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  1. The California Atoms from the movie Gus. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend.
  2. I voted against myself the last rd and lost by two but...
  3. Best shit ever. I’m watching my son on the baby monitor right now and getting anxious for him to wake up so I can hang out with him all day. You will never be the same. Congratulations.
  4. Are there descendants of the helots around and do they compromise the majority of revenue-generating athletes on campus?
  5. Makes my boy Goff look like a bargain. I seem to remember mahomes getting outdueled by someone in the coliseum on a Monday night. Who was that?
  6. I’ll take Ohio state. @Mad_Hatter is next. @TheSanDiegan continues to squander his #1 pick.
  7. Hotdogs to celebrate Joey chestnut, the greatest athlete SJSU has ever produced
  8. Are you saying that they somehow can’t report their income to the government like literally everyone else? Are you saying they aren’t selling a product?
  9. Fine. I just remember being a kid and seeing the pastor of my church towing his brand new boat behind his brand new truck and thinking, “the god business must be good.” You’re not a religious leader if you don’t take a vow of poverty; you’re a capitalist and should be taxed as such.
  10. It’s time to admit that religions are businesses and start taxing them
  11. I’ve been to two plantations in the south. One was a tourist trap like you describe, and it made me sick. They were selling wedding plans and the yokels who showed up were all talking about how cool it would be to get married there. The other one, which was owned and run by black people, was a solemn affair. They went over the history and the horrors that slaves had to endure and responded to annoying questions from similar yokels who wanted the whitewashed version. The latter is an important experience that every American should have. It was gut-wrenching and visceral. I’ve never visited the actual concentration camp sites in Europe, but I can compare it to visiting the holocaust museum in New York. The same kind of sobering, historical perspective. The former can go ahead and burn.
  12. This means Louisiana will still produce a steady supply of stem cells to keep Biden alive for two terms and RBG until 2021
  13. I’m good with dc becoming part of Maryland, mostly because on a third grade geography quiz, my dastardly teacher included the following trick question: what state is Washington, D.C. in? We were allowed to get up and look at the big map on the wall once during the quiz, and since I had no idea, I decided to take the opportunity. I walked over to the map, pored over the eastern seaboard, found dc, and excitedly ran back to my desk so I could write “Maryland.” I got it wrong, but if this happens, I will have been retroactively correct, which is even better.
  14. “At random” makes me a little paranoid. RSF’s explanation really makes it seem like a coincidence
  15. I think that answers the question. Garages are assigned based on actual racing criteria.
  16. You don’t think it’s a legitimate question? I’m not saying anything with certainty, but finding out it had been there since October isn’t exactly “case closed.”
  17. I don’t get this at all. Someone ties a noose for no reason - any other knot would have worked fine - in October. 8 months later, the only black nascar driver is assigned the only garage stall with a noose. In Alabama. Right after he got the confederate flag banned. That seems a little too perfect to me. I believe nascar and the fbi when they say that the noose had been there since October. What I don’t buy is that Wallace getting assigned that stall was an accident. Who’s in charge of assigning stalls? Who’s in charge of the garage when there are no events? Someone or some group is familiar with that garage enough to know which stall has a noose in it.
  18. How come when I click on it it doesn’t go away? I’m happy to not allow mug, in his never-ending quest for global dominance, access to my personal data, but it seems like I can just answer the question once.
  19. Finally, someone calls the trump ethos what it is - organized hate. And it was Facebook of all people! 2020 just gets weirder and weirder.
  20. I’m just here for the out-of-context George Orwell quotes.
  21. The last private company I worked for gave us Presidents’ Day off but not mlk day which I thought was kind of +++++ed up.
  22. Aside from my stated desire to get down to like 10 work days a year, that we don’t celebrate this but still celebrate Columbus Day is pretty unconscionable.