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  1. I suppose it’s a philosophical difference, but I’d rather my team be a stepping-stone job than a dead-end job.
  2. I don't think FS has the offense to contend for an MWC championship. Maybe I'm wrong.
  3. You don’t strike me as Northwestern material.
  4. There is some great tri tip in Fresno. I also agree with your food recommendation more than the ones from actual FS fans. Haven’t lived there for a long time though.
  5. Do you know what the word “continuous” means?
  6. No skin off my back. But if you think you’re clever or incisive going after a poster because of his perceived ethnicity, you really aren’t. You generally wind up coming across as a pugnacious idiot with loads of unearned confidence.
  7. These continuous dog whistle posts of yours are not cool. There are certain thresholds that should not be crossed when talking trash.
  8. He had a debilitating health condition in the third year that has apparently been mitigated by surgery.
  9. Must be nice to be an SJSU fan and never have to worry about these things.
  10. We will rebuild! Please consider donating to my coffee filter replacement gofundme campaign.
  11. *dishes* it out but can’t take it.
  12. If he's as good as everybody says he is (recall he was one of three coaches held over from Tedford to Deboer -- he is legit), he can build that resume up anywhere.
  13. Buddy I'd lay off the diet smack based on your posting history here. I'm still not convinced that you know what a vegetable is.
  14. This is the death knell of any semblance of competitive equity in the sport, IMO. Not just for G5s -- that gap is certainly widening beyond belief but has always been there. But now, a group of maybe 10-15 schools can lock all of their competitors (the Iowa States, Arizona States, and yes, even the Utahs and TCUs of the world) out of any chance at consistently competing at the highest level of the sport. There will be aberrations and changes as to which schools are members of that group of 10-15, but realignment, TV contracts, and coaching resource wars have left me feeling a but pessimistic
  15. Best of luck to Deboer. He is getting an opportunity that 99.99% of coaches can only dream of. But I question whether he will succeed there given UW fans' lofty expectations of catching and surpassing the Ducks, and USC's all-in on football. They weren't kind to Petersen while he was there. I'm excited to see what the next chapter brings. I would like to see the AD bring in Tedford -- who seems interested in the job -- to stabilize the program, hopefully win a CCG, and put us on good footing for the next coaching transition.
  16. Sdsu is more athletic than Boise top to bottom. I don’t think the screen game is the answer. Boise was moving the ball when rolling bachmeier out and giving him a high low read. That’s about the only shot of scoring again IMO.
  17. And it says a lot about the Aztecs that despite the parity, they put together the best regular season in the conference. Hands down.
  18. You’re constantly doing the same on FS threads.
  19. I thought (and May still believe) that Boise is a borderline top 25 team and would win because of how one dimensional SDSU is.
  20. I’ll write that overreaction off based on what’s going on in the game. I was obviously just messing around with you.
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