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  1. People also don’t listen to the crazy guy rambling at the back of the bus. My money says your closer to that end of the spectrum.
  2. If nobody listens maybe you don't know as much as you think.
  3. Nobody assumes ph knows more than anyone. Well, ph probably does, but most others disregard what he says.
  4. This is the only way using a scholarship on Devin Tillis makes any sense.
  5. Great, now I have to worry that every message I receive is you trying to send me your sex tape.
  6. The fact that you are talking about "proof of concept of getting laid" is strong evidence that you have not been getting laid.
  7. I agree with most of that, but from what I heard UNLV is still fairly low on the totem pole. The facilities and stadium are in place, which is nice, but coaches are still skeptical about coming to UNLV. The interest just has not been there.
  8. I've heard the interest was less than expected. DRF expected the facilities upgrade, the new stadium, and the flash of Las Vegas to garner more interest than it actually did. Turns out you can't virtually ignore your football program for several decades and then revive it with some flashy new bells and whistles. Who knew?
  9. Why didn’t Antonio play? Was he injured?
  10. Tillman has been so disappointing. How do you go from PAC 6th man of the year to... whatever he is this year. Hamilton is another one that has been incredibly underwhelming. By all indications those guys should be studs, but they just stink. Who did they boot other than Woodbury? Juice and Ntwambe (the two guys that could have made a difference this year) chose to leave.
  11. This team is just not very good. The talent is not there.
  12. Coaches chase money, just like everyone else. If Washington State were paying $7-10M a year they could probably get 99% of the coaches in the country. There may be guys who would turn them down, but that list is incredibly small.
  13. If another school comes and gives him a big raise, you think he stays?
  14. So if Louisville throughs Rick Pitino money at Williams in a few years after the scandal has blown over, you’re telling me he stays at UNC?
  15. Alright, you got me there. But he is on a very short list and is the exception rather than the rule.