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  1. KingBronco

    Nevada 2019 Commits

    Hmm, did this guy commit to Nevada today? The guy didn't even appear on BSU's 247 prospect list until today. He very well may have a BSU offer, but I'm fairly certain no BSU fans or media guys knew about it, which is fairly unusual in today's day and age. I have no idea how good this kid is...but if he does have an offer from BSU too he is probably a pretty good player because the quality of the kids we're going after is pretty high these days.
  2. KingBronco

    Boise State Preview

    I honestly thought the article was borderline terrible. Grammatically and structurally it was fine, however, I'm pretty sure that a monkey could have provided just as insightful analysis. It was also quite clear that the author's understanding of the BSU program is, at best, only as good as any other run-of-the-mill college football fan (the dude doesn't really know shit and it shows). Hence, the article lacks even the hint of credibility because it lacks the nuts and bolts of how he thinks BSU will finish 11-1. I also thought it was rather interesting that he chose the BSU article to spout off his description of the huge gap between the P5 and G5...I'm pretty sure BSU has been the poster child for debunking that myth over the years. I don't expect these articles to blow flowers up the asses of the respective fanbases, but if this guy is going to get paid by viewership he may want to tone down the P5 elitist tone of his articles on the MWC board.
  3. KingBronco


    I think it's pretty close between 2009 TCU and 2010 VaTech as to who is the best team BSU has ever beaten. TCU was ranked #3 or #4 (?) and Va Tech was ranked #10 at the time but the Hokies were essentially playing a home game so that win was awfully impressive, especially since they ended up going undefeated in ACC play. Honorable Mention to Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta, 2009 Oregon and 2011 Georgia.
  4. KingBronco


    Yeah, but Wyoming does have a huge competitive advantage in that they only need to show a picture of Josh Allen on any marketing material to get 97% of all Wyoming residents to start flopping around on the ground like they have just been touched by the hand of God.
  5. KingBronco


    This year's pre-season polls will likely make it 17 consecutive years being ranked in the top-25 at some point (if my math is correct). I'm just a bit partial, but I think it is one of the more amazing stats in the history of college football. You would have to go all the way back to 2001 to find the last BSU football team that wasn't ranked during a season. I believe there are now only four other historically elite P5 teams that can make the same claim. As a side note, BSU also appeared in the AP poll for 62 consecutive weeks from 2008-2012. That record, and the consecutive seasons ranked record will likely never be broken by another G5 in the current era of college football....so to summarize, we're awesome and the rest of you suck ass.
  6. KingBronco

    USU, UNLV make Phil Steele's most improved Teams list

    I think the national media is really missing the boat on Nevada being significantly improved. I do expect USU and UNLV to be better, but it won't necessarily show in the W/L record...I'd be somewhat surprised if either won more than one additional game than they were able to win last year during the regular season. With Nevada, I believe they will win 3 to 4 more games than they did last year, hence they will be much more improved in a tangible sense.
  7. KingBronco

    Muss is the best.

    As your Devil's Advocate for all things Nevada basketball in 2018-19, here is my latest attempt to dampen the manic hysteria of Nevada fans (I fear I will not have much success). Muss is going to be like a chainsaw juggler in regard to PT next season. An increased tempo offensively will probably help get more newcomers on the court but consequently, will likely significantly reduce the minutes of the veterans who have been accustomed to receiving huge minutes in the past. The big 3 might not take too kindly to that since they only have one more year to prove their worth to the NBA. The depth is definitely a great problem to have and winning will cure a bunch of issues...but there will still be plenty of PT pitfalls that will need to be successfully negotiated for Nevada to reach their potential.
  8. KingBronco

    UA, Nike, Adidas: ¿How much is your school making?

    I'd be surprised if any MWC school is getting more than 3-4% of their apparel contract in cash. I believe BSU received no monetary compensation during the first 4 years of their current deal with Nike and were only scheduled to receive 50k per year in cash during the final two years of the contract that is valued at something like 1.25 million per year. A more interesting stat to track would be actual cash compensation from these apparel contracts...I suspect everyone in the MWC will be underwhelmed by those numbers.
  9. Jobu just called and he's really pissed.
  10. KingBronco

    UA, Nike, Adidas: ¿How much is your school making?

    Since these apparel contracts for G5's are nearly exclusively product-based and very little or no cash is exchanged, I think that it is probably fairly difficult to determine who is actually getting the better deal financially. How companies value their products would seem to be a huge determining factor in the valuation in the contracts. This is purely speculation, but I would guess Nike's market share may actually afford their schools under contract more product at a lesser valuation than schools contracted with UA and Adidas.
  11. Not having to play Hoser twice is really a catch-22...it's great for the RPI, but not so great in that it wipes out a near-guaranteed conference win.
  12. KingBronco

    UA, Nike, Adidas: ¿How much is your school making?

    I'm guessing the terms were not disclosed because Hoser actually has to pay several hundred G's a year to be able to associate their athletic programs with Adidas.
  13. KingBronco

    UNM Hoop Sched

    Dang, your guys' schedule does seem to be awfully front-loaded. If you have some meshing issues with the new guys that might hurt some early...but it does look like you're set up to make a run on the back half of the conference schedule too. I'm also pretty bummed BSU doesn't get the Lobos at home this year.
  14. KingBronco

    New Mexico 2019 commits

    I saw this too and he looks like a good pickup. Perhaps a Lobo fan can shed some light here but I suspect a lot of the bigger schools were recruiting him as an athlete but UNM wanted him as a QB, so he committed to UNM because he wants to play QB at the next level...similar to how BSU was able to sign Legedu Naanee over a bunch of P5's back in the day.
  15. KingBronco

    2018 Wyoming Cowboys - Bohl’s Best Team Yet

    Thanks for the input. However, I suspect you may not be an unbiased observer.