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  1. UNLV at Colorado State

    Anyway to stream this game? CBS sports doesn’t do streaming yet, do they? Mainly wondering if I can watch it off my tv/ amazon fire/etc.
  2. Brandon McCoy: Is it the "Ed Graney likes him" curse?

    Kind of torn with my first answer (Yes). I feel like if he does declare he will be a first round pick, although at this point it will probably be late first round. You can't teach size and that is something that he definitely has. And if he is projected to go in the first round and make millions then yeah for sure go. Why stay? You could argue that he 's not ready, he won't make it, he will be just like any other Rice player going to nba, etc. But in the end, he would still be making millions, which trumps all of those things imo.
  3. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    I agree. And if he isn't the right coach I would rather get him out sooner than later. I don't want to waste more years than are necessary. I highly doubt he would be fired after this season though. Unless things completely fall apart and we end up in last place again. Next season, however, I think he will be on the hot seat. It goes back to Rice when he was flirting with USF. I wanted him gone at that point. I would have rather seen him go then (and not get Zimm) than have him stick around and waste more time for us.
  4. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    I think the most concerning thing is the way they have regressed since the start of the season. I'll bring it up again, but that things look night and day different from the Arizona game. This is not even remotely close to resembling that team. That is why you had people talking about making the tournament and possibly going on a run. They looked really good, they played hard and with a ton of effort. Now? they look like a Rice 2.0 squad. That is what is concerning. Forget the "he should have more time" excuses. Reno went from 9-22, to 24-14 in year one of Muss. Year 2: 28-7 There is no reason that UNLV shouldn't be able to do the same. This isn't football. And Menzies did bring in some really talented ppl. The fact remains that this team is regressing. That is squarely on Menzies. Do i think he should be fired? No. But he needs to step up and inspire his players. If they aren't willing to play hard (McCoy and Mooring) they need to see more bench time. Hardy, Beck and Diong should be getting more minutes, plain and simple.
  5. New Mexico at UNLV

    Can’t wait til mooring is gone. Honestly should just bench him and McCoy and role with hardy/doing/beck instead
  6. I'm done with Menzies

    you should start posting more often (seems like you haven't really as of recently). i enjoy your thoughts and opinions.
  7. Army challenges Vegas Golden Knights name and colors

    If they do have to change it i would prefer it to be this. Sand Knights is the worst name they came up with out of all the ones that were bounced around.
  8. Army challenges Vegas Golden Knights name and colors

    I mean more from a legal aspect. Would they be required to change the logo? Not, will they choose to change it. If that makes sense.
  9. Army challenges Vegas Golden Knights name and colors

    So even if they do change the name to let's say, "Las Vegas Knights", would they have to change the logo as well? or could that all stay the same?
  10. Army challenges Vegas Golden Knights name and colors

    You still have multiple teams sharing the same mascot with no problem (see first post).
  11. Army challenges Vegas Golden Knights name and colors

    You're correct. Folley graduated from West Point. If he had it his way he would have gone with Black Knights as the mascot, but the nhl didn't want another "Black _____" mascot. So they went with Golden. The colors of the team were inspired by army colors i believe? I don't know if he took Golden Knights directly from the parachute group though. Regardless though, how does this differ from other teams (groups) sharing the same mascot?
  12. Army challenges Vegas Golden Knights name and colors

    So question. Why is it that there is an issue with Army and VGK when there are multiple teams out there that share the "same" mascot with no problem? Tigers: Detroit (MLB), Auburn, Clemson, Grambling State, Jackson State, Louisiana State, Memphis, Missouri, Princeton, Savannah State, Tennessee State, Texas Southern, Towson Cardinals: Arizona (NFL), St. Louis (MLB) Giants: San Fran (MLB), New York (NFL) Jets: New York (NFL), Winnipeg (NHL) Kings: LA (NHL), Sacramento (NBA) Panthers: Florida (NHL), Carolina (NFL), Pittsburgh, Northern Iowa, Milwaukee, Georgia State, Eastern Illinois, Florida International, Prarie View A&M Rangers: Texas (MLB), New York (NHL) Lions: Detroit (NFL), Penn State, Loyola Marymount, Columbia, SE Louisiana, Arkansas Pine Bluff Bears: Chicago (NFL), Baylor, Brown, California, Maine, Mercer, Missouri State, Northern Colorado KNIGHTS: VGK (NHL), Rutgers, UCF, Army, Farleigh Dickinson Edit: Added college teams.
  13. UNLV at Air Force

  14. George Karl Adresses Nevada Team

    this. the team was already destroyed. a couple more weeks wouldn't have changed anything. Oh well. Time will tell if Menzies was indeed a good hire or not. If not then that's just another name to tack on to the list of bad hires by the university.
  15. Utah State at UNLV

    Some are in panic mode. Most are skeptical. Probably because we don't want to possibly waste another 5 years on a coach that could turn out to be just like Rice (albeit a little better). And if we do double our win total it will be mainly from playing trash cupcake teams. Can't just look at the number and say it's improvement.
  16. Game Thread: Georgia vs Alabama

    First and foremost, hopefully it is a really good game. I just want to watch entertaining football. Secondly, hopefully alabama loses.
  17. Utah State at UNLV

    This is why I think next year will be Menzies make or break year. With better recruits and class coming in, if things go south and the team regresses (as it has been doing). And we don't win the MWC tourney and make it to the NCAA tourney, I think DRF will have enough cause to move in a different direction. If he can't do it next year, I doubt he will be able to pull it out in the future.
  18. UNLV's basketball woes should have been predicted

    Are you honesty going to believe ph? You’d be better off taking directions from a blind person.
  19. Utah State at UNLV

    Nah mccoy is better than zimm. Zimm was a softie (even though mccoy kind of is too). But at least mccoy can pull out double doubles and score 17+ on a consistent basis. And as far as Menzies go. I like Menzies, but this isn’t giving me any hope. He won’t get fired this season. But if things continue this poorly next season he’ll definitely be on the hot seat. He really does need to bench mooring. Bring him off the bench. If he’s hot give him run time. If not, go with hardy and get him some needed experience. I hate when coaches play seniors just because they are seniors, even though they suck ass.
  20. UNLV at SJSU

    The best threads for sure. You never know what you’re gonna get.
  21. UNLV at SJSU

    Couple games? And yeah he has a lot of energy.
  22. UNLV at SJSU

    Most likely because they are. Menzies has been relying on his starters too much. We have some decent bench guys. They just aren’t getting much run. As a result the starters are starting to get worn down and it’s only the beginning of conference play.
  23. UNLV at SJSU

    That’s what I think. But to not score until overtime? We need mooring to score if we want to win. I dislike him and get frustrated with his play, but it’s a fact that he needs to score. The problem is when he isnt scoring and he continues to jack up horrible and ill advised shots. That’s when he needs to stop and cool it. But that usually doesn’t happen.
  24. UNLV at SJSU

    Yeah, maybe you’ll finally be able to win your first game in the tourney? I kid I kid. Unlv is terrible right now.