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  1. JADogs05

    2018 Video Games (Not OT!)

    I see. So that’s why you don’t have nearly 15,000 on an internet message board where you’ll never meet 95% of the people that you exchange messages with.
  2. Neither, and I don’t understand why this is even being debated. Most of the bowls affiliated with this conference are in terrible locations to begin with. SF or bust.
  3. JADogs05

    2018 Wyoming Cowboys - Bohl’s Best Team Yet

    Wyoming’s d will be top notch and will lock most MW offenses down, but I wonder whether they can get the same turnover figures that they got last year. I doubt it personally. I thought Wyo lacked talent pretty much across the board from what I saw on offense. How is this year’s offense looking?
  4. Didn’t bring Boise into it at all. I merely said that bc of injuries and other factors, I believe SDSU is better than they showed in their conference losses. That applies equally to their game vs. FS.
  5. Lol you’re the most over the top homer on this board.
  6. SDSU’s OL had two terrible games in a row. I think they were a lot better than they showed.
  7. JADogs05

    Thoughts on the Barkboard

    Jackson does a good job giving info to subscribers.
  8. I don’t think the score will be nearly that bad.
  9. JADogs05

    Basketball preseason rank ‘em

    UNM Nevada SDSU Fresno Boise UNLV etc.
  10. JADogs05

    Fresno State

    If you live by the turnover, you’ll likely die when someone does it better than you. Also I think Boise came from behind late to win three games last year (Wyoming, CSU, Fresno State) I believe they had to storm back late to take WSU to OT. It wasn’t that exceptional for them. Fresno also beat Wyoming by 6, not 3. Wyo’s D was impressive though. I’ve maintained that I thought wingard was the most impactful defensive player in the league last year, though LVE and guys like Jeffery Allison were no slouches. I wasn’t really struck by much on Wyoming’s offense and I believe it allowed smart coaches to get away with a low-risk offensive game plan, which is what FS did (ran the ball 45 times after going up 13-0). Who’s Wyoming returning on offense?
  11. JADogs05

    Fresno State

    Based on what I’m seeing, we will have a better pass rush than last year. But okeke was underrated vs. the run. Luckily we will have an extremely experienced group of LBs and safeties behind the DL just in case. Agreed that DT is the main concern though. I think Atkins is solid
  12. JADogs05

    Fresno State

    The return by Williams was also a killer. But I won’t write that off to bad luck because I know he had been doing it all year to that point. The bulldogs were aware of him.
  13. JADogs05

    Fresno State

    Imo the dogs were every bit as good as Boise State last year. Even the game at Boise went well apart from a handful of huge plays. But a lot this year depends on how we replace the three graduated senior starters on defense. We also play at Boise and our name doesn’t have the cache that Boise state does. I usually don’t make predictions, but I think that our back 7 on d should be sick and our offense should take a step forward. Losing our kicker was a blow that I don’t think many have considered, and it remains to be seen how our new DC calls plays.
  14. I basically have the same impression. Kids might be playing less football than in the past but some really hardcore martial arts like Muay Thai and jiu jitsu are more accessible to kids than ever before. Just two days ago at a gym that I train at, a class of maybe 15 6-12 yr olds learned how to hit a double leg takedown and finish with armbars and strikes to set up blood chokes. This is in what people like BlueTools would refer to as a “soft” “ignorant racist liberal” city. I do agree that kids are over policed at home and in school in general though. I could have gotten away with things that they never would have dreamed of. I don’t think that it necessarily follows that they’re whiny spoiled brats. Some of these Gen Xers have astounded me with their courage and ability to grasp large systematic issues.
  15. JADogs05

    More preseason accolades for Wingard

    Wingard is legit. Though it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison, I thought he was even more impressive v. Fresno State than LVE of Boise State. I held my breath every time he tackled a bulldog for fear that he’d force a turnover. Sure enough, he did in a 1v1 battle with our rb who took him head on. It was an impressive strip, though I don’t recall if Wyoming actually recovered the ball in bounds.