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  1. We'll see how the new staff decides to use him. He could still be an effective situational QB - he's always been dangerous in short yardage situations. Also he could benefit with better RPO scheming with passes that get receivers open earlier in the play. This will be his first season being coached by someone other than Ron Odell, who came from Bishop Gorman with Sanchez.
  2. In January when Justin Rogers' transfer was announced he was rated as the #1 rated overall transfer by 247Sports, but recently 247Sports has started giving players a "transfer rating" that replaces their high school rating... and Rogers went from the #1 overall player to the #13 QB. The .86 score is still pretty good though, and nobody really knows what to expect from him. If Rogers gets a waiver to play this season then the QB competition will be intense with Oblad, Armani Rogers, and even Gilliam. Both those players' injury histories are concerning because both are injuries that are difficult to every recover 100% from (drop foot for Rogers and back for Bradley). But both are interesting prospects.
  3. I've read quite a bit on this and objectively decided DRF gets a pass. DRF was hired in spring 2017 and may have sat in on some of the joint use "negotiations" that occurred from June to December 2017 but it appears even if she was involved she never "got a seat at the main table" when it mattered and was not present when it was signed. When the meetings started UNLV's key representatives were: Sam Boyd Stadium executive director Mike Newcomb (who actually benefits most from the continued use of Boyd Stadium) UNLV President Len Jessup UNLV Vice President Gerry Bomotti, who resigned in July 2017 (Bomotti’s resignation may have been related to presidential debate spending in 2016) The highly dysfunctional Nevada Board Of Regents tried to play puppetmaster and control the priorities for the negotiations, and had their new NSHE Chancellor Thom Reilly (arrived that summer) oversee UNLV’s negotiating team. The Raiders' tactic was to make the "negotiations" be almost entirely about parking, and that is what the BOR and the $750/hour law firm that UNLV had hired were focusing on, particularly these three things (https://www.unlvfreepress.com/nshe-chancellor-wants-unlv-come-first-raiders-negotiations/): Parking on game days will have zero impact on students’ parking. UNLV should retain revenue from all use of its parking facilities. Neither UNLV nor NSHE will be bound to long-term parking conditions without a way out. The focus on parking may have been genius by the Raiders - if they knew at the time that they could find other parking than UNLV - or just luck. UNLV's top priority was to not affect student parking on game days (usually Sunday)? Senate Bill 1, approved in October 2016 that allotted $750 million in public funding toward the stadium, was the problem for UNLV. That bill left UNLV with almost no negotiating leverage other than being able to delay the groundbreaking by stalling the approval of the Stadium Joint Use Agreement. That period (Fall 2016 to Spring 2018) was particularly bizarre due to lots of players with lots of agendas, for example: Apr 3rd 2018 https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/unlv-president-len-jessup-leaving-university-blames-departure-on-personal-and-professional-attacks-by-regents Jessup resigned and wrote a letter: Jessup said the “personal and professional” attacks levied against him by system Chancellor Thom Reilly and members of the Board of Regents led to his departure. January 29th, 2017 Sheldon Adelson, who had promised to spend $650M of his own money to help construct the stadium, pulled out only three months after the state passed Senate Bill 1 allocating $500M of public funds to the project. It had never really been a secret that Adelson's only interest was to divert public funding away from expansion plans for the Convention Center (which competes with his Sands Expo). Adelson had stated previously that he had no interest in football, but his son watched it "occasionally". July 2017: UNLV introduced the odd new logo, which an "outside entrepreneur" paid about $50K for a Denver graphics firm to design. The logo lasted until December 2018 and was never used by the athletics department. It has never been revealed who had the logo created and forced in, but the arrival of "PC Reb" aka "Neighborhood Watch Reb" followed ten weeks after the arrival of former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid at UNLV's Boyd Law School. Reid had previously tried to get rid of UNLV's mascot and logo after it was used to criticize him after he started a PC range war against the Washington Redskins.
  4. When Fleming signed he expected to be the Rebels' main point guard the next few years. Then a former walk-on (Marvin Coleman) became the coach's favorite player and a lock to be starting PG the next few years.
  5. Generally the problem with rescheduling is the TV contract. It must not have been an issue in this case.
  6. That's actually pretty solid for CSU. Once the NFL schedule was announced and it was known that the CSU game was going to be the first and only scheduled overnight field switch from Rebel turf to Raider grass, one big option was to move CSU to Boyd Stadium in order to get ASU into Allegiant. This way CSU gets to play in the new stadium. Updated official UNLV schedule:
  7. Actually it's Gardnerville - oddly right before the whole quarantine started I was passing through that area when his wife Amy posted that he was running again... he lost all 8 of the elections he ran for in Las Vegas, but apparently has some powerful friends up in Bonanza country.
  8. @MAD MACGYVER how does 37 MWC commits by mid-May seem to compare to other recent years? The new staffs at CSU, UNM, and UNLV have been making a ton of offers. It's only May and UNLV is within a few offers of the most ever for a class.
  9. UNLV picked up a commitment from '21 QB Cameron Friel out of Hawaii. https://247sports.com/Player/Cameron-Friel-46094770/ Friel had offers from Arizona, Navy, SDSU, Nevada, and just added one from Fresno State today.
  10. Are you a Tina Kunzer-Murphey fan? Because she is still employed at UNLV and waiting in the wings for the acting president to need an acting AD until the new president is eventually hired and gets around to doing an AD search.
  11. The way you describe him makes him sound similar to Bischoff in LV... he came from SEC country and is annoyed that he has to include UNLV content, so he channels that into trolling the fans. Takes the Colin Cowherd "contrarian view" approach. Actually in the article that Santoro was promoting his answer was that yes, the cannon does matter. His clickbait was misleading. The article was from last December, odd that he was promoting it again, and also odd that it caught Coach Arroyo's attention.
  12. Coach Marcus Arroyo understands why football must be played this fall... because keeping the cannon is something that must be earned on the field not continued by default.
  13. I hope he has a great career as a CSU Ram. One of Las Vegas' best prep players ever (Mike Prichard) became one of the best players ever for your rival CU Bufs. UNLV historically has not recruited well locally, in football or basketball. One big reason is that the top local players look at UNLV as a backup option, if they don't get playing time wherever they begin at they can come home and play. Gerrick Robinson comes from the Centennial program that the local 247Sports guy used to be an assistant for, so sometimes their players get a little over-hyped.
  14. Getting Lanier to commit before ASU and UNLV could get him on campus for a visit was an impressive move.