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  1. I am Ram

    The NRA Says it's in Deep Financial Trouble

    Do they offer free or low cost courses anywhere? Because in my neck of the woods, an NRA basic pistol course is around $100, and you bring your own ammo. That doesn't seem significantly cheaper than a class offered by your local gun store or other for-profit business.
  2. I am Ram

    Trump and Utah

    Translation: "We don't want nature nature. That's gross. No, we want a nice scenic place where we can take our double-chinned offspring to shoot stuff within a hundred yards from our truck so we can still make half-priced dessert hour at Applebee's later."
  3. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-economy-budget/u-s-government-posts-147-billion-deficit-in-may-idUSKBN1J82FN Up 66% from May 2017 despite a booming economy. SMH.
  4. Big politics aside, as a consumer with reasonably deep but not extremely deep pockets, I am worried about how increased protectionism will affect the quality and price of everyday goods I buy. I know this is going to hurt a few people's feelings, but many domestic products can't compete with foreign imports quality-wise. We get Hershey's, Europe gets Lindt (at almost the same price). Our factory chickens are soaked in ice chilled chlorinated water, which destroys taste and texture. Euro chickens are air chilled by default. Japanese eggs can be eaten raw without any worries about salmonella thanks to a better production practices. European eggs don't even have to be refrigerated. US domestic cars that are not trucks or muscle cars have been a joke for decades (there are notable recent exceptions, of course). The list ist long. Oh sure, you can buy Godiva and Draper Valley Farms chickens, etc. but it's going to cost you. Now, the beauty of the American retail market is that you can buy pretty much whatever you want if you are willing and able to pay. (Cars are an exception - +++++ you, 25-year rule!). If a lot of the foreign competition is driven out of the market, I am worried what will happen to product availability in the US. It's possible that domestic producers will fill the gaps, but given that most artisan brands are already owned by big corporations, there is a good chance that we'll end up with either vastly higher prices or premium products that are "somewhat" better than the regular garbage
  5. I am Ram

    Running A/C in hot summer climates

    Portland, OR here, so not exactly Texas, but I set my thermostat to 75 in the summer. I'd be fine with a warmer house as long as the air moves a bit, but we have aquariums that are sensitive to heat. We invested in good insulation and tripple-pane windows, and it makes a big difference both in terms of comfort level and energy bill.
  6. I like this. I decided to take a break from reading and posting here after a run-in with some members that resulted in a bunch of name calling a couple of months ago. I'm not terribly sensitive about these kinds of things, but at some point you ask yourself if the enjoyment you get out of a discussion board is worth the negative energy. I can imagine many people have asked themselves this question. This doesn't have to become a PG-13 board (and it won't), but the discussion here would greatly benefit from a more civilized tone.
  7. I am Ram

    Trump handed Merkel a bill

    This is awesome. It's total nonsense, but it takes balls to pull it off.
  8. I am Ram

    Thoughts & Prayers out to Halfmanhalfbronco

    Man, I just saw this. Hope we'll have more good news soon. Get well soon, HMHB, you're a good one!
  9. I am Ram

    So Glad Hillary Lost

    The new plan isn't going to be much better, though. A 30% increase in premium for lapse in previous insurance? Sounds like a pretty good deal.
  10. I am Ram

    So Glad Hillary Lost

    Especially when the penalty for signing up late (i.e. when it's really needed) is ridiculously low.
  11. I am Ram

    Tillerson to blow off first NATO summit...

    Your analogy would work if your hick from Bama had studied, worked, and built a life in Europe for close to 20 years. I'm not trying to be the most correctest rightest in this thread. But shit gets complex once you have more than one perspective. And shit is very, very complex when it comes to the transatlantic partnership. And pretty much everything said in this thread is bullshit.
  12. I am Ram

    Tillerson to blow off first NATO summit...

    Nope, not right. I knew more about post-war Europe in 10th grade than CPslograd ever will. I know more about current Europe than CPslograd ever will. I grew up in Germany, I lost half my ancestor in WW2, and I have traveled to about every Western European country many times. I read various European newspapers every day, and I have friends and colleagues all over Europe. CPslograd, on the other hand, is struggling to spell the name of one of the world's top-five leaders correctly. Unlike CPslograd, I have read and understand the German Grundgesetz (post-war German's constitution) and know how Germans think and feel, which is how I know that the "krauts" (Joe's words) will never be the partner that Bush jr. and Trump desire. The rest of Europe isn't much simpler to grasp from an American perspective. That's pretty much all I have to say about this - you guys keep impressing each other and have fun with it. From an American perspective, I am disgusted that we seem so willing to embrace the idea of preparing for war against the Big Evil. I have zero interest in going to war against Islam or Russia or anyone else, especially not at the expense of diplomacy and basic human decency.
  13. I am Ram

    Tillerson to blow off first NATO summit...

    I'm not getting that part either. Please elaborate.
  14. I am Ram

    Tillerson to blow off first NATO summit...

    No one is talking about disarmament. The German Bundeswehr is a self-defense force. It's in the German constitution (which was co-written by the US). Every single deployment outside of Germany (humanitarian missions in the 90s and combat missions since the 2000s) are based on the interpretation that in modern times, Germany has to be defended outside its borders. But the fact remains that most Germans feel very strongly that Germany should play no role in wars abroad.