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  1. If it can’t be entered into evidence I’m not interested.
  2. Jerry can’t handle that. He’s delicate. Classic. Not to be confused with the episode where Kramer decides he’s gonna live in his shower, installs a garbage disposal in the drain, and uses it to prepare a meal for germaphobes as he bathes.
  3. You think gremlins are immune from being tricked into voting against their own interests?
  4. Ok but what if gremlins steal my ballot and vote for gizmo? WHAT THEN
  5. It’s a pro-virus bill. Now having said that, the democrats should still take it. It’s marginally better than nothing, and they are in a poor negotiating position. Not taking the deal is incompetent, but I’ll take incompetence over straight up evil any day.
  6. I know it’s popular around here to rip both parties as “equally bad” but come on. Group A: people need money to survive this crisis. Let’s give them a bunch. Group B: we want to give them a free ball-in-the-cup game. A: I mean, there’s some room to move, but.... B: ball. In. The. Cup. A: how does that even help? B: you’re right. The string disincentivizes work. A: Were not signing a bill that doesn’t provide money. B: HOW DARE YOU POLITICIZE THE BALLINTHECUP GAME
  7. Personally, I love all the voting options - in-person, mail-in, absentee, drop-off - I think I’ll use them all this year.
  8. $4. But you can go to multiple polling places. I can usually hit up 25 or 30 of them on Election Day. This year though, I’ve registered thousands of fictional people at my address. I’m gonna make enough to keep my local antifa chapter in frozen whiteclaws for the next decade.
  9. It was a joke. I obviously just vote whichever way George soros pays me to.
  10. Yeah it’ll actually be nice this year not to be googling people I’ve never heard of from inside the booth.
  11. Affect. You can remember it because a = action = verb. Effect is a noun. I am a bot.
  12. I watched the first episode of hard knocks yesterday, and it was hammered home to the players that the only places they’re allowed to be are at home and at the facility. I think it can be done, but it requires a lot of dedication, self-policing, and a level of trust that’s difficult to muster even in normal times. It doesn’t sound fun, that’s for sure.