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  1. He needs to. He most likely won’t.
  2. The real mistake was pulling Gusev away from the KHL a year early just to come to Vegas for 2 games of the playoffs and not playing him then. You can argue that had we won against San Jose that he might have played in the next round(s), but still. They should have left him in the KHL til he was finished up there and then brought him over. Not a fan of the trade, but it is what is is. And like Mundy mentioned, to get rid of Holden/Reaves to make room for a Gusev contract, picks most likely would have had to be included as an incentive to teams.
  3. The Garden Arena is trash compared to the T&M. Not near as bad as the Orleans, but not even on the same level as the T&M. 1. T-Mobile 2. T&M 3. Garden Arena 4. The Orleans
  4. We appreciate all your hard work in the Rebel threads though
  5. Yeah, buy the cheapest tickets and then just move to wherever you want.
  6. I would imagine that's part of it. Also, i think they have a deal going on right now where whatever you pay for season tickets (2019-2020 season at Sam Boyd) you get locked into that price for tickets at the new stadium for 2020-2021. After that first year i'm sure prices will jump up a bit. Cheapest season tickets for this next season are like $100 per seat for the season (upper corner seats).
  7. But what about the project players from Africa?
  8. It's beautiful. It's amazing how many trees are up there