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  1. Ancient aliens. As someone with two little kids, we went to Luxor and Excalibur two years ago and they don’t draw the crowds that they used to. The family fun places growing up were those two and Treasure Island. Ninth Island. Hawaii people know.
  2. I watched Biden’s speech on COVID last weekend. Thought he spoke well and during Q&A handled the questions well. There were some zinger questions. Regarding the debates and cognitive ability, Biden says Trump let’s F-ing get it on dog face. Two old men fighting. I think it will be better than Biden-Sanders (they kept it cordial). I can’t wait.
  3. I’ve been on message boards since the dawn of the consumer internet. ESPN boards in the late 1990’s to smack talk UH football in high school. Then, nothing. A message board desert until around 2012 when the WAC imploded and UH joined the MWC. The decline of UH football under Chow, brought me to come out of the closet. To be a voice of positivity, as the negativity was at its peak. The ashes have settled and I look back. No doubt my wife has asked me to be “in the moment” as I reach for my smart phone. But she tolerates my urge. You are my friends. You talk about what I want to discuss and have some level of expertise. Not everyone on every subject, but some body out there. In addition to UH, MWC, I also post on a career message board. What does your spouse / SO think about your message board activity obsession? What led you from lurker to content contributor?
  4. I have a hard time sometimes saying annanomouse, annanominity. I’d prob be a gaffe magnet. I think cognitive decline in natural for your 70’s and beyond. Actually decline happens after 40. anyways, I think this comes up more than it should is that this is the biggest critique of Biden from the Trump side. I listen to how some people speak, their styles, and I think it does reduce gaffes: Obama, Klobuchar, and Gavin Newsome. A bit choppy but less prone to gaffes. Trump has a more fluid dictation so getting tongue tied might be more common; however, this is mitigated by having a smaller vocabulary and using a lot of fillers (great, awesome, big, bigly, terrible, you know, some say). I try to get my 5 year old to describe things more detailed. Describe why it’s bigly. Just observations. Dementia also can bring out your true character because you are less calculating. That could partially explain the mean-ness.
  5. Maricopa County would be split between West and Central Phoenix to the west and Scottsdale to the east (although wealthy, economically used to a SoCal lifestyle; don’t know what they would be fighting for to ruin a good thing). The Loop 202 (southeast) is very mixed, in my opinion. Pockets of evangelicals and also pockets of more affordable housing which you would assume leans Blue. The reason why AZ is purple and becoming Blue is the vastness of the sprawl. There is something for everyone. Cheap housing, you got it. Luxury housing, you got it. Tucson is blue. The reds tend to be older in AZ. I think AZ stays with CA.
  6. Actually, I’m surprised, The Valley looks pretty blue. The counties in the Sierra foothills are red. Low population, meth is a problem, and one of the more difficult places to hire. The terrain would be difficult to invade as there are limited roads, poor cell service, and natural barriers. Kern County/Bakersfield seems like the red capital in CA in terms of population, economic power. Area is flat so difficult to defend. I’m surprised Lake County was blue. Thought would be closer aligned politically to counties to the East. Mt Shasta would be a strong hold (I’ve never been would love to visit this beautiful mountain). Controlling that would control supplies coming from the red areas into CA. Kind of like a Battle of Khe Sanh in Nam. Strategically located if a blue base was there but far away from population centers and might not be worth holding.
  7. Holding Fresno County seems like a key to put a wedge in the Valley and holding the CA population centers for the Blues. The Union won and the big factor was having the economic centers.
  8. To carve out Trump from retaliating against a sore spot, under his underling’s jurisdiction - that is naive.
  9. She is pretty much “untouchable” this election cycle on most things dealing with military or patriotism due to her sacrifice (compared to the faux patriots and armchair tough guys, me included). This kind of thing is right up her area of making noise. She also jumped in on the renaming of the bases. She’s on the Armed Forces Committee of the Senate, which makes this stance very relevant.
  10. Power move by Duckworth (If you’re going to get your name out there for VP, now is the time). The temporary blocking of promotions for all the promotable officers so that a whistleblower is not retaliated against, sounds ok to me. Sounds like helping 1,100 of the military instead.
  11. I think a Civil War is less likely due to: - Independents: as long as there are folks who are not on any “team” there is a way to sway hearts and minds each election cycle. The truly non-aligned and the low information voters. God bless them! - Electoral College: similarly; although I don’t like it because some weird things could happen like Trump being elected, Americans like games and the swing states, which constantly change provides “hope.” Hopelessness leads to civil strife. National majority rule, even slightly but consistent (like in Turkey) is harder to swing; demographics. State demographics are more fluid. Also having a House and Senate, switch sides. - Term Limits: think of the dictators and the civil wars that lead to their demise (or not, Hi Assad!). Again, hope vs hopelessness. - Less Ethno-Nationalism: lets hope we don’t devolve to this. Might say, the Confederacy was ethno-nationalist at its source.
  12. Depends on your geography Especially if your area is made up of a lot of FIRE jobs (finance, insurnace and real estate) and other late cycle bloomers such as in the sunbelt and secondary markets. San Francisco Bay Area was recovering early.