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  1. I don't understand the incentives at play here. Where did Warren see the upside?
  2. The bar for winning a defamation lawsuit as a public figure is extremely high. Also, the prevailing side often is entitled to have its fees and costs covered by the other side--it's not an unusual circumstance.
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    Boise throwing the cash at Bryan Harsin

    I suppose, but is there a basis upon which you suppose that Cord (or another guy) will be better than Rypien? Boise returns a lot on defense but the players you do lose, including Horton, Miles, and Frazier, are all high-impact guys. I think Boise's record will almost certainly improve because it will miss SDSU and Fresno State (FS loses a lot this year too), but I'm not sure that the talent will upgrade.
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    Boise throwing the cash at Bryan Harsin

    Wasn't this THE year for Boise? I know that Boise will have a senior-heavy team next year, but I can't see how they are expected to get better after losing five starters on offense, including the QB and two receivers, three of their best players on defense, and their punter and kicker.
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    He also said women (plural). You’re not likely to succeed by pathologizing women. Everybody is going to think you’re an incel.
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    Please refer to the second sentence of your post.
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    Rank em

    It’s a sad state of affairs when CSU has a credible argument than it is better than four other teams in the conference.
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    Fresno State 3 TD favorites over Wyoming

    This will haunt you.
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    Fresno State 3 TD favorites over Wyoming

    RoW said that Bulldog Stadium is uniquely loud because (1) it has superior acoustics, having been designed by the same firm that designed Autzen, and (2) there was something about the soil under the field that reflected sound and made it louder.
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    MWC Early / Updated Lines...week 7

    Probably the same way Christian Chapman remembers Jeffery Allison in his sleep.
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    Serious Question

    Here's another question: why would you expect him to do so with consistency?
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    MWC Early / Updated Lines...week 7

    SDSU is like a beefed up version of a Pat Hill squad. Capable of rising to the occasion or flat-lining depending on how motivated the team is. I don't think SDSU was particularly motivated against Army after completing a 10-win season in which they collected multiple P5 scalps.
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    Jury Duty

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    BYU vs USU. That was an outrage!!!

    In this analogy, is Utah the middle child? The cosmic order is unclear to me.