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  1. Hawaii will play Governor opening up the state on Oct 15. No quarantine with negative COVID test prior to flight there. Announced tonight.
  2. Az Hakim was pretty unreal on special teams. Remember him taking a punt/kickoff to the house against Hawaii. Pretty good Fantasy Football player for me too.
  3. For California, this air quality map is good https://www.sfchronicle.com/projects/california-fire-map/air-quality/ shows the AQI and wind direction. Lots of sensors. Really helpful in looking at micro climates and pockets of smoke. Say in SF, what makes Noe Valley/Mission (eastern neighborhoods) have warmer/sunnier and less windy/cold weather is some of the coastal winds / fog are blocked. However, the smoke kind of settles like if in a valley.
  4. Those are the Giants colors. Awesome pic, except what’s happening to the environment is not funny. Sad times. My commute yesterday pic and my friend’s afternoon golf pic.
  5. All this is madness. Climate change is also a hoax. Orange sky in NorCal due to the fires. Reminded me of the dinosaurs. The numerous fires around the world is just going to speed this warming up. Things should be reversed but it’s Individual over Party. Party over Country. I can’t think of one person if they caused this much chaos, I’d kick their President ass to the curb and put in someone better suited. I get politics is divisive but after the election and once President, supposed to act like an uniter. President didn’t get the memo about that, and kept campaigning.
  6. Football has too many commercials
  7. Like they did in the Hawaii Bowl Go Bows
  8. I’m more productive without UH football I’m also sad with hope for a season in a few months from now
  9. I was fortunate to have met Brian after is playing days (he tried out for the NFL Detroit Lions) and talked to him about business and career advice. Not often you are asked to have coffee with someone I looked up was an All State player, All-MWC and experienced the NFL, but I did and Brian was a smart guy, ready to put in the work, and think of the community. He also stayed true to his friends from high school and that’s all good qualities. Around a year ago he was diagnosed with a rare form of soft tissue cancer. He was in great shape so there was a chance, one would think. On Tuesd
  10. Upon further reflection, the current MWC 12 is a better conference for Hawaii than The Project. We miss the ESPN games though, but we were not that great under Chow in the first years as conference mates. We probably would not have to pay travel subs if the WAC survived. We are lucky to be in a conference. I like having SJSU in the Conference as NorCal is a strong recruiting area for Hawaii (and Boise, etc). Plus, I live in NorCal. Just hope SJSU can improve themselves but I enjoy seeing Hawaii win on the road there so I don’t see what’s wrong. Utah State has improved
  11. Joe Biden did really well with his speech last night. Loved the end with the outdoor drive in scene with the American flags and fireworks. Well done.
  12. I wouldn’t. I would grin and bear another 4 years. Breaking up the United States is the ultimate goal of foreign interference (read the Russian sponsors of the past CA succession campaigns).
  13. Do you think Biden will announce his pick for VP and roll out his cabinet picks as well? speculation is he will with some high profile visits to Delaware recently. Buttigieg is one of them
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