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  1. WOW. That may have been the worst 25 min of football I’ve ever seen. Although the D did get a couple of stops to keep us in the game. I’m still not sure how this is a tie game, I keep rechecking the score just to be sure.
  2. Stranger things have happened, Leicester City had 5000-1 odds to win the EPL in 2016. That's the same odds as finding Elvis alive or a 15 seed Cal State Bakersfield winning the NCAA Tournament. The difference is (Elvis excluded) that the NCAA and the EPL are decided on the courts and pitch respectively. College Football has always had to take into account the bias, preconceived notions, and perspective of coaches and or sports journalists. There is a larger barrier to entry to championship status (programs allowed to play for the title) because in many cases results don't matter, and that suck
  3. Hell yes, now we are above Duke, Stanford, Arizona, and Cal.
  4. Wyoming is just behind DUKE and above Penn State and Clemson. I'm getting the feeling that there may be a flaw in their methodology or its just a crappy metric for measuring fan interest and engagement. Maybe, you know, the 100k people that show-up in happy valley on a Saturday might be an indication of fan interest and engagement. Just saying.
  5. If they do get in and the SEC gets two teams- Say Georgia and Bama. You would have 4 conferences and 1 spot left. I feel this would push CFP expansion to the front burner.
  6. So basically like every Air Force team ever.
  7. Overall I’ve been happy with the new OC. I do wish we would use the pass to set up the run more. Passing early in the game to get the 2nd level defenders to play on their heels instead of just attacking the LOS. Then go more run heavy later in the game.
  8. This is called Wyoming style complementary football, that's when the offense "complements" the defense for getting off the field yet again while the O runs the 1 yard and a cloud of dust three and out system.
  9. That's also just about the time we lost the Holiday Bowl affiliation.
  10. I was there too....we were up by 5 with a couple a minutes left and we decided to take the safety instead of punting out of our end-zone. That let BYU kick a field goal with a second or two on the clock to tie it instead of making them score a TD to beat us. You know i'm going to kind of miss the BOYD, some of my best and worst FB memories are there. (losing that game, beating UCLA in the Vegas Bowl, OT craziness against UNLV)
  11. It might have been. We drove down to FOCO thinking we had no shot at the title game. We beat CSU by a point and in the parking lot after the game we heard that SDSU had lost and we made plans to drive to Vegas on the way back to Laramie. Ah to be 19 again.
  12. You guys gave us our lone regular season loss that year. We beat CSU the next week (it was a glorious snow game in FOCO) and the Aztecs got upset or you would have been in that championship game in Vegas.
  13. That 1996 Wyoming team went 10-2, lost to BYU (#5 in the polls) in overtime of the WAC title game, ended the season ranked #21 AND WAS NOT INVITED TO A BOWL GAME. As you can see I'm still a little bitter about it.
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