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  1. Nevada 2018 MWC basketball champs 2 peat

    Congrats and make sure to enjoy it while you can UNR. Just a matter of time until you'll be required to vacate said title. #boatsandhoes
  2. Pokes-Lobos

    You could say the same about any MWC team seeded #1 through #8 this year and be pretty accurate...although the team that has both offense and defense clicking the best is going to actually win the MWCT.
  3. Pokes-Lobos

    81 combined FT attempts, 64 personal fouls and 233 points in regulation all gotta be close to MWC records. Must have been a crazy game to watch.
  4. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    I never mess around on this board. The two things that keep me up at night (besides Eric Musselman's blatant cheating at Nevada) are the proliferation of mentally ill weasels within the population of northern Nevada and the new American epidemic of grandson's selling their grandmothers into the Thai prostitution industry. These are issues that tear at the very fabric of American society and need to be addressed posthaste to ensure our grandchildren won't face the same issues. I take offense that some on this board would consider my posts "sarcastic."
  5. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    I base my assertions purely on the fact that A: Musselman looks like a whiny little weasel and B: anyone in their fifties who takes their shirt off in public that often has some sort of mental illness. I understand most Reno fans don't see this but that is because you are all whiny little weasels that have some type of mental illness too. I have also heard from a reliable source that Musselman sold his grandma into the Thai prostitution industry as part of a convoluted deal that also involved plenty of hookers and blow and eventually led to the Martin twins coming to Reno....unless you can prove otherwise I find your post bullshit.
  6. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    Musselman is sketchy as hell reminds me of a younger version of "tricky" Rick Pitino. I hope he stays at Nevada for another 5 or 6 years. If that happens it will almost assuredly result in the death penalty for Nevada basketball right around the 2024-25 season because you know that guy is a walking NCAA infraction like Pitino was. Hookers and blow can get you a long way in the short term but isn't the answer for sustained program success...and yeah, I'm extremely bitter the Pack beat us in Boise and ruined our season.
  7. Tim Duryea - hot seat?

    I think Duryea has been slightly above average given the circumstances in Logan but unreasonably high expectations may get him booted if the Baggies don't finish strong this year. I figure they will finish 9-9 in conference which is actually fairly impressive IMO considering they are near the bottom of the conference as far as overall roster talent...I wouldn't think that warrants getting canned but a lot of USU bball fans are still living in circa 2005.
  8. Nevada @ Boise State

    Crazy bad 3-point shooting did BSU in again tonight against Nevada. I think they were 18% tonight and a combined 16% from 3 in the two games. You're not even going to beat mediocre teams shooting those percentages, much less Nevada. To add insult to injury, BSU probably won't even get to host NIT games since Taco Bell is hosting the NCAAT 1st and 2nd rounds this year.
  9. Nevada @ Boise State

    According to Musselman, Caleb actually died last night. Translation: he is 100% and will play over 35 minutes tonight.
  10. BSU @ USU Tomorrow

    Nice game Aggies. BSU will need to beat Reno on Wednesday or they will be eliminated from at-large consideration.
  11. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    UNM hasn't been very good away from home so I would definitely rather play the Lobos in that scenario....although I think Fresno will probably end up with the #3 seed....not to mention BSU has as good a shot as Nevada to end up #1.
  12. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    Well, 2 or 3 years ago BSU had something like a 14 point lead with less than 4 minutes left and ended up losing at the PIT so I guess we were kinda due for a miracle comeback there.
  13. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    That was a flagrant 2 foul (excessive force to neck/head area) but it occurred just after the clock expired. Not sure whether the leaque will jump in on that but it was about as bush as it gets and he should face some consequences.
  14. POLL: Who You Got in the Cathouse Showdown?

    With few exceptions the whole damn state of Nevada is sketchy as hell. Looks to me that Tonopah is strikingly similar to just about every other town in Nevada I've ever driven through.
  15. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    This is one of those unbalanced schedule games that BSU has to win if they want a chance at the regular season title. If BSU loses to UNM they would drop 2 games behind the Pack in the loss column and Nevada would hold the tie-breaker if both BSU and Nevada were to finish with the same record since Nevada only played UNM once. A loss might be an at-large killer for BSU too, although they can probably absorb one sub-100 RPI loss and still get a bid if they can beat Nevada at home next week.