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  1. Thanks, I'll try to get there soon. My connection to corals comes from aquariums and a general obsession with aquatic life in general, and I've never done any diving except a bit of snorkeling on Grand Cayman and Kauai (which was awesome). For Bonaire, it sounds like I'll need to take a class. I really want to see the restoration work.
  2. That's pretty hilarious, Governor Stitt. My wife and my son are vegetarians, my daughter and I eat meat. We've never tried to raise or kids one way or the other, it's just how their tastes developed. I eat meat maybe once or twice a week, and when I do, I try to buy the good stuff, supporting local ranchers and producers who take care of the land and their animals. I also eat a lot of plant-based "meat," and I really don't see why it needs to be one or the other. A steak is +++++ing amazing. A Beyond brat is also +++++ing amazing. I have yet to meat a protein I don't like.
  3. Isn't Bonaire the island that has its entire economic model built on sustainability? If so, amazing, and I want to go. I sink (pun intended) a bunch of donation dollars into two ocean/coral conservation organizations every month, and I'm pretty sure Bonaire is a, if not THE key player in coral reef restoration. Nothing exotic for us, but we're going to Europe for a couple of weeks this summer. We'll be traveling with two little (i.e. unvaccinated), so we won't be doing a lot of traveling around. Just going to spend some time with friends and family. Everything's cancellable, so if things
  4. vs. https://abcnews.go.com/US/dr-fauci-wear-goggles-eye-shields-prevent-spread/story?id=72059055
  5. What you are saying is those of us who can afford to do so take "common sense measures." Everybody else is +++++ed unfortunately. I had some junk hauled from my property the other day. The guys doing the work were huffing and puffing next to each other without adequate protection and then got into the small cabin of their truck together. Pretty sure they didn't choose to work that way. Also pretty sure they'd been fired on the spot if they had approached a customer the way they were working next to each other. I'm not entirely sure I understand how this is an issue that the government ca
  6. Face shields may work great in certain situations, but if aerosol transmission is a major factor, they won't work without masks in many settings.
  7. And let's not assume these people can keep going forever. I'm sure many are at the brink of exhaustion now.
  8. There was an interesting article in the Atlantic last week that discussed a model which predicts that the percentage of infected people to achieve herd immunity is way lower than previously thought. I don't remember the details, but the basic idea is that people susceptible to COVID (for various reasons) got hit early and hard in some places. Those people are still the ones most likely to get sick, but they are immune now. And everybody else is less likely to get sick in the first place. So the bottom line is that you don't need to get the majority of people immune - just the majority of peopl
  9. Promising indeed. And all the more reason to follow proper safety precautions now. Experts have told us from the start: It's not about preventing every single one infection; it's about buying ourselves time to come up with better management, treatments, and eventually a vaccine. Obviously, every hospitalization and every death suck, but they will seem even more painful if in a couple months we'll look back and know that almost all of them would have been easily preventable with the right course of treatments. It's like dying from cholera just before someone realizes "Hey, tons of fluids might
  10. And the 6 feet might not even matter if you can cut the air in a classroom after a few hours. Can you imagine the fear in the teachers and staff being forced to go to work like this? If schools open and things don't feel adequately safe, we'll see mass retirements, quitting, and strikes.
  11. Haven't they already tried that like a thousand times? What's different now?
  12. But what factors into average life expectancy is car deaths per capita, not absolute numbers. And per capita deaths are way, way down since their peak in the 70s. Definitely. I follow this German YouTuber, don't ask me why. He's this 23 year old kid, used to rate fast food, talk about what he bought at the grocery store, and a bunch of video game crap. Basically spent his life in a chair. About a year ago, he had a come to Jesus moment and realized his life was in the crapper. He decided to cut the fast food and get out of the house. Today's videos are a difference like night a
  13. Absolutely. Which is also what we are seeing in countless Covid cases right now. It's easy to say, "Wear your masks, avoid indoor settings!" Well, if your healthcare depends on your shitty job, and your shitty boss happens not to "believe" in the coronavirus, then good luck with that. The total dependence one's job and employer is part of the quality of life problem I mentioned above. Should have included that.
  14. I'm not questioning that. What I'm saying is that neither gun deaths nor traffic accidents are what cuts off years of average life expectancy compared to other developed countries.
  15. Pretty sure the US could afford all its gun and traffic deaths (both at historic lows as far as I know) and still compare favorably if it got its lifestyle back on track. It's a sad fact that many Americans a piss poor quality of life when it comes to factors like time off, childcare, nutrition, and exercise. I'd wager that although the members of this board enjoy above average incomes and live in places with above average quality of life (especially Fort Collins, of course), there's a sizable number of members who never eat real cheese, never had a chicken that wasn't a water-soaked mon
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