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  1. 4 hours ago, retrofade said:

    Care to give us the name of the professor and a link to their book?

    He is probably referring to a 10 year old book written by Tim Groseclose, Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind.

    The book was based on a research paper that Groseclose first presented in 2003.

    Since the book is over 10 years old (using older research) I would prefer to see him do a new bias study. How far right is Fox News now compared to how far left CNN now falls.

    OAN and Newsmax, and other media sources on the right didn't even exist in 2011. Breitbart had only been around 3 or 4 years and wasn't very noticed in 2011. How would those score now on the right compared to MSNBC or the NY Times on the left.

    Our political behaviors, social behaviors, and polarization have changed dramatically in 10 years. So has the media.

    Groseclose left UCLA and is now at George Mason. But he still milks his 10 year old media bias book without, as far as I know, updating the research.

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  2. I just read a blog post from Oregon GOP Rep. Bill Post. Bill Post claims to be one of Nearman's closest friends in the Oregon House.

    He explains why he voted to eject Nearman.

    But the responses under the blog are filled with anger and vitriol from the far-right against a member of the GOP.


  3. Nearman also attempted to blame Oregon law enforcement for the breach and not take responsibility for opening the door.

    Monday on the Lars Larson talk show, Nearman said:

    In his conversation with Larson, Nearman appeared to blame officers for not more quickly securing the building after the initial rush of rioters. He said there was time where police officers appeared to be talking with protesters before a mass of people — some using chemical sprays — barged in.

    "I’m wondering why the police didn’t secure the building once they got the four people out. I don’t know if there was a problem where they couldn’t do that. But if they could have secured the building and they didn’t do it then, then I think you have to take another look at what my responsibility is for what happened after that," Nearman said.


  4. Barr is quickly trying to figure out who to throw under the bus.

    Meantime Gaetz sees it as a way to imply the investigation into him is simply another case of the DOJ going after those they do not like from both parties.

    Gaetz says "DOJ has a very nasty tendency to target its critics, Republican and Democrat."


  5. Now Arizona audit supporters are opposed to an additional independent followup digital recount of the entire election as proposed by the Arizona Senate GOP.

    To paraphrase Convert, "Why are Conservatives so afraid of another audit which are based on the actual ballots cast?"

    They don't want their audit to be audited? Scared that it might confirm the original election results and show their current audit was flawed?



  6. 59 minutes ago, retrofade said:

    I think I mentioned it elsewhere in this thread, but when I went to an Ace the other day, they had a small grocery section, as well as a full-service pharmacy. 

    It depends upon the Ace location and owner.

    Ace Hardware is working with some grocery store owners to convert parts of their store to a mini Ace store, similar to the store within a store other companies are doing. I don't know the one you visit but the model is to convert some space in an existing grocery store to fast moving Ace items.


    The Ace I use is free-standing and still sticks to selling sodas, water, and snacks as an impulse buy. No eggs, flour, soup, etc.

  7. 21 minutes ago, Bob said:

    I noticed no love for Menard's, but I see now that it is mainly an upper midwestern chain with Casper, WY being the most western location. Menards has the best prices, best selection and best service of any of the big guys (apparently not nearly as large as HD and Lowe's as they are not in 2/3 of the country). Menard's is the bomb.

    I've been in a Menard's years ago when traveling. But since it isn't located somewhere I need to do projects I don't have a real opinion about the hardware side.

    But Menard's adding groceries the last 15 years just does not sit well with me.


    On the one hand it is like a giant version of the old small town general store. But on the other hand it is like Menard's is trying to be a Walmart Superstore wannabe.

  8. 8 minutes ago, 818SUDSFan said:

    “Like the Swiss Army knife, the popular AR-15 rifle is a perfect combination of home defense weapon and homeland defense equipment. Good for both home and battle," the judge said in his ruling's introduction.

    HOMELAND defense? Oh, fur shure!

    I'm dying to see Benitez grab his AR-15 and head to Guam if the Chinese decide to land troops there.


    The Swiss Army Knife and AR-15 both work as beer bottle openers.


  9. 1 hour ago, toonkee said:

    Lowe's is to Target what HD is to Wal-Mart.

    Lowe's doesn't have as much as HD, but is a much nicer and quieter experience. 

    Tru-values are cool.


    I always see more older men in the store with dachsunds and poodles at HD than I do at Lowes. I guess it is more manly to walk around HD with their little dog than at Lowes.

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  10. 1 hour ago, retrofade said:

    Man, I loved OSH when I lived in California... and that was even after the Sears purchase. We had a family friend that was the manager of the one closest to where I grew up. I had already moved away by the time that Lowe's purchased them. 

    I was afraid OSH might be in trouble when Lowes started experimenting with robots for customer service at a few Bay Area stores. I always found OSH employees to be more knowledgeable than most of the other stores. 


  11. Orchard Supply Hardware used to be my go-to chain, Californians will know it. Sears bought the company and ruined it (the only good move was adding Craftsman tools to OSH). Then Lowes bought it and killed it.

    These days I rely first on Ace/TruValue stores, I try to support local business owners even if it is a franchise. Then if they don't have what I want I head to Lowes/HD.


  12. 2 hours ago, bsu_alum9 said:

    Yes, '22 midterms will be interesting for sure.  But I don't think this 62% means much. RCP average is still only 52%. In @Nevada Convert style you picked the most favorable outlier in the last month to use.

    Disapproval will rise back up when the election season attacks ratchet up.



    When the Rasmussen poll came out, Trump followers had a meltdown and attacked the company on social media. They couldn't believe "Trump's favorite pollster" would show Biden as higher approval than disapproval.


  13. 45 minutes ago, Maynard Delecto said:

    We've paid countless trillions for HC products.

    but they have to pay us to take this one



    It is actually a Big Business bribe program to collect more data on people.

    From the bottom of the original article at the top link:

    "The fine print on the Anheuser-Busch promotion reveals the benefits to the sponsoring company, which will collect consumer data and photos through its website to register for the $5 giveaway. The company says it will hand out credits to however many people qualify."

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