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  1. Average TV Ratings by Conference. Power 7?

    we do this every year every aac game is rated by Nielsen (on nielsen rated channels) espnu only top mw games are put on nielsen rated channels the aac is the only conference who puts is bad rated games on a nielsen rated channel (p5 put bad games on conference networks or ppv, which aren't rated..no one wants to air bad mwc games ) cbssn isnt rated average is a bad comparison, and people in charge know that..
  2. ESPN Way Too Early Top 25

    the fau OC left to houston. he ran their offense. i dont see them beating ucf ucf returns almost the entire offense which was ranked #1 in the nation. even with the early draftees , 8 of 11 transfers offensive players returns. huepel says he doesnt plan to change anything
  3. he said the aac wasnt that good last year in comparison to the other g5 and used our champ losing to army as his evidence ...i noted that how can you talk from that perspective when sdsu lost to south alabama. that wasnt bashing sdsu but stating how can a sdsu/mwc fan use that argument when you have glass house in that debate .. no one in the aac actually dislikes sdsu, fanhood in his words like to keep us in "reality" *cough* trash talk *cough* lol and we make jokes when sdsu loses, not becuase we dislike sdsu but to mock fanhood
  4. bash sdsu???? have you read my posts on the other forum or not....i have always blamed boise and always say sdsu never wanted to leave..that the aac has no problem with sdsu...my conversations with fanhood almost never bash sdsu but are almost simply about his mwc bias ..the only time we discuss sdsu in whenever he tries to bash other schools on things sdsu isn't great on either go to ANY realignment thread, ask fanhood, i always say sdsu if we can go west
  5. its actually 6 not 4, and a 7th .500 season...but back to main point. "history" is all encompassing and doesnt start at your point of preference
  6. thats fine..but he clearly said in "history"..history didnt start in 95...you should stop backing manipulative points... he said smu is one of the worst programs in history ..i note smu has 3 national titles... you guys seem to be the ones lying to yourselves if you believe the first statement
  7. how was our bowl line up not good last year? -champion vs local p5 -#2 vs sec -houston (#6 aac) vs MWC Champion -memphis (#5) vs c-usa champion -ucf (#7) vs sunbelt champion -and navy vs the #2 c-usa (navy was without qb in the game) we had 1 bad bowl that isnt a bad lineup...and what does record have to do with bowl line up????..that is stupid rebuttal in a argument about quality of bowl. that is a meaningless manipulative point. anyone with any smarts can see right through...the big 10 has only had 1 winning bowl record the last decade (by far the worst p5 bowl record)..yet they also have the best bowl line up..better bowls equals harder opponents..equals worse records.... what cycle are you making up? laso the last 2 mwc champs before this year *cough sdsu *cough..lost to south alabama in blowouts..what room do you guys have to talk
  8. smu worst program in history? you realize smu has 3 national titles, a heisman and the award for the best running back is named after a plyer that went there...befroe you give any response your response said "some of the worst programs in CFB history"...history didnt start 20 years ago....hell tulane 3x has more SEC conference championships than Mississippi stage and temple had 10 really horrible years, after joining the big east...but are historically not that bad, theyve been to a sugar bowl. they aeraged 8/9 wins in the mac literaly right after ..and were averaging about 9 wins a season in the 70's... by almost every measurable standard these arent anywhere near the worst cfb programs...and its not even close..they had had horrible stretches but are we going to ignore sdsu was doing 3 wins a season for almost a decade in the early 2000s? and we are heading into year 5 of The AAC, meaning in 2 years almost all the teams will have been in the AAC longer than c-usa...you keep saying we are just c-usa when half the teams were barely in c-usa, and teams like ucf/usf were fresh off the fcs when they were in it...also i watched 2 basketball games the last 2 days..cincy vs florida, wichita vs ok state. and they non stop preached the aac was an elite conference (they werent on the aac payroll)..the aac championship preached about how good the aac was...why are youacting like it is only us hyping us up..everyone hypes us up now..do they say p6? no but almost in their own aords say this is a comparable league
  9. memphis would be 11-2 with wins versus a top 10 ucf or usf/ucla/navy....memphis would still comfortably get it..smu is 4-2 and a win vs memphis would get them top 25 votes, it wouldnt even be seen as a bad loss (in the g5 perspective)
  10. CSU vs Colorado Game Thread

