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  1. aren't c-usa stadiums usually 30% full anyway?
  2. feel sort of the same way. but i do miss football. Hope we get some version of college football. its just sucks because with the live games me and family would get together and throw a bbq or something and watch all the SEC games with the crazy atmosphere. then my drunk family (stopped drinking) would pile into the car and we would drive to the game. so ganna miss that this fall.
  3. oh god the word mayo just makes me want to vomit
  4. levi would be awesome but that wont happen any time soon. If San Jose can clean up that stadium i would love to see a bowl game there.
  5. if those MW bowl games are agaisnt teams like Boise, san diego or hawaii those will be some pretty good games to watch.
  6. pretty optimistic for fresno. 6-6 i guess is a strong possibility and honestly i wouldnt mind playing BYU again.
  7. I wish they would just stick to the blue and yellow.
  8. I just don't understand the grey uniforms
  9. should we just run the ball every play?
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