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  1. During the New Mexico Bowl played in Dallas against Houston (hi Coogs fans), Hawaii had a player named Dior Scott who was a main character in Last Chance U (Laney College, Oakland) a Netflix property. I was looking for this and i rewatched. The ESPN announcers would not ever say his name. Even if he fielded a punt return or I think he made one more play with the ball. Would not say his name. I could see how the announcers might not say a hard to pronounce Polynesian name. But not “Scott.” And it wasn’t like they were finishing up a thought and just didn’t mention his name. W
  2. University of Hawaii should open a satellite campus in North County San Diego. I don’t know why, but they should.
  3. I wonder if some heartburn about Boise State for conference expansion is they’ve certainly outperformed as a G5, but would it translate to success with a P5 schedule consistently? The other aspects, “what does this program/school bring” besides a winning tradition? I think answer that and you’ll have the complete package.
  4. Hawaii gets into recruiting battles with the so-called dregs of the PAC-12, Oregon State and Washington State, especially for Polynesian players. But PAC-12 is PAC-12 and that conference affiliation and P5 status helps with their pitch. I wonder if the Great Inbalancing of 2021 and exposing the “P5 In Name Only” (PFINO, sounds like “Final”) vulnerabilities of conference affiliation, does anything to help the G5’s against the lower P5 schools in recruiting? Perhaps, case in point the rise in mid-majors in the top 25 polling of recent years.
  5. I’m a little drunk. But I live in the West Coast. Hawaii, California shet we be ok. Even if we don’t make the mega $. There’s a wink and nod. If we stay amateur. If we educate our students. If we have jobs after college, maybe not in football. I will still love this thing called college football, at lest how I envision it. My alma mater. California. Hawaii. That’s enough. Fick the SEC whatever MWC Is alright
  6. @Nevada Convert for parking do you park in the parking garage near Mackay or on the on-campus surface/dirt lots. I never got to a game early enough to observe tailgating. I guess where do people tailgate?
  7. That’s good. Keeping up with the Jones’ is such a upper Income thing. If our rich Western neighbor has been living in the same old house for a long time, we kind of grew accustomed to that and it’s ok to our ego. Let the eastern folks wrestle in their yard. As a Hawaii fan, I’m fine with two P12 OOC games a year, being competitive in the current MWC, bowl games every year (Hawaii bowl with a Mainland bowl once every 4-5 years), and a playoff / NY bowl invite once every 7-10 years. I’d be very happy.
  8. Isn’t there a new athletic complex that Sanchez helped get funding for? Other than that I’m happy UNLV helped Hawaii not have a winless season during our Chow years. All kidding aside, I feel UNLV is on an upswing.
  9. The P12 has had the policy that revenue is shared equally with the goal of developing the other schools into contenders. While I think the USC’s of the world are arrogant, how long must they share equally to see results? It’s been 10 years since PAC-12 (vs PAC-10). In some ways I don’t fault them as much for wanting more in this round. Perhaps changing policy with appease them.
  10. I’m having a dinner with friends at my house talking about our Myers Briggs profiles while drinking. Nice assessment. Your Hawaii analysis is spot on. Given our state history, we always give higher prestige to the Mainland (NFL, MLB, UFC) but always downplay ourselves. Don’t confuse our humbleness for being junk. - want to say, envy is the thief of joy. Conference realignment is the epidimy of relative comparison and ENVY. That’s why I’m hoping for status quo (B12 raid the AAC, leave us alone!) - money has diminishing returns, including in college football. T
  11. Is @tenbobnote and the Bisons gearing up to pitch the future depleted AAC for entry? Or are we (MWC) still your first choice?
  12. If the new B12 becomes a tweener P4, then that is better overall for college football as it will show some sort of progressive playing field and also politically ensure some power for the have-nots. We’ll see.
  13. Is the “huge and insurmountable” gulf that is the P5 vs G5 money disparity going to cause hard core fans like us to stop following our teams? Prob not. We go to bed with a smile that there is a small chance we can compete for national relevance and the expanded playoff discussion gives us this glimmer of hope. For us schools who’ve been living on a lower budget, how much would our lives change? If in a vacuum without NIL considerations, might not be much. For the P5 -> G5 schools, this is traumatic the loss of income and prestige.
  14. So what I’m reading, for the MWC, the B12 going East and raiding the AAC is the best outcome for the MWC as a whole to stay intact. The AAC stays alive by raiding other conferences or disappears. This might open the door for then the MWC to acquire a SMU or Tulsa (or Houston if we are lucky) that gets left out of the remade B12. That would be the best scenario in this situation I’d think. The MWC should go on offense here when the tree shakes. Hoping the B12 goes East.
  15. - I hate this mega conference talk. 16 is too many. - the MWC is a domino that isn’t directly in the line of fire. Wondering what the meltdown is at B12 schools not UT and OU. I bet their fans are distracted as heck.
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