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  1. You seem to think that schools can not improve a lot by putting a real effort into football. If you really believe that Ok then.
  2. If UNLV has put emphasis in football they can as good as any one in this conference. I believe they completed a new football operations facility, and seems to have made a good hire in football.
  3. You mean teams like LSU and Florida, perhaps you do not know that USU has 6 Euros on this years roster, and has had as many as 3 on the floor at one time. I do believe that seeding has had a factor in the lack of success NCAA's
  4. If UNLV, SJS. New Mexico, had the emphasis on football that others in the conference do, they would be fine, if the leaders of the conference are bothered with the lack of production of any member that can be discussed within the conference membership. They all have potential to improve. I do not like members that do not play all sports in the league
  5. He will repent quickly, all is well. all is well.
  6. It could even matter who the 12th member is as far as keeping the same revenue.
  7. You do realize that 14 of those free throws were by Queta,and the reason for that is you have no inside game defender. Honestly I thought the game in Logan was not called very well, but when you are a team that relies on jump shots with no inside game that can happen. We had about the same number of free throws when we played in Boise as we did in Logan, seems to be a pattern.
  8. With nearly 55 foul shots, the game was ruined as far as I'm concerned, hardly any flow at all.
  9. The best team won SDS has more quality players than what USU has. Congrats to the SDS players, and fans for their class when Quetta got hurt very impressive.
  10. Some BYU folks that I know told me they though the T.V. deal was worth $10 million per year, which makes them the highest paid G-5 school in the country. Also their budget is higher than any G-5 school. Image is more important than money, which they believe is the main reason they left the MWC, after the Ute's left. It had nothing to do with money.
  11. Congrats sound like a great day for all of San Diego State.
  12. Perhaps I should give Mr. Harmon the Aggie coffee ice cream, that would kill two birds with one stone.
  13. Well I found that last year Utah revenue was $91,000,000 and BSU was $48,000,000 .according to USA today.
  14. You need to understand that NDSU would need $11 million more in their budget to get where USU is at, and we need more than that to be able to compete.