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  1. BleedRed702

    My Appearance on The Vegas Take

    what does that even mean?
  2. BleedRed702

    My Appearance on The Vegas Take

    Qwelish is the ph Dave rice love affair equivalent with Menzies. Just disregard.
  3. BleedRed702

    My Appearance on The Vegas Take

    byu for sure.
  4. BleedRed702

    Video Games thread

    https://www.recovery.org/topics/about-the-online-gamers-anonymous-12-step-recovery-program/ https://americanaddictioncenters.org/video-gaming-addiction
  5. BleedRed702

    UNLV Basketball

    Bro, if you really are waddilove...stop liking porn on your twitter. No one wants to see what you're into pop up on their timelines.
  6. BleedRed702

    Video Games thread

    I don't play ps4. But seriously, you should get out more. Anyone spending that much time on video games isn't good.
  7. BleedRed702

    Video Games thread

    Pretty sad.
  8. BleedRed702

    The Vegas Take

    Were you talking about your favorite brothels and hookers? ”PH Reviews Pahrump”
  9. BleedRed702


    Tasteless? Don’t tell me using retarded to describe idiots like yourself is offensive. Please go push your pc bullshit somewhere else. I wouldn’t call a person with down syndrome retarded. But individuals like yourself and ph... edit: and I’m not using it in the form of describing someone as mentally handicapped. Part of the definition: a foolish or stupid person i.e. you and ph
  10. BleedRed702


    Is @qwelish a @ph90702 sock? Serious question. Otherwise qwelish is putting together a run to rival ph for most retarded unlv fan on this site. @mugtang
  11. BleedRed702

    Rank: Best UNLV Coaches Since Tark

    I'll do @qwelish's for him: "1. Marvin Menzies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . No one else matters."
  12. BleedRed702

    Menzies Isn’t Afraid of Scheduling Big

    I'm not rooting against marvin. He seems like a really nice guy, but I don't care for him. I don't think he is the right guy for the job. I've already stated that I want to see the team progress and improve and place top half in this shitty conference (which really shouldn't be difficult). I also stated that I would love to be proven wrong and to have marvin succeed. But as I stated before (maybe you have reading comprehension issues or a bad memory) He hasn't really shown anything to date that he will do that outside of only focusing on recruiting high school (which we don't know if that will work). Why are you still focusing on year 1? We've already said that year 1 was a scratch. I don't recall anyone saying that year 1 should have been coached up or improved. Yet, you keep focusing on it because it backs your narrative.
  13. BleedRed702

    Menzies Isn’t Afraid of Scheduling Big

    lmfao. I'd like to get what you're smoking. What has marvin shown that would even suggest that we would be going to the NCAAs next year or be conference favorites?
  14. BleedRed702

    Menzies Isn’t Afraid of Scheduling Big

    So I guess you are going to be the ph-dave rice love affair equivalent but with marvin menzies. I look forward to seeing you make even more of a dumb ass out of yourself
  15. BleedRed702

    Menzies Isn’t Afraid of Scheduling Big

    No. Definitely not. If we continue to suck this year and do the same next year attendance will only get worse. And that will be a big factor in him getting let go. This is your problem. You’re rationalizing that because we had the worst coaching search and ended up with our dead last choice that that is going to replicate itself and we are ONLY going to be able to land other low end coaches. I can’t tell you who right now. I’ll get back to you at the end of the season. But I have considerably more faith that DRF can make a good hire than TKM.