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  1. BleedRed702

    Reb High Fans

    Exactly this.
  2. BleedRed702


    This is basically PH. Sitting at his computer all day on MWC board, complaining about women, etc.
  3. BleedRed702


    You have to pay for it. You're an incel.
  4. BleedRed702


    lmfao.... definitely not. AndriodAggie laid everything out pretty simply and it still isn't clicking for your dumb ass. Just because she isn't interested in dating you, doesn't mean she isn't interested in dating other people. She's not interested in you. She doesn't like you. She doesn't want to go on dates with you. Ph logic: "She doesn't like me, so she doesn't take dating seriously. It's all her fault." Straight up incel logic there bud. She could be interested in another dude and be wanting to do stuff with him. Just because she doesn't like you doesn't mean she sucks at dating. This whole thread has just proven to me that you are an incel.
  5. BleedRed702


    So, it's for the reallyyyyy desperate girls, eh? Makes sense.
  6. BleedRed702


    He keeps a list of the hookers that will actually accept his money and meet with him (there are only a couple)
  7. BleedRed702


    He can be the submissive catcher.
  8. BleedRed702

    The Kavanaughcalypse!

    It might be the Fire Dave Rice thread. 219 pages. Not positive though.
  9. BleedRed702

    Trump walks back Russian summit

    why do you guys engage with @Thomas? He's just like @ph90702 circa Dave Rice era at UNLV. Except replace Rice with Trump. Both complete dips.
  10. BleedRed702

    2018 World Cup

    England just needs to finish things up tomorrow for that France v. England matchup. Honestly I think that game would be much better than France/Croatia. I just don't think Croatia is that good. I think France would pound them and it would be a boring final. I think France/England would be much more entertaining.
  11. BleedRed702

    Smart marketing by UNLV

    so $79 for 3 games and all you can eat? So approx $27 per game. Pretty good. Getting a buddy pass student ticket is like $15-20 IIRC. So great deal.
  12. BleedRed702

    2018 World Cup

    Sure thing Thomas
  13. BleedRed702

    2018 World Cup

    Trump is an imbecile and embarrassment to this country. Nice job assuming i'm a trump supporter just from me using the word chode. But thanks for confirming that along with sucking dick, you are also a dumb ass.
  14. BleedRed702

    2018 World Cup

    Yeah...you know...what's in your mouth right now.
  15. BleedRed702

    2018 World Cup

    I haven't argued that the USMNT is good or even better than Mexico. They suck right now. But your schtick is annoying af. So do us a favor and stop repeating the same shit over and over, and go back to sucking on chode.