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  1. Why isn't this thread to 100 pages yet? Stop slacking and get a few more posts up in here losers.
  2. We should probably just collectively wipe the 2018-19 MWC MBB season from our minds now because the second half of this game has the potential to get brutally ugly. Here's hoping for a far less sucky 19-20 season...although there is absolutely no evidence to believe things will improve.
  3. Man, the woman's selection committee is shady as hell. You look at the other #13 seeds in this year's NCAAT and BSU's RPI is 20-25 spots higher than all of them, plus their record is way better and the MWC also had the highest conference SoS of all the 13's. I'm guessing BSU is one of a very tiny group of top-40 RPI teams in tourney history to be "awarded" a 13 seed. It's apparent the committee has absolutely no respect for the MWC, but it is still a pretty epic hose job for a 28-4 BSU with an RPI of #39 to not at least get a #12 seed and avoid a true road game in the first round.
  4. No way in hell they are seeded in the 5-7 range, based on RPI, record and conference SoS they should probably be a 10 or 11 seed but will likely get screwed again and end up as a 12 or 13.
  5. The fact we are even in the conversation for some of these 4-star kids like Evans really speaks to how the program has elevated under Rice after moving to the MWC. 15-20 years ago it would be unheard of for BSU to be a finalist for a 4-star, now it happens at least once or twice every year. I'd be shocked if we actually landed Evans...but at least we have a chance, and there are a bunch of P5's who offered who don't.
  6. That was a fairly important game for both teams. BSU winning tonight puts them in good position to finish in the top half of the conference. CSU is now probably doomed to the bottom half.
  7. It would have been interesting to see where BSU's 2019 class would of ended up in the national recruiting rankings if they had a full 25 schollys to give. I'm guessing they would have definitely finished top-40 and possibly top-35...that would have been pretty amazing for a G5 to finish higher than almost half the P5 programs.
  8. My question is who else is out there that BSU fans aren't even tracking right now? Shea Whiting is already on the radar and I wouldn't be surprised if signs we us but it would be cool if Harsin has a couple Tyneil Hopper type kids in his back pocket. I figure BSU could sign up to 21 or 22 recruits on Wednesday so I'm sure there are some surprises in store.
  9. I would love to see UCF play the Pokes in November at 7,200 feet in a raging blizzard. UCF could seriously have players keel over dead if that ever happened.
  10. Pitt is mediocre at best. I would simply categorize them as the least crappy team in the worst division of all P5 conferences...there is a reason they are playing in a conference championship game with a 7-5 record. They will be very fortunate to not lose by 35+ against Clemson.
  11. UCF may "deserve" it, but they can't even qualify for the NY6 if they don't win the AAC championship. Plus, there is no way the Selection Committee would risk throwing UCF into the CFP without McKenzie Milton even if every other option had 2 losses. There is a very legitimate chance UCF would lose to Alabama by 40+ points if they got in as the #4 seed. Also (and this is purely out of curiosity), how does your algorithm allow Fresno to be ranked ahead of BSU when both teams are 10-2 but BSU has the head to head win over #9 Fresno, plus wins against #16 USU and #33 Troy in the Rankulator and Fresno's best win is #64 Toledo?
  12. Highest ranked team to visit....but pretty damn far from the best team.
  13. Rypien's 23-32, 310 yard, 1 TD, 0 INT night must have ripped at the very fabric of @bluerules009's soul. It was probably similar to what would happen if some peon from the 1300's who had based his entire life on the idea the world was flat suddenly being transported to present day and realizing everything he ever believed in was completely wrong.
  14. UCF's defense is susceptible to good running games so I would also expect Memphis to try and pound it, although Brady White will need to make some plays passing the ball while not turning it over to keep UCF from loading the box all game.
  15. It will definitely take a massive effort by Memphis to take down UCF on the road but let's be honest, USF is a dumpster fire on a 5-game losing streak with incompetent QB play. Memphis can win if they don't turn it over and force UCF into 3rd and long consistently...Mack will have issues if he has to sit back and analyze defenses.