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  1. I don't know how much BYU makes in TV revenue and don't really care. I do know that pretty much everything on that AAC board is exaggerated or false, so buying in to anything said on their board is dumb. Second,, I wouldn't be using the Depth of Education as the end all for TV revenue. Finally,, has BYU ever even played West Virginia in football? I know they didn't in 2019 or 2020 so the article is old at best and probably total B S.
  2. Need to get foul #4 on that Funderburke dude early in the 2nd. He's their best player by far. If that guy needs to sit a lot in the second half and the Rammies can hit some shots you are in great shape.
  3. I don't think taking a flyer on both MWC teams tonight is a bad bet. Anything can happen in these one-off postseason games and it only takes one guy getting hot to win.
  4. That was apparently completely wrong. SUDS having absolutely no issues and frigging destroying Boise.
  5. I'm thinking SUD's extended run without playing high-level competition may hurt them some in game one. It's just a hunch, but they may have issues adjusting to a game were they will probably need to play at a high level for all 40 minutes to win. If BSU is going to get them, I think it is much more likely to happen in game 1 as opposed to game 2.
  6. I'd take Boise all day long if the line is really +6. I'm curious how SDSU will react to playing their first legit opponent in well over a month tomorrow night. The degree of difficulty for the Aztecs is going to increase significantly.
  7. Yeah, BSU would be off for more than a week and SDSU right at a week prior to the MWCT as things stand right now...which probably isn't ideal. I would think both would at least explore adding an OOC game on the 5th/6th, but have no idea who either could schedule at this point...might need to be a non-D1 if they really want a tuneup.
  8. Nevada will definitely be dangerous. Guard play is even more important at tourney time and Sherfield is the best guard in the conference IMO...although Nevada's path will be brutal assuming they end up in the 4/5 game.
  9. Yeah, I have a hard time seeing how we could get four in at this point. That would require CSU, SDSU and BSU to all get in via at-large bids and then having another team, probably USU or Nevada win the MWCT. I think that 4th "bid stealer" team would probably end up taking a bid from one of our own. I do think there is a very reasonable chance for getting three in though, but it probably requires the upcoming SDSU vs. BSU series to result in a split, then both advancing to the conference semis, but someone else winning the MWCT.
  10. I don't think anyone in the top-4 wants to see another top-4 team in the tourney...and you can probably throw Nevada into that group too.
  11. Dang, another really high-level game played tonight. That was great basketball to watch. BSU's strategy of seldom doubling Queta paid off yet again...despite him dominating again. On to SDSU for us...that series may be even more epic than BSU vs. USU was.
  12. Agreed. I think you just need to guard Queta straight up and eat the 25-30 points he is probably going to score to defend the perimeter. If USU only makes 3 threes again on Friday BSU will win again even if Queta has another monster game.
  13. Really good, high-level game played tonight. Friday is going to be war. Both teams absolutely need to win for their NCAAT and MWC Championship hopes.
  14. Yeah, I'm about 75% sure Kigab will return next year. If he does, Boise may actually be better than this year...I'm not sold that losing Alston is going to result in a noticeable drop-off. They will probably be better defensively next year and there are plenty of guys who can score efficiently to take up the scoring slack.
  15. Yeah, that too. Most unlucky team in college Bball in like 7-8 years in 2018-19 per Ken Pom I think.
  16. The basketball gods have always shat on BSU. From last second shots that should have counted but weren't, to playing as the only true road team in the NCAAT in 40 years to dudes banking in 3's against us at critical moments...it's probably retribution for our football success.
  17. Word. Metrics is how it is conceivably possible to get 4 MWC teams into the NCAAT this year...I don't think there is a whole lot of national respect for the MWC in Bball, especially outside the west. Only true fix for lack of respect is NCAAT wins.
  18. I like Meeks a lot (if you had him for the Wyo series you would still be in the title hunt), but Abu Kigab is a significantly better offensive forward, although he is also our only true forward who plays much. Also, our center Armus is pretty underrated. Hymes and Washington are a good combo, but I would take Armus over either individually.
  19. BSU was shooting 75% from the line as a team prior to the CSU series so not sure why they sucked so bad at hitting FT's in FOCO. They're still at over 73% on FT's for the season so that isn't a huge concern...unless Armus is the guy shooting most of them.
  20. Unfortunately, this Millen kid will no longer be a 4* if he really signs with Nevada. Really good get though. Hopefully you can keep him in the fold.
  21. I think next year could potentially be the best for MWC hoops since that 2012-13 season where 5 teams appeared in the Top-25 during the year and 5 made the NCAAT. If SDSU can reload and Queta sticks around at USU, I'm seeing a boatload of quality teams. Nevada, Wyo and possibly UNLV will make big jumps, CSU will be really good and BSU should return at least 6 of their top 8. Fresno should be better too and Hoser and AFA probably can't be any worse. If UNM can return to respectability it may be a pretty epic year for the MWC.
  22. I'm really impressed with Wyo's young guys. Ike is going to be a real force in a couple more years as he gains experience and gets stronger. Williams is already a high level player and DuSell has really been coming on in the last few weeks. Wyo is definitely on the upswing. I'm thinking they will become a NIT caliber team next year, then become a real MWC title and NCAAT contender in the following two years as all those freshmen become upperclassmen.
  23. Lots of differing opinions on how the top of the conference should be ranked. I'm not sure when 4 different MWC teams had a legit claim as #1 in the conference at this stage of the season...maybe back in 2012-13 when we got 5 teams into the NCAAT?
  24. Cool, although most peeps are going to have no clue what this is referencing unless someone posts the pic from the Mexico City Olympics...I don't have time.
  25. I thought the Rams looked awfully desperate to give up Goff and that many draft picks to get a guy who has lead his team to the playoffs all of twice in 12 seasons in the league. If Stafford was about 5 years younger I could maybe see it, but at this point in their careers, I don't see Stafford being that much better than Goff. Certainly not that much better to justify throwing in two #1's and a #3 too.
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