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  1. Nevada Still Ranked...

    You’ve lost each game following being ranked. Ranked again (just moved down). I would argue the curse is still in effect.
  2. OT: Nance Jr traded to Cavs

    I don’t think he would stay either way. But like I said, they made his path to LA (where it has been rumored for a long time now that he wants to go) an easier option. If they wanted even a small chance of keeping him, I feel, that they pissed it away with the LA deal. Not because of the actual trades themselves but due to the situation. IT was horrible and it’s great that they got rid of him.
  3. OT: Nance Jr traded to Cavs

    If you actually re read my post I was talking about the moves opening 2 max deals in LA and Cleveland not being smart in that regard (helping open a path for Lebron to possibly leave to LA). I know reading comprehension is hard for some individuals ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. UNLV at Nevada

  5. OT: Nance Jr traded to Cavs

    However the Lakers can now land two max deals this offseason (Lebron and Paul George). Cleveland isn't smart.
  6. UNLV at Nevada

  7. UNLV at Nevada

  8. UNLV at Nevada

    Anyone know of any possible streams? I won’t have access to cbs sports. Please and thank you 😁
  9. BSU @ UNM... Who you got?

    L o effing L
  10. UNLV at Nevada

    Finally have a thread going.
  11. UNLV at Boise State

    Fun game. I enjoyed it. Cool to see unlv battle back and force overtime. Also cool to see them battle back in overtime even though they fell short. Good game boise. Hope we don’t have to see you in the mwc tourney.
  12. San Jose State at UNLV

    I think we go 4-5 over the remaining games.
  13. San Jose State at UNLV

    It's a joke. When you have thousands of seats open it makes no sense to screw ppl over and not let them move around. I'm always in the student section so I don't have to worry about it, but even they check from time to time to see your ticket. I think it depends on the usher. Some of them are pretty cool and laid back and don't care. Others are more anal.
  14. Facilities

    Nah, best place to park is behind in n out. Exit t&m on east side and take a quick cut through campus. Let’s you hop right on Maryland Parkway with little traffic.
  15. LV Sands-Madison Square Garden Arena

    Details anywhere on it?