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  1. @TheTedfordTrain probably just Jobu'd BSU to a natty at some point during the Avalos tenure. I for one am glad he has re-emerged from his mom's basement.
  2. This is by far the most difficult schedule/highest SOS we've ever played at this point in a season. Overall record of our six opponents (all FBS) is 26-7, and most of the major rating metrics have our current SOS in the top-25 in FBS. That definitely has something to do with all the injuries...although I think we've also just been pretty unlucky with injuries this year.
  3. There is a strong likelihood that Wyo would be 0-6 right now had they played Boise's schedule thus far. Conversely, Boise would very likely be 5-0 playing Wyo's schedule. Your garbage OOC schedule obviously did not prepare you for conference play and is why you will be fortunate to finish .500 at the end of the year.
  4. When was the last time a MWC team beat an AP Top 10 team on the road with 7 starters out, including 3/4's of the secondary? The answer to that is never. Lucky my ass.
  5. I can feel the lamentations emanating from Provostan right now...it is beyond glorious.
  6. I'm curious what CSU is going to look like moving forward. They're limited in a lot of areas, but if they play like they did against Iowa they will win multiple games in conference. Definitely not a contender but they may not suck this year even though they were smoked by a FCS team early on.
  7. Toledo dude. I'm not a Rams fan but I know who you played last week.
  8. Damn CSU. I think this game has officially hit upset alert status.
  9. May have just jinxed it because Iowa ripped off a long run to end the 1st QTR, but I like what I'm seeing from CSU so far. Really should be up 7-0.
  10. Huge opportunity for the Pack this week. Good chance of being ranked in at least the AP Poll if they can beat KSU.
  11. Going out on a limb here, but the conference's choice for STPOTW could possibly be related to the fact that USU beat a P5 team on the road and UNLV lost to a FCS at home.
  12. He could have frigging run for the first down. He was past the line of scrimmage when he threw it too.
  13. Bit of a logjam in that #6 spot.
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