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  1. Swen seemed upset towards the second half of the FS game. Was assigned a comeback route and instead just blasted our unsuspecting CB into oblivion lol. Then was called for OPI. It was a surreal play.
  2. Just remarking based on what I saw on the Wyoming sideline (I sit close). They looked no better or worse than any other team until the game started getting out of hand.
  3. I don’t think that’s the case. Your players looked fired up and very much present. Your d actually looked pretty good and did a good job of taking the deep ball away. Also bothered Haener quite a bit. It’s just hard to cover 4 WRs as good as what FS was able to field, and with a qb that could hit back shoulder throws like Haener did several times. I bet Baxter saw something on film in terms of ST. Seemed like there was a lot of emphasis on getting our fastest players into position to bother the punter. You have to be disappointed by that as a Wyoming fan—ST is supposed to be Bohl’s strong suit. Wyoming had a few moments on offense, but the scheme simply needs updating and an overhaul.
  4. Wyoming’s d actually executed the gameplan extremely well. I’m sure Boise will play the dogs similarly. But Haener has simply been too accurate this year, and the ST play was a back breaker. Give John Baxter and Tedford credit—not sure how many programs have dedicated ST coaches anymore but it was a good payoff for FS this year.
  5. Friends, this is a truly singular event. Are there any archaeologists or anthropologists on this board? Check the Mayan inscriptions. Your eyes do not deceive you; a UNLV football fan is talking shit about losses. We need to be on guard for tidings of the endtimes.
  6. When will you be reimbursing all of us for that lube we bought on your recommendation?
  7. Had to watch the clip twice for it to really sink in and be accurate.
  8. In retrospect, I’ve decided that I really love this thread and that it’s a masterful troll.
  9. What he's saying really isn't that radical of an idea. After all, take away USC's 10 best plays and we flat-out win that game. There's no way those clowns should be in the playoff conversation. Edit: looking at his profile I think he may just be trolling. Seems like 80% of his recent posts have been about expansion. But then again, there is a mental illness epidemic across the country.
  10. Nope, after the 680th meme or “LOL” response, most observers could discern a pattern.
  11. Yet another in a long line of your high brow takes. You seem really bothered by a very neutral take for someone who “really do[es]n’t care.”
  12. The number of Muslims killed or murdered in religiously-motivated instances of violence has to outstrip those figures by far, but there probably aren't reliable record-keeping practices to substantiate that. Edit: Not sure if you're being TIC, but "most oppressed" is not the same thing as the group with the largest number of victims of incidents involving religious bias. Christianity is the largest religion in the world, and because of a combination of things including colonialism, there are many Christians in regions where Christianity would otherwise be alien. Protestants (particularly in the US) have a habit of evangelizing in other countries, including by some unscrupulous means, which in part fuels this expansion but also pisses other people off. But all that being said, despite the "secularization" of western politics, Christianity still benefits from a tremendous amount of institutional, political, and even military support. There may very well be more persecuted Christians than, say, animist folk religions that have been eradicated from many regions, but you'd have a difficult time arguing that the Christian religion itself is more persecuted than those religions.
  13. I have to go with Wyoming. I don’t see how you don’t get spooked by the pick 3 plays before and either hand off or tell him to throw it out of bounds if his first read has a bronco within 3 yards of him.
  14. With no disrespect intended, he’s made innumerable thoughtful contributions to the board, both about SJSU athletics and otherwise. It seems like the majority of your posts are memes. Which is fine.
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