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  1. Not a lot of chinks in the armor for BSU.....much better at hoops than football this year.....impressive!
  2. Why aren’t you taking your argument directly to the B1G.....you obviously are full of yourselves. We already have enough obnoxious fan bases to deal with....but then again the Provo Joes still haven’t left so you might as well keep pushing your fantasies too.
  3. Boise is really good.....has potential to make some noise in the postseason this year.
  4. But you are Boysee why didn’t ESPN want your games!!!!! What media outlet wouldn’t want to give you guys P5 money? The MWC fits a time slot that sports programmers need to fill. Money might be less or it could be more or it might be the same with or without BSU....who knows.....if San can put cheeks in the seats, CSU can continue to get better, UNM keeps the upward trajectory, you get where I’m going, a lot of upside to the MWC with or without you. You know the old saying about ignorance and arrogance.....
  5. I was wondering if you were suing ESPN for their obvious snub of the smurfdom. Don’t they realize what you mean to viewership?
  6. 🤣😂😅 Too bad SUDS and Wyo didn’t get to play this year.....might still be playing in a scoreless tie! History says otherwise....has Hawaii achieved 25 conference wins since joining? I could go on but agree with the rest of your comment.
  7. So tell me again what happened to the sweetheart ESPN deal again? Is there a lawsuit coming?
  8. Glad you recognize the jewel that is Laramie.....it is the gem city of the plains after all.
  9. Why expand. Conference is highly competitive as is....BSU is always the runaway preseason champs every year but then the season begins. Need someone at the top to push the strength of the Conference. Hate to say it but YBU would be the only consideration for expansion but that ain’t happening.
  10. Not near as bad as you’d like to think....Rib and Chop, Calveryman, Altitude.....next time in Laramie try one of these places.....pretty good places in Cheyenne and Casper if you want to enjoy a little time in Wyoming
  11. What’s with the fixation the BSU bros have with Bohl and Wyoming? Even after getting your wish with Harsin leaving, a complete replacement of key Ath Dept personnel, and the open invite to the AAC you are obsessed with Wyo. Get over the butthurt. Maybe you just don’t like dancing.
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