USU, and the pokes.
  4. ole blu dude

    BIG Moment

    Yes SJS is a member of course BYU is much to good to join, but never the less Stunner is always here, with his never ending advise. How many of you folks go back to the Old Wac board, and offer advise on membership, scheduling, whats wrong with the conference etc. I do not know because I have not looked since we left. Of course I guess I could go over there and tell them what to do, so as to feel superior . I think it is kind of odd that a poster who's school does not belong has over 25,000 posts on the MWC board.
  5. ole blu dude

    Canvas Stadium one of the nations best..

    I have been to canvas, it is the best in the MWC, however one stadium that needs to be near the top is Louisville, it is quite new with lots of room great views, concessions, and every seat is a chairback 55,000 all red chairbacks is something else.
  6. ole blu dude

    Is the future of the MWC football-focused or basketball-focused?

    That story is a little off. I'm looking at the state auditor report on USU which shows football revenue of well over $10 million for last season. USU spends more on coaching salaries, and student aid than what that story shows.
  7. ole blu dude

    BYU vs UNLV - new series announced.

    Stunner did not mention that they also signed North Alabama for a game in Provo, one school they have a 17-3 record with, and North Alabama a school that I never heard of. That is a great up dated schedule for sure. A game with UNLV a school from a league you are to good to play in, and North Alabama are they FCS yet.
  8. ole blu dude

    Boise State single game tickets -- case study

    I noticed that the 3 game mini season ticket that the Utes have, has BYU in the lower priced set, my goodness do not Mormons travel from Provo, or has the game become less important? In fact $100 less.
  9. ole blu dude

    MWC Pre-season TV talk (soon to be unpinned)

    I did not know they delayed play for radio ads. How sure are you that radio does not put ads on when there are regular time outs or quarter breaks. I have not seen a guy on the field delaying action while a radio commercial is on.
  10. ole blu dude

    MWC Pre-season TV talk (soon to be unpinned)

    As a USU fan this is a concern, however as I understand it only the Tenn. Tech and NMS game are exclusive to facebook. One advantage is the start times for this season are awesome no late nite non saturday games in November. Without T.V. commercials the game times are shorter less downtime. The Wyoming at USU game last season had a lot of viewers 4.6 million followed the game. I'm trying to find a positive here.
  11. ole blu dude

    Wyoming vs NMSU

    Wyoming fans can and do travel well, they bring a bunch of fans to Logan great people.
  12. ole blu dude

    Bad look for Utah State on Yahoo Sports

    As a USU fan I have no defense for this type of outrage. If guilty he should go away for a long time.
  13. So UNLV is paid millions to play there not only rent free, but millions given to UNLV to host San Jose in Vegas ? If I live in Vegas and want to watch football I think I would go to Raiders games, attendance once the newness of the stadium is gone might hurt UNLV.