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  1. Not the worst idea really. but the wac hasn't been relevant since Boise left in 2010, that's a pretty much a whole generation that doesn't know anything about those good Boise, Fresno and Hawaii 2000s teams.
  2. Didn't Stockton go bankrupt a few years back? Police and emergency services were cut to the bare minimum
  3. nobody's ever going to confuse Fresno for San Francisco. at least we're not as bad as Bakersfield
  4. just curious but would Portland State or like a school like Eastern Washington be an option if they ever move up the division 1?
  5. true I have yet to make it to a game in San Jose yet, it's such a easy drive but it's not really enticing to go to a game with only a few 1000 people. I remember NM state basketball being good in the WAC plus their stadium is pretty nice, better than spartan stadium as of right now. but yes they both suck.
  6. what I imagine people who watch a 2 hour draft look like.
  7. I would take New Mexico State over San Jose State any day of the week.
  8. serious question. why? is this part of a bigger tournament or something?
  9. would love a bowl game in sac. would be perfect for Nevada and San Diego I would think also.
  10. they beat Fresno State this past season on the road, so things are looking up for them I think.