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  1. He was originally in the 2019 class but was not getting much "high major" interest yet last fall and decided to extend his prep career to draw more interest. At that time he had 8 MWC offers, but UNLV was not one of them... Menzies' staff seemed more focused on recruiting the midwest and foriegn players. In late April TJO gave Nick Blake his UNLV offer, and within a week of that he finally started getting the P5 offers... Kansas State, Colorado, ASU, and Washington State. At that point the need to play an extra season to attract interest was no longer necessary.
  2. Rominger not only was deep on the depth chart, but he also graduated and is free to play elsewhere immediately. Since he had connections (through family) to former UNLV DC Kent Baer, I was expecting him to end up at Montana playing on Baer's defense there, so the only real surprise was that he hasn't yet. Outlaw supposedly left for "non football" reasons. Expect him to finish in the Big Sky conference, SUU or NAU. I believe Ali-Walsh and Grimes both have applied for eligibility this fall. That process/system is so biased and arbitrary it is hard to tell what will happen. Ali-Walsh's high school teammate Tate Martell was granted immediate eligibility when he left Ohio St and went to Miami this spring. So many other players have also. It seems to help if they get a lawyer involved when they are requesting immediate eligibility. Anyway, if Ali-Walsh and/or Grimes do play this fall it could change the outlook on the season because both WR and RB could use a little more depth.
  3. Utah fans seem convinced that PF Donnie Tillman is headed to UNLV. He is leaving to "be closer to his mother" https://www.sltrib.com/sports/utah-utes/2019/06/07/utah-forward-donnie/ Tillman started for the Utes and averaged 10.5 pts and 5.3 rebs this past season. The clue phone is ringing: Tillman played 3 years at Findlay Prep. While most Findlay players don't have Las Vegas roots, Tillman's mother did move to Las Vegas. In recent weeks posters on UteHub were concerned because Tillman "has been working out a lot at UNLV" Tillman is reportedly close with former Utah assistant Demarlo Slocum, who joined TJO's staff at UNLV in April. UNLV was one of the first schools to offer Tillman and his mother wanted to move from Detroit to Las Vegas so they did and Tillman chose between Bishop Gorman and Findlay Prep. http://www.statechampsnetwork.com/index.cfm/news/high-school-sports-news/sophomore-donnie-tillman-leaves-detroit-cass-tech-for-findlay-prep-in-nevada/
  4. As far as I know UNLV has only taken advantage of the 13th game opportunity once, and that was the year that the Rebels were supposed to be ineligible for bowl games due to low APR (but that was lifted). UNLV added a trip to Houston that season. For schools like UNLV there is a huge downside to adding the 13th game because that puts you in a position where you must win 7 games to become bowl eligible.
  5. What people outside of Las Vegas seem unaware of is that UNLV alumni in Las Vegas are less than 100,000 while "immigrants" in Las Vegas who moved here from PAC-12 country and the midwest number well over 1 Million. Since BYU left the MWC, interest in the conference is almost nil in Las Vegas.
  6. The smart money says that the MWC POY will be from Utah State. That list makes me question how much better informed the "bloggers" at MWWire are than us "trolls" over here at MWCBoard.... Scottie and Grimes as POY candidates? He criticizes the lack of minutes for Grimes in the past, but if you've followed Nate Grimes (I have for over six years, when former Rebel Lamar Bigby started trying to get Dave Rice to offer him at UNLV) you've seen that he's one of those players where more minutes don't translate to better productivity. It should also be noted that MWC Wire mentioned these guys at the end of the article: Also considered: Justinian Jessup, Boise State Derrick Alston, Boise State Kris Martin, Colorado State Jazz Johnson, Nevada Jalen Harris, Nevada Anthony Mathis, New Mexico JaQuan Lyle, New Mexico Carlton Bragg, New Mexico Zane Martin, New Mexico K.J. Feagin, San Diego State Amauri Hardy, UNLV
  7. Order goes: QB, RB, WR/TE, OL, DL, LB, DB UNLV - 3, 7, 5, 3, 11, 11, 10 Looking at this either Athlon was very generous giving UNLV's depleted WR group a 5, or else most the MWC will be very weak at WR this year. UNLV was very thin at the position before top WR Brandon Presley blew out his ACL in spring camp and the tall incoming grad transfer decommitted and flipped to Oklahoma State. But in the past two days (after the Athlon ranking) two WR's were announced transferring in, a JUCO and a transfer from USC (hoping for eligibility this season). On the opposite end Athlon undervalues the LB position for UNLV. IMO LB is the most solid position group UNLV has, offense or defense.
