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  1. 1 play doesn't define a player. Attitude defines a player and his potential.

    My comments come directly from a person whom is a $C grad and has a Press Pass-attends practices daily-has for 35 years.

    Kid is cancer.

  2. I can't speak for anyone else, but the underground practice facility has been paying off in spades this spring. Coupled with us doubling up on the steroid program and increasing our referee bribery funding by 50% this year, the collective anuses of our MWC brethren will need to be ultra lubricated for the 2020 season.
  3. I actually thought Leaf was pretty dang good last year with ESPN. He may get canned after this incident, but he was better than a lot of their other guys doing college football IMO.
  4. Absolutely fantastic reasoning for Sears not being a capable QB. So Sears doesn't make a correct read as a RS freshman starting his first game ever against a PAC-12 opponent. Yeah, he obviously sucks...every other QB in D1 history making their first start as a freshman has never made a mistake, so this is proof positive he is garbage. I look forward to you sharing more of your sterling intellect on this board in the future.
  5. Partial schollies aren't a thing in FBS. I believe FCS teams have the ability to "split" scholarships, but in FBS you are either on scholarship or a walk on.
  6. Yeah, pretty interesting BSU went after Sears. On one hand, we would have had some serious QB depth issues if Bach and Cord were to both get injured again next year. On the other hand, I'm pretty curious what those two guys think about bringing in a high level transfer and how they will react to Sears coming in. Conversely, I wonder why Sears chose Boise with so much competition for playing time. This will definitely make for the most competitive fall camp QB battle since BSU went FBS...all 3 of those guys could start at a bunch of schools.
  7. Weaver was dropping like a rock. I thought he might fall all the way to the 6th round. In retrospect, Cleveland made a great decision coming out early...Weaver not so much.
  8. Looks like BSU's Ezra Cleveland and USU's Jordan Love have realistic chances of going in round 1. Curtis Weaver looks like a 2nd rounder at this point. Who else from the MWC has a chance to go early in the draft? I've seen Logan Wilson in some 2nd round mocks...anyone else I'm forgetting? In most of the mock drafts I've seen recently, Love and Cleveland are both pegged as late 1st rounders. Who goes first out of those two?
  9. I know this just came up today with BSU. Leon is apparently looking to schedule several away guarantee games against high majors instead of home games against low/mid majors next season.
  10. Dang, this is an awfully impressive first commitment. This kid's offer list is one of the most impressive we've gotten a commitment from...ever. Hope he sticks.
  11. I really hope BSU doesn't go full Nevada from two years ago and have 10-11 xfers on the roster. Better to bring in 1 or 2 developmental freshman or just sit on those schollies than have essentially an entire team of transfers without enough minutes to go around.
  12. KingBronco


    Yeah, the CBI does have some weird variations from year to year in who plays in it. BSU has played Stanford and Oregon in the CBI the two times they've been in it...but in some recent years I don't believe any P5's have played in it. BSU has declined the CBI a couple times since they've been in the MWC, but I hope they play in it this year if the NIT isn't in the cards.
  13. All about the matchup and whether Merrill is on for USU. We saw last year how a team with high end athleticism can take apart the Ags in the NCAAT. If that happens again this year I would expect similar results, barring Merrill ripping off a 30+ point game. If they get a team with average athletes they will probably have a better chance...but if Merrill isn't on his A game it won't matter who they play. USU is a fairly average team if Merrill isn't playing at a high level IMO.
  14. KingBronco


    BSU is right on the bubble for the NIT. I'm guessing they will be one of the last 1 or 2 in or last 1 or 2 out. Their RPI is really solid at #61 but their NET is only #89 and Pomeroy is #84. If you average those out they are probably right on the cut line. BSU's chances really depend on how many NIT auto bid conferences have their conference champs lose in conference tourneys I'm guessing Nevada is pretty much out of the NIT picture since they've fallen behind BSU in pretty much every rating metric after the loss to Wyo. They probably have something like a 10-15% chance and would need a bunch of chalk results in other conference tourneys.
  15. Nevada is CBI or bust now. That was a devastating loss for Nevada's postseason prospects. It may have given BSU a better shot at the NIT though...so thanks for that Wyo.