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  1. Uh…I think I might know something about this. Listen, when it pops, if someone could just let me know whether the confetti inside is pink or blue, that would really help me out of a jam. Thanks.
  2. If I were a woman I’d probably just be a lesbian even if I liked dick. Ive never tried it but it can’t possibly be worth the risks.
  3. I’ll believe he’s retired when he’s been dead for 20 years.
  4. If you stay up until the time changes on daylight saving you travel back and forth 1 hour. Probably about as close as you’re going to get.
  5. I’m glad they did away with the game, but they should do away with the event entirely. Still name guys to the team but don’t give them a thing to opt out of so you have to invite scrubs. Tyler Huntley can’t use this in future contract negotiations. If you’re a team why would you put a pro bowl incentive in a players contract if you know that pretty much anyone can go? Id like to see maybe a giant madden tournament. Would be fun trash talk, no injury risk, and the players playing in the SB could even still participate. They could all just do it from home.
  6. He had a bad senior season. Team went 2-8 and he regressed. The video was the perfect out for schools that had already offered.
  7. Hey bills fans, why was your team too chickenshit to trade for that guy? Hate y’all.
  8. That’s not Ryan Reynolds. That’s what’s his name from it’s always sunny in Philadelphia.
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