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  1. Honest question since I'm too lazy to look it up: When was the last time SJSU had consecutive winning seasons?
  2. I agree SDSU should be careful with Mitchell, but the Aztecs are going to be way out of the league title hunt if the lose to USU again, so there may be some desperation to win that second game...and the only chance they have of beating USU is if Mitchell plays, even if he isn't 100%.
  3. Man, SDSU is really screwed if Mitchell is out for an extended period. It looked like he was moving around okay postgame, so hopefully he gets back quickly...I like watching that guy play. Good game by the Aggies tonight. That defense looks awfully tough and SDSU never really even got within striking distance. It's gotta be nice to actually have some fans in the stands too.
  4. Yeah, I'll just say that was a very unique venue.
  5. Are they playing at that fitness center in Phoenix again tonight?
  6. My big takeaways after the first half of this game: -SDSU is not a NCAAT team this year. -USU is a NCAAT team this year. It's only a half, but this game doesn't even look that competitive so far. It appears like SDSU is going to have serious trouble getting to 50 points tonight. USU is out defending SDSU significantly and I'm not seeing enough guys who can score to get the Aztecs back into this one.
  7. I think the thing that makes what Boise has accomplished so far even more impressive is that they have only had their entire top-8 rotation guys available for one game all year. Doutrive showed against Wyoming that he has all-MWC potential and he's only played in 4 games, so I expect him to improve with more PT. Once Akot returns they'll have a pretty elite defender and one of the most versatile guys in the league.
  8. Looking forward to watching SDSU vs. USU tonight. We'll have a much better idea about how good both teams are after this series. If SDSU gets swept their conference title hopes are going to be on life support. I think they will most likely split, but it's going to be interesting to see how these games play out.
  9. We didn't play very inspired in the second half tonight, but that is kind of understandable after opening up such a huge lead at half. They were pretty workmanlike in not allowing Wyo to get any aspirations of coming back in the second half though. We should be right on the cusp of cracking the Top-25 in the Coaches Poll on Monday, and we'll receive a lot more votes in the AP. If we get by Fresno twice next week we should be solidly in the Top-25 of both polls.
  10. Here's one thing I don't understand with Armus. I swear he shoots FT's right handed, but it seems like he shoots with his left hand 90% of the time from the floor. Anyone else noticing this, or am I on crack or something? I was going to look at a previous game to make sure he is really shooting FT's right handed but I'm too lazy to do it right now.
  11. Just looked at BSU's scoring stats. What the hell are you doing as a MWC coach against this? Alston 16.7 ppg Kigab 13.6 ppg Shaver 13.2 ppg Dennis 11.4 ppg Doutrive 11.0 ppg Rice 9.7 ppg Akot 9.0 ppg Even Armus is rapidly getting more confident and starting to score around double figures. That is some crazy balance with a shet ton of guys who can score a lot of points. BSU has got to be a game planning nightmare of epic proportions for opponents this year.
  12. I definitely understand why Vegas wanted to get additional games in, but I have a hard time believing you get much, if any, benefit from curbstomping a vastly inferior non-D1 opponent at this point in the season.
  13. UNM would crush any NCAAT at-large bid aspirations for BYU if you guys play them this year.. they are moving into SJSU territory as far as being a SoS killer.
  14. In previous years it would have been damn near impossible to win on the road with Alston not scoring at least close to his average. This year, if teams want to key on him, there is a really good chance they will get torn up by a host of other guys who are capable of scoring 20+...which is exactly what happened tonight.
  15. It looked like Maldonado was limping around as the game ended. Not sure if he was actually injured or what. If that guy can't go or is limited, Wyo is screwed for game 2.
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