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  1. It looks to me from results so far that the AAC is pretty deep with slightly above average G5 teams this year with a couple borderline dumpster fires thrown in. Cincy might be really good, but it is hard to tell because there is a decent possibility they will have not played a single team within the top-40 of the final S&P+ rankings this year. Bottom line is that the AAC is down in a bunch of metrics this year compared to last year, despite not having UConn dragging them down.
  2. Someone corrected me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure all the West Division wins against Mountain Division teams have been at home so far this year? You wouldn't think home field would be a huge advantage this year due to COVID, but after watching Wyo dominate Hawaii so far tonight, maybe the West's lead so far this year is only because they've been playing at home?
  3. If Tulsa is potentially the best team in the AAC, the AAC is even more overrated than normal this year. When what looks like a middling MWC in AFA blows out a middling AAC in Navy, then proceeds to lose to SJSU, I don't have a lot of belief that the AAC is anything other than an average G5 conference this year, especially after watching ECU dominate Tulsa so far tonight. Simply based off results, a argument can be made the Sun Belt is > the AAC this year.
  4. Thank goodness! I am incredibly relieved the board rumors of your passing from auto-erotic asphyxiation in your mom's basement were unfounded.
  5. I'm pretty sure the MWC and Big-12 share officials for football games.
  6. Flawed logic. I think it is actually more beneficial for the MWC to play a bunch of games consecutively late in the year after the playoff committee starts its rankings (as long as multiple MWC games don't get COVID cancelled). There is a tendency to take more stock in games that are fresh in voters minds than ones played several months in the past. Plus, the AAC only has one remaining undefeated team. If Cincy goes down, an undefeated MWC probably has the edge over a 1- loss AAC (or a potentially undefeated Marshal or Coastal Carolina from CUSA).
  7. Actually 19 consecutive years now. I don't think any other G5 has a streak of more than 4 consecutive years during that span. It is the 7th longest streak in the nation and the programs ahead of BSU are pretty much the bluest of the P5 blue bloods that will get ranked in the pre-season poll every year by reputation alone...so BSU probably has no chance to ever pass any of them.
  8. I love the Rankulator early in the year. UNLV must have carried some serious clout going into this weekend. At least Old Dominion or Charlotte aren't in the Top-10 again this year.
  9. Karma will eventually rise up and smack some Coug ass over this.
  10. Dude, you just played possibly the worst team in the MWC with a new coaching staff in the first game of a bizarro COVID season. You might want to temper your claims about the Aztec D until you have some sort of representative sample size. I guess it is possible SDSU's defense could be better this year, but it is a lot more likely that UNLV's offense is terrible right now...and you're not smart enough to not drink the Koolaid.
  11. It's an efficiency metric and not a cumulative stats metric...that's why Bachmeier was rated higher after week 1. If you were to extrapolate Bachmeier's stats on 52 attempts he would have had 6 TD's and 500 yards passing (at least mathematically). Not saying Strong was less impressive than Bachmeier yesterday, but yards and TD's per attempt are big drivers with how the passing efficiency stat is calculated.
  12. Hard to extrapolate much from this with such a small sample size. However, it is pretty interesting that 6 of the 10 QB's listed are underclassmen...and only two are seniors. Hopefully that leads to a stronger overall conference in 2021 and 2022.
  13. I've tried to explain before to that jackass @The Ghost of Jack Graham that we've had more active NFL guys than Wyo since week 3. As far as what BSU players are doing in the NFL, I like what Jeremy McNichols has been doing for Tennessee recently and it looks like he has established himself as RB #2 with the Titans. 5 carries, 51 yards rushing and 2 receptions for 11 yards last week. John Hightower is starting to come on for the Eagles too. Had the game changing 59 yard reception last week and a 50 yard reception the previous week. Expect to see him get a lot more targets moving forw
  14. Pretty epic goal line stand by Sparty. AFA scores a TD about 95% of the time in that situation. Unexpected defensive battle happening in this one.
  15. Agreed. USU was very obviously the vastly superior team tonight. If the refs hadn't gifted BSU an extra 28 points and 250 yards of offense, USU would have easily won. These blatant #Kustrabribes of MWC officials is beyond egregious.
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