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  1. I found the itinerary for tonight: 7 pm - Jerry Falwell leads a salute to the pulse shooter 7:05 - Ben Carson leads a salute to the flat earth society 7:10 - mike pence takes the stage, proves he’s not gay by critiquing his wife’s cooking 7:40 - Sarah huckabee sanders retirement party complete with rally nooses and a rousing game of pin jim Acosta on the cross 8:00 - Stephen Miller scans the crowd for brown faces 8:01 - crowd approved, no brown faces detected 8:02 - Wayne Lapierre introduces trump, confetti made of bullets rains down from the rafters, American Psycho theme blares from the loudspeakers 8:05 - trump speech begins with new campaign slogan: a cheeseburger in every artery. Ted nugent fires unwrapped mcdonalds food from a T-shirt cannon into the crowd 8:10 - the art of the non-sequiter 8:15 - the yuuuge difference between migrant camps and Japanese internment camps. It’s bigly. 8:20 - how to determine fake news: all news is fake 8:25 - reichstag fire ideas spitball session 8:30 - abortionists flogged 8:35 - executive order: it’s not rape unless an illegal immigrant does it 8:40 - spraytan break 8:50 - farmers called up on stage to offer their livelihoods and first born children to a golden toilet statue 8:55 - John Bolton claims Iran stole coal jobs 9:00 - conclusion: a vote for trump is a vote for not having to wear underwear in public 9:05 - rally ends, supporters stay inside the arena for 3 weeks, shouting “Antifa!” at each other in a panic. Bedlam ensues. They finally agree to leave after amway offers them all “jobs.”
  2. His entire constituency is pretty much people with nothing better to do, especially in Florida, so I’m not surprised.
  3. I’ll take it but I’m only available for the summer
  4. It’s been more than 24 hours so we’re skipping @Rocket. @BestintheWest is next. rocket still can make his pick any time
  5. “I don’t want your support. Please kindly +++++ off.” Is that spin?
  6. Your list of mwcboarders is actually the subject of the sentence. “Music” is the object. “I think” is just a qualifier. You could cut it and the sentence remains intact.
  7. I’ll take Alabama. @sean327 is next.
  8. I’ve heard that about Claypool. No pretense. Most people meet him and are completely unaware he’s a rockstar. I don’t think aes would be keen on playing with a band. He burns bridges with everyone he collaborates with. One dense, experimental, funky, esoteric album and half a tour that ends in acrimony and passive aggressive tweets sounds about right. Incredible lyricist though. I think paring down his bars to fit over rock arrangements would help him become more accessible and broaden his audience, which I’m sure is the last thing he wants.
  9. Vocals: Aesop Rock Guitar: Tom Morello Bass: Les Claypool Drums: Questlove
  10. We can start now. @Wapitipoke34 you have 24 hours. My advice is to go with your heart and pick Wyoming but it’s up to you.
  11. Is kawhi going to New York or LA?
  12. Well this completely invalidates anything every Democrat has ever said or ever will say. I’m a trump supporter now.
  13. Kellen Moore will likely be the offensive coordinator for the 2020 super bowl champion lions.