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  1. It's been in the works for a while, but finally a done deal. The Frozen Four is coming to Las Vegas in 2026. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/basketball/ncaa-tournament/ncaa-awards-basketball-regional-frozen-four-to-t-mobile-2149772/
  2. As I mentioned, my season tickets for this year were also going to be front row, but you may be overestimating the value of front row because seats in row 45 on the 50 yard line probably cost significantly more than our tickets, at least more than mine (by a lot) since I am end zone corner. I have been front row end zone corner at Sam Boyd Stadium the past 5 seasons and the game view is not that great. I just like not having anyone in front of me and for the price of 8 seats it's much more reasonable than seats at midfield.
  3. Being a season ticket holder (among 7,460 UNLV season tickets) for this season no longer matters for getting seats this season... those season tickets have been voided. The (up to 6500) game tickets will be distributed based on RAF (Rebel Athletic Fund) seniority, which is a system dominated by people who have purchased basketball tickets over the years because of the greater cost of basketball tickets. Each holder can claim up to 6 football seats, and if there is a demand many "mainly basketball" fans might be claiming those seats. I'm happy about the season happening even if I don
  4. Originally the "retain your exact same seat for the 2021 season" wasn't part of the options. At least they adjusted that. Like you, I have (or had?) front row seats. I also had increased my number of seats intending to bring more people this season and to take advantage of the "loyal fan" promotion. We'll see what being a "loyal fan" gets us.
  5. People willing to spend money can get seats, but it is based on RAF points accumulated so past purchases will help us. There are currently 3153 groups/individuals with RAF ranking, and you can check where you rank - link under How to view Your Total Priority Points Online on the page https://www.rebelathleticfund.com/membership-and-benefits/raf-program-benefits/index.html
  6. Fresno St has been named by two 247Sports experts as the strong favorite to land WR Alonzo Fontenette. If he commits, Fontenette will become the second highest rated MWC commit in the '21 class.
  7. You must have "front ranger" level of confidence in MWC commissioner Craig Thompson. Most of the non "front rangers" are CT doubters an bitter that we've now paid the guy over $14M in salary since 1998 to get us where we now are.
  8. No. The PAC-12 is well into the process of establishing daily COVID testing and setting up an environment that will justify reversing their decision to not play this fall. The MWC is not.
  9. UNLV is back up to 6 DB commits for the '21 recruiting class. Safety Johnathan Baldwin out of Houston committed today. https://247sports.com/player/johnathan-baldwin-46099874/ Earlier this week UNLV got a commitment from OT Anton Ambuehl out of the Los Angeles area. https://247sports.com/player/anton-ambuehl-46100649/
  10. Poaching season is in full effect... this evening Jakelyn Morgan flipped from UNLV to Arizona. This will probably not be the last decommit before signing period.
  11. The #deuceswild22 promos implied that is an announcement coming next week and appears to be Nike related.
  12. "New Zealand Williams" is also a great name in the same recruiting class.
  13. The 247Sports projections are now indicating that on Friday UNLV will add a second player to the '21 class from what we in Las Vegas refer to as "The First 8 Islands". If he commits, that will make 6 defensive backs committed to the '21 class for the Rebels. https://247sports.com/college/arizona/Article/Three-star-corner-Kilinahe-Mendiola-Jensen-to-decide-on-Friday-150468564/
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