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  1. I thought it was a good game, two point lead late in the 4th quarter, however BSU proved they were better, so congrats.
  2. Yes for a county that has more people than any county in Wyoming 3 sport bars is not many.
  3. I know all about Evanston Wyoming as I used to work in western Wyoming, Logan is not a wide open party town but there are full service bars all over most are connected to cafe's and such. Now that I think about it there are 3 sports bars.
  4. I guess I do not understand is it ok to have a drink in the parking lot right next to the stadium like we can do at Utah and USU ? If you come to Logan let me help you find a full bar to drink at there is more than one in fact we have two sports Bars.
  5. So is it ok to have a drink at a tail gate in Boise like it is at Utah or USU ?
  6. That is huge for SDS, building a 40,000 seat on campus facility can be a game changer, it would be a great venue for a college bowl game if the MWC were lose the vegas bowl tie in. What great venue to have that bowl or any other in.
  7. It is cool to have two state owned schools in the top 20, good luck to the Utes.
  8. If you are a convicted felon on parole then you are not allowed to purchase or own a gun, if business sold him that gun that might be a federal offense, also I believe to carry a gun on campus a concealed weapon permit is needed which he did not have. I would think that a person on parole for a sex offense was stalking a girl and she reported it to police he could be arrested asap.
  9. YBU Cheer leaders go to a high school prom with a kid still in High school isn't that a little odd ? I thought Stunner wanted Sitaki hired perhaps I forgot who he wanted.
  10. We appear to be better, however we have tough road games ahead with Wyoming, CSU, Hawaii, and of course BSU. It will be a interesting trip
  11. Perhaps expectations are a little to high at YBU. Wells is 3-3 with you people. Since he became coach looks like the two schools are about even to me.
  12. Did not stunny want Bronco fired ? Was not the current coach his pick to replace Bronco ? Did not people from YBU say that being a indy was ok but not for the long term ? I do know that being a member of the MWC has helped USU a lot. I'm not sure being a indy has helped YBU.
  13. Well some of the Aggie improvement has to do with not needing to replace offensive coordinators every year, Yost being around for two seasons has helped a lot. This may be a good team, but it is early, and a lot of tough games remain, we shall see.
  14. The biggest surprise was how USU was able to run the ball in the second half, and YBU could not run it all night long.
  15. Oh yes Preston, and Franklin. Idaho where aggies go to buy real beer, and lottery tickets, only 15 minutes away.
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