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  1. KingBronco

    Ga St at Memphis St (ESPN)

    Georgia State vs. UConn would be epic.
  2. KingBronco

    Boise State vs Oklahoma State game preview

    During my surfing of the OSU boards the vast majority of posters were so complimentary of BSU that it kind of freaked me out. Most are expecting a huge dogfight and several peeps are pretty concerned that we might beat them by multiple scores. Probably the second most wary P5 fan base I can recall for a true BSU road game (other than Virginia in 2014).
  3. KingBronco

    Tennessee Tech at Utah State

    It's still super early, but it's really not too outlandish at this point to imagine the BSU/USU game being a potential Top-25 battle for the Mountain Division title. It wouldn't be a complete shock to see USU at 10-1 by that time since they miss SDSU and Fresno, although I see them as underdogs at Hawaii if the 'Bows continue to play well and the BYU game will probably be close to a pick 'em. Other than Hawaii and possibly BYU, it does look like they will probably be favored in every other game prior to BSU...at least right now.
  4. KingBronco

    Tennessee Tech at Utah State

    I'm thinking USU is probably going to be pretty dang good this year but it will take a couple more weeks to know for sure. Putting up 70+ against FCS teams hasn't been a recipe for success so far for MWC teams...it definitely didn't translate for Fresno and Nevada. However, looking at USU's schedule, I can pretty easily see them being 8-3 or 9-2 going into the season finale at BSU if what they've shown so far is legit.
  5. KingBronco

    Murder Smurfs

    Non-BSU posters on this board should probably be praying that OSU doesn't get murder smurfed this weekend. If that were to happen, this place will become inundated with a level of tBSUf not seen since circa 2011....it would be glorious.
  6. KingBronco

    Boise State vs Oklahoma State game preview

    It seems to me that Wyo fans are pretty terrified that BSU is really as good as they've looked thus far and are trying to will up some evidence to the contary prior to BSU's trip to Laramie.
  7. KingBronco

    Over/under on Rypien turnovers this weekend

    The Brett Rypien Heisman campaign will officially launch on Saturday. Dude is going to light it up like he did against Oregon in the Vegas Bowl, but without the INT's.
  8. KingBronco

    Boise State vs Oklahoma State game preview

    Thanks for the insightful analysis. Do you think Wyo will be able to put up 30 points against Wofford this weekend? Looks like your last chance to get there this year.
  9. That list lost all credibility when not one, but two, towns in Indiana appeared in the top-30.
  10. KingBronco

    Boise State vs Oklahoma State game preview

    Heard 1,400 tickets had been sold through BSU as of yesterday. We typically have around x2 that amount of tickets purchased from other sources so I would expect approximately 4k BSU fans in Stillwater.
  11. KingBronco


    You could have got $200,000,000 easy if you waited until after this season to sell.
  12. KingBronco

    Nevada vs Oregon State

    Was just thinking the same thing. It would be a huge blow to Nevada's bowl aspirations if they don't get a W and also make the conference look like crap.
  13. KingBronco

    Josh Allen Named Bills Starting Quarterback

    He might be better off just scrambling around and hucking it...so having a crap O-line might not be all bad. At least against BSU, it seemed like he was always more effective running around and throwing than sitting in the pocket.
  14. KingBronco

    Should CSU miss the playoff

    Sigh. Marshal and WMU can both attest that BSU with 1 loss (or even occasionally 2 losses) will be rated higher by the CFP committee than any undefeated team from the SBC, MAC or CUSA. The AAC is a little more tricky, but it would still be really tight between an undefeated AAC team and a 1-loss BSU most seasons. BSU is to the G5 what Alabama is to the P5 in that our pedigree will always give us the benefit of the doubt from voters until a time when we stop winning 10+ games a year consistently.
  15. KingBronco

    Should BSU Miss The Playoff

    I'm not stupid enough to argue that BSU has anything close to a legit shot at making the CFP....but if it did happen we will be immediately renegotiating our term sheet deal to receive 90% of all MWC football revenue for as long as the conference is around.