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  1. And LV can't crack down on them because the space that's offered isn't enough? Portland has gotten increasingly tough on public camping after growing pressure from businesses and residents. ODOT is going as far to put boulders underneath overpasses to discourage camping there. Band Aids, but it seems to work in those places.
  2. It is at least in part a mental health crisis, but mental health is only part of the picture. There are plenty of people managing a rough and very complex life on the streets without any major mental health issues. Cost of living plays a major role. If this weren't the case, homelessness wouldn't have skyrocketed as it has in recent years. Our mental healthcare system has sucked for a long time, but housing prices have gone up and up in recent years. When I moved to Portland in 2005, my wife and I paid $600 for a modest one-bedroom apartment. Now the same place is $1,100.
  3. Same problem in Portland. As long as not enough shelter space is available, banning public sleeping is unconstitutional, so the cities will have to step up their affordable housing/shelter game. That said, I have very little sympathy for those homeless who camp in parks, residential neighborhoods, on public lands etc. and make a giant mess. I get that public shelters aren't for everyone, so my preferred solution in areas with friendly climate would be designated camping zones that provide basic sanitation, security, and a mailing address for people.
  4. Well, you could go the other route. Share one wife with two or three football loving, home brewing males who maybe own some good tools.
  5. Decriminalization would probably be a good first step. We already know that drug prohibiyion doesn't work - so what's the point of giving someone a criminal record or even jailing them? That's a surefire way of preventing addicts from ever becoming productive members of society again. No. We have a sad little patchwork of clinics with many places in the US where no treatment is available at all. This is especially true for those rural areas most ravaged by drugs and drug crimes. What we have is a far cry from the concerted nationwide effort the issue requires. Here's your good deal: Everything your friendly neighborhood junkie requires to at least not be a criminal, homeless, or dead junkie can be produced and distributed at ridiculously low cost. Now compare that to just the thousands of drug-related emergency calls that go out everyday, and you've got a very good deal.
  6. ISS astronauts confirm that my CSU boner can now be seen from space.
  7. Opioids, for the purpose of getting high, are illegal. And yet here we are. I'm not aware of any countries that have fully legalized hard drugs, so we don't know how this might affect a society and I'm not advocating it. But after almost 40 years of miserably failed war on drugs, we can be confident that ever tougher punishments aren't the solution. Portugal probably comes closest to a full legalization: they decriminalized all personal drug use two decades ago. Both the number of drug-related HIV and the number of drug deaths has decreased dramatically since then. Based on numbers I just read, Portugal's drug mortality rate is now a third of Wyoming's by virtue of better access to treatment, needle exchanges, sanitation, etc. Also worth noting: Portugal is a piss-poor country (compared to other developed countries), so they must have pulled this off with very limited resources. Here is an interesting article: https://time.com/longform/portugal-drug-use-decriminalization/
  8. I am Ram


    Tadaaa! https://www.radpowerbikes.com/pages/ebikes Are these the best? Nope! Are they almost the best? Nope! Do they work pretty great and get good reviews? You bet.
  9. I am Ram


    Hm, I don't see many teenagers in giant SUVs around here but plenty of old people. Now when I hear a broken-tailpipe WRX barf around the corner, I'll run for the hills! Teenagers have no attention span.
  10. I am Ram


    Everybody knows old dumbshits with no skills should stay in their 5,000 lbs Tahoes, where they can do no harm! Jokes aside, I'm planning to get a cargo ebike for my daily commute and stuff around town. I work from home, but I take my daughter to school and go to the gym on a 7-ish mile roundtrip plus pickups a few times a week. Our neighborhood sits on a kind of plateau, which unfortunately makes regular bikes not much fun unless you're extremely fit. Portland has a network of so-called "neighborhood greenways," which are basically low-traffic side roads where bikes and pedestrians have priority over cars. With a bit of map knowledge (or, well, a map), you can get around town without ever getting on a major road. So this makes the whole thing a pretty attractive option: I can sit in my car in traffic and burn gas every day, or I can zoom through far nicer neighborhood streets while getting some extra exercise and lower my carbon footprint a bit.
  11. No way, we won a football game! Big 12, Big 12!!
  12. I don't think Fivethirtyeight counts as "the media." Also, the focuses on traditional linear news media like Fox News and MSNBC as well as Facebook.
  13. Interesting read on Fivethirtyeight: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/media-bubbles-arent-the-biggest-reason-were-partisans/
  14. Anyone following this? First this happened: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-basketball-nba/houston-rockets-general-manager-apologises-for-hong-kong-protest-tweet-idUSKCN1WL04T?il=0 Now this is happening: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-basketball-nba-criticism/u-s-lawmakers-lash-shameful-nba-response-to-hong-kong-protests-tweet-idUSKBN1WM069?il=0
  15. Nate Silver and Perry Bacon doubt that the whole thing will hurt Biden much: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-could-impeachment-affect-the-democratic-primary/