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  1. BleedRed702

    Does Marvin Menzies Have What it Takes?

    Lol. Menzies wants to extend the season as long as possible.
  2. BleedRed702

    Does Marvin Menzies Have What it Takes?

    Yeah, against trash.
  3. Sure. And there are ways to limit potential damage. It's a high risk, high reward hire. If he were to be hired and nothing bad happened and all was well and Pitino started winning and making runs in the ncaa tournament....Desiree would cement herself as that up and coming AD with the vision and tenacity to get things done. Boosting her resume and credentials to jump to a P5 (which is what she really wants).
  4. Let's just wait and see where the chips fall. Still another month to go. Still have another 3-4 weeks before we even know if Menzies gets fired. Then the hiring process. But luls at reno fans coming out and bashing the possibility of hiring a HALL OF FAME coach and elevating unlv to heights they haven't seen in almost a decade. Which in turn would help the conference out. But hey, keep pulling that moral high ground crap. It's college basketball. Who cares. I'd take RP in a heart beat. I'm enjoying the back handed comments though.
  5. BleedRed702

    Does Marvin Menzies Have What it Takes?

    It's not. I'm not in my 40s and a teacher. I'm your age ph. I graduated from unlv in accounting. And i'm not a loser like you.
  6. BleedRed702

    Does Marvin Menzies Have What it Takes?

    To suck dick.
  7. BleedRed702

    Does Marvin Menzies Have What it Takes?

    Why start a thread when we already know the answer?
  8. BleedRed702

    Does Marvin Menzies Have What it Takes?

    The mountain west sucks. Getting blown out against the top half of the league and struggling agains the bottom half. That isn’t improvement. Idc if we break .500, we should easily be top 3 this season but the team isn’t getting it done. Menzies sucks. And ph is sucking his balls.
  9. BleedRed702

    UNLV at San Jose State

    Struggling to get the W against SJSU... “But just wait til next year!”
  10. BleedRed702

    Rebel Net has come full circle on Nevada Basketball

    But menzies is on that 6 year rebuild track and you just wait. He's building the team right and he will be here next year and will have even better players. Just wait, once he has another 2 recruiting classes, UNLV will steam roll everyone. No team has ever won the championship without a Mcdonald's All American on their team. Recruiting is the most important part. And recruiting HIGH SCHOOL players is so much better than recruiting trash transfers. -PH
  11. So do everyone a favor and leave the board.
  12. She along with all the other Rice nut huggers got super vocal about not firing Rice. And they made a big deal about losing out on Stephen if Rice was fired. It was just another case of, "But X recruit is coming, and we will lose him if we get rid of Rice." And they were painting Stephen out to be the savior of UNLV. And that was followed by Rice being retained and then said recruit doing jack shit to help the team and then leaving after 1 year. Zimmerman was charmin soft and overrated. He played like a 3 star kid.
  13. BleedRed702

    Does Marvin Menzies Have What it Takes?

    Any other year and that would be a 7th/8th place finish. The conference sucks balls this year and we are getting blown out by the top half and grinding out games with the bottom half. Besides, there's not really a difference between 4th/5th place and 9th place this year (Other than seeding in the mwc tournament).
  14. BleedRed702

    Air Force at UNLV (Edited at the top)

    There's a difference between trolling and just being flat out stupid. Ph is the latter.