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  1. In mid-June I participated in a very long and detailed survey that the AD sent out to (presumably) all season ticket holders. One of the main objectives was to determine what price point (high) would start to drive current season ticket holders off, and what price point (low) might get us to increase the number of season tickets we buy once the Rebels move into the new stadium. These prices seem pretty reasonable for that objective. The survey also went a lot into tailgating, parking, and transportation options. UNLV is reporting an increase of 1500 season tickets for this current season, partially (or largely) fueled by that "faithful fan" program. UNLV has failed miserably to draw student attendance to games. Having that whole end dedicated to students is optimistic, but hopefully part of a strategy to get students to the games now that they aren't in the swamps of Hendertucky. Long term that is critical to building alumni attendance. Individual game sales are huge for UNLV. Corporate sales for single games are important and bring large groups. Scheduling is important - we used to get a boost from more conference opponents that would travel to LV or have fan bases in LV (BYU and Utah were great; Hawaii still is great; SDSU has been OK at times; Boise State has been the biggest disappointment - we've seen that they will travel here for bowl games but would they even travel here if the CCG was held here?). So bring back teams like Wisconsin.
  2. Windmon is a freshman to keep an eye on. He was only 17 years old in summer camp (turned 18 Tuesday) so he is still growing (added over 20lbs since arriving last winter after graduating early) and will now play DE instead of LB. He gets the start since Gabe McCoy has to sit out one game as part of his 5th season waiver since he played in one game as a true freshman. Current freshmen won't have to deal with that since they are allowed to play in up to 4 games and still red-shirt. Windmon is a football player. His HS teammate QB Travis Mumphrey was UNLV's top '19 HS recruit - Mumphrey had SEC, ACC, PAC-12, and Big-10 offers. When UNLV was recruiting Windmon, he was being called a TE, and caught a lot of TDs from Mumphrey. He also played FB, and was Mumphrey's backup QB. After he signed I was surprised UNLV was listing him as a LB. Both players were recruited by UNLV defensive coordinator Tim Skipper - who recruits heavily in the New Orleans area - so I guess it's not too surprising he wanted him on defense.
  3. The university has said the stadium will be closed once the Rebels move to Allegiant Stadium, but I have heard nothing definite announced yet. The county owns all the land surrounding the stadium and has had a master plan to put more facilities around there (softball complex, walking park, etc.). UNLV only has the stadium and the asphalted parking immediately surrounding it (and grass tailgate area to the north). The county has allowed parking on the dirt, but has always blocked asphalting it. The area around north is LV Wash "preserve". I believe that a land swap will eventually happen with the county. The county (or county "aviation" division) owns the 38 acres that would connect the main UNLV campus to the 42 acre site west of there that the UNLV Foundation bought as a potential site for a stadium or campus "village". That would be the most likely swap. It was before my time, but the old-timers I've spoken to have said it was "shady land deals" that put UNLV's stadium out in the swamps of Henderson when the state already owned better sites closer (one was around Decatur and Trop) that would have been ideal.
  4. Should Tedford be fired? He's one of the few currently employed head coaches who has faced Tony Sanchez multiple times and does not have a winning record. If Tedford fails to beat UNLV this year should he be fired? Where's the poll?
  5. Mora's UCLA contract is still being bought out through the 2021 season, at a little over $3M per year. Some of the "sources" that claimed DRF had worked out a deal for Mora last winter claimed that a very wealthy UCLA booster was involved, and was going to float UNLV a big "donation" to buy out Mora's deal with UCLA. I never understood the implied motivation. Of course we'll never know if there was anything to that. But after this season the $9M to UCLA would drop to $6M, so maybe other schools would give him a look.
  6. The season after Bobby Hauck left (the '10-'11 season) there were serious off-field problems that ended up in Montana vacating wins and getting hit with sanctions. They have been working their way back ever since. With Bobby Hauck's return to the Grizz it is interesting as a UNLV fan to watch their progress. Hauck has former UNLV OC Rosenbach there, as well as Tony Sanchez' former DC Kent Baer. At QB is former UNLV player Dalton Sneed - best known for his 99-yard touchdown scamper (run) during Tony Sanchez' first season. Sneed was Hauck's only commit when he "resigned" at the end of his last season, and Sneed stuck around a year but was going to be buried on the QB depth chart at UNLV.
  7. The national average is about two players transferring out each year and UNLV hasn't been all that much above that most years. Before this year (6 with Juiston, Coupet, JTT, Ntambwe, Woodbury, and Beck) the last big exodus out was after CDR's departure (Cornish and Carter transferred, Morgan stayed but was later dismissed from the team after his arrest, and Cook transferred but had been dismissed from the team early that winter) and four players "went pro", McCaw, Zimm, D Jones Jr, and Okonoboh (who had left the team by November). While UNLV did have a lot transfer out this year, there were several schools that had more than six, including Utah - who I don't think even had a coaching change. In the MWC UNLV was just one of three schools with 6 transferring out ("Nevada" and CSU also had 6, and I don't think CSU had a coaching change). Where UNLV may stand out is the number of players "going pro". Along with the four named above, there was Rashad Vaughn, Anthony Bennett, Christian Wood, Khem Birch, Roscoe Smith, and the transfer from St John's that never played for UNLV.
