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  1. No reason at all to feel bad for Russ. He put himself in this situation. Those 2013-14 Seahawks teams were not good because of him, he just didn’t screw it up (until he threw a pick on the goal line in the super bowl). His ego is massively inflated. He thinks he’s much better than he actually is. He forced his way out of the only situation in the nfl that could even potentially work for him and now he gets to enjoy being mediocre for the rest of his career. Thanks for beating the niners though.
  2. But are the pro bowl players wearing the mascot costumes? Because I think I would watch that.
  3. Not sure what I would watch. I’m interested in who gets named to the pro bowl rosters but beyond that who cares. Maybe have them play madden or something? Idk.
  4. Georgia State should have their accreditation revoked.
  5. Kliff is Raheem Morris’s bitch. Collosal ownage today and every time they’ve played since the first one when kliff emptied his playbook to win a week 4 game.
  6. Rams trying to get kliff kingsbury fired
  7. Allen looked like he maybe had too good a time on south beach last night.
  8. Hey man that competitive eating training schedule is no joke.
  9. Western Michigan is pretty bad on offense but even still, you’ve got to be encouraged by this performance. We are a much improved team.
  10. Nobody knows what it means. BUT ITS PROVOCATIVE!
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