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  1. No one is talking about disarmament. The German Bundeswehr is a self-defense force. It's in the German constitution (which was co-written by the US). Every single deployment outside of Germany (humanitarian missions in the 90s and combat missions since the 2000s) are based on the interpretation that in modern times, Germany has to be defended outside its borders. But the fact remains that most Germans feel very strongly that Germany should play no role in wars abroad.
  2. I'm not a Democrat, I'm European. And who exactly are the Euros?
  3. You realize that the US has way more enemies - real and imagined - than any country in Europe, right? Europeans understand that a couple of terror attacks don't make a world war. Why should they fight America's wars?
  4. Not totally related, but I heard this really interesting point someone made in a piece on nutrition and food on NPR a while ago. The expert said that we look at these old 1930s or whatever recipes and laugh about them because they are so plain and boring (the meat and potato kind of recipes). But in reality what happened is that a lot of our food - such as broiler chickens - has become a lot more flavorless than it used to be. Back in the day you could roast a chicken throw in a bunch of potatoes, carrots, and herbs from your garden, and have an amazing meal. Try that today with a Walmart chicken for $4.99 and a bunch of Monsanto veggies.
  5. I am surprised to hear so many people beating the war drums in a forum with so many self-proclaimed libertarians. Germany's army - until two decades ago - was a pure self defense army (much like Japan's). The idea after WW2 was that German troops should never again fight a war outside Germany's borders. This approach was amended in the early 2000s, when it became clear that modern war wasn't the kind of war Europe had centuries of experience with (i.e. giant armies rolling over their neighboring countries). Germany has been slow to transition to more mobile armed forces with quick strike capabilities, but given the high standards of its equipment and training, it is still very much able to defend itself against pretty much any conventional threat. I agree that European countries should invest a reasonable amount of money in their military, but let's accept that different countries have different priorities when it comes to spending. Europe isn't going to be overrun by an enemy army any time soon, and most European countries have very little interest in overseas engagements. That's something we need to keep in mind and respect.
  6. Awww, that's cute. Let me play Europe for a second, okay? Europe: "Hey, US, it's okay. Pull out your troops and close your bases over here. Sure, some of our quaint little towns near your bases will hurt, but you have been closing bases for decades, and all good things must come to an end. Bye!" Soooooo. Are you leaving, America? OF COURSE you are not! Too many American strategic interests at stake. Close Ramstein, close Landstuhl in Germany? Yeah, right. That "Make them pay" argument works at the domestic level. It works to a very limited degree at an international level. But we shouldn't push it too far because we might get some reactions we don't want.
  7. And yet...the US population has grown by close to 50 million people since 1998. The unemployment rate is pretty close to insignificant. Did you think in 2008 that you could be a cab driver with just your car and a cell phone?
  8. Okay, it's no secret that the only thing the Guardian loves more than criticizing America is taxes. This is probably why some staff writer decided to sit down with a cup of Ear Grey (Assam gives him a tummy ache) and write a piece of total garbage about Cayman [sic]. One of the main arguments goes like this: The Cayman Islands have no direct taxation, so they tax everything else, so fish fingers cost eight-fiddy. This is nonsense. Yes, groceries and restaurants are expensive. How expensive? Maybe a bit more than Sweden. Or a bit less than Denmark. BUT THEY DON'T PAY PHUCKIN INCOME OR PROPERTY TAX!!! Put an extra 30% of my salary in my pocket, and I'll gladly pay more for stuff I buy, especially because you don't need much to be happy because you're in a Caribbean phuckin paradise! Also, they obviously import a lot of stuff, so that adds to the cost as well. Disclaimer: I've been a huge fan of the Cayman Islands ever since I went there on vacation. Amazing ocean, no direct taxation, strong environmental laws, and tons of 90s JDM beater cars - my kind of country! Read and weep: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jan/18/the-cayman-islands-home-to-100000-companies-and-the-850-packet-of-fish-fingers (Interesting side note. The Cayman Islands are a British overseas territory, and yet this is filed under US News. "US" must be code for "stuff we don't like.)
  9. That boycott of McDonald's will last until lunchtime.
  10. Do you seriously not get my point? I find that very hard to believe. How about someone shows up and says, "I'm gonna take your dog. It's not a very good dog, but I give you 500 bucks for it." Will you say, "Oh wow, I feel fairly compensated because everything can be reduced to its monetary value," or will you say, "Take your phuckin fingers off my phukin dog, it's not for sale!"?
  11. No, it won't be. If retail were only a question of price and convenience, retail jobs would already be history. But just like restaurants will continue to exist even though you can (and I regularly do) order hot restaurant food through Amazon, many retail businesses will continue to exist and thrive. A lot of people enjoy the shopping experience. Now, what kind of retailers will survive is a totally different question. Small specialized stores are thriving in my town. People go there for great customer service, competent advice, and a more personalized treatment. What will continue to die are the big stores. Good riddance, I say. By the way, this discussion has been going on for at least 15 years. And it probably will be going on in another 15.
  12. It's a thing! http://www.gq.com/story/boycott-hawaii Hawaii - predictably - is shocked and awed:
  13. http://reason.com/blog/2017/03/15/trump-administration-to-review-obama-era I fail to see how the car industry is supposed to benefit from this. Unless they want to go back to the pre-recession days of American cars that are cheaply made but can't compete internationally, there is no advantage in building fuel-inefficient cars. The only big beneficiary of this seems to be oil.
  14. But it's their brush covered plot. I get that sometimes private ownership has to yield to greater public good. But the argument that they were fairly compensated is a bad one.
  15. Some questions are better left unanswered because they may lead to other questions. Especially for CSU football fans...
  16. Awww, what a wholesome and clean joke! Cookie and ice cream "addiction," now that is funny! <3
  17. I drink one cup of coffee in the morning and one in the early afternoon. I use an Italian moka pot, a $20 milk foamer, a burr grinder, and Costco beans. To my barbarian palate, my coffee tastes as good as the stuff that comes out of a $3,000 setup.
  18. It's better than nothing, eh? And I'm not a Maddow watcher, but based on what I do know, most of her shows are pretty much like that. Half an hour of bla-bla follow by something that may or may not be mildly interesting/important. News people like Maddow are so polarizing they don't care if they look like fools to those outside their fan base. But they do care about the ratings even if they are short-lived.
  19. What are you guys talking about? You pretend Maddow somehow loses if the news isn't bad for Trump. But Maddow's number 1 goal is to generate as much attention (aka viewership) as possible, and she's achieving that. If Trump is involved in this, this is a mutually beneficial play.
  20. Lol, yeah because all obese people get fat on really, really good food.
  21. Please. It's 2017. If Occupy Democrats still shows up in your feed, you're doing it wrong. Unless...you want it to show up.
  22. What others have said about not being dumbasses. Also,... I literally lie awake at night, worrying about sex and nudity. Actually, "worry" is the wrong word. More like JERK OFF!
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