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  1. It sounds like Barnett is already leaving Syracuse, for the DC job at Miss St.
  2. I think this is a good hire by Hawaii. I read quite a bit about him and Todd Graham was about 3rd on my wish list of coaches who I believed we could get... which was better than Arroyo. The word was that the UNLV AD want an "up and coming" HC and not a retread. Graham had told the media that he was content taking time off and staying in Phoenix and spending time with his family... but I bet he'll be able to sell them on the move to the islands! Because of how he had bailed to take the ASU job, there are a lot of people that seemed to have a grudge against him. But he did well at ASU and it surprised a lot of people that he was let go. Maybe the AD knew at the time that they could get Herman Edwards and that prompted it. One thing I do remember was this survey, which was taken after Graham was fired:
  3. Well, that buzz didn't last long. With 3 de-commits of Sanchez recruits (Ron Gilliam and Dirk Nelson today, Steve Jenkins last week but it wasn't included on 247Sports until today) UNLV has quickly dropped in the rankings.
  4. UNLV has now lost Ron Gilliam, who had been the highest rated commit before yesterday. That's 3 de-commits in less than a week! We're dropping quickly now.
  5. You can slide Dirk Nelson over to the CSU column from UNLV. De-committed today and announced his commitment to the Rams.
  6. This morning another commit, S Tyson Player out of South Carolina. Had lot of FCS offers and several FBS offers including Army, Air Force, Georgia State, and Kent St
  7. UNLV just moved up to 2nd in the MWC recruiting rankings. Scott had 29 offers from P5 schools, among them LSU, USC, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Oregon, Oklahoma, Mich St, Texas, and Texas A&M. He had been a Kansas commit until recently.
  8. Still hoping for any of the three above to commit, but even better UNLV just landed a four star recruit. Scott is a LB out of Texas. https://247sports.com/player/brennon-scott-46042133/ 29 of his offers are from P5 schools, including LSU, USC, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Oregon, Oklahoma, Mich St, Texas, and Texas A&M
  9. Add a 6'6" 320lb OT from the state of Oregon, Tiger Shanks. Had offers from SJSU and several Big Sky teams. https://247sports.com/Player/Tiger-Shanks-46048396/
  10. This morning UNLV was 6th in the MWC recruiting rankings (per 247Sports). This evening they have moved up to 3rd. Yes, I do know there is a separate forum for recruiting, you can find it here: Sorry, I'm excited and impatient waiting for more news...
  11. Two more commits in the last few minutes - so far six for today, 8 since Wednesday: TE Jake Ray - had offers from SEC (Mizzou), Big12 (Kansas) and ACC (NC State and Boston College) https://247sports.com/player/jake-ray-46080656/ JUCO DB Jeremiah Houston (who had been in the '19 recruiting class for UNLV but returned to JUCO for academic reasons) https://247sports.com/Player/Jeremiah-Houston-46079279/ The addition of Ray moves UNLV past Fresno into 3rd in the MWC rankings. Houston has not been counted since he is still listed on 247Sports as class of 2019.
  12. The guys on campus this weekend that will cause some raised eyebrows if they commit: TE Alex Lines out of Phoenix area - has offers from every P5 conference except SEC (but BYU and BSU are considered the leaders to get him) JUCO LB Danthony Jones (took official visits to Boise St and Houston last month) CB Edric Whitley out of Austin, TX area (had only FCS offers when UNLV offered him earlier this month, but the following day both Miami and Ole Miss offered him... he has visits scheduled to Miami next weekend and Ole Miss the final weekend)
  13. Two more commits late afternoon today, TCU DL transfer Adam Plant Jr. (who had already been counted in the rankings) and JUCO LB Princeton Lollar Jr. This makes 6 commits since Wednesday. https://247sports.com/Player/Adam-Plant-89698/ https://247sports.com/player/princeton-lollar-jr-93515/
  14. It's been a big week for UNLV recruiting, with four commits in four days. Today the Rebels went from 6th to 4th in the MWC ranking with the commits of DE/LB Leshaun Bell and RB Dylan Downing. Bell's offers included 8 MWC schools and 3 PAC-10 schools. Downing had offers from many MAC teams as well as Washington St and Tulane. https://247sports.com/player/leshaun-bell-46081091/ https://247sports.com/Player/Dylan-Downing-45573225/ There are 15 players on campus this weekend for official visits, so by the end of the weekend the Rebels could move up a few more spots. https://247sports.com/college/unlv/Season/2020-Football/Visits/
  15. Yes, marginal recruits can get another year of experience without using a year of scholarship, without burning their red-shirt season, and without starting their five year clock. On the coach's radio show the other day TJO implied that some of the high school guys would be encouraged to do a prep school year next year. The most obvious choices for that would be Reece Brown and Devin Tillis. Isaac Lindsay is having hip surgery this winter, so wherever he is next fall it seems unlikely that he'll be playing. Several of the players that will be on the roster next fall have parents in Las Vegas (so no out-of-state tuition, and with good enough GPA could have classes paid for with Millennium scholarships), so it wouldn't be shocking if one or two passed up one year of athletic scholarship for the good of the program: Tillman, Coleman, Yap, Blake, and Martinez. There are options other than players leaving, but I expect there will be players leaving. Dembele should be in a position to grad transfer elsewhere, if even he is going to continue playing... reportedly his knees are so bad he has trouble running the floor.