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  1. Already starting the fraud talk in preparation for the 2022 elections??
  2. Puerto Ricans are US citizens with the same freedom to move to any state as any other US citizen has to move to any state. But it is confusing to some right now that Puerto Rico has its own Olympic team. That continues the confusion Trump generated with his PR comments, especially when he wanted to trade it for Greenland.
  3. From the NCAA Blog link: "This is not about tweaking the model we have now," NCAA President Mark Emmert said. "This is about wholesale transformation so we can set a sustainable course for college sports for decades to come. We need to stay focused on the thing that matters most — helping students be as successful as they can be as both students and athletes." The committee will also propose a new system of governance and rules enforcement that further contemplates the role of national oversight and places appropriate responsibility at the school and conference levels.
  4. They may be ugly but they still have more money than the men chasing them.
  5. You probably missed his other comments about the bowl. Portnoy said Barstool originally just wanted to be title sponsor and let CBS broadcast the bowl. But CBS did not want to work with Barstool. So Portnoy went off on CBS during his show: “CBS won’t work with us? Kick them the f*ck out, get those f*ckin white-haired…get them out, we’ll do the game ourselves.” “I think they know we’re gonna eat their lunch and they view us as a competitor. Do you wanna give the hungry wolf fresh meat? Do you want to basically put steroids in your competitor?”
  6. Jim Jordan was sputtering yesterday during an interview when asked if he spoke with Trump on January 6.
  7. The logo design does nothing for me. But maybe Barstool fanboys will like it.
  8. The full quote from those notes is more interesting: "and the R. Congressmen"? Who else is he implying and how much were they involved?
  9. On other boards it is fans of the AAC bottom feeder teams chest thumping the loudest about absorbing the Big 12 into the AAC. But I agree with you that the bottom of the Big 12 is still much better than the bottom of the AAC. At this point, the Big 12 will take from the AAC. Frank the Tank in his newest post today thinks instead of just taking 1 or 2 from the AAC, the remaining Big 12 members will now take most of the top half of the AAC as a response and leave the AAC bottom feeders reeling. https://frankthetank.org/2021/07/29/the-art-of-deception-big-12-vs-espn/
  10. I worked years ago in Kansas. The group I was with included members from Texas, Florida, and the East Coast. I got along better with the Kansans than many others on the team. Too much culture clash for the others.
  11. All other things being equal, I think K-State fans would find the MWC a better cultural fit than the AAC. They'd get along better here than the AAC.
  12. I am not concerned with the Barstool contingent on this board. They would either get bored or try to troll for a while and give up. It is more what kind of comments for publicity will Barstool give the MWC and MAC during the regular season in attempts to hype the game and traffic to their sites.
  13. Ken Bennett is stepping down as liaison to the audit. Says, his term not mine, he does not want to be a LINO (liaison in name only)
  14. Geraldo is on a roll this week about vaccinations and apparently does not care what Fox viewers think. This morning he was:
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