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  1. #Release The Memo

    Own it, the Memo was a bust. The sequel is going straight to DVD.
  2. #Release The Memo

    I’m a democrat who after Election Day said to my wife, let’s give this guy a chance. Just read the much anticipated Memo. It’s a bust. Nothing really new and a cobbling together of “smoke” in regards to the perception of bias. Even if (Big if) the FISA on Carter Page was politically motivated initially, it did not affect the election as nobody in public knew about it. This “insurance” policy was to collect evidence of malfeasance if there was any. Papadopoulos was the initial trigger. This fishing expedition has led to arrests and plea deals. If there is something, it’s going to come out. How does the Memo totally vindicate the president? It does not as there is mounting evidence of something there but particularly an attempted cover up which is pretty obvious. Saying that he is vindicated is only be good for headlines which might convince a portion of the population but for only so long. Some in the population cannot be convinced. Early prediction but TIME man of the year for 2018 is a guy named Robert.
  3. Ducking South Park hijacked my thread
  4. That makes sense to me. I subscribe to financial times, business week, local honolulu paper. Wish I had Foriegn Policy.
  5. Roy Moore

    In hawaii, we have the Sukebe Formula to quickly determine politically correct age difference in relationships. Sukebe means in Japanese old pervert. take your age, divide by two, add seven 32/2 + 7 = 23 23 > 14 fail
  6. Yesterday, Fox News has an article on the main page about a hunter snaging a “39 point” deer. For my Yuppie self, that sounds amazing, but also very foreign culturally.
  7. I’m an amateur sociologist who has a keen interest in geopolitics. Whenever breaking news comes out, I check out a couple news sources to see their take (CNN, Fox News). I also recently watched a great interview on Charlie Rose with a New York Times columnist David Brooks, regarding elections and culture in America, and polarization. https://charlierose.com/videos/31163 Basically, you won’t be effective telling someone from another culture what to do or how to think. You need voices within the same culture for the message to resonate. I also heard on the radio how a church minister from Alabama was describing Roy Moore as a good man. When asked whether he would ever vote for the Democrat candidate if indeed Moore was guilty, he said never. His strong Christian beliefs preclude him from ever supporting liberalism which was the Democrat. Very interesting how being “Christian” is Republican idealism. At least that is the message in some parts of the country. Fox News.com headlines many times has a white or southern twang or slang. “Reckoning” “Pull the Plug”. Little things like that could resonate in peoples’ minds subconsciously. What is also interesting is mass murders using high powered guns in mostly red states may create more similar culture opposing view points that could be more effective. I believe taking national politics out of local/regional cultural disputes would also reduce polarization (ie confederate monuments, special elections). Just some observations. Maybe CNN needs a white, southern (but maybe not Atlanta-based) version to better connect, and Fox needs a Left Coast/Northeast/urban/college educated/multicultural version. Or we just need more truely balanced reporting (would that have been World News Tonight with Peter Jennings? Or 60 Minutes?).
  8. Roy Moore

    Seems like Roy is done after the 5th accuser came out with her high school yearbook signed by some older dude. The guy had or has a problem for the underaged while currently being a morality policeman. Or is he really done?
  9. I come here to hear what some conservatives say whom I share some common interests (college sports). Terms "Echo chamber" "snowflake" do not add to the discussion. Makes one sound intolerant of reason.
  10. Twitter Man vs Rocket Man Movie is actually real life!
  11. I believe the mass protest over the weekend was defiance to a politician's order for people to shut up. I think if it was all about BLM, there would be fewer folks protesting. This is fighting against a budding autocracy. I'm loyal to this country's values, at least what I believe what it should stand for, not a politician. Totally race baiting (yay NASCAR).
  12. In my debate with my friends I got that response too and "liberal echo chamber". Let's have a proper argument. Why so sensitive?
  13. Whoever does the turd of the week ...

    We have a way to make teams look good. Let's see!