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  1. Mahomes has a great chance of losing back to back games to MWC QB's!! Carr then Allen...how great would that be?
  2. Everything is about race isn't it? Pathetic!!
  3. Good game Jim, had to sweat out the Cowboys game to put you away! Good luck next week!
  4. If you get twelve, I'll play. If you don't and need to get to ten then I'll sit out ok?
  5. Astro's karma!! Where's my trash can lid?
  6. Yeah ok! Like Auburn, Ala, South Bend, Ind, Clemson, SC, Ann Arbor, Mi, State College, Pa and TX, are destination cities? Its the competition and the conference...not the destination!! You'd kill to be in any of those teams conference or situation! If the Big XII came calling, you would shit your pants with happiness....you are full of it if you say otherwise!
  7. Just a shout and and thanks to TheTedfordTrain for starting yet another bash Fresno thread! You sir are a +++++ing idiot! Stop giving all these posters something to jump on for crying out loud! I've lived here for over 50 yrs, sure it has its bad areas(what city doesn't?) and it has its very nice areas. Its a great area to raise a family(especially Clovis) and housing is cheaper than any other metro area in the state. If you love where you live and are proud of it, great! But quit bashing eveyone else because it just makes you look petty and insecure. I've been to EVERY MWC city and en
  8. Fresno State would get in before Wyoming or Utah State. Better and bigger facilities(football needs upgrading), better overall sports programs and larger TV market. Nothing at all against those two schools but just my take.
  9. FSU has finished 3rd, 4th, and 5th the last three yrs in recruiting classes in the MWC and yet we are 2-2 against Boise the last 2 yrs! Hmmm, maybe coaching has something to do with it uh? Its not always the best recruits, its the best players for the system!
  10. Excuse me? I haven't gone anywhere!! You just talk all kinds of smack and then you have to eat crow and you don't like it! I'll be at the game saturday, come by and say hi!
  11. Glad to see you are back after crawling into your momma's basement after the UNLV game!! Hopefully after another beatdown this Saturday, you'll need some crack!!
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