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  1. If you notice, the schools with the big husky guys for the most part are in the higher altitude locations. They are recruiting guys that can easily hit it out of the ballpark. Ever notice the high scoring affairs at New Mexico, Air Force and soon to be Boise St.? One of the reasons why!
  2. Thankfully he blew the piece of shit away! Come into my house, the same thing will happen!
  3. The 2 conferences should make a 16 team conference. 8 form the Eastern and 8 form the western divisions. the following shows how i think it would go and the number beside the team is the TV market ranking nationally. Eastern Division Western Division Temple(4) SMU(5) South Florida(12) Houston(8) UCF(18) Colo St(17) Navy(26) San Diego St(29) Cincy(37) UNLV(39) Tulane(50) Fresno St(55) Memphis(51) Tulsa(58) East Carolina(100) Boise St(102) **Air Force(85) could be put in place of Colorado State if they wanted the sevice academy instead to pair with Navy The 2 divisions are seperated by the Mississippi River geographically so travel wouldn't be outrageous. You would play all your divisional opponents and 1 crossover game or 5 out of conference games. Makes too much sense if you ask me(which I'm sure no one will lol).
  4. SDSU's new stadium capacity is only 35,00 with expandable capacity to 40,000. Boise is 36,387 and Fresno is 40,727. All of these would love to be in P5 so apparently that capacity is what MWC see as feasable. If any were lucky enough to get into the p5, they would then have the ability(moneywise) to expand or rebuild!
  5. Yes, he was the OC here in Fresno the last 2 yrs we won the West. Actually some of the recruits he helped bring in are here now. The biggest thing is familiarity and continuity with the Tedford system and the players will definitely help. Good young coach who has helped improve every team he has been associated with!
  6. Not a team you will want to play in February...playing 5 freshman already!
  7. That is funny.....Boise fan complaining about trick plays beating them! The school that lives on trick plays!
  8. LOL! "Just the facts Ma'am!"
  9. No, you are wrong!! They have been trying to get a stadium built in the bay area(Fremont, San Jose, and Oakland) for the last 10 years but the local and state politicians along with the Giants have made it extremely hard!! I've been an A's fan for 50 yrs so I know whats been going on! Quit popping off about shit you know nothing about!!
  10. Just curious...do you guys have a UNLV forum you can talk about this daily bullshit on? 33 pages? You would think it was Duke or Kansas you are talking about!! UNLV is a has been, your glory days are behind you just like 98% of the mid majors in the country. Just enjoy your basketball team for what is is, good some years and bad others. Why don't you guys try an up and coming asst. coach instead of hiring retreads all the time? How has that worked out for you? Nothing against UNLV, just tired of hearing the same ol bullshit out of you guys!!
  11. FSU has finished 3rd, 4th, and 5th the last three yrs in recruiting classes in the MWC and yet we are 2-2 against Boise the last 2 yrs! Hmmm, maybe coaching has something to do with it uh? Its not always the best recruits, its the best players for the system!
  12. Excuse me? I haven't gone anywhere!! You just talk all kinds of smack and then you have to eat crow and you don't like it! I'll be at the game saturday, come by and say hi!
  13. Glad to see you are back after crawling into your momma's basement after the UNLV game!! Hopefully after another beatdown this Saturday, you'll need some crack!!