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  1. It’s a legacy recruit. They are really after his older brother. Dude is a menace at the YMCA in Provo.
  2. I think Stanford goes to the Big10 as another lure for Notre Dame. Maintains that rivalry and inches the Big10 towards landing the largest unclaimed jewel left.
  3. Hooray! We are all going to the PAC-12! It’ll be like a big family reunion where nobody in the family likes anyone else.
  4. R18 is dead on. UNLV has been throwing dollars out the window to save dimes.
  5. That is almost enough to pay Kruger’s salary.
  6. Big time. Went stone cold from the floor.
  7. You gonna root for ISU after you swear off UNLV next year?
  8. I watched the second half and ISU looked terrible. Completely taken out of their game by Pitt.
  9. Very possible. TJD will be a beast, as he has been all season. If he doesn’t get help we could be going home. But, at least we won’t lose as a 1 seed.
  10. Didn’t Miami have one of their players threaten to transfer if he didn’t get more NIL money last year?
  11. Not sure if anyone mentioned it, but TJ Pretzelburger dropped their game to Pitt.
  12. Matt Painter is as revered as deep fried beer in West Lafayette. He’ll be ok. My fellow Hoosier alums and I thank you for the assist on sending Purdue home in such embarrassing fashion.
  13. Where is the option for "Lifetime Contract"?
  14. This season has turned into such a gut punch, but such a familiar gut punch. How many times have we seen UNLV race out to a strong start only to fall apart in conference play? It feels like it is the same script every season. If Baby Krugs is fired after this year, UNLV better have a home run hire waiting in the wings. If they don't, no reason to move on. Let Jr. have another year. If CDR comes back as the head coach, I don't think I would even tune in. Dave is a great guy and he understands the game, but he is just not a head coach. It's just not in his personality. If you need someone to scout a team, come up with a scheme, or design a practice Dave is your guy. If you need someone to lead and inspire kids to work hard in practice, set aside their egos to work as a team, or get up for a game in January or February in Laramie or Colorado Springs Dave is not your guy.
  15. Ummmm… are you banging bunnies?
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