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  1. It's going to be a "Can the offense score fast enough to make up for our non-existent defense" kind of season. Great.
  2. Yes, it would be slow, but one advantage would be that with constant acceleration/deceleration, you'd - at least in theory - have constant artificial gravity on your ship. Gravity is good for staying healthy on a 200+ year trip. I'm a bit of an expert at this because I watched The Expanse.* *That's the show where Mormons spend a fortune on building a giant world ship to leave the solar system, only to have it taken away from them by smelly dudes with guns.** **This is how BYU feels every fall.
  3. But the no commercial thing is glorious.
  4. SDSU tomorrow morning:
  5. Eh, Oregon doing what it does best. Losing a critical game and then stomping their opponent in a meaningless game.
  6. The brand is owned by Volkswagen and developed in Germany. And as @crixus said, the design team in the video is all German. I think Stefan Ellrott, the chief guy in the video, spent his whole career at VW. Call me biased, but I'm gonna consider Bugatti a German brand.
  7. I drive on the autobahn pretty regularly, but I never go faster than about 100 mph (and twitch occasionally when those Audis/BMWs/Mercedes/Porsche roar past me on the left). I love that the autobahn exists, but I have no desire to go faster than 100, much less 300. Also: What a great car! If I could have three cars to drive for the rest of my life, it would be a German sports car, an American truck, and a Japanese daily driver.
  8. Nah, exercising is safe. Now, if you manhandle your ham candle on the other hand...
  9. Three hours and no one has complained about the use of the word "clip" in the video. This board is going to the dogs.
  10. Now we know Fresno can, in fact, score touchdowns, we can confidently say it's gonna be at least a 16 win season.