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  1. You would think they could find a decent opponent with almost a week to coordinate. I would definitely be willing to take a roadie as opposed to a home game if the opponent had potential NCAAT resume pop.
  2. I almost guarantee Nevada received that many votes after a loss because a lot of SID's...err Coaches, had filled out their ballots before the Hawaii/Nevada game ended.
  3. Nice. I was kinda surprised when someone on the team said Shaver has a 40" vertical...he's definitely got some hops. Haven't seen 6-2 guards from BSU attacking the paint and throwing down too often in the past.
  4. Houston defeats TTU 64-53. Looked pretty similar to the BSU vs. Houston game except we had to play them as a true road team. I'm not too big into transitive properties, but I would say either TTU is way overrated or BSU is way underrated when you compare results against Houston and SHSU.
  5. Yeah, after watching Houston take apart TTU in what is essentially a road game for the Cougars, I'm feeling a lot better about BSU's effort against them. The fact that we only made one 3, shot horrendously from the FT line, were down two guys who will be major contributors and still managed to get back within striking distance bodes well for the future.
  6. Well, that result sure seems encouraging. Nearly the same score as #14 Texas Tech had against SHSU in a true home game. Really wish we could have got one game in prior to playing Houston. Having Akot would have been nice too.
  7. Really isn't such thing as a redshirt this year. Might as well get Pryor some free game experience. Thanks COVID.
  8. Well Aztecs, you're holding this mutha together with duct tape and bubble gum, but good job maintaining contact with all the adversity. Probably going to need at least one more defensive score or multiple T.O.'s forced to have a chance though.
  9. Yeah, sorry, I just quoted your post. You weren't actually one of the conspiracy theory posters in the thread. Your post was actually pretty accurate as it applies to this situation.
  10. Yeah, that was my suspicion also. We've been getting hammered with COVID and injuries along the DL all year.
  11. So, for full disclosure...according to an article I just read from one of the local papers, BSU only had 9 players who would have been out today due to positive tests or contact tracing. That is less than the 14 and 12 we've had out for the last two games. Not sure why we couldn't get it played if that is the case. I still doubt BSU would cancel a national TV game on Senior Day unless there were huge issues with being able to field a competitive team, but I'm definitely curious why we were able to play the last two weeks but not today. The only thing I can think of is if all the COVID is
  12. Anyone who legitimately thinks BSU pulled the plug on SJSU just to better their chances of making the CG are idiots. This was a national television game and also BSU's Senior Day. No way in hell this game doesn't get played unless BSU is friggin' decimated with COVID issues. The fact the game was canceled so late tells me BSU was trying everything possible to be able to play.
  13. Well feck. BSU must have been seriously riddled with COVID to make the decision not to play on national TV on Senior Day. This conference championship game race is going to get super convoluted.
  14. Will this include a pre-game virtual luau from your backyard? If so, I'm in.
  15. BSU's defense this year may be the worst in the last decade. A lot of that is due to COVID and injuries, but they aren't a typical BSU D, especially in the second half. I'd be surprised if BSU could hold SJSU to 13 points, but I'd also be surprised if BSU only scored 24. I think it will be more high scoring. Not as high scoring as last year's game, but somewhere in between that game and your 24-13 prediction. I know the SJSU defense has been really good this year, but BSU's offense has scored a bunch of points when not playing a true frosh QB. I'm thinking more like a 38-31 type game.
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