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  1. Qwelish Logic: "This kid looks like trash. Look what these random ppl had to say about him 1-3 years ago. Oh wait, look at these schools recruiting him. He must be good. I want him now. " Almost on par with PH logic.
  2. Uh oh. Qwelish back on his high horse. I didn't say i would wish that he would lose his job at GCU. Just said it would be amusing if that scenario played out with getting UNLV off the hook for the buyout. I did wish for him to lose his job at UNLV and that worked out. But shame on someone for wanting a bad coach fired.
  3. Phoenix hires Majerle, GCU goes in a different direction and hires someone else as HC. New HC brings on new staff. Menzies back out in the wind and UNLV not having to pay the buyout. That would be amusing.
  4. Great episode. They can kill anyone off now. Next episode is going to be crazy. This weekend is going to be amazing. Avengers and Battle for Winterfell
  5. Sucks. VGK outplayed San Jose in almost every facet of game 6 and allowed them to steal the win.
  6. Why would UNLV work it out a separate deal to pay Marv when they could be completely done with him for taking another position? UNLV is off the hook. They paid him for the first month - two months. No more. And if he really is making $600k at GCU then props to him. Would make sense to not sit around on his butt.
  7. Seemed like a nice guy. He'd be an alright HC at a small time program. Thunder Dan --> Mediocre Marv would be quite the downgrade.
  8. Well, if they want to ensure mediocrity, they can go with Menzies in the future. Good for him with the salary and good for us not having to pay him.
  9. Depended on the week. You went back and forth quite a bit. Talking about how marv was a great coach, he was going to win the mw, recruiting was better, he was a good in game coach, he made bad in game decisions, he recruited poor project players, he set himself up for failure, etc. Add in that you were on your high horse and talked down to anyone who had a differing opinion than you at the time. You are just someone who needs to feel like they are always right.
  10. You were dick riding for the first half of the season and then you were flip flopping left and right and taking whatever stance fit your narrative.
  11. I have not been begging for his players to return. I'd be more than happy to see 5+ of them cut loose. And no, i'm not riding Otz dick (as you did with Menzies). I'm excited for the change and I'm excited to see what he can do; but, he still has a lot to prove. Your flip flopping on Marv throughout last season was entertaining. You'll deny it. But it was evident to everyone else on the board.
  12. We don't have to dangle from scrotums like you did with Menzies for the majority of last season?
  13. Yeah, if you think about it, the majority of the Nights Watch is at Castle Black and a bunch of Wildlings were manning Eastwatch (IIRC they were sent up there at the beginning of season 7 by Jon). Eastwatch is all the way down right next to the sea, whereas castle black is basically the middle of the wall. The attack was pretty spontaneous and they weren't expecting it (or the wall to fall). As you saw form the leftovers that were with Tormund, most of the people at Eastwatch died. Also, i doubt they could have sent any ravens in the short time it took for the night king to tear down the wall. So the Nights Watch at Castle Black would be unaware that anything happened.