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  1. Are nevens and deese going to play? Without them we can’t move the ball. Our backup qb was our most targeted receiver last week. I’m not that optimistic about this game. I’m still going to sign up for $7/mo of espn+ so I can watch it.
  2. Ayo what the hell is happening here?
  3. Oh 1000%, especially given how Goff has looked in Detroit.
  4. That f-up on the punt had me nervous. The kind of game we would have lost last year. Brady and the bucs look unbeatable through two games. I hope we humble them a bit, but I wouldn’t bet money on it.
  5. Rams looked shaky today. Bucs coming to LA next week. I’m already nervous.
  6. 1. Fresno State - I’m a simple man. I see you go on the road and beat a top-15 team, I put you at the top of the rankings. 2. Boise State - at 1-2 with two close losses to good teams, they’re still formidable and it’s not even a debate that they’re the best team in the mountain division. 3. SDSU - back to back scalps 4. Wyoming - looked dominant. The competition may not have been that great - and they get dreadful UConn this week - but they still look like a tough out. 5. Nevada - difficult road loss in b12 country. They still have a ton of talent in offense. Will be in the
  7. I can finally go to bed. What a poorly played game. These guys need a come to Jesus moment.
  8. Those caragher teams had talent but made multiple stupid mistakes every game. Kinda like tonight.
  9. This is like caragher is coaching the team again
  10. We don’t deserve to win this game
  11. We’re f*cking this up
  12. Haeber is a straight boss. Congrats fresno
  13. Playing in the middle of the night on a rock in the middle of the pacific must be more difficult than I imagine
  14. You gotta wonder how much the stress of coaching affects their eating/exercise habits. You spend a lot of time sitting watching a screen and eating what’s most convenient rather than what’s best for you. Long hours, no job security - gotta be hazardous to your health.
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