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  1. pesik

    Temple vs UCF...

    lol to be fair ed oliver didn't play (starting DT) 4star DE Isaiah chambers was injured 3 games ago for the season starting DE jerard carter was carted off the field in the 1st quarter and Ed Oliver's backup A. Flemmings was injured in the second.. our pass D was never good, and now our entire Dline (strength of our defense) were all out... the temple game should be interesting..i felt confident about that game a week ago, as their offense is built as run first.. but as of now not a single Dline has been cleared to play, and we just let a smu with a bad rushing offense run all over us with our backups
  2. pesik

    Temple vs UCF...

    ESPN hyped temple for 3 weeks, as the start of ucfs real schedule that game was a major win...ucf was NEVER going to get into the playoff, making the impossible less likely is meaningless...but now people have something new to debate about with ucf..they had a whole 15min segment on gameday debating it but now everyone is talking about ucf, every major sports analyst tweeted about the game...and ucf looks beatable so every game now till the end of the season with ucf will get crazy ratings hoping for a ucf upset ..we are going into negotiations in 5 months.... non-existent playoff value? down... tv network value? skyrocketing
  3. pesik

    Temple vs UCF...

  4. pesik

    New Year's 6 Article with Fresno and USU

    26-20, with houston having the ball mid 4th quarter, mid-field isnt close???? you realize you can score 7 points in a possession? so on 1 end fresno fans are saying we arent good playing a close game with tulsa (houston won by 3 scores) and on the other end fresno fans are saying they blew us out (despite only winning by 6, despite that it was 6 point game most of the 4th quarter) homers galore
  5. pesik

    New Year's 6 Article with Fresno and USU

    it was a 6 point game for most of the 4th quarter, where we had a drive to take the lead late...the late pick 6 was cost us the game...saying we had no chance is ludicrous what is with fresno fans fabricating how the game went down...in a different thread fresno fans were saying they shut down ed oliver..fresno had negative rushing yards in the 1st half....fresno only had 1 drive in the entire game where they actually were able to run the ball...ed was injured and didnt play that drive ..fresno has less than a yd per rush in drives ed oliver played in
  6. pesik

