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  1. It's beautiful. It's amazing how many trees are up there
  2. Queerish waiting til the end of the season again before he votes?
  3. lmao. I tHoUgHt I wAs GoInG tO gEt An ExTeNsIoN
  4. Pretty sad actually. The writing for the last two seasons has been terrible. As mug said, they should have tacked on episodes 1-3 to season 7. Ended that season with the death of the Night King, then had a 10 episode season 8 all about the iron throne. Everything was too rushed. Nothing was really flushed out. Bran getting the throne is laughable. Dude did jack ish and we still didn't find anything out about him being the 3 eyed raven. After Jon kills Danny i was hoping that Grey Worm would come strolling in and that they would fight with Grey Worm dying. Stupid that Jon would tell them that he killed Danny. It's even more dumb that Grey Worm would take Jon prisoner. At that point I would think that they would just kill him. And you're going to let Grey Worm dictate what happens to Jon even though they are sailing away and not coming back? Dumb. The acting has been great. The visuals have been great. The writing has sucked. D&D ruined GoT with wanting to rush things and be done with the series.
  5. And if Mediocre Marv didn't get blown out by cupcakes, if he actually connected with the fan base, if he beat better teams, if he didn't recruit project players, and if he was actually a good coach............he might still be here. What a fun game the if scenario is.