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  1. JADogs05

    MWCBoard All MWC Selections

    Hawaii got screwed in this. Ursua should have been first team over Richardson and their LB should have been first or second team. Sdsu also got screwed.
  2. JADogs05

    Those darn millennials are at it again...

    I don't understand why this is a millennial issue. The median retirement savings for working-aged families aged 56-61 was $17,000 in 2013. It was $8,00 for families aged 50-55, and even less for those aged 44-49 and 38-43. I don't think its the millennial's retirement savings that we should be worried about--they will be in the work force for a long time and their consumption is absolutely good for the economy. We should be worried about the spending habits of those set to retire in ten years, because their savings--or lack thereof--are much more likely to impact the country's health. And with the earning power of young people declining over the years, it will probably turn into a crisis sooner or later.
  3. JADogs05

    Thank You for this one, Hawaii.

    Dear god.
  4. JADogs05

    Thank You for this one, Hawaii.

    Yup, and Josh Harper, who when healthy was our #2 WR. Jensen at TE was also a good receiving threat. With better coaching that team would have been ridiculous.
  5. JADogs05

    Thank You for this one, Hawaii.

    Different situation--we prioritized Horton's teammate, AJ Greeley, over him and offered late in the game. Greeley committed but wound up not qualifying. But at the time, it wasn't unusual for Edison and DB Guru-affiliated athletes to want out of Fresno.
  6. JADogs05

    MWC Ad Campaigns I’d like to see

    No need to get personal. What he does at 2:00 A.M. on a Friday night is his business.
  7. JADogs05

    Eating meat renforces toxic masculinity ...

    I'm sure that there is a lot more nuance to her conclusions than was presented during the interview, but she didn't do a good job of making that clear, because she totally engaged in whatever debate the host wanted to have. I can imagine there being some validity to the claim in very limited circumstances, but how is the hypothesis at all true for, say, Inuit tribes that rely heavily on meat? Or steppe cultures? Or Northern European societies? etc. I'm sure that women have different patterns of consumption than men do, but does that inevitably mean that meat consumption is glorifying toxic masculinity? I think another problem here is that "toxic" masculinity seems to be exceedingly ill-defined and applied to whatever behavior the observer has personal discomfort with. A friend of mine plays a South Asian sport that involves a ton of physicality and almost ritualized "taunting" after successful events. One person I know took a three-second look at it and declared that it was "toxic."
  8. JADogs05

    UW DT transfer Ricky McCoy eligible for Fresno

    Relax bud it was a joke.
  9. JADogs05

    UW DT transfer Ricky McCoy eligible for Fresno

    He came back because of some issues with his family--maybe that is why he got the waiver.
  10. JADogs05

    UW DT transfer Ricky McCoy eligible for Fresno

    Only slightly preferable to sifting through UI's trash.
  11. JADogs05

    CBS Sports Bowl Projections

    This would be about the best possible outcome for the conference as a whole if it played out that way.
  12. JADogs05

    BIG Moment

    I don't think you appreciate his genius.
  13. JADogs05

    Trump Confesses Intent of Tower Meeting

    THe relevant inquiry probably wouldn’t be “how much” the information was worth. It’d rather be whether it had value, which is distinct from a price and may not be obtainable at a clear price on an open market. A similar issue often comes up in cases where a business’s trade secret is misappropriated. You probably don’t have to testify that a person would pay $X for it—there is rarely a market for competitors’ trade secrets—but you could rather show that the information gave a competitor a competitive advantage in some manner.
  14. JADogs05

    Boise State single game tickets -- case study

    That was Kaepernick's first game aka the beginning of the dark age for Fresno and Boise's defenses.
  15. Holy moly, didn't catch that there.