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  1. BYU can’t miss from 3 and Hardy is being too passive.
  2. But Joe said he did! It’s the basketball search all over again.
  3. Yeah, definitely would not want DeRuyter
  4. Is that a “pu**y ass ni**as” I hear at 1:04? Classy.
  5. I wasn’t impressed with Pauley. The arena expands out so far. In some places you’re so far away from the court. T&M is way better.
  6. Vitaly, Coleman and Green were all put in for the last minute
  7. Rice isn’t a head coach. Amazing recruiter. Trash coach.
  8. You shut your whore mouth. 😝
  9. We got lower bowl tickets for about $50 each.
  10. Yeah, maybe we should go back to recruiting kids from Africa who can’t even catch the ball. Marv swung and missed on a lot of top talent as well. You’re acting as if a single player would be the savior of the team. How’d that go with McCoy?
  11. Shouldn’t you be rooting for Grand Canyon? Why are you still on this board?
  12. I know you would like that, but I don’t swing that way. Sorry. You should check out Ph though. He’ll take any action he can get.
  13. One of the guys In the group I’m going with bought the tickets earlier tonight. I think he went through stubhub for the UCLA game. We are in a corner I think, lower bowl. They were about $50 each.