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  1. It ain't that deep bro. I was just laughing at the indignation in his response. Also check my profile. I've been here since 2006; I just don;t post as much as board regulars.
  2. JADogs05

    Paul George

    Steve Cleveland. We had one functional offense under him.
  3. JADogs05

    Slightly OT: Wyoming Enrollment declines

    Yup, and students as a captive market with (generalizing here) low levels of sophistication are an easy target.
  4. JADogs05

    Slightly OT: Wyoming Enrollment declines

    Lol, this line said it all for me: Appears to be a disgruntled landlord that doesn't want to compete with high-quality housing options for students at a time when schools all over the country are revitalizing campus amenities in an effort to recruit students and encourage on-campus living.
  5. The show made him look better than he is. He had something like 10 tds and 8 picks alongside a ~50% completion rate.
  6. JADogs05

    Power 6

    I don't think he was a "snub" so much as he was a "scratch." Did Malik Reed not get an invitation? That's a damn shame--he was one of the best defensive players FS saw all year.
  7. FS plays upwards of four TEs per game, so the two JC TEs they picked up have the inside track on substantial PT. The 'dogs also got a WR that should provide some much needed balance to a youth-heavy unit.
  8. JADogs05

    Top MWC signees

    Does this reflect an inflation in the number of three stars being given out, or is this the result of MWC schools pulling in a higher percentage of 3 star players?
  9. JADogs05

    Top MWC signees

    This isn't that far out of line historically either. FS tends to get in the neighborhood of 2-3 such recruits per year. 2016 was a bit of an outlier year with FS having more, but most of those guys never played because of a series of DeRuyter recruiting gaffes. But then again, FS did land four guys that had Boise offers this year, which would be higher than in years past too.
  10. JADogs05

    Top MWC signees

    I can understand boise fans talking recruiting smack, but it’s pretty funny to see an SDSU fan do so. Our classes are pretty much equivalent.
  11. JADogs05

    BYU- Success Since Going Independent

    Got it. I hadn't taken that aspect of progression into account. I think I probably have less hostility towards BYU than the average poster here, and I didn't think that its team looked hopeless at all when I saw them play. It's pretty clear that there was some serious talent in, for example, BYU's front 7 on D. Some gaps at the skill positions, but Bushman looked like a bona fide stud.
  12. JADogs05

    Top MWC signees

    I don't think that's factually true. If you look at the class averages over the past 4 years this is about in line with the norm. Based on my casual look at the data, the gap was actually wider in in two of the past four years. While Boise is certainly having a banner year, this year's class for Fresno is its best since 2011 or so.
  13. JADogs05

    BYU- Success Since Going Independent

    I think BYU's football team looked pretty decent (in spurts) and probably could have won about 8 games if it was in the MWC. I don't agree that it had to do with recruiting. In 2016 BYU had the 49th-ranked recruiting class in the country. That's comparable to what Boise's class's ranking from this year, which is probably by far the best MWC class since the Utes and Frogs left.
  14. JADogs05

    CA's Blue-eyed Coyotes

    They have been mixing with wolves in the southeastern part of Canada, and some have been spotted moving into the US.