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  1. There is basketball in Wyoming.....Cowgirls win 83-59 over Nevada.
  2. No defense for the OP but seriously calling them out for their limited number of posts? I read incoherent ramblings from people with over 8000 posts that assume they are intelligent and in the know.....however they are obviously clueless.
  3. Tix on the way.....see you in Tucson....Go Pokes!
  4. He has no touch.....makes poor decisions....never throws a ball that can be caught in stride....almost got valladay killed with the high screen pass.....why he is allowed on the field is unreal.
  5. This is the only source reporting this that I can find.....TVW stinks!
  6. Great game! Spartans are real....great comeback. Congrats to the Wolfpack!
  7. Way to go Rebs! Not the same team I saw a couple weeks ago. Silver state had a great day!
  8. You’re just upset we’re in the BigXII and you’re not.
  9. Great news for CSU.....just think how they might rank if they had football!
  10. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.....good win! 2-0!