  8. Shawn Marion was also a couple inches shorter than he was listed at, but still a fantastic rebounder. The height "projecting" happens by high school, coaches listing players at the height they expect to grow to be "with shoes". The listing does matter for getting recruiting notice. By college it seems like schools allow players to choose what height/weight they should be listed at. After that, the agents have a say and they don't care what the combine official measurements are.
  9. I picked Laramie because it's the only MWC town that I haven't spent at least a weekend in. In fact, I've never even been there. So if it is as good as some of you claim then it's worth checking out Actually I've never been to Logan either, but I've spent several weeks in Ogden (Weber State U) and I'm thinking Logan can't be as good as Ogden (which I like).
  10. That hire will be big, and what has been interesting to me (as a UNLV football season ticket holder) is the timing of hiring/firing in both sports, and the narratives that some people push about veteran coaches wanting to come here. DRF chose to keep Sanchez for what is a lame duck season with "win or pound sand" expectations, and made that public. At least that made the timing better for replacing Menzies. The AD simply isn't financially solvent enough to be paying two buyouts the same year and replacing two discount coaches with "upgrades". In football the chatter has been that Jim Mora wanted the UNLV job and that the booster money was there. but DRF turned it down. Not sure I buy that either. What happened in secret is speculation, but what is fact is that both Mora and Matta are still on the market, and Mike Miller (who several of these social media "celebrities" claimed should be UNLV's prime target, even though he didn't meet the degree requirement) didn't appear to be seriously considered for any other HC jobs. If Matta takes the Michigan job then we'll know he was thinking about coming back, but starting salary there will probably be at least $5M.
  11. Dammit... I keep hearing all these chimes that there are new posts in this thread and I take the screen lock off to see what the latest is on Juiston (off to Europe maybe?) and David Jenkins (commits at 5pm today, I think Central Daylight time - so 3pm Pacific?).... ...but no news... just Dave Rice and Marvin Menzies discussion.
  12. It was time to let Menzies go. The T&M Arena was virtually empty this season, despite the still significant number of season ticket sales. But every year that legacy season ticket holders go without attending games, a significant percentage of those finally terminate their season tickets. At UNLV 1000 season ticket sales decreased is a loss of over $1M up front, and more in vending. The record this year did not tell the story. The only significant win Menzies had this season was BYU, and even then it was because of lights-out 3-point shooting to build a huge halftime lead, then collapse in the 2nd half and go to overtime and win in overtime off of clutch shots by a walk-on. There were a lot of blow-out losses to teams like Bucknell, and no wins against any conference team with a winning record. The people who are expected to buy season tickets suffered through all this. "At this juncture" it was easier to let Menzies go than it would be next spring after the same lineup returned to face an even worse MWC and most likely finish top 3 but not make the tournament, but have 20+ wins because 20+ winnable games were on the schedule. There's always been more to the story with Woodbury than seems to get reported. He got kicked off his high school team. Other players don't seem to want to play with him. We'll see where he ends up. Josh Pierre-Louis was a loss, despite the injury that may cause him to sit out his first year. Ethan Anderson was an even greater loss. Mike Miller was never a serious candidate for the UNLV position, and by law in Nevada he could not have been hired because he does not have a college degree yet. A certain faction led by a radio guy kept pushing his name on social media, and claimed "for an A-list hire like Mike Miller they would waive that degree requirement".... but no, that requirement was not waived even for UNLV legend Reggie Theus, or other minority coaching candidates, so do you really think that it would be now? That radio guy had a personal connection to the Millers (Mike and Ryan), and undoubtedly Mike Miller will be considered for HC jobs next spring (Mark Anderson said Miller is on track to get his degree this summer), but right now the agenda seemed to be to just get his name out there as much as possible. Comically he (radio guy) was organizing a "demonstration to insist UNLV hire Miller" outside the T&M, very similar to the recent LA Laker protest at Staples. The rest of the "A-List" according to that radio guy included his other buddy Larry Eustachy (former CSU coach), Thad Motta, and Eric Musselman - who he said was "begging to be considered for the UNLV job". Lots of "spin".
  13. It's hard to watch a 6'8 guy with a 38" vertical, a 7'3" wingspan, and a big motor walk out the door when we are left with the likes of Coupet, Djordjije, and Dembele staying. JTT was just a freshman and doesn't have a lot of experience in 5-on-5 organized basketball. He has potential. If he reaches his potential he could remind some of.... Warren Rosegreen.
  14. Flopped? That's a matter of opinion. Anthony Bennett - who had back problems since high school, along with asthma and other issues - earned $16.5 Million from the NBA. Rashad Vaughan earned around $5 Million from the NBA.