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  1. It appears the Freedom Caucus does not want Elise Stefanik to replace Liz Chaney. But Trump is sticking with his support of Stefanik, posting today on his new social media blog:
  2. With Cheney gone, her potential successor is now the target of Conservatives. But does anything matter in the GOP now except fealty to Trump? And I wonder if Trump will continue to support Elise Stefanik or if he will switch to "never really knew her, never met her". The Blaze editor Chris Pandolfo:
  3. There is also virtually zero risk from the vaccines. It is just a question of which of those virtually zero risks scares you more.
  4. All lotteries discriminate against people who do not buy tickets.
  5. I didn't say that Fresno would be the AAA affiliate for a Vegas team, just that Fresno would move back up. As part of the move down from AAA to A, Fresno was promised by MLB it would be the highest considered city for a future AAA team placement in the west. A move to Vegas (or Sacramento) by the A's bumps a western AAA team to a new city. Fresno could possibly be the AAA affiliate for the A's, or Giants, or Diamondbacks depending upon the shuffle that might occur.
  6. A's moving to Vegas would bump the AAA Aviators out of town. A Vegas move makes for high odds that Fresno would move back up to hosting a AAA team.
  7. Former Arizona State Rep. Anthony Kern is among the "auditors" counting ballots in Arizona. His name was on the Arizona ballot as a Trump elector. So he is auditing his own results.
  8. The arena is owned by Fresno State through its California State University Fresno Association Inc. The Association is a University corporate entity managing/operating various campus facilities such as the arena, dorms, campus farm, etc. Yes the football stadium needs work. Football attendance is near the top of the MWC and compares to attendance in about the middle of the AAC.
  9. Gaetz is now relying on Randy Quaid to come up with conspiracy defense theories.
  10. Dr. Pirozzolo's medical practice partners have taken down his bio page on their web site and cropped him out of a group picture. More people distancing from this mess.
  11. Gaetz linked today to an article that basically said he is more of a TV talking head instead of a legislator. Linking to it says much about his ego and how he views being an elected representative.
  12. I guess Gaetz really is a bit of Trump want-to-be. There are also tweets with him too. This is Gaetz about a subject on his podcast last year. Maybe he understood the Epstein/Maxwell thought process.
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