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  1. They were probably cutting in on his action. $4 million in 24 hours. Can't let anyone get part of that.
  2. I always had a preference for women with a set of small ones myself. Kept me out of trouble most of my life. The one time in my 20s I dated a woman with big ones there was nothing but problems in the relationship. I learned after that to stay with women who were smaller builds.
  3. The first thing that popped into my head after reading this tweet was "Kettle meet pot".
  4. How far will Jim Jordan and crew go to try to interfere in a state indictment.
  5. Kevin McCarthy shows which side of the GOP he is on. I am surprised at McCarthy, I half expected him to take the safe route and say nothing.
  6. Double talk from Gov. Hutchinson. I do like the "Donald Trump should not be the next President" comment though.
  7. I think the timing is the mistake. I would have preferred to see another indictment such as Georgia first.
  8. Is Weisselberg preparing to pull a Cohen? Michael Cohen also fired his Trump-paid attorney just before he flipped.
  9. He should have just taken his punishment from Melania like a big boy.
  10. I'd laugh but we are talking about Florida. Someone probably would really think that way. I mean look how "woke" Charles Schulz was back in 1970.
  11. Part of the negotiation to me. If media partners want to go that route sure. But doesn't that raise the question of who would be considered to have a similar value as SDSU to the media partners. Otherwise they would want to lower the contract no matter who is added.
  12. I was reading about that earlier today. First, anyone who lives in the county where the school is located can file an objection to a book. So it is not a "parent's rights" bill if anyone who is not a parent at the school or in the district can attempt to impose their standards on a school. Then the unintended consequences if it is passed. Everything from "Romeo and Juliet" to the Bible can have objections filed. Everything with an objection would have to be removed from schools including their libraries until such time as the local process is followed.
  13. It was not the parents. She purchased the guns herself. Supposedly the parents knew about one gun and made her sell it. But she had hidden others away that she legally bought. She had 7 guns she had purchased herself at 5 different stores. "The assailant in the Nashville school shooting legally bought seven firearms from five local stores and used three of those weapons in Monday's attack, officials said Tuesday. Police said the gun purchases were made over the past few years and hidden from the assailant's parents, with whom the shooter lived. The parents of the shooter, 28-year-old Audrey Hale, felt their child shouldn't own any weapons, police said. They believed that the shooter had only one weapon and sold it, Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake told reporters on Tuesday." https://www.cbsnews.com/news/nashville-school-shooter-guns-legally-bought-used-tennessee-rampage/
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