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  1. That’s fair. I just think he’s not saying anything we don’t already know. If your plan is to overthrow the government, trying to do it with a conventional violent revolution is a bad plan. You will be outgunned at every turn. Whether the president should say something like that at all is another matter. Saying out loud that citizens have no real power against their government is probably bad for business.
  2. That’s fair. But you’re right that he wasn’t saying anything we shouldn’t already know.
  3. So…if a band of yokels is trying to overthrow the government, and putting down a violent revolution with force is out of the question, the alternative is what? To let them do it? To say, “they’re our own citizens, and now we’re they’re citizens.” Let the 1/6ers back into the capitol because they brought more guns this time? I’m really having a hard time following this argument.
  4. Gimme north Carolina. @Headbuttis next
  5. He’s either stupid or evil. The only shame is it’s so hard to figure out which.
  6. No one knows what’s up with Kawhi. I maintain that if the clips can win 2 out of the next 3 without him he’ll give it a go in game 6. But that’s really just a guess.
  7. They’ve been micro chipping animals for years. I don’t think we have anything to worry about.
  8. As long as they’re all vaccinated I’m fine with it
  9. Ask Dallas and Utah about that
  10. Sam was a little too slow to do it at the nfl level. Nassib has already proven he can do it - been in the league since 2016, wore the “C” on his chest when he was with Tampa, and earned a big contract from the raiders last year. Michael Sam, as a borderline roster guy, probably had a hard time. Guys competing with him for a roster spot I’m sure used his sexuality as psychological leverage. He even mentioned his mental health as a reason for not pursuing anymore opportunities in pro football. Nassib is already in the club though. The public response has been positive, and internally, he h
  11. Oh I’m sorry. ThIs Is CrItIcAl RaCe ThEoRy ThEyRe BrAiNwAsHiNg OuR cHiLdReN is that better?
  12. Maybe that’s a problem. Maybe we’re getting too much of our perspective on the cosmos from white people. Maybe other voices have been marginalized to the point that the field is homogenous and therefore stagnant. It’s happened elsewhere. Idk one way or the other but it seems worth exploring. A class focused on Star Trek as an elective isn’t a terrible idea either. You could look at it much the same way we look at other texts and analyze it based on its time period, themes, etc. Wringing a whole semester out of it seems difficult to me but perhaps someone Trekkier could pull it off.
  13. Does he go to Cornell? I’m just curious how these things get passed around. But why is it dumb? I think this sounds super interesting. I wish I’d had options like this - combining the humanities and hard sciences - as an undergrad.
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