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  1. Thanks but I requested my account be deleted. I can’t sleep so I keep checking to see if it’s happened even though I know it won’t at this time of night. I said some really stupid things. I stuck with a dumb bit that I never should have started in the first place for way too long. This place isn’t good for me. That’s no one’s fault but mine. If I were better at handling my emotional responses to things that upset me and knew when not to engage I’d be a better poster. @halfmanhalfbronco I tried PMing you but I guess that’s not an option. Please accept my apologies. I could give you all kinds of rationalizations but the bottom line is I put you, personally, at unnecessary risk. Wrong of me on all counts. Im committed to being a better person and part of that mission is logging off. I got rid of all my social media awhile ago but I kept this account which, in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have. The time I spend here is definitely better spent elsewhere.
  2. Ok look now I feel the need to defend myself. My posts were dumb jokes. I realize how they could be taken, but let’s be honest, a lot of posts on here could be taken that way. I do not own a gun. I was trying to make a point about the cavalier way gun ownership for “self-defense” is spoken about. I in no way intend to harm anyone. It’s clear to me that I can’t engage here in a healthy way. That’s my issue, no one else’s. I am going to be gone after this. But I think it needs to be stated clearly and publicly that I am not violent and have no intentions of committing violence, but I am guilty of saying things meant to get a rise out of people. That’s immature. I know that. I am no threat to anyone. I am a message board troll who, clearly, took it too far. I’m going to erase the inflammatory posts. I realize that doesn’t do anything but I don’t want people getting the wrong idea. To be clear: I’m frustrated with the political situation in the US but the only thing I plan to do about it is vote. I’m not even going to argue about it with people online anymore. There’s no point. I’ve been hurting myself and my own mental health with this behavior. I have work to do in that regard, and using this forum as I have been is not going to help me do that. So fwiw I apologize, I do not harbor any ill will toward anyone, and I am moving on to do something more productive with my downtime. I never meant anyone any harm. Really. I’m sorry for making your lives harder than they needed to be.
  3. Ok wow. You don’t have to worry about me. I’m signing off for good. I’ve changed my password to something I’ll never remember. I’m copying this post to my clipboard so I can’t get back in. Thanks.
  4. Nearly all of their rulings have upheld white supremacy They can’t wait to gargle trumps balls again. “The poors must stay poor so that I can continue masturbating in Walmart parking lots.” -Clarence Thomas
  5. You should get that carpal tunnel checked out
  6. Good lord this country is stupid
  7. Lol the American experiment is a colossal failure. Societal collapse is the only way out.
  8. Though she doesn’t hate gay people, because denying them services because they’re gay is illegal. Instead, she chose a super specific type of website that would require her to write something she didn’t personally believe in (that marriage can happen between a man and a man). Even though the SCOTUS ruled that same sex marriages are protected by the Constitution, we shouldn’t let the government tell individuals that they have to admit that the same sex marriages are Constitutional. You don’t have to obey the Constitution if you claim religion. Even though your religious book tells you not to hate people, not to judge people, doesn’t describe marriage, and encourages us mere mortals to abide by the laws of man until which point we ascend into heaven. Just ignore those parts of the Bible and focus on the specific part that says a man can’t marry a man. Oh, but that part doesn’t exist. But this lady believes it exists. So we really really need to give this woman the freedom to cite non existent religious doctrine that directly conflicts with her own religious book AND Constitutional law. If this is confusing you, it’s because it’s confusing as all hell to find logic in SCOTUS rulings anymore.
  9. Idk how you got that impression. Im just enthusiastic about activities that conservatives enjoy.
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