  8. It's convenient that you qualified "the last 7 years", because the transfer numbers were recently discussed for the period since 2012 at https://athleticdirectoru.com/articles/investigating-college-basketballs-transfer-movement/ It looks like that article doesn't include this year though, since it mentions that the totals are for six years. While they didn't tally the totals on transfers in + transfers out, UNLV can't be anywhere close to UTRGV (coached by former UNLV assistant Lew Hill) on combined total, since they've had 31 transfers out (the most) and 15 transfers in (16 was the most) for a total of 46. "Nevada" also had 15 transfers in during that period, which lead the MWC. Colorado State had 11. Utah State led the MWC with transfers out in that period (22).
  9. I plugged that location into Zillow... It is an "upscale tract home", but currently valued at $762K with an estimated mortgage payment of $2490/month plus $81/month HOA fees plus utilities. So with utilities approaching $3500/month. According to the CC Assessor web site, that property was last sold in June 2017, so after Martell left for tOSU. They were probably renting since that owner had it since the early 2000's.
  10. No thanks. Aside from being way overhyped for his talent level, Martell doesn't understand "commitment". He and his family are the football equivalent of the Katin Reinhardt family (former UNLV basketball player). UNLV fans had kept tabs on Tate Martell, since he did make an unofficial visit to UNLV in 2015 after he decommitted from Washington and before he committed to Texas A&M. Martell benefited from being on a great high school team. He was one of 10 seniors on his team who signed with FBS schools (7 went to P5 schools, 2 to UNLV, and one to "Nevada"). Two of those 10 have since transferred to UNLV (a RB from Cal and a DB from ASU), but Martell is not so welcome. When Martell left Ohio St last January multiple "sources close to the UNLV coaching staff" made it clear that UNLV had no interest in him. If Martell came to a MWC level school and had a standout season, he would bounce for a higher profile program the first chance he got. In 2012 he was considered "the next Johnny Manziel", and that was a huge thing in 2012. But in 2019 being "the next Johnny Manziel" is not such a big deal. July 26, 2012: Commitment Tate Martell commits to Washington January 05, 2015: Decommit Tate Martell decommits from Washington Huskies August 20, 2015: Commitment Tate Martell commits to Texas A&M Aggies April 18, 2018: Tweet: "I'm planning on taking all five of my visits. This is because I feel I have worked too [sic] hard to not take full advantage of the opportunities that I have been given. If I do feel that I will need more than five visits to see all the schools I want, then I will take unofficial visits on my own as well. Currently, I'm in the process of trying to figure out which schools I would like to go visit. I still have some more offers that I would like to receive before choosing which schools to visit, because these visits will ultimately determine where I will be going to college." (Martell then listed schools he either wanted to visit or wanted to receive an offer from) May 04, 2016: Decommit Tate Martell decommits from Texas A&M Aggies June 12, 2016: Commitment Tate Martell commits to Ohio State Buckeyes
  11. Jonah Antonio had been listed as a junior with two years remaining, but now the roster https://unlvrebels.com/roster.aspx?roster=1346&path=mbball has him listed as a senior, and Grimala called him a senior in an article today. Anybody know what's up with that? Does Antonio only have one season with UNLV? That could be part of the explanation why so many 2020 scholarships are being filled.
  12. Mike Daum was a four-year player. Nothing in Jhaylon Martinez' past suggests that he will stick around long, and I am taking a "believe it when I see it" attitude toward Martinez ever suiting up for UNLV. Martinez has bounced around a lot. He played HS ball in Las Vegas last winter, but his time in LV lasted for 9 months or so from what I hear. He moved on to Compass Prep in Arizona this summer, but there were "issues" there and has since moved on again to Dream City Christian in Glendale. He is starting to remind me of a player that UNLV recruited first under CDR, then under Menzies. The player was Andre Rafus, who was highly recruited as an underclassman but switched schools every year and even left a team mid season. At one time he had over 20 offers, including some big names, and UNLV's staff was heavy on him because they had a connection through UNLV guard Daquan Cook. Eventually it seemed that any school pursuing Rafus eventually backed off. He did an extra "prep school" year and eventually ended up committed to TCU. Things soured with his commitment to TCU and UNLV was mentioned a lot again, at this point Menzies was coach and really needed players. But Menzies never gave him an offer. Rafus ended up at Eastern Michigan, where he was a freshman last winter. He never played, and now he's in the transfer portal. I hope Martinez pans out, but like I said I'll believe he's a RunninRebel when I see him suited up at a Scarlet/Gray scrimmage.
  13. Unlikely, since the Arkansas State game is '80s night, which would have to be the iconic Randall Cunningham "Rebels" helmet (top right in the mini helmet set pictured below from 2017). The retro helmet you are asking about has been used before in recent years, and was even in the 2017 handout set pictured. The funniest part of the whole fake outrage thing with Nevada Sports Net this past week is you have Chris Murray (from California) and another guy who is from Florida trying to get clicks and stoke the fire over UNLV being allowed to imply that UN is part of their name.
  14. The honeymoon may be nearing an end between the Fertitta and the Sanchez families. Bishop Gorman (led by Kenny and Bobby Sanchez) might need to start this season 3-1 to make up for last season's 1-3 start and other problems within the program. This season could end the Sanchez era at BG. So, with regard to how critical the first month of the season is, there are some interesting but strange parallels with UNLV needing to start 2-1 to give CTS a realistic shot at 6 wins and a bowl.