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  1. BleedRed702

    2018 World Cup

    Great game between spain and portugal. Spain looked great. Their passes were so crisp and accurate.
  2. BleedRed702

    2026 World Cup

    yeah, here's an article about it. https://www.reviewjournal.com/business/tourism/las-vegas-withdrew-bid-to-host-2026-world-cup/
  3. BleedRed702

    Rebel Fan Council

    Are you going to apply? "And we strongly believe that the official website for athletics should be the MWC Board."
  4. BleedRed702

    2026 World Cup

    Temperature isn't an issue for an indoor stadium. But I get what you're saying. It's a shame. Brand new stadium. More than enough hotel rooms. Tons to do. Easy to fly in and out.
  5. BleedRed702

    2026 World Cup

    The new Vegas stadium Would love to see Vegas host a World Cup game. Doubt it happens though. Makes too much sense.
  6. BleedRed702

    Going to Europe Tomorrow

    FIFY. But seriously...sack up PH, you little baby bitch.
  7. BleedRed702

    OT: Vegas Golden Knights & NHL Playoffs Thread

    Damn. That TKM stuff really hitting you in the feels huh? You must be one desperate dude to lower your standards that far. Sad!
  8. BleedRed702

    Poll: Which franchise do you enjoy the most?

    LoTR for sure. It's amazing. Growing up, I started reading the books in 5th grade. Began with the Hobbit and then the LoTR. I loved the books, and then the movies came out shortly after I finished the books. Just awesome. For my senior year of high school in "British Lit" we had to do a research paper on a British Author. Not just a biography but you had to go much more in depth. I did my paper on Tolkien. I hate(d) writing, but that 15 page research paper was one of the most enjoyable things I have done during my schooling. It was fun and exciting to research his life and how different things influenced his writing. Tolkien is remarkable and set the stage for all other fantasy. He is the Father of Fantasy. I'm stoked for Amazon's new LoTR series that will be coming out. $1 Billion for 5 seasons. Hell yeah. Hoping it exceeds all expectations.
  9. BleedRed702

    UNLV is NOT a Mid-Major

    Why do you guys feed this idiot?
  10. BleedRed702

    OT: Vegas Golden Knights & NHL Playoffs Thread

    More ignorance from RoscoesDad...what's new? We wouldn't be in the finals if it weren't for Fluery. We wouldn't have made it out of the first round if it weren't for Fleury. Our defense has been atrocious and a lot of these goals are on them. How about you do us all a favor and stop watching/talking about the knights and go fantasize about TKM some more.
  11. BleedRed702

    OT: Vegas Golden Knights & NHL Playoffs Thread

    Huge game tonight. VGK needs a win. Will they finally be able to play "their" game? Hopefully the talk from Neal can be backed up and they can take it tonight to make it a best of 3 series. I can't see them winning 3 in a row against this Capitals team if they lose tonight.
  12. Here are some good threads with different info.
  13. It's pretty crazy. The phone number attached to i believe 3 of the accounts, ends in 91. Twitter investigators (just random ppl) found out that the wife's phone number ends in 91. It looks as if she was running one of the accounts (following a lot of italian stuff, spiritual quotes, the pope, etc.). But it is possible that Bryan was using the other accounts himself. Of course he denied everything. But it is really interesting.
  14. BleedRed702

    Andrew Lincoln Leaving the Walking Dead?

    The sad thing is that AMC is just going to continue to try to milk TWD into oblivion. Even with it declining, it still makes/has made more money for them then Breaking Bad did at it's height. As long as it's bringing in money they don't care about the quality. I actually liked season 7 and 8. I thought Negan was a cool character to bring in and I liked what he brought, but a lot of the story writing is just shit. A big issue for them is just drawing stuff out. It is so slow paced and barely anything happens then there is 1 or 2 big episodes per 8 episodes. They should have stopped TWD a couple of seasons ago. I'm grateful that Breaking Bad didn't chase the money and draw it out longer. They were able to keep their amazing story and plot and bring a great show to a proper end.