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  1. Never. No logging, no cutting, no burning. Not even backyard pruning. Home builders will be limited to reclaimed wood from Hughes Stadium as well as the debris resulting from BSUTOP25's ballistic missile experiments.
  2. Absolutely. One awkward biodiesel sticker minimum, though.
  3. Provided you pay the emissions tax or use environmentally friendly solar-electric engines, I don't see a problem with that. The good news is there will be no more waiting periods at all. Freedom don't wait!
  4. Sure, okay, public land access and explosives. But no personal nukes. Oh, and no lead shot. I like ducks that don't fly upside down.
  5. Just to gauge interest for my future potential Guns, Drugs, & Biodiversity Party, would you support me in my draconian environmental protection programs (which would include mandatory tree hugging and spotted owl petting) if I let you have any f*ckin gun you wanted?* *Nothing that explodes, tho.
  6. "I also owe more than I can afford on my Tahoe, am 30 lbs overweight, play golf, and need pills to bone my big-hair wife."
  7. Looks like Jwherb's side is my side and I disagree with nothing. The main difference between my political views and many others' here is that I seem more willing to make compromises in most areas.
  8. That's right, this thread is worse than an evening with Barry Manilow and less entertaining than the 10am shift at Rocky's Boob Joint. Of course I don't usually hang out in the Sports forum during the off season, so I don't have much to compare it to. Where is that obesity thread?
  9. I wanted to give you a small light in the darkness that is this amazingly awful thread.
  10. The whole thread. Get a life, everyone.
  11. And I thought it was all the losses.
  12. I guess it makes them feel better about themselves.
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