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  1. You’re correct in my passion for YBU🖕🏻Wishing you the best!💋
  2. Only people obsessed with YBU are you and Stunner......when and if it comes back in the Spring I can see it being Conference only and you will once again be on here obsessing about how you are #2 in some attendance classification in the state of Utah and still without a home.....wish you well but FU BYU!
  3. I’m hoping that the Rammies can use the impending shutdown to right the ship.....despise them but they Have been a solid program in the past and the conference is better with them.
  4. Baseball and Hockey have developmental leagues at many levels and are successful. NCAA and television have destroyed college athletics. NFL and NBA should be forming developmental leagues or supplementing the colleges in order to keep the sports afloat. Let the big leagues bear the cost of their recruiting grounds. College sports are theoretically “Amateur” athletics where a person could Obtain an education as a result of their athletic ability but it has been bastardized. Many of the student athletes have no desire to pursue the academics. I get it though.....you need the college tie in
  5. Did you catch the Avalanche- Blues game today? Avs scored with 0.1 on the clock. So glad to have hockey back and I’m looking forward to an Avs/Knights series! Go AVS!
  6. Don’t worry.....Stunner will continue on here as Vai Sikahama Or and many of his other socks.
  7. I’m truly sorry.....you really aren’t that bright.....you keep posting all those pretty pictures.
  8. Looks amazing.....I was hoping to come out to watch the Pokes and Rebs square off but it sounds iffy now . Nice digs!
  9. If you’re really not that bright I apologize but it seems you Couldn’t get any of your Boise Bullies to back you on you offhanded derogatory comment so now you’re trying to play it off. I get it.....dig up some more stats that mean nothing and post them....forum needs the clicks. How about that JUCO natty! Keep fluffing,💋
  10. Reread your statement....we’ve had many great seasons, maybe not to the extent of BSU success. Enjoy denigrating the conference you call home. We’ve suffered thru some horrible coaching hires that began with the firing of a racist coach as the result of the racist practices of a then conference member. You have not had to endure such frustration and I hope Boise never makes a bad hire.....it would be a shame for the blue alter to get cracked. Keep fluffing💋
  11. Sonny had 3 top 25 finishes in 14 years. Harsin has 4 in 6 years. These years you mock, would be the best run of all time for any MWC team. If you go back the last 14 years (duration of Sonny) for Boise you have 10 top 25 finishes. As I said, I mock none of the programs in the Conf but you have a tendency to downplay the history and accomplishments of the Conf. CSU managed to keep Lubick in a conference that was much more competitive than it is today....Utah, TCU, BYU were all perennial powerhouses So much so that had they stayed the MWC would have been a Power Conference. So yes
  12. Actually the ethnic diversity of Wyoming and Idaho is very similar POC in both are about 10%. Both appeal to outdoor types and you definitely need to appreciate outdoor winter activities. There is a reason the Mountain time zone is so sparsely populated.
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