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  1. SJSUMFA2013

    Caravan stopped in its tracks?

    Don’t be ridiculous. They didn’t get here in time to vote. Mission failed. They get nothing.
  2. SJSUMFA2013

    Fox News Twitter Account

    Their Russian translator is on vacation. He’ll be back next week and the tweeting will resume.
  3. SJSUMFA2013

    Michael Avenatti Arrested for Domestic Violence

    Wow that’s awful. It should be “whom.”
  4. Everyone who buys this for their kid should go on a terrorist watchlist.
  5. SJSUMFA2013

    So You Believe In Karma. Why?

    That this thread made it to 2 pages is definitive proof that there is no karma. Or god.
  6. SJSUMFA2013

    What an embarrassment

    Hey remember when Hillary went to that 9/11 memorial with pneumonia and fainted and all the trumplodytes were all, “she’s unfit to be president!” Still waiting on about 62 million apologies.
  7. SJSUMFA2013


    When the o-line gets away with blatant holding on literally every play it’s pretty easy to run for 100 yards.
  8. SJSUMFA2013

    UNLV at SDSU

    Did Sanchez just save his job?
  9. SJSUMFA2013

    UNLV at SDSU

    Oh the humanity
  10. SJSUMFA2013

    UNLV at SDSU

    Holy hell what a run!
  11. SJSUMFA2013

    New Rule

    No player can play beyond their 24th birthday, regardless of eligibility. Problem solved.
  12. SJSUMFA2013

    SJSU @ Utah State Game Thread and Stream

    We couldn’t score 3 TDs in 18 hours. Except against unlv, of course.
  13. SJSUMFA2013

    SJSU @ Utah State Game Thread and Stream

    31-10 in 18 minutes of real time.
  14. SJSUMFA2013

    Caravan stopped in its tracks?

    They didn’t get here in time to vote anyway. They’re useless. The obamas aren’t happy about this - someone is going to get fired over it.