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  1. Ah man. Our safety got to make that tackle in the backfield. Would’ve punted and make the game come down to the wire
  2. The failed coup happened in 2016. I think he was first elected into power in 2003 as Prime Minister. You’re throwing out the term coup 13 years into his reign is weak. Why? Because his ability to change the government was already advanced by that point. The coup was too weak to be effective. What it did do was lead to further purging and consolidation of power. Let’s not get caught up in fast coups are what destroy democracies. It can happen over time and a gradual erosion.
  3. It’s my opinion. I don’t know everything about Turkey’s politics in the past 15 years but here’s what I know. - Erdogan won a very narrow majority (using the rural/urban political divide, and religious political bloc and ultra nationalism) to turn Turkey from mostly a secular leaning country to an Islamic Republic. - He used the term Deep State a lot and worked to dismantle the secular checks on power. Starting with the Military which was a bastion of secularism since the days of Ataturk. Later he purged the judiciary and government. Eliminating checks on power. This happ
  4. We were so close to a Turkey Erdogan type of takeover
  5. I know a few folks who would love to see this. I doubt Trump gives them that pleasure through.
  6. Wish I could attend the game Will be watching on the Team1Sports app from NorCal Go Bows!
  7. This is how I’ve been watching Hawaii games living on the Mainland or if the game is not on national tv. Team1Sports app. It’s free.
  8. Sounds like he will go back to his Trump University and Institute real estate, get rich quick seminars. But now with different constituencies and topics. The man knows what he’s doing. I remember less than 10 years ago, I could learn how to be a real estate mogul from Donald. I remember seeing that ad at the newspaper box at the street corner.
  9. I think Andrew Cuomo, NY Governor, might be a viable candidate for president in 2024 for the Democratics. He was on NPR Commonwealth Club Thursday night and he seemed like a smarter, better values with empathy, yet tough talking version of Trump who has good sound bites. He’s definitely raised his national profile during COVID. His brother is on CNN. I would consider him a favorite if he ran.
  10. Had some Sunday night blues. After a long week went on a planned vacation with family over the weekend in Napa. Was like the combination of end of vacation, end of weekend, and exciting and jubilant Saturday with the Biden victory and a full day at the resort (not to mention Hawaii victory and son’s birthday). Good night Neverland
  11. Mahalo for the commentary MWC brothers. Allows me to work and then take a break and see the analysis.
  12. I get the Shy Trump voter in 2016. Folks on the fence or unenthusiastic about Clinton who broke for an outsider candidate. Seems like in 2020, Trump voters are loud and proud.
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