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  1. SJSUMFA2013

    Pick 10: Team Headbutt

    Georgia southern @Headbutt is next
  2. SJSUMFA2013

    Is BYU ok with the status quo?

    Maybe BYU should drop down to fcs. I hear the big sky is looking to expand.
  3. SJSUMFA2013

    Manafort motion denied. Say what??

    More like Paul Man-in-jail amirite
  4. From an upcoming campaign ad: Democrats claim that the planet is heating up. Global warming, they call it. Well, if it’s so damn hot, why would they want to abolish the one thing that could help? Ice! See that? Democrats want you to melt. Vote to re-elect trump in 2020. He’ll make sure you retain the properties of a solid. Paidforbyvladimirputin
  5. Abolishing ice is the right move. I recommend using frozen fruit instead.
  6. I’m sure someone will be here soon to explain how this is not a big deal.
  7. SJSUMFA2013

    We’re in a full blown trade war

    Ever since Jodie Foster came out as a lesbian, the air has really been taken out of that balloon...
  8. SJSUMFA2013

    Can Anyone Give Me A Good Answer?

    I seem to remember scott van pelt - noted east coast bias-haver - confusing San Diego state with South Dakota state during the tourney a few years ago.
  9. SJSUMFA2013

    Ideas for Partisan Disarmament

    Instead of elections, each group just gets to run rampant and unencumbered for four straight years. They can make unilateral decisions without going through proper legal channels. The opposition party gets sent to gulags. Once the 4 years are up, we all switch places and do it again.
  10. SJSUMFA2013

    Can Anyone Give Me A Good Answer?

    This is the right attitude. Now people with money need to step up. I would also argue that the school needs to let go of the idea that the team can’t lose money. Either invest in improvement and be willing to take the financial hit in exchange for potential long term gains or drop down to fcs.
  11. SJSUMFA2013

    Can Anyone Give Me A Good Answer?

    Ok...i laughed pretty hard at “title 9 twins.”
  12. SJSUMFA2013

    Biden leads early poll for 2020

    I would love to agree. I really would. But when the election comes down to a few thousand votes in a handful of states, then it doesn’t really matter. It’s about what those people want. And if they feel like the tax cut is benefiting them and that trump is responsible for a strong economy that keeps them from going broke, particularly if he can convince them that the democrats want to create financial hardship for them, it likely ends up another popular vote win (probably by an even bigger margin) but an electoral college loss.