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  1. Either he is trying to figure out his new spin and metrics OR he is cleaning up his old posts around the Internet.
  2. Some AAC fans are now saying Aresco should approach Thompson about a merger. Almost sounds to me like those fans recognize who is the new P6 and want to be part of it.
  3. Using one of his other Twitter names he