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    It was a Taco Bell heavy bourbon night. Meaning I am going for the oh so rare triple turd. Nevada, UNLV, and New Mexico. Triple turds
  2. Easy money with Utah State. SDSU has not yet played a team with an offensive pulse. Gaggies by 24.
  3. Lobos are in danger of going all Reno on us this week
  4. They got punched in the mouth and they shattered. Their big question is if they they get punched in the mouth again how will they react?
  5. That was an embarrassment for the whole conference.
  6. UCLA is a really bad football team. Time will tell but beating UCLA no matter how bad they are is a beautiful thing.
  7. This only is for schools that get 10 million or more in TV money. MWC do not qualify.
  8. Don't care if it passes or not since it effects zero Mountain West teams
  9. Sdsu is tickets sold not butts in seats. A lot of fans miss the early games
  10. He is a project. Has potential but needs work.
  11. This is solved by an already existing waiver that every student has to sign. If a student athletic says you can't use their image then the school just uses team shots. If they sign with an agent then they can't play anymore. No law violated
  12. When it comes to expansion it is all about football. Oly sports just cost money. WSU is too freaking far for Oly sports and shitty upstart football. The correct decision was made. Or do you like losing more money sending your women's softball team to the shithole called Kansas.
  13. Romar would land some good recruits but he was Dave Rice of PAC basketball