    New Year's 6 Article with Fresno and USU

    33-27 is throttled? (this score includes a late pick 6) also houston is drastically different that last year..houston was one of the worst offenses in the nation last year, they are a top 5 national offense this year (hired briles junior as OC)
  7. just like they pounded the ball on texas. this is my point that you never add context..you let your bias control almost all your opinions.. tulsa put more rushing yards on texas than usc and maryland combined...if you add kansas state, those 3 teams combined only put up about 50 more than tulsa.. look at houston defense stats last season, houston had an elite rush defense..but 1 team managed to rush over 250yds on us.. hint it wasnt navy, it was tulsa.. yes im encouraged, we improved from 288 (our by far worst last year) to 198 this year, who ed oliver says is the worst team to play....im encourage because our db made tons of plays that game...they looked vastly improved, their by far best game of the season an example of how all our debates with you go nowadays: a 2-5 team averaging 35 points a game vs everyone (including vs a top 15 team) but has a horrible defense we beat them in a 48-31 game.. 99% chance youd say you let a 2-6 team score 31 points on you..you have a horrible defense its like context doesnt exist in you...i literally gave you the context in the stat comparison
  8. Did you... Tulsa had 1good quarter total (the 3rd) Houston had a 3rd down drop that forced a punt, a 4th down drop, 2 luck turnovers (the 3rd 1st half turnover wasnt luck but a bad play by us).. all of this in the 1st half and we still had a lead .. I made a joke in the AAC forum about a team controlling game with 4 turnovers at halftime.. Houston was stopping Houston And a second question did you watch the texas vs Tulsa game ...yes, we didn't flat out shut down Tulsa in the 3rd quarter .. with your bias, Tulsa is horrific so that means we don't have defense ...I already put up the stats for you... Tulsa dominated the 3rd quarter in the Texas game as well Texas is a top 20 team almost exclusively becuase of defense .. not saying they are good but they aren't a pushover.. I've noticed you tend to remove any context when talking football..
  9. what??? the game was never In doubt? it was 7 point game for most of the 4th quarter game.. and did you watch the game? tulsa missed 3 gimme FGs in the 1st half and didnt attempt another fg for the rest of the game (went for it on 4th), one of which resulted in going for it on 4th and 5, on the texas 5 and failing... note texas only won by 7 ....tulsa left 12 points on the field the game announcers themselves for the texas game said they probably could have won had they had a kicker....the announcers in the game yesterday said the same thing...that tulsa was a few mistakes from 4-0 and a "healthier tulsa" because tulsa is the only team that has injuries??? what a weak excuse...3 of our top 5 projected defensive players didnt play (4star lb owens, and projected draft pick S garret davis (both didn't play at all) 4star DE chambers was injured in the 1st quarter) what im facing is that it seems all mwc fans are manipulative,...
  10. Texas Defense versus Tulsa 21 points 12/24 154 yards 1 TD 2 INT 38 rushes for 189 yards 2 TD 0 Fumble recoveries 0 Sacks 3 Tackles for a loss 2 QB Hurries Houston Defense versus Tulsa 26 points 13/31 227 yards 1 TD 1 INT 57 rushes for 199 yards 2 Fumble recoveries 4 Sacks 9 Tackles for a loss 8 QB hurries its funny to me, you guys were never going to be satisfied...we destroy them, they are trash..we win in regular game, we arent good...top 20 texas didnt roll tulsa...top 20 texas is top 20 almost exclusively because of defense ...but whatever floats your boat guys
  11. OSU point- Oklahoma State shut down an elite Boise offense, Oklahoma State before playing tech was argued as one of the better defenses in the nation (led nation in sacks till that point) Texas tech put up 700yards on Houston(horrible) , but they put up 650yds on okstate (while running out the clock in the 4th quarter from a blowout) Wvu who was argued as top 10 defense in all of college football before playing tech. Tech put up 500yds on them despite techs QB (collapsed lung) and top Wr (broken ankle) didn't play ( 150yds more than anyone else) Your entire premise for Houston not having defense is because of Texas tech. Have you ever considered that Texas tech is just that good on offense this year, not that Houston is horrific on defense
  12. Stating legitimate advantages is still stating legimate advantages... Playing week 0 is a huge advantage .. FACT And where did I say Tulsa or ECU are good??? I said we if we have no defense those games will definitely be shootouts ECU and Tulsa Definitely have the potential to score on a "bad defense".. which is true. Neve said they were good You like to make it seem like I'm biased when it is you who is always crazy biased. You ignore any rational to fit whatever narrative you want..like how you completely ignored my okstate point .. which is 100% valid... Houston having no credibility on defense just better fits your narrative
  13. and 28th in rushing defense... is it a commonality to mask specific traits of a game by simply stating who won...fresno fans are claiming they owned ed oliver, ignoring that he played great simply because houston lost now despite talking specifics, you are trying to discredit all specifics by saying they dont have great win loss records 1) arizona played a not horrible byu and usc in tight games (where arizona was atleast scoring)....it was 38-0 with our starters (1st half)..all Arizona points came vs backups 2) Oklahoma st has an elite defense (shut down boise), with identical strengths/weakness (elite dline/questionable dbs) as houston..texas tech put 700yds on us, they put 650yds on oklahoma state (note tech was running out the clock because they were blowing out ok state all 4th quarter)..are you going to say okstate has no defense too? 3) houston returns most of the pieces from last years defense which was one of the best in the g5, added a few touted pieces, and still has most of the same coaches. im sure our guys didnt forget how to play defense... 3b) funny enough our pass defense wasnt good last year either but last year against high powered passing offenses we played keep away because our offense wasnt good (long sustained drive) and knew we couldnt keep up in shootout..this year with a good offense we tried to outscore them and it backfired (honestly a 4th down wide open drop by killed us as it gave them a 2 scored lead)... there is no other high powered passing air raid offense on our schedule...prepare to be magically amazed as we find a defense the rest of the season.... also tulsa played a top 15 texas close (tulsa lost by 1 score, note tulsa missed 3 chip shot fgs, and didnt attempt a 4th kick, that was a turnover on downs), ecu blew out unc, and played undefeated usf close..navy will be bowl team, if navy isn't good, 9 of the 12 mwc are not good... if we have no defense those will 100% be shoot outs,
  14. ed oliver stat debates are the worst because people like you dont understand what a nose tackles stats are supposed to look like..and start comparing them to linebacker numbers 1) a dt who averages 4 tackles a game( 2 tackles for loss a game) would a unanimous 1st team all-american....the #1 dt last year (da'ron pay), averaged 3 tackles a game, and had 1 tck for loss total the entire seaason 2) those 2 tackle weren't all the plays he made (the point of me posting that link was to show that a major site decided to make content on how good he played, not that those plays encompassed everything he did in the game) and the box score doesnt even tell the full story houston runs a 3-3-5 (not a traditional 4-3), meaning we only have 3 dline in the game at any point...fresno had NEGATIVE rushing yards till the 3rd quarter, almost half of your entire rushing yards can on the very last drive...oh right, ED OLIVER WASNT IN THAT DRIVE AT ALL (he had a minor injury the drive before), the only semblance of a run game for fresno was with the absence of ed oliver ..that is dominance i wish someone made a ed oliver vs fresno highlight reel, it would be more evident...but here is a highlight reel for the season for him, this doesnt even show all the plays he made in the game (as it is supposed to season encompassing) and even stilll shows he owned you guys ..fresno stuff as 6:03 you guys and tech fans are the worst...yo guys claim you owned ed oliver....no you didnt..owning ed oliver= huge rushing yards, running right at him, or tons of deep pass, from having days in the pocket..neither you or tech did that... you ran at ed, got nothing...so you then decided to throw tons of short quick passes to limit the impact of ed (ps im not made at it, that is the smart way to play houston, challenge our dbs not ed oliver)
  15. On 3yds per rush, you realize that is bad.. very bad Fresno had negative rushing yards in the 1st half... 50% of all your rushing yard came from your very last drive of the game Ed Oliver played great vs Fresno, he had numerous tackles for loss and had a rushing touchdown Sportingnews made a full article about how good he played http://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/video/houston-dt-ed-oliver-makes-plays-vs-fresno-state/lu5kt8rq0gqe1lrbgj2p3qahl Losing doesn't mean he played bad