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  1. Gun writers and imaginary threats

    No, I get that. But not every perceived attack is an attack. And not everyone who's a bit less passionate than you is an enemy. It must be possible to be pro 2A and still be critical of some of the crap that goes on within gun culture.
  2. Gun writers and imaginary threats

    Eh, lame. You're no fun when you talk about guns. You get way too uptight.
  3. Gun writers and imaginary threats

  4. Gun writers and imaginary threats

    You don't need to prove that there are good articles out there - no one doubts that. But those aren't the ones I was ranting about obviously.
  5. Gun writers and imaginary threats

    Thanks, @AndroidAggie and @happycamper, for weighing in. I was starting to doubt my ability to get my point across in writing. Here is the gem that describes the snake scenario: http://www.personaldefenseworld.com/2016/02/4-compact-lightweight-rimfire-revolvers-for-your-tackle-box/#4-compact-lightweight-rimfire-revolvers-for-your-tackle-box-2
  6. I know, and like I said, when Trump made that joke about Liz Warren, I laughed. I thought that was one of the few truly funny things coming from Trump. It's just not as funny the second time around and in a context that has nothing to do with Warren. I don't think it's the end of the world either, though.
  7. Gun writers and imaginary threats

    Lol. Night-night!
  8. Gun writers and imaginary threats

    I have a much better idea: Let's ask a few people who have street cred with you super readers but who can actually process a text, and they can explain how they read my initial post. @mugtang @happycamper @AndroidAggie @renoskier. Not asking them to choose sides since there are no sides to choose other than the BS you made up when you got triggered. We'll just ask them to answer a few basic reading comprehension questions, namely: 1) Is the OP asking for advice on what gun to buy? 2) Is the OP worried about man-eating bears? 3) Is the OP trying to push an anti-gun agenda in his initial post?
  9. Gun writers and imaginary threats

    No, I don't. Is this so hard to understand? I want to talk/rant about ridiculous threat scenarios in gun journalism. This has zero to do with asking for advice what kind of gun I want. Yes, on the no pro/con 2A, no on the advice part. Where do you read that? Geez. No. Just no. See above. Or better yet, let's wait for someone to come in who actually understands the initial post since you won't believe me. I'm gonna try one more time: My entire point is how ridiculous these kinds of horror scenarios are. When reading a bunch of reviews, I noticed - and it irked me - how common these scenarios/horror stories are in gun writing. That's all. I'm not looking for a "small handgun" (as mentioned in the initial post) to protect myself from grizzlies or snakes. There aren't even any +++++ing grizzlies or snakes in my +++++ing neck of the woods. Those were just two examples of the ridiculous stories I wanted to talk about.
  10. Gun writers and imaginary threats

    And you wear tiny shirts - we all saw it.
  11. Gun writers and imaginary threats

    No, it wasn't. That was the introduction and the background to my actual topic. Yeah, that seems to be about your skill level. Make it a career. One day you might be able to tutor 6th graders.
  12. Subaru drivers and imaginary threats

    Awwww. Little Boise man has is feels hurt because someone somewhere might have said something mean about gun owners. (Which I didn't. But you got so triggered you didn't pick up on that.)