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  1. I was not implying they would not sign off. I follow the CSU Trustee meetings and it is rare for a project not to get a yes check. My point was the Trustee meeting will be a good source of additional information that may not get released publicly before then. The Trustee agenda packets usually have some good background info. The meeting videos are posted and also provide info from the Q&A by Trustees.
  2. The CSU Board of Trustees will have to sign off. Their next meeting is May 20-22. When that agenda packet is posted we will see if it includes any additional details that are not released in the next few weeks.
  3. Is it a double groundbreaking? The parking garage replacing Bud Winter Track was announced as a June groundbreaking.
  4. Good idea but it is the same problem that SJSU athletics faces for many of their proposed projects, lack of money. From the Mercury News article I linked above:
  5. SJSU is going to remove Bud Winter Field and replace it with a parking garage. http://www.mercurynews.com/2019/04/04/san-jose-state-plans-to-turn-track-near-spartan-stadium-into-parking-garage Bud Winter Field was the home of SJSU's Speed City. Track legends like Tommie Smite, John Carlos, Lee Evans and others ran at Bud Winter. The history of Speed City will be memorialized with plaques at the site. But removing the historic track means SJSU's restated men's Track and Field team will have to train elsewhere.
  6. Boise's Term Sheet point #5d says about streaming:
  7. Or the BiG is looking to pick apart the AAC in the next expansion cycle. If the BiG grants P5 status to schools in the AAC (or BYU or Fresno or Air Force) it would make it easier to justify adding 1 or 2 G5 schools from that group since they are already considered P5 by the BiG members. How the BiG is looking at things now may not be a future good thing for teams left behind in the next expansion.
  8. I do not believe Boise is guaranteed a broadcast take off the top. Someone with more contract knowledge can go back and read what is posted in that old thread to check this. http://www.mwcboard.com/index.php?/topic/59909-revisiting-mwc-television-agreement/ Look again at the agreement info again: "The revenue from such Boise State home football games license/sub-license shall be retained by the MWC and the MWC will add its retained amount to the MWC media revenue monies to be pooled and disbursed in the same manner as with all other MWC revenues." That reads like all revenue from the Boise package goes to the MWC. I do not see any qualifying statements in the paragraphs 3 and 4 posted in the old thread that indicates BSU is quaranteed receiving some broadcast money off the top. Instead it reads like the conference decides distribution. If I am correct then the conference presidents so far have agreed to give Boise more since they generated the additional revenue individually. But I am not sure that is a guaranteed broadcast revenue distribution in perpetuity.
  9. You are missing the point. The Big 10 is making exceptions that meet their scheduling needs. Again, that article says, It is about the Big 10 trying to bend its own rule. It is not about the AAC being P6 but rather the Big 10 taking care of what it wants.
  10. I'm not that impressed. The Big 10 also considers Fresno State, Air Force and BYU as the equivalent of P5 out of conference opponents.
  11. Not exactly true. Boise has granted the rights to home games to the MWC. But the conference has to negotiate those rights as a package separate from the rest of the conference media deal. Both BSU and the MWC have to agree who broadcasts the Boise home game subpackage. Additionally the conference receives the Boise home game revenue which is added to the other conference revenue then distributed by whatever method that conference members decide. The wording is in this old thread posted by Boise fan:
  12. I agree that stadium's value for OTA has been missed. Stadium has a large number of OTA channels, including stations located in most of the MWC markets. http://s23455.pcdn.co/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/STADIUM-OTA-CHANNELS2-11-19.pdf Unfortunately they so far have not been taking advantage of that reach to show MWC games in local markets.
  13. This week the media is reporting the info in the just released Deloitte 13th annual digital media trends survey. One of the big trends getting reported is growth in streaming vs pay TV. 69% of households now subscribe to a streaming video subscription service vs 65% of households with pay TV (cable or satellite). Live TV streaming is in 29% of households. Deloitte's press release: https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/about-deloitte/articles/press-releases/digital-media-trends-thirteenth-edition.html
  14. I think when everything settles the MW will have a deal somewhat below the AAC but way above the MAC, SunBelt, and CUSA. Basically I think the media deals will segregate the FBS leagues into P5+T2+B3: P5 (the Power 5) T2 (the tweeners AAC and MWC) B3 (the bottom 3 leagues)