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  1. Merry Christmas to all and a great New Year! May all MWC teams be successful in 2019 except when playing the Cowboys!
  2. Never change Stunner......you truly bleed brown and gold!
  3. Was a very good start to the bowl season for the MWC....Congrats to FSU and USU! Here’s to a a win for all Conf teams!
  4. Let me know if you need a fourth....I’ll bring a Josh Allen jersey for him!
  5. DIA.....time for another meeting?
  6. YBU would be welcomed back into the conference but they still suck a$$. Utah leaving them in the cold like the Y did to USU was too much for them to handle. If MWC schools didn’t continue to schedule late season games they probably would have withered on the vine by now or returned. All their revenue sports are declining in quality as a result of their “independence”, though they are still highly dependent on the MWC. Stunner (a closet Wyoming fan) and the rest of the Coog faithful who frequent the board have many excuses for all of their sins but even though they were Big 12 bound “guaranteed” and they are making money hand over fist through Y tv....they will soon struggle if ESecPN doesn’t renew their deal and they have to negotiate games without their support and dollars.
  7. Congrats Bulldogs! Great game....Keep it up in the Vegas Bowl!
  8. Reminds me of something they would do at Lincoln.....fire a 10 win coach to try and recapture something that happened years ago.
  9. The last few years of DeRuyter were ones most Fresno fans would like to forget.....Boise is the exception in that their off years still lead to a bowl game.....all teams have good years, great years and some they look forward to next year.
  10. They haven't won any either.....they don't play football......BSU had eight WAC championships.....Wyoming had seven.....YBU had 19.....what's your point.....this is The MWC board not the WAC
  11. Another tallest midget thread.....you have the longest tape measure this week. WAC doesn't play football anymore but the MWC does and we're all in this together. Pre Tedford how good was Fresno.....how about Nevada prior to this year? I'm glad both programs are having success and hope they continue to do so but it all goes around.....ChooChoo U falls into that category also......we're all one key injury or poor coaching hire away from mediocrity. BTW go Aggies!
  12. There’s a school in Provo that might be a good fit for football in the WAC.....although they’d have to improve the athletic performance to be considered.
  13. Here’s the backstory.....Hair Thompson has YBU’s application but one of the many stipulations prior to even presenting to the members is that they prove they can be competitive with the SEC Mtn members. Given their downward spiral of their once average program, coupled with the annual drubbings they receive from Boise, they need to prove their worth in order to be considered.
  14. Replace NDSU with CSU, SDSU and BSU and MWC with P5 and there are numerous similar threads like this.