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  1. It looks like we’re playing on a construction site, which I guess we kind of are.
  2. This seems like just one more step toward cancellation. I’ve had this mentally penciled in as a bye since the schedule came out.
  3. I want to believe you here, but when you have a chance to go from making $500k/yr to $2 million, you basically have to take it. People don’t turn down money. It’s what separates us from the animals.
  4. Air Force trying to score on SJSU on the goal line:
  5. Disciplined effort on both sides of the ball. The defense trusted their eyes and swarmed to the ball. It was an absolute clinic in how to stop the 3x-option. On offense, we were patient. It was clear that air forces gameplan was to take tre walker out of the game, so we played it safe. Didn’t try to do too much, just took advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves. This is a well-coached team, and the most exciting thing is that they can all come back next year. 2021 west champs incoming.
  6. Oh I am really looking forward to army-navy with no fans. I hope cbs has their mics turned all the way up.
  7. The only bad thing about this W is I can’t shit-talk Air Force fans. Everyone else in this conference deserves merciless verbal abuse, but not the zoomies. Good luck with the rest of your season. Hope you pummel trucker junior college next week.
  8. That’s too bad. I was hoping to celebrate thanksgiving weekend by road tripping to Boise and coughing on everyone.
  9. Cable is outdated. Other theories are just fan fiction.
  10. Now that you mention it, I did see that. Brb gonna go bet on Houston.
  11. I don’t think I can sit through another BYU blowout, stunner. I’ll tune in when y’all play Boise.
  12. It’ll be rescheduled I’m sure - assuming players are positive too; if it’s just saban, they may play on - but the rest of the games this weekend are dogshit. Was really looking forward to what’s essentially a national quarterfinal game. Covid does suck. I’ll leave it at that.
  13. Georgia-Bama game this weekend looks as good as dust
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