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  1. McElwain had to pick up the pieces after Fairchild got canned. Other than some good recruiting at a few positions he buried the program with almost half the roster either quitting or being asked to leave in 2012. Same thing is happening at Hawaii. It’ll work out with Rolo he just needs to weed out the Chow duds. You know more than me about it but that’s probably what’s happening.
  2. I think CSU will win but not by 7. This game will be very close. Best of luck Swoll!
  3. Only reason I bring it up is because McElwain once told me a few years ago when he was at Alabama Saban said running it up will always come back to haunt you.
  4. Just saying if things get out of hand, Saban wont run it up.
  5. 15 should have been better but didn't happen. Mostly due to the coaching change and losing Grayson to the NFL. Bobo is doing some good things in recruiting and next years squad will be mostly upper classmen. Bobo is doing a good job filling in some holes McElwain left behind. CSU will get 7 wins again this year but watch as QB hill grows and the D improves. CSU loses about 5 starters after this season.
  6. Can't wait! Go rainbow warriors!!!!
  7. Rams add another 3 star commit in Georgia DB Jeff Hubbard. had offers from Purdue, Kansas State, Boston college among others. https://coloradostate.rivals.com/commitments/football/2017
  8. 3 star QB Ryan glover from College Park, Georgia commits to CSU. https://coloradostate.n.rivals.com/commitments/football/2017
  9. 3 star TE Griffin Hammer from St. Charles Illinois commits to CSU. Had offers from Illinois, Wyoming among others. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/772
  10. For 2017: 2 commits for coach Bobo today. 3 star DT Sincere David from Jacksonville, Florida. Had offers from B1G and ACC schools. 2 star OL Scott Brooks from Moorpark, California. Had offers from AF, Navy, and Hawaii.
  11. Based on rivals, Boise finishes 15 pts ahead of CSU in final standings. Some might call that a tie. Imo, CSU finished with a better class based on P5 offers, a better gauge than stars.
  12. Rams land Devron Davis!!! He committed back in July for 4 days, de committed and now re commits on signing day. Now we wait to hear about Christian Colon.... Here's Davis's offers. Probably the most offers in MWC history... School Interest Offer Visit Recruited by Colorado State Committed X 6/12/15 Terry Fair, Ronnie Letson Alabama None X None
  13. Wow! Kid is a burner. Put him on punt returns Bobo.
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