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  1. Agreed having games that matter to the fans is what should make this conference strong.
  2. I hope we can both rebound. A good san jose and fresno squad would generate such a fun rivalry again.
  3. Good game Spartans. Had fun on the trip but I've been so +++++ing cold in my life, other than all the rain it was cool. You guys need to get started on the remodel asap tho. Glad this season is over, to many games decided by ill advised mistakes. This team crumbles late so I hope we see alot of coaching changes for the off season.
  4. It may be going to san Jose a few hours but by the end of the night it will be back in Fresno.
  5. Looking forward to my first trip to spartan stadium or what ever it's called now. Havent bought tickets but I'm sure there will probably be alot available still . Anyway go dogs, let the pillow fight begin tomorrow night.
  6. I'm sure the 3-3-5 is going to confuse the hell out of reyna
  7. If we switch to the triple option and reyna never passes and just runs...then...then I like our chances
  8. Aztec fans really have no hope in this game? I havent watched a SD game so I'm not sure what to expect. I'm guessing this is the same aztec team as always. Good defense and a solid run game?
  9. Have no clue how this game is going to play out. Aztecs win a close one at home. 14 to 17