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  1. This only is for schools that get 10 million or more in TV money. MWC do not qualify.
  2. Don't care if it passes or not since it effects zero Mountain West teams
  3. Sdsu is tickets sold not butts in seats. A lot of fans miss the early games
  4. He is a project. Has potential but needs work.
  5. This is solved by an already existing waiver that every student has to sign. If a student athletic says you can't use their image then the school just uses team shots. If they sign with an agent then they can't play anymore. No law violated
  6. He stays. If Reno went further in the tournament he had a better chance of leaving
  7. 4 assists yesterday. Hero ball at the end. Not in top ten.
  8. Wow. Thought you guys would win. Great comeback but not enough. Tough loss for the seniors
  9. Hudson makes so much more sense. Watch out Fresno
  10. Not seen Washington play so no idea. Utah State needs to be hot from outside to win this. That plus rebounds. If not they can easily lose this. Pressure
  11. Florida is not that great of a team. They barely made it in. Nevada HAS to share the ball. If they do it should be an easy win.
  12. Aztecs shooting has been horrible but the aggies defense and hustle has been outstanding. Good game
  13. Without Caroline doing his usual damage Nevada is just another team. He helps lift the other players.
  14. I think Nevada will be fine if they can stay away from hero ball. 5 assists tonight. Seems to be a trend in their losses. No matter the seed I think Nevada has the ability to put in a good run.
  15. No way the SDSU game will be close if they continue shooting the way they have been lately. Geesh brick city. Crowd may be a factor as Nevada for some weird reason seems to suck in front of a hostile crowd but I think this game will be over with 10 minutes left. Hope I'm wrong but it seems to be trending that way