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  1. Not a New Mexico fan at all but They made great hires and I can see them getting to 7 or 8 wins a year soon. While not your 10 plus win season everyone wants I think New Mexico fans will take it. Plus they are going to be a pain in the ass to play.
  2. Boy did MSU get suckered in that deal
  3. You take the number one seed no matter wher it is. Lots more pub as a one seed. More respect as a one seed. Better for SDSU and the conference as a whole.
  4. Fresno is going to have to generate their own momentum because save mart is a ghost town
  5. I think it matters on the basics like footwork and getting leverage and how to overcome certain things but most of the young guys should have a good grasp.
  6. Everyone feels they can catch fire and beat SD at their own home.
  7. Good thing they did not promote Boise like their coach wanted after that horrible bowl game. Lol on Boise going power 5. Lol on Boise going AAC. Just be happy you are in the MWC otherwise you’ll have to pay travel subs to your AAC brethren
  8. I think Hudson game plan is fine, Execution is the problem. Seen this before. Key is will Fresno improve as the season goes along. Also can they stay healthy? Being a young team is always a challenge.
  9. Key injury can ruin your rankings. See Nort Carolina
  10. Same day the basketball team plays Utah in LA. So that sucks.
  11. Dirty as hell. That whole program is.
  12. Utah has played two top 25 teams this year and lost both games. Way over rated. Interesting to see what they do in their bowl game.
  13. Nice Aztec win on a filler game. That is what BYU has become. Someone to fill out your schedule. Nothing more.