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  1. I mean, I kinda get it. Our president refuses to condemn white supremacist terrorism but vilifies Muslims every chance he get. Erdogan looks sane by comparison. But wapo publishing this is a bad look. I’m sure any number of opinion writers who aren’t murderous dictators could have made this incredibly obvious observation.
  2. Someone call Jennifer lopez and ice cube
  3. Only the oldest person in the country at any given time should be allowed to vote in national elections. Oldest in the state for state elections and so on. There. That’s settled.
  4. Are you sure this isn’t the onion?
  5. If I had more time on my hands I’d mail him a copy of that photo every day until he leaves public office.
  6. They should throw that soap directly into the ocean where it belongs.
  7. Right. The abortion debate hinges not on whether a fetus is “alive” but whether women are valuable. If not, then sure, force them to carry all unwanted children to term. If they are, then it has to be their choice no matter how yucky we menfolk find it.
  8. People don’t even know they’re pregnant at 6 weeks. Why not just make it 30 seconds?
  9. Right to know about what, exactly? That he and his friends used to spend too much time on the internet? I guess that disqualifies everyone gen-x and younger.
  10. It’s not damaging. The writer was using the material for a book, with a set publishing date, not a news story. Neither O’Rourke nor the writer did anything wrong. This is a reach even by right-wing conspiracy standards. Watch him get the nom and then lose to trump because Fox News pushes the “we can’t trust this former teenager” angle. “He once used the internet, just like Hilary and her email, also known as the devils post office.”
  11. My god those ads are horrifying. “The thing is is I didn’t know...how.” Ray has either lived too much of the good life or he has some kind of undiagnosed brain injury. Or maybe it’s just a side effect of chantix. He should back to cigarettes if that’s the case. Nothing’s worth this.
  12. I’d put his odds of ever again speaking a complete sentence at about 1%.