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  1. YOU're nasty! Tofu is good for you. I eat fish, meat, fake meat, tofu - if it has protein, it goes into muh belly.
  2. These are currently my favorite ramen. Couple green onions, a bit of tofu or chicken, a little cheese - so, so good! They also exist in 2x spicy, but the regular version is already good for 5 hours of indigestion and a butthole lit up like 4th of July. Twice that seems unnecessary...
  3. I'm sure all the people losing their jobs over the next months will be really grateful for being loved, cherished, and being looked out for on an individual level.
  4. GOOD. Like Fauci said, if it feels like we're overreacting right now, we're probably doing it right.
  5. But the US has tested less than 20,000 people. For comparison, Italy has tested over 70,000, and South Korea over 220,000. There is zero chance our current numbers reflect what is actually going on. Which is a good thing in a way because we are close to 3/4 of Korea's deaths, and they have over 8,000 confirmed cases.
  6. This thread is for simple, delicious recipes that can be made from pantry staples and thus can save your fellow MWCBoarder a trip to the grocery store. Got a kickass way to make box mac 'n cheese more interesting? Found a way to use those 80 lbs of oats you panic-bought at Costco? Have a favorite snow day recipe that never fails to raise your folks' morale? Post it here! I'll start. Someone said in another thread that their store was sold out of bread. Well, it's not exactly a secret, but if you have flour and yeast, you have bread. I've made the "no-knead bread in a hurry" from Kitchn many times, and it's ridiculously easy and way better than most of the crap from the store. You'll need a Dutch oven or something similar for this:
  7. Shut zat whore mouth of yours! Ze Germans have a great taste in music.
  8. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-southkorea/south-korea-reports-107-new-coronavirus-cases-total-8086-kcdc-idUSKBN21101Y?il=0 Korea reports the second day in a row with more recoveries than new infections. Fingers crossed, Korea! You make terrible music, but you're doing a great job with Covid.
  9. Corona testing in Walmart parking lots! That's the America I know and love! <3
  10. This is a better conference than the previous ones, though. Much more meat. The market is responding positively.
  11. The comment about the new test kits and drive through tests is welcome news.
  12. The company will make an “overall capacity reduction in the next few months of 40 percent – the largest capacity reduction in Delta’s history, including 2001,” Bastian wrote. “The situation is fluid and likely to be getting worse.” The airline will park up to 300 aircraft. Boeing execs be like
  13. That's one buck over the usual going rate of three fiddy. Generous!
  14. But even if you're in Seattle right now, licking bus stops, your chance of contracting the flu would be higher than catching COVID, it seems like. Just because Seattle is a hotspot doesn't mean most people catch it. Could be, of course.
  15. No, I don't think there's a point in that. I'm talking about the local containment efforts. Those can be highly effective.
  16. Everybody who thinks containment is a lost cause now, please read about flattening the curve. Containment measures can make the difference between a relatively well responding healthcare system and hospitals kicking grampa out because he's fever is just a little too low.
  17. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-roche/united-states-approves-coronavirus-test-in-race-to-boost-screening-capacity-idUSKBN2100MB?il=0
  18. I heard about a case here in Oregon today: Student at a local school and his family present with symptoms consistent with COVID-19, including shortness of breath. They are self-quarantining, but they aren't considered positive because they haven't been tested. Per Oregon Health Authority, they will only be tested if there's imminent danger and hospitalization required. You know... when you don't really have to test anymore. It's a +++++ing disgrace.
  19. Good luck with that. I've tried a few things, and it's actually pretty hard to go dark these days. You pretty much have to leave phones and a bunch of other devices at home. And even if you started doing it now, there's plenty of existing data that can be triangulated.
  20. True, but even just doing it in the largest population centers might make a huge difference. The US is so clustered, a top down approach like in Korea, Germany or Italy isn't going to work here. It'll be up to the individual communities to bear most of the organizational burden.
  21. Still is, and it seems to be working pretty well. They've administered hundreds of thousands of tests yet only hard-quarantined a couple thousand people. And their death rates are at the very bottom end of the scale. I have some concerns about using tracking data this way, but since apparently every damn ad company can track us, maybe we can use that data for the benefit of all for a change.
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