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  1. I think Pope is a really good coach and recruiter. USU best be on their toes because ybu will try to and possibly steal this guy
  2. What this does is decreases flexibility. Can’t schedule Arizona if you hands are tied playing Wyoming in an early game, without being flexible your chances of playing better opponents goes down. So that one or two marquee home games go bye bye and your left with nothing but dregs. This hurts the conference more than it helps just because some schools don’t want to put in the work to schedule. Fu%k those seven ADs
  3. Oh my! Next thing you know the government will be telling us how fast to drive or when and where we can buy alcohol. Or even when parks open and close. Terrible
  4. Giddens Banks, Snell, all better than hutch. He played in a overall poor league. Other guys shined in a much much tougher league
  5. I have seen nothing worth calling. He has been making the contact
  6. Merrill is a winey little bitch tonight
  7. One seed if better for the school and conference. Nobody really talks about two seeds but one seeds get a lot of pub.
  8. Nevada court really that dark? Ugh
  9. The Aztecs are very unfocused. Looks like two losses in a row.
  10. Not a New Mexico fan at all but They made great hires and I can see them getting to 7 or 8 wins a year soon. While not your 10 plus win season everyone wants I think New Mexico fans will take it. Plus they are going to be a pain in the ass to play.
  11. Boy did MSU get suckered in that deal
  12. You take the number one seed no matter wher it is. Lots more pub as a one seed. More respect as a one seed. Better for SDSU and the conference as a whole.
  13. Fresno is going to have to generate their own momentum because save mart is a ghost town
  14. I think it matters on the basics like footwork and getting leverage and how to overcome certain things but most of the young guys should have a good grasp.