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  1. SJSUMFA2013

    LA Rams Roll Call

    Before anyone says that the rams don’t “deserve” to pay in the super bowl because of an egregious no-call, I have to say that the saints losing in the playoffs in back-to-back years in truly heartbreaking fashion seems like karmic justice for bountygate. Sean Payton deserved a lifetime ban for that nonsense, but this is the next best thing. The saints got hosed, but I find it impossible to feel even a little bit bad for them. Go rams, go Los Angeles, and f*ck the patriots.
  2. SJSUMFA2013

    LA Rams Roll Call

  3. SJSUMFA2013

    Convince Me

    Convincing you is a) impossible and b) meaningless. Why bother.
  4. SJSUMFA2013

    I Hate NFL Overtime

    Is it sudden death if it’s still tied after 2 possessions? Cuz then you’re still allowing the coin toss the power to grant unequal possessions.
  5. SJSUMFA2013

    I Hate NFL Overtime

    It was a poorly thrown ball by brees. If nickell turns around it’s probably a pick 6. My guess is that if brees puts that ball up and the receiver gets off the ground he gets that call. Whatever. When the rams are making their 9th super bowl appearance 17 years from now it will just be part of the legend the same way the tuck rule is for New England.
  6. SJSUMFA2013

    I Hate NFL Overtime

    How to fix overtime: Both teams get a possession, but the second team with the ball CANNOT tie the game. So, for example, New England scores to go up 38-31, and Kansas City gets the ball back (on a kickoff - that shouldn’t change) and has to score and make a 2pc to win the game. They are not allowed to kick a PAT. This way, both teams get a chance and the game can’t be extended beyond 2 possessions.
  7. SJSUMFA2013

    Whose House!?!?

    RAMS HOUSE! Idk how I’m gonna make it through the next two weeks.
  8. SJSUMFA2013

    I Hate NFL Overtime

    You’re talking about Young GZ. The best kicker in the game by a long shot. Now excuse me while I spend the next two weeks freaking out.
  9. SJSUMFA2013

    Trumps MLK Jr proclamation.

    He wants to celebrate the anniversary of mlk’s murder at the hands of a white supremacist. It did help pave the way for his presidency after all.
  10. Covington Catholic just booked their next school trip to San Antonio to visit the wall.
  11. If the deep state were real, they’d have just jfk’d his ass. An all-powerful cabal being defeated by the guy from the apprentice? That’s the most outlandish part of the whole thing.
  12. SJSUMFA2013

    Man injects his own seed into his body

    Must be those “remarkable chemicals” I’ve heard so much about.
  13. Every player 18+ should be draft eligible every year and they should have the option of declining the team that drafts them and returning to school. I have never understood why basketball and football players have to make the decision about turning pro before they find out whether a pro team even wants them and how much they’ll be getting paid while baseball and hockey players can make up their minds after they see where they’ve been drafted.
  14. I watched the whole national championship game and could have sworn Clemson was more than 10% black.
  15. Remember when they said this like 5 years ago and it turned out to be a soccer jersey? I see the article conveniently left out any photos. Try harder.