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  1. This might be the counter to the “simply waiting out the West” argument. I think Ukraine will still find sympathizers and thus resources. This video puts into context that Russia would find itself in a multi generational holy war against Ukraine against “killers of brothers and rapists of sisters.” It might devolve into medieval warfare as both sides are attrited but guess who will be more motivated? Who is going to wait out who?
  2. He seemed like a great guy. As a Democrat, I feel a bit bad not liking McCain when he was running. Similarly feel that way about Romney. Politics is toxic.
  3. Tina Turner - first remember seeing her music video around 1992 on like VH1. “What’s love got to do with it”. I would be home for about an hour before going to Pop Warner practice. Loved her song. - flash forward, 2014 my dad on his last day alive, lying on the bed. My sister playing music on her phone “I don’t want to fight” comes on and I knew it was time to let him go. Thank you for the memories.
  4. Some info on the terrain selected for this incursion into Russia. It’s surrounded on two sides by rivers and on two sides by the Ukraine border. Looks like a defensible position with a fallback option.
  5. Russia has a “little green men” issue in their border area. https://euromaidanpress.com/2023/05/22/ukraines-russian-volunteer-fighters-creating-security-strip-in-russias-belgorod-oblast-ukrainian-intel/
  6. The internet has some funny memes. First time I’m hearing about Dark Brandon. I like it.
  7. https://www.hawaii.edu/news/2019/11/15/michigan-paying-record-amount/ Hawaii got $1.9 million to play at Michigan in 2022. The game was ugly.
  8. Hawaii is a nice travel sport for early season games But also we have Week Zero and the Hawaii Exemption (extra game if you play in Hawaii) to thank.
  9. Heard there were some mean scraps (fights) in the stands during CU-CSU games
  10. Any truth to this BYU guy’s analysis on media value? https://espn960sports.com/byu/big-12-scored-media-value-from-new-schools-especially-byu/
  11. Stanford would prob need to be in a conference to make the expanded playoffs. So, I’d agree about them going independent except for that variable. If Cal stays on, Stanford more likely also. They will hope the Big10 comes for them eventually. I think the left behind P12 members (Cal included; to some extent SDSU/SMU maybe) will push for uneven revenue. Unless you’re part of the P2, the era of uneven revenue has begun. The remaining P12 schools staying in one division makes sense. OSU and Wazzu feel they are superior to Boise State (even though it makes so much sense to pair them all up as a region).
  12. New Pac-12 (16) Pacific 1) Cal 2) Stanford 3) San Jose State 4) Fresno State 5) San Diego St 6) Hawaii 7) Nevada-Reno 8) UNLV Mountain 1) Washington State 2) Oregon State 3) Boise State 4) Utah State 5) Colorado State 6) Air Force 7) Wyoming 8) New Mexico Cal won’t go independent, but will negotiate unequal revenue. If Stanford stays, then that softens the ego blow. UCLA compensation to UC Berkeley will help. Give more money to them (Cal, Stanford, OSU, Wazzu) for a period of time, and then provide incentive money to everyone. I could see the Pacific division targeting games in Asia/Pacific with Hawaii as the time zone anchor (6pm Hawaii kickoff is 2pm Sunday in Sydney). Week Zero (and Week One) games played in Sydney, Tokyo/Osaka, and maybe New Zealand, Manila, and on rotation, including Univ of British Columbia in Vancouver. This conference champ should get playoff access every year. Lots of drivable games in CA.
  13. If OU and UW leave, Pac-12 needs to invite SDSU and Fresno. The remaining value of the conference is to have as strong of a market presence in California (aka drivable games). I’d say, UNLV as well.
  14. Maybe your dad and mom loved college football. There was a big win and they celebrated into the evening. But more likely: Labor Day is in early Sept. That long weekend could have been spent on a vacation. Dad paid for the vacay and got rewarded. Dad ran the same play 2 years later. You were merely 2 years old and unaware of the hanky panky going on.
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