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  1. you make some good points..but still. this is bullshit
  2. bullshit but it is what it is. feel bad for the 3 seniors but this is what happens when you dont show up when you finally have some eyes on you.
  3. its been a great game so far. both teams looking good.
  4. I think you guys are a safe bet to be in. had you lost to UNM I doubt you guys would have made it in.
  5. I'm sure the MW offices are going to hear from Fresno State, last night was ridiculous.
  6. before all these upsets Fresno was like a 4th seed in the nit I think.
  7. yeah this game is pretty disappointing. should be a really good game tomorrow tho, Aztecs playing for a NCAA berth so they should come out with some fire.