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  1. Lobos gonna come back
  2. Great win SDSU! The refs were trying to steal the game with 4 calls going against you and yet you still won a game espn and the P5 wanted you to lose. The best team one the game today. I miss playing the utes. We always kicked their ass in the 80’s and 2000’s unless the refs stole it from us. 2008 most of all. +++++ Utah
  3. +++++ing Bullshit. The refs are evil
  4. Fresno St basically clinched the MWC-West Division last night at 4-0. They would have to lose 3 games for SDSU to go. At least SDSU has another year of playing in the Q before football ends for them!
  5. Why is this sicko fuks frogs allowed on here? Why does a +++++ing central Florida fan gives 2 shits about us anyway. Get this piece of shit off of here for good
  6. You just don't understand how any of this works
  7. Who the f---- cares? This is a board for Mountain West teams.
  8. I'd take UTEP in a second to get the Sun Bowl. UTEP in the Mountain, BYU in the Mountain, Boise in the West, and Gonzaga to replace Hawaii (in Olympic sports) lets at least +++++ing try!!! Come on Hair!!! It's make or break time for us. Time to wheel and deal. Let's consolidate. BYU needs Bowls. They'd consider re entry to the MWC with Sun and possibly Las Vegas Bowls post 2019 for the MWC, plus a CCG in Vegas. At least talk to our media partner CBS about this! Try!!! Las Vegas Sun Holiday New Mexico Hawaii Idaho Potatoes Arizona or Cactus
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