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  1. Yeah I was basing it on my reading of military history which is much different than civilian crime.
  2. MWCBoarding isn't really important enough for me to apply that. Again, I was speculating and noted that in the post. Thanks.
  3. I understand. I was referring to freshmen generally.
  4. I qualified my post by stating it was a guess. Also see the time of the post. I get 3-5 minute breaks in my day and have better things to do than research the mortality of gunshot wounds vs. knife wounds. I don't get why this would be an expectation of a reasonable person lol.
  5. Dumais was in at DT for quite a few plays. I agree that we have a lot of DEs and I'm hopeful that Bridges moves back as well. Then we'd have three solid prospects from last year's class as well as King for the long term.
  6. IMO FS will lose a game or two more in the regular season but will be fine. 129th in the nation in returning experience. All things considered I actually think the defense looks pretty good (aside from the shell-shocked first two drives by USC). 2.8 ypc for Minnesota. There were four freshmen on the field defensively for FS vs Minnesota (1 came in as a rotation guy, the other three were out there pretty consistently). That almost never happens here. I think we had 2 or 3 freshman on the field on offense as well. Again, that's a rarity. This is a rebuilding year, and I guessed before the season that the 'dogs would win about 8 games. I still think that is probably the case, but the 'dogs have looked better than I thought. The next few years will be payout years for FS IMO. I'm thinking 2021-2022 or so.
  7. No data to support this but I would guess the average stab wound is worse than the average gunshot wound, assuming it's not to the head.
  8. 129th in the country in returning experience and played 5(?) true freshmen at key spots (I must add that one of those freshmen pretty much dominated aside from one broken tackle). These kinds of losses are expected IMO. before the season I thought Fresno was about an 8-9 win team and they’re where I predicted record-wise. Qualitatively they’re ahead. Reyna needs to tighten up on the details but he made a great leap from week one to week two. The same can be said of the OL and DL. FS is still on track to have a good season, and is building towards a nasty future.
  9. Marshall didn't look bad IMO.
  10. Boise got them early in the year when it was unclear how good or bad FSU was. It appears they're not very good at the moment, but that's subject to change. However, I'm glad Boise got the benefit of the doubt and got into the top 25. How many times have we seen middling P5 teams drub an FCS and two lower-tier G5 teams OOC, only to win one half-decent game and then find themselves top 20?
  11. I think it is appealing, but economic realities make it difficult for many to pull off.
  12. We should do an audio feed of an @Orange vs. @Joe from WY MMA fight.
  13. I agree that the pass rush wasn't amazing, but that was also partially the result of scheme, which was to keep everything in front and tackle well. FS got four sacks against USC.
  14. I have seen this song and dance play out a million times. P5 school struggles in week one vs. an FCS school. Fans of a G5 team with a game against said P5 school in week 2 get excited. P5 school looks like a new team in week 2 and crushes said G5 school. I'm not saying this will happen, though without an offensive improvement, Fresno may get crushed. I am saying that people may be overreacting to Minnesota's first game.
  15. FS had a good pass d whether it was against experienced or inexperienced qbs in 2018. The defense had one poor game last year. USC picked on Gaston, who was starting his first game, but after the first two drives the 'dogs slowed the Trojans down considerably. For 99% of the game the Trojans stayed away from JuJu Hughes and Bryant, the returners. The pass D will be alright, and I think the run D will be too. Not a top 5 defense like they were last year, but alright. The offense needs to take a massive step forward. Reyna must improve.