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  1. They said that 60% of the PSLs were bought by locals and 40% were bought from out of state. So yeah, a decent amount of Californians
  2. Settling for too many 3’s.
  3. Man, mid court is so ugly.
  4. Just like the boise game. We get it close and then pull some stupid shit and let them stretch it back to 5+ points
  5. The Wyoming arena looks like the inside of a truck stop toilet bowl.
  6. Unbelievably sloppy passing.
  7. The funniest thing about this picture is Carlos Lopez being on there.
  8. Doesn’t help the conference in the dance either. Bunch of soft ish being called
  9. That ship sailed with Dave Rice.
  10. Definitely. BYU is a power to be reckoned with. Hoping you can get that rematch against Utah. Just don’t overlook Weber State. Don’t want any slip ups there!
  11. @#1Stunner the dream is still alive! “Champions of the state of Utah” is still a possibility. You must be stoked.