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  1. This is not really surprising after DRF was named prominently during the UCLA and Northwestern AD hiring processes. She was less of an embarrassment than her predecessor. Her biggest legacy at UNLV is the "neighborhood watch logo" that lasted from July of '17 to December of '18. She brought in very little as far as fundraising and facilities although got credit for both the facilities that were already in the pipeline when she arrived and a major donation that finally cleared probate court last year but was actually made in 2016 before she arrived. Lindy La Roque was a great hire
  2. UNLV does not have a track record of making "home run hires".
  3. The Rebels added another '22 commit today, DE Aubrey Scott. https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Aubrey-Scott-131918/RecruitInterests/
  4. That spring of '15 was the perfect storm for the demise of the program. More significant than the player boycott was that following Tark's passing in February a lot of Rice's former teammates and coaches had gathered in town and then rallied in early March to discourage boosters from helping with the Rice buyout. Tim Grg even went to the RJ to publish an article calling for another year for CDR. The unfortunate delayed effect was that by January of '16 most of that group had again lost interest in the program and the boosters hadn't.
  5. Dembele played four seasons. He could have used an injury waiver to get a fifth season (because of his injury-shortened 9 game season) but instead medically retired and stayed with the program his fifth season but did not play.
  6. You might want to consider your complete body of work. Even if you didn't make personal attacks on that specific player, some people who care about UNLV don't like personal attacks on any of our assistant coaches or players.
  7. Think the LV beat reporters will dig into it? (joking) Years ago LoboLair mentioned a rumour that Savon Goodman had done something that would end his days at UNLV. I asked a local reporter about it... he said that he had heard rumblings but asked Rice's staff and they told him there was nothing to it. In August there was an indictment for the arrest that had happened in May and was public record.
  8. The mid '80s until early '90s was the era of "Proposition 48". There were a lot of new terms like "partial qualifier", "non-qualifier", and "Prop 48 casualty". Non-qualifiers made the JUCOs loaded with talent (not sure if LJ was one, but I think so). Partial qualifiers were "Prop 48 redshirts" like Anderson Hunt (probably Barry Young but not sure on James Jones since I though he was previously a JUCO) who were usually on "non-athletic" financial aid their two freshmen semesters, then went on athletic scholarship by the end of the spring semester. Most likely Greg Anthony was a walk-on
  9. Not exactly. Greg Anthony, Anderson Hunt, James Jones, and Barry Young were there for the '87-'88 school year and practicing but not eligible for games. Those four along with Augmon and Keith James would be a first six that would be a defensive matchup nightmare for most modern era teams.
  10. Reece Brown was off dealing with family issues this spring that would have taken priority over him looking for another school and it definitely would have been a bad look for the staff to run him off. Hopefully Brown gets another year at UNLV. He's had by far the roughest year of anyone associated with the program.
  11. UNLV got their first '22 commit today, and he could be the future of the program: QB Jayden Maiava out of Hawaii.
  12. Your concerns have been addressed in the poll. If nothing else, now only Fresno is excluded which may please some SJSU fans. As for what defines a "college town" for those schools in metropolitan areas, to me it is the campus and the area surrounding the campus. I've spent a lot of time in ABQ the area around the campus seems safe and has great breweries, pubs, and restaurants. The area around SJSU seemed OK... but the area around UNLV (in "Paradise") is kind of sketchy.
  13. The brilliant, good-looking and clever Twitter user that posted that should have clarified that it was referring to P5 offers coming out out high school or JUCO (Del Cadia's case) and not transfer offers; it was clarified later in the thread.
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