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  1. JADogs05

    Rank um basketball

    Interesting perspective. I’m not super knowledgeable about basketball in general. What do you mean by that?
  2. JADogs05

    Rank um basketball

    With Deshon Taylor out I expect Fresno to take a step back as the season wears on.
  3. JADogs05

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    Yup, the Nevada sideline was pretty hyped up. That was a great game.
  4. JADogs05

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    Another angle:
  5. JADogs05

    Nevada football departures

    Edit: sorry--duplicated an existing thread.
  6. JADogs05

    Best thing you have witnessed at a football game

    LOL. This post had me rolling because everybody is talking about chaos they passively observed. You on the other hand...
  7. JADogs05

    Bowl Game Announcers

    I'm a big fan of Kirk Morrison actually. He did an excellent job this year on Fresno State games.
  8. JADogs05

    Tedford Finalist for National COY Award

    There are a number of other systemic issues that need addressing in the program, and the DeRuyter era seems to have wiped out a lot of support, but I think Tedford's salary is a good strategic investment. Hopefully the fundraising infrastructure will grow around him. It looks like my math was a bit off. He's at 2.63 million with $250k likely to come in if the 'dogs beat ASU, and $50k if he wins the Coach of the Year, which I doubt he will. That would put him at $2.93 million. Here is a post I stole from retro with some light edits:
  9. JADogs05

    Tedford Finalist for National COY Award

    He's making north of $3m per year with incentives.
  10. JADogs05

    Boise St basketball is doo doo.

    Just saw the record. Ouch.
  11. JADogs05

    PFF 1st Team All-Americans Announced

    They're legit. They evaluate each play IIRC.
  12. JADogs05

    Boise State Fresno State Recent Games

    Yes. He posted a breakdown of our recruiting from 14-16 on the OL. That staff drove all but a small handful away within a year of their LOI.
  13. JADogs05

    Boise State Fresno State Recent Games

    I used to think the same thing about WRs until I saw how insanely polished KJ was this year compared to last. He was off the charts and a big reason why FS beat boise in the last game. Boise's secondary was really rallying to him and that had tradeoffs.
  14. JADogs05

    Boise State Fresno State Recent Games

    I think the defense will be fine and will continue to be near the top in the MWC. Lose two good LBs but redshirted a very promising junior to take Helmuth's place. Mosby, a really good safety, got moved to LB and started a few games over our returning starters at LB based on the matchup. Kelly is a big loss; I look to Wylan Free or Chris Gaston, two freshmen that got a lot of PT, to take over for him. The DL (as it was for most of the year) returns by and large. FS loses a lot at WR, like Boise. The remaining guys seem to be very athletic but you don't lose polished veterans and expect things to stay the same. Losing McMariyon will hurt too, but Reyna is more than capable. The OL has been patchwork all year. Like I said, Boise will be the favorite, but I think it'd be far-fetched to say that it'd be better than this year. Hawaii, SDSU and Nevada could take FS out, even though FS more or less handled each of those teams this year. The same could be true for Boise. I'm guessing few Boise fans predicted a loss to SDSU at home at the beginning of the year. I should also add that I think that the question of how "good" a team is doesn't have a 1:1 correspondence with outcomes because of factors like schedule. You rightly pointed to the inter-divisional rotation and I think that makes a difference.