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  1. They will do whatever they can to get Hawaii in. Including making you wait.
  2. Download the free Team1Sports app on your smart phone and enjoy the game this Saturday. You can chromecast or connect via USB to your tv if you want. The app works well and none of the buffering issues of the Stadium app of a few years ago. you already know cuz
  3. The Hawaii Nei Trophy with you grandpa and Brian’s name on it. Remembering passing in the night between our two locales. I brainstorm too much but now the idea is out there
  4. Also I became friends with your former Free Safety the late Brian Suite who died of cancer in 2020 (Punahou alum, found out he had a rare soft tissue cancer right after his dad died). So if there is ever a Trophy for this series, I’d like it to be in his name. He loved Hawaii and especially loved Utah State.
  5. You should visit. Snorkeling is amazing in West Maui. I’ll think of your grandpa when I see a little church there. I moved away from Hawaii Nei after college (my alma mater is the school your playing) so I’m like you, need to get back to Maui. I mainly visit Oahu where I grew up so it’s an extra step.
  6. Similar to your grandpa, my dad in later stage of his life would say Maruyama. I didn’t know what that meant until I asked someone. The village in Lahaina he grew up in. Hawaii Nei. Never leaves you.
  7. I have a hand drawn map of the village with the family names mainly Japanese and Filipino. I visited the site of the village in the mountains after my dad died in 2014 and have a pic with the Old Pioneer Mill in the background. My grandpa was born in 1885 and I’m not yet 40. Your gramps and mine probably crossed paths. I am totally fascinated by this stuff and my profession reflects that. I have so much to learn. Go Bows!
  8. Interesting. My dad and grandparents on his side were in Lahaina. They lived in the foothills of West Maui mountains. A sugar plantation village called Maruyama (circle mountain). My grandpa was one of the (or was the) village spokesman. This was all prior to 1950’s. When I asked my oldest cousin (in his 70’s - I’m not 40 yet) what he thought about “old Hawaii” he said it was watching his dad fishing with the Native Hawaiians, which they had a village near the ocean. We were Japanese. Interesting dynamic.
  9. Must have been an unforgettable experience!
  10. Hawaii’s been PPV model, what’s seemed like a decade now. And when I say PPV, like Hawaii residents need to pay $70 per game to watch. Pros: guaranteed revenue; you still get around 6 games a season on national tv; you protect somewhat the same in-game attendance ticket revenue; you ensure live sports production for the other sports; and given the aging fan base, a good alternative product for them that they are willing to pay for. Cons: loss of casual fan exposure on tv, who normally would not pay for anything extra until they are really into it (ie UFC). Growing up we were u
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