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  1. Suspiciously classy and good-natured post from @Joe from WY. Something must be afoot.
  2. Dear all, In the event you were losing sleep over whether Convert's 17-day-old reaction to the post @renoskier made is no longer valid, we have recent confirmation that he still finds the post funny. You are now free to continue on with your Thanksgiving Day celebrations. Convert has spoken. God bless.
  3. Bob couldn't like this post fast enough.
  4. I guarantee you it was f***ing Jason Shelley that infected our player.
  5. I think Fresno is overrated in most of these rankings, but that will bear out over the next three weeks.
  6. Raises an interesting conundrum. Are you a kicker if you line up as a QB in a traditional offensive set? Also, it looked like he was checking to see if one of his WRs got open before kicking it.
  7. He needs to sit. His attitude was horrible. It's one thing to lose, but it's another entirely to be openly fighting with teammates after you get sacked on a play where you were tap dancing in the backfield.
  8. Are you insinuating something about Parlier
  9. That's one way to describe it, lmao.
  10. Looks like these teams are hurtling towards a spirited competition to see who can have the fewest catastrophic breakdowns.
  11. O I think 1. refers to the Mandalorian wars that predated the Star Wars timeline by thousands of years. With respect to the lack of knowledge about the Jedi, it doesn't seem to make sense based on the timeline of events. Even high ranking imperial officials who were likely around during the Clone Wars didn't believe that Vader wielded real power until he demonstrated it first hand on them. But maybe their extinction and eradication from history by the empire hastened things. Who knows whether Luke Skywalker was remembered as a Jedi Master at this point or merely a hero of the rebellion
  12. lol, I'm not advocating one way or the other. But trump definitely did try to leverage the FBI against Hillary Clinton, and his supporters cheered the effort. He failed. Do you not remember the Comey memo that had Trump supporters up in arms? That he failed doesn't mean he "let it go." In fact, even if he "let it go" after 2016, it only serves to prove how gullible his supporters are. He was obviously playing it up for political purposes. My only observation is that Trump supporters championed Trump as "the law and order candidate" yet somehow are not expressing a "let bygones be bygones
  13. Lay off the crack pipe Convert. Joe was right and said nothing controversial. He's living rent free in your head. Are you off your meds, or have you simply been taking too many visits to Lemmon Valley? https://www.ktvn.com/story/41545715/crews-responding-to-hazmat-situation-in-lemmon-valley LOL.
  14. Slapdad, keep your Friday night activities to yourself for God's sake.
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