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  1. I'm not even sure I MWCBoard anymore. I just feel rusty.
  2. Looks like I'm shocked. I counted 70 comments for all of 2019 and so far in 2020.
  3. You're right, I'm not going to reply with something specific, because you are not worth the added investment of time. I just know that as I have read the board you are constantly on this schtick about how you are the only objective, unbiased fan and how everyone is out to get you. In my experience, whenever someone thinks "everyone is out to get them" it is rarely true. Also, as to my content count, the VAST majority of my posts, likes, etc. came during the Rice years. I spent so much of my time arguing with @ph90702 about Rice or calling @Rosegreen out for claiming special insight into the coaching search based on his review of the "public records" I am a little embarrassed to admit it. If there is a way for @mugtang to show my history I have no problem with it. If I have more than 30-40 comments over the last 2 years I would be surprised. If it is more than 50 I'd be shocked.
  4. If he starts next year it is because he has morphed into a completely new offensive player, which I don't see happening. He is a great rim protector, but doesn't offer much more,m especially on offense.
  5. Dude, how long are you going to play the martyr? I only lurk the board and it is already tiresome to me.
  6. The only guy I am really all that worried about losing from this year's team is Hamilton. Dude blew up this year and proved he could be a force. I think we have two things in our favor to keep him around. First, he will come back as an unquestioned started all will probably get all the minutes he can handle. Second, I believe he would have to sit a year if he transfers. Sitting for a year is a tough pill to swallow for some kids. If he comes back to UNLV and plays like he did this year, he may be able to work himself into the NBA draft. Hardy would be a loss, but I think you can replace his on-court production with Jenkins. I also think Jenkins has more of the "intangibles" than Hardy. Even sitting on the bench he seemed to be a leader on this team. I had high hopes for Antonio, but his game just didn't translate. Wish him well on wherever he goes next. Diong could actually benefit quite a bit by becoming the back up center. Spending more time on the court against less talented players could help him focus on what he is good at, protecting the rim and dominating the boards.
  7. I don't mind administering pourover wills, so long as the deceased did a good job staying on top of managing their trust (or whatever other vehicle they were using). Nevada and Washington, the states where I practice, both have summary administration procedures that can make it much easier to probate.
  8. A pourover will certainly makes sense. And, chances are, administering a pourover will probably wouldn't be that difficult.
  9. I would be surprised if Vanessa Bryant is the executrix for several reasons. First, if Kobe used a will and not a trust he desperately needed new attorneys. With the sheer volume of assets he had he should have been using trusts, LLCs, and more advanced asset protection strategies. Second, even if Kobe had a will, I would imagine his estate would be administered by a professional. No offense meant to Vanessa, but appointing a trusted associate with financial savvy would be far more effective than having his wife do it.
  10. I'll give my two cents to this as an attorney. First, it is very common for a suit like this to name as many parties as possible. It is far easier to name too many parties and trim the list as you get closer to trial than it is to name too few and try to add new parties as you get closer to trial. Also, just because the pilot's estate is being named, does not mean it will necessarily pay out. The primary target here is almost certainly the helicopter company's insurance policy. I would imagine they have a very high-limit insurance policy based on the dangerous nature of the business and the company will probably end up paying policy limits. A wrongful death suit seeks to recover the future income a person would have made and even though Kobe's basketball career was over he was still probably going to make hundreds of millions of dollars. My guess is the attorneys are getting in to litigation quickly so they can get their hands on a copy of the helicopter company's insurance policy and make a demand for policy limits.
  11. This. After spending nearly a decade thinking, "if our coaches could only get these guys playing up to their potential" this is a very welcome change.
  12. This guy must not MWCBoard, because it is clear that Final Fours and National Championships older than 15 years are completely irrelevant.
  13. Bitch, please. Our’s goes to 14.
  14. For as much as SDSU has owned us for the last decade, it feels good to get a little revenge and spoil their perfect season.
  15. Tark was definitely willing to overlook warts if the kid could play. I’m sure part of that had to do with the fact that the kid could be an asset to the team, but another part was that he genuinely wanted to help these kids out and saw basketball as a lifeline. Even if his players didn’t play professionally, he knew they could at least get a gig as a college assistant or high school coach. For a lot of kids from the inner city this was much more than they had without basketball. I talked with Tark a few times after he retired and the thing I was most impressed with was how obvious it was he cared for his players. He really wanted them to succeed in life.