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  1. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/05/29/trump-flynn-russia-ambassador-289905 Can someone explain to me how this isn’t treason
  2. This is what a real violation of the first amendment looks like. Trump is just a petulant child.
  3. White lady walking a tiny dog in Central Park...pretty good bet
  4. It’s all in the punctuation. As it’s written here, with a comma, the relationship is unclear. Is it a list? If so, does the order matter? Could one get money first and +++++ bitches later? Impossible to say. If they were separated with a period, “+++++ bitches. Get money.” Then it would be obvious that these are separate interests that could be pursued independently of one another. However, a semicolon, “+++++ bitches; get money” would indicate that these pursuits are inextricably linked. If one does not +++++ bitches, both in the sense of seeking sexual gratification as well as eschewing romantic relationships, one will never obtain money, at least not in any meaningful amount. I prefer the semicolon, but as with all great philosophies, there is substantial room for interpretation.
  5. This reminds me of a story: The summer before my dads senior year of high school, he went on a cross-country road trip with some friends. He planned to be back just in time for the start of fall football practice. On the last night of the trip, one of his teammates called the motel they were staying at and told him, “hey man, coach is requiring everyone to come to practice on Monday with a buzz cut. He’ll send you home if you show up with long hair.” This was Southern California in the 70s, so my dad has been growing his long surfer locks for close to four years at this point. He knew his coach though, a former marine and notorious hard ass, had complained endlessly about the trend of men growing their hair long and had even blamed the teams failure in the playoffs the previous season on having a “team full of surfer boy pansies.” My dad took the warning seriously, and on their way home the next day, he stopped by a barbershop and got himself a high and tight. It was devastating, but he didn’t want to lose his senior year over a hairstyle. He could always grow it back out after the season. When he arrived at practice the next day, he realized he’d been had. No such rule had been made. He was the only one with a short haircut. Everyone else was still sporting their long locks. Clearly, my dads rights had been violated. He should have sued.
  6. It’s a forbearance of relationships
  7. It means sex with women is not a prelude to a relationship; entering into such a contract will disrupt your ability to procure funds. So when you’re done f***in’ ‘em, f*** ‘em.
  8. He saw it all so clearly and was one of dozens of martyrs in the 60s and 70s who sought to prevent exactly what we’re seeing today.
  9. I hope he decides to join the board so stunner can make fun of him for going to community college.
  10. Just to be clear: the second my barber opens back up I will be forfeiting this right. Still, I sympathize with the cause.