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  1. Take all the guns and melt them down to make golf clubs for inner-city kids. That oughta make golf a watchable sport within a generation.
  2. I’ve got a weird-looking scab forming over the injection site. Oh no wait that’s just the bandaid.
  3. Just got my second shot. Can’t wait to show bill gates how interesting my life is.
  4. I see here you went to Gonzaga. Sure did. So...you’re from the PNW and your parents have money but aren’t quite f-you rich? Uh...I guess. Hey me too. You’re hired. Welcome to the Home Depot.
  5. You can’t say no to grandparents who want bunny ears pics. As far as I’m concerned though, a holiday that doesn’t come with a day off barely counts.
  6. I hadn’t celebrated Easter in years, but I had a kid, and it’s suddenly been...resurrected.
  7. Won’t be able to use covid as an excuse to duck us this year. Gonna pummel you so bad that you’ll have to flip your avatar upside down. CHUGGA CHUGGA CHOO CHOO
  8. Psssh like we need y’all. Have you forgotten that we’re the mother+++++in champs? Let me remind you: Boise State - 20 SJSU - 34 Get ready for multiple decades of dominance.
  9. If vaccines are available for everyone by the summer and you don’t get one, that’s on you. Enjoy your ventilator. The rest of us are going to the game.
  10. USC, Florida State, Arkansas, Oklahoma State. Burn it all down.
  11. Who’s dying from covid-19 disproportionately? It’s not white people. Antivaxxers are choosing to be a vector for a disease that’s ravaging the nonwhite population. And they know it.
  12. Refusal to get the vaccine is just genocide without having to get your hands dirty.
  13. This is a weird way of soliciting employment.
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