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  1. Republican philosophy summed up succinctly by former strategist Lee Atwater:
  2. One of the few times I was rooting for cancer. ALRIGHT BIG C!
  3. Was this in Fresno? I mean they would know. I suggest studying one of those statues we’ve torn down in a deliberate attempt to erase history because going to public places and observing ostentatious displays of intimidation is the only way to learn history to make sure you get the period costuming just right.
  4. It’s per vote cast. I cram em 8 to a seat and have them all vote multiple times at each polling place. You’d be amazed how many dead people are still registered. Last time I passed one off as a civil war veteran.
  5. Pffft you’re getting shortchanged. I only work on Election Days. I do have to drive the bus full of undocumented immigrants but still.
  6. Long as he keeps paying me to vote he can do whatever he wants
  7. Took this photo at spartan stadium this past season:
  8. I need Tucker Carlson to report on their grocery stores before I make up my mind
  9. Anybody who buys one of these should get put on a no-fly list. Not that they can afford airfare but still. Need to keep their names all in one place.
  10. The right wing melt down will be absolutely glorious if he pulls this off. Not to worry though. Their corporate overlords will never allow the Supreme Court to sign off on anything that allows basic autonomy for anyone worth less than 10 million dollars.
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