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  1. It’s either a typo or somebody dropped a massive bet on Boise. Like Floyd Mayweather type stuff. Sportsbooks goal is not really to predict an outcome but to split the money down the middle so they’re guaranteed a profit. Odds like that show that they don’t want anymore money coming in on Boise.
  2. Sounds like his plan to transfer fell through because he didn’t graduate in December. Good luck to him.
  3. I’m definitely rooting for a packers-bills super bowl. Both fan bases have earned it.
  4. Basketball, with such small rosters, is much more difficult to manage. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the ncaa and nba do a 30-60 day pause and wait for more vaccinations to become available.
  5. Josh Allen took an interception 101 yards for a touchdown in the divisional round of the playoffs.
  6. Well, my rams season is over. Without a healthy AD, there was no way we were beating Rodgers in lambeau. I thought Goff acquitted himself well though and made his argument to be the QB moving forward. Hopefully next season we can fill some holes (interior OL being one), the young guys get better in the off-season, and we can make another run at it in 21. I’d also offer Houston whoever and whatever they want besides 99 and 20 for Watson. McVay with a mobile QB would be unfair.
  7. That bowl game was meaningless. This conference should get ready to get wrecked every year for the foreseeable future. They’ll rename this mother+++++er the Spartan west before were through.
  8. Rams defense will give Rodgers all he can handle, but we’re really beat up. I don’t see us going to the North Pole and coming out with a W without a healthy QB and a limited Aaron Donald. Packers win 16-10 in an old-school slobberknocker of a game.
  10. First half really couldn’t have gone better for Indy. They’re still gonna get run out of the building.
  11. I wasn’t joking when I said no more black presidents. They think that their rightful place on top of the racial hierarchy has been threatened and that trump is the man to protect it. Now that he’s no longer president, they are willing to do anything to keep him installed. For them, it is a question of survival. They’d rather the country not exist than go back to being told what to do by an uppity you-know-what.
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