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  1. SJSUMFA2013

    Fire Colorado State

    Wow. At least we stayed within one score when we lost to an average fcs team.
  2. SJSUMFA2013

    Turd of the week, Week 3

    It has to be Hawaii. Everyone else lost to a p5. Wyoming struggled but at least they beat UC Davis Wofford.
  3. SJSUMFA2013

    SJSU Doesn’t Win, Ever

    @TheTedfordTrain sjsu sucks. We know we suck. We said we would fix it and we haven't. No one disputes any of this. starting threads like this makes you seem small.
  4. SJSUMFA2013

    OT: Long Beach State to change their mascot

    Reasonable? Sure. Meaningful? No. The CSU has a specific mission and feel that making this change will help them better carry that mission out. They might be wrong, but it’s their call. I think if students/alumni were up in arms about it, then it could be debated - by those whom it affects - but I’ve seen no such outcry. It’s been met with a collective shrug by everyone except those with a specific agenda that has nothing to do with the school. Look, far be it from me to speak for other alumni, but I chose Long Beach because it was cheap and convenient. You could go there tomorrow and ask students what the current mascot is and I’m certain at least 70% of them couldn’t tell you. Some faculty probably couldn’t either. They could change the name to the Gender Nonconforming Iconoclasts and few would notice. They’re not dismantling some great tradition. They’re just trying to better serve their students.
  5. SJSUMFA2013

    OT: Long Beach State to change their mascot

    Our athletics teams go by Long Beach state (lbsu) but we’re cal state Long Beach (csulb) in every other context. It’s a six-page thread on a non-Mwc school that I happened to attend. I thought the “debate” could be informed by the perspective of an alum. I don’t care about the name change but I find it interesting that people develop persecution complexes over things that in no way affect them. My comment is about that, which, I think, is relevant to the thread.
  6. SJSUMFA2013

    OT: Long Beach State to change their mascot

    I don’t care. At all. And I actually went to school there.
  7. SJSUMFA2013

    OT: Long Beach State to change their mascot

    You guys are getting all bent out of shape over people being “offended” but look how you’re reacting to a decision by a school you didn’t even go to.
  8. SJSUMFA2013

    Rank Em

    1. Boise state - they couldn't beat a ranked p5 on the road. Could your team? 2. Utah state/Fresno state - still convinced that both are real threats to the kings. Particularly fresno, who made ucla look like wofford last night 4. san Diego state - they out-Hermed asu and are looking more and more like a 9-3 type football team. 5. Hawaii - tough loss this week. They're still good. They're still a bowl team. 6. Unlv/Wyoming - these two teams meet in the middle as one is on the way up and the other on the way down. 8. air force - big win over bye this week. Still not sure what to make of them. 9. new mexico/Nevada - tough to see either of these teams winning more than a handful of games. The difference of course is that Nevada should improve week by week and create some optimism for 2019. New Mexico, on the other hand... 11. sjsu - we only lost by 13 to Oregon, and that's enough for me step away from the cliff. I think we can get a couple wins this year. 12. Colorado state - it only took a week for the shine to wear off that Arkansas win. Csu just looks lost. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't win another game.
  9. SJSUMFA2013

    SJSU at Oregon

    It's sad when being "not completely embarrassing" completely exceeds all expectations.
  10. SJSUMFA2013

    OT: Herm Edwards

    I still see at least 7 losses on their schedule. MSU is hilariously overrated. and those quotes in the article are still dumb. You don’t get bonus points for managing the clock correctly at the end of a game. Everyone besides Andy Reid knows how to do that. that said, I’d trade Brett Brennan for herm right now and I’d even throw in some sharks preseason tickets.
  11. SJSUMFA2013

    SJSU Men's Soccer Ties NCAA No. 1 Ranked Team

    This would be a bigger deal if roughly 90% of soccer games didn’t end in 0-0 ties.
  12. SJSUMFA2013

    Derek Carr is regressing....

    Might be? You go to hell. Anything less than 19-0 will be a bitter disappointment.
  13. SJSUMFA2013

    Chicago Bears

    Raiders Reddit is pretty entertaining tonight