    you always tell me to be reasonable but you never are with the mwc.. lsa is out for losing to a top 10 but csu is still in despite losing to an unranked colorado ..are you hying point differential that losing but 25 and losing by 14 are that much a difference i dont mind baas people..we all have a little bias, but what bothers me is that you constantly go after people saying they are biased often using the words homer or deluional, when you have clear bias ps im just in this thread because someone told me Colorado state was going to atleast be 3-1 in OOC...i cant wait for them to beat bama
  11. Tulsa removed from NYD Bowl race

    The best Colorado team in a decade lost to okstate 38-8 it's last game before this one..You have to compare teams to their competition Their defense wasn't as bad as the score..Watch the highlight on YouTube Tulsa Cbs went stride for stride with okstate WR. Okstats WR just made huge plays.. most teams Tulsa will play won't have qb who can throw such a good deep ball and we who can make such big plays ..It wasnt like the SJSU game where wr were running free Tulsa lost 48-3 last year versus a top 10 team but still finished with 10 wins.. Including the bowl, 8 or 9 is definitely possible
  12. Tulsa removed from NYD Bowl race

    It was the first game of the season.. no one cares about bad losses in the first game of the year ...Remember when Ohio state won a title after losing to a bad virginia tech...Louisville finished top 25 despite being down 31-0 at halftime to an unranked UH You can say you don't think Tulsa is good enough and that's a fair debate, but Tulsa isn't eliminate or close .. if they win out they will get it And did you actually watched the game?Or just going by the score ...Tulsa showed a lot of great things..Tulsa was moving the ball,but they werent scoring and if you watch all the okstate TDs not a single one was open.. it was a ton a great plays by ok state WR (they are argued as the best qb/wr combo in all college football especially on the deep ball) New Mexico, Toledo arent okstate ...And Tulsa will get better, this was the first start for all their offense ....Despite the beat down, I saw a 8/9 win team .. I compare to the competition not the score..
  13. Tulsa removed from NYD Bowl race

    how does losing to a top 10 team eliminate anyone???
  14. MW Board consensus: Upcoming tv contract value

    cbs sports openly admits it doesnt want and cant compete with espn networks....my cbs projections were generous as the AAC is their highest profiled content they own, they are in 15 million less homes than espnnews and espnu, and online joined online 2 months ago....the reason their ratings arent posted is becuase they are too small for neilsen to track, my 80k projection for cbs sports is generous.. note fs2 is in more homes than cbsports and does about 15-30k a games (they released their ratings) and in that very link you posted, espnu had over 13 games 500k+, 2 over 800k... you ca keep pretending puting our second tier game on espnu is bad but any sensible person/g5 would take it....our top 25 or so games go on espn/espn2/abc if you think our tv deals are equal in exposure, sure believe that, i hope your administration agrees and goes for similar exposure next time
  15. MW Board consensus: Upcoming tv contract value

    its defintely not black and white...espnu has lots of games over 400k viewers....cbsports doesnt touch that amount or even close...i wont acknowledge that 300k/400k is the same as 70/80k. which is around where cbssports gets ... the sec has numerous games on espnu. but wont put any on cbssports that should let you know and last year the AAC had 5 abc games, the mwc had zero broadcast games ..the AAC had 7 espn games...the mwc had 2.....the aac was way more espn2 game, and drastically more if you remove boise, instead of looking for specifics weak look at the whole season: this is what a top team in the AAC's tv schedule will look like http://www.fbschedules.com/ncaa-16/2016-houston-cougars-football-schedule.php this is what boise will looks like (different from the rest of the mwc) http://www.fbschedules.com/ncaa-16/2016-boise-state-broncos-football-schedule.php this is what the top in mwc not Boise will look like: http://www.fbschedules.com/ncaa-16/2016-san-diego-state-aztecs-football-schedule.php one of these is drastically better than the others, one is drastically worse than the others