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  1. KingBronco

    MWC NY6 Bowl

    Completely hypothetical at this point, but I would have been interesting to see where BSU would be ranked in the CFP in comparison to UCF if both were undefeated. I suspect BSU would be ahead of UCF and might have been as high as #6 right now since their SoS is quite a bit better than #8 UCF's. If that were actually the case, BSU would have even had a small but possible chance to make the playoff.
  2. KingBronco

    Conference Awards

    Agreed. Although they are both deserving, MM is the senior and his team is playing in the MWCCG on Saturday...you would think those factors would have given him the edge.
  3. KingBronco

    BYU to the Gasparilla Bowl

    They should temporarily change the name to Bad Boy Nut Puncher Bowl to honor BYU's presence.
  4. I would love to see UCF play the Pokes in November at 7,200 feet in a raging blizzard. UCF could seriously have players keel over dead if that ever happened.
  5. Pitt is mediocre at best. I would simply categorize them as the least crappy team in the worst division of all P5 conferences...there is a reason they are playing in a conference championship game with a 7-5 record. They will be very fortunate to not lose by 35+ against Clemson.
  6. KingBronco

    2019 former 4 star Jalen Cropper

    Wow, Fresno fans were selling themselves short with all the Utah talk for this kid. That's a great pickup for the Dogs, congrats.
  7. KingBronco


    UCF may "deserve" it, but they can't even qualify for the NY6 if they don't win the AAC championship. Plus, there is no way the Selection Committee would risk throwing UCF into the CFP without McKenzie Milton even if every other option had 2 losses. There is a very legitimate chance UCF would lose to Alabama by 40+ points if they got in as the #4 seed. Also (and this is purely out of curiosity), how does your algorithm allow Fresno to be ranked ahead of BSU when both teams are 10-2 but BSU has the head to head win over #9 Fresno, plus wins against #16 USU and #33 Troy in the Rankulator and Fresno's best win is #64 Toledo?
  8. KingBronco

    MWC Championship Game - Fresno St at Boise St

    The USU game kicked at -2.5 too and that worked out well for BSU, although I suspect the line may move back to -3 or -3.5 by the end of the week. On a side note, it's too bad USU and Fresno didn't get to play this year...that would have been a really entertaining game to see.
  9. Highest ranked team to visit....but pretty damn far from the best team.
  10. KingBronco

    BSU vs USU Game Thread.

    Rypien's 23-32, 310 yard, 1 TD, 0 INT night must have ripped at the very fabric of @bluerules009's soul. It was probably similar to what would happen if some peon from the 1300's who had based his entire life on the idea the world was flat suddenly being transported to present day and realizing everything he ever believed in was completely wrong.
  11. KingBronco

    Cheez-It Bowl Seems Unlikely

    USU definitely deserves a better bowl than the Potato or NM this year. I'm hoping the fact they are still ranked in the Coaches Poll might give USU enough cache with ESPN and enough leverage for Hair to get them placed at a better bowl destination.
  12. KingBronco

    MWC Championship Game - Fresno St at Boise St

    Hard to beat a team twice in one season but it's a whole lot easier if you get them at home both times. I would think Fresno will have a little more motivation in this game but BSU will have more confidence and the huge home field advantage of being on the blue. If Mattison runs it effectively BSU probably wins, if Fresno runs it effectively and shuts down Mattison they probably win.
  13. KingBronco

    If Memphis beats UCF, the MWC champ will get the NY6 game

    UCF's defense is susceptible to good running games so I would also expect Memphis to try and pound it, although Brady White will need to make some plays passing the ball while not turning it over to keep UCF from loading the box all game.
  14. KingBronco

    If Memphis beats UCF, the MWC champ will get the NY6 game

    It will definitely take a massive effort by Memphis to take down UCF on the road but let's be honest, USF is a dumpster fire on a 5-game losing streak with incompetent QB play. Memphis can win if they don't turn it over and force UCF into 3rd and long consistently...Mack will have issues if he has to sit back and analyze defenses.
  15. KingBronco

    MWC Championship Game - Fresno St at Boise St

    Should be another great one. BSU's defense is being held together with tape and rubber bands right now but they have still managed to shut down both Fresno and USU in the last couple weeks. I think it will come down to turnovers and who can run the ball more effectively. If it happens to come down to special teams we are probably screwed.