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  1. How BLM won me over.

    I didn’t mean to criticize you specifically, just a general observation. Blm is unlikely to win over many people no matter what they do. Their mistakes will always be amplified over their triumphs. Good on you though for keeping an open mind.
  2. How BLM won me over.

    It’s great that you’ve come around on blm but that it took all that exemplifies why it’s so important. Black people really do have to work harder and accomplish more in order to achieve respect. Just existing and doing their best is not enough. https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2015/10/why-black-workers-really-do-need-to-be-twice-as-good/409276/?utm_source=atlfb
  3. Immigration Reform

    Couldn’t figure out how to do that on mobile...but yes, the signs need to be spelled correctly.
  4. Immigration Reform

    How about, instead of a wall, signs along the southern border, every 100 yards or so, that say “hablamos espanol.”
  5. OT: Disneyland Gear Report

    Welcome to Orange County, mug. There’s lots to do here besides Disneyland. You could go to the Richard Nixon library and learn about how the commies had it in for him. You could go to south coast plaza and play “count the Botox.” Or, for $20, my dad will drive you around and repeat, “I remember when this was all orange groves.” Enjoy your trip!
  6. Puppet. Coward. Punk bitch. Let’s call each other more names. It doesn’t change that you and people like you were tricked into voting for a bloviating old man who’d never had a job before. There is nothing more American than standing firm and resolute in the face of rational thought. We will never get better. This is my last post in this thread.
  7. You must have me confused with one of the 16 other clownshow candidates the gop trotted out who couldn’t beat a +++++ing gameshow host. Your boy lost the election by 3 million votes btw. Neither he nor the Russians deserve credit for the archaic system based on slavery that has put two losers in the whitehouse since 2000.
  8. How’s it feel to know you got duped by Russian twitter bots trumpers?
  9. $J$U

    Not going to try to defend whatever it is we’re doing with the football stadium. I won’t pretend to know if it’s going to work out. I’ll just say that there’s no difference between survival and hope. If the program wants to survive, they have to keep selling hope. The day they stop releasing watercolors is the day spartan football is officially dead. Look out for our next project, the David fales south endzone premium marijuana garden, coming in 2022.
  10. ESPN host calls on Notre Dame to drop racist mascot

    That’s offensive. You can’t use jihad as a verb.
  11. Fresno State at San Jose State

    Christ I miss la Vic’s. Describe the orange sauce to me.
  12. ESPN host calls on Notre Dame to drop racist mascot

    I’m stuck between two nicknames for my for-profit college: The Murdering Italians or The Bargaining Jews which do you all like better?
  13. Stay current on the

    I can think of no worse idea than putting armed guards and metal detectors in schools. What do you want your kids to get out of their education? They already think of school as prison / forced labor. Kids (and adults for that matter) can only learn in a safe environment. I realize that proponents of these kinds of measures think they’d be making schools safer, but kids also have to perceive safety. I see this all the time. Grown adults are afraid to turn their homework in because they think I’m going to judge them harshly, even though I have provided no indication that I’m the kind of asshole who expects them to know things I haven’t taught them. A man with a gun - I don’t care how he’s dressed or what his purpose is - is +++++ing scary, especially to a kid with an underdeveloped brain. Even if he’s not the kind of asshole who would shoot people for no reason, the fear is still there. A school with these kinds of measures is no longer a school but a temporary detention center. This should not be what we want.
  14. Maybe people who live in food deserts (as opposed to, you know, gated communities next to yacht clubs) need a tax break.
  15. I mean... https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/01/20/e-verify-doesnt-prevent-many-companies-from-hiring-undocumented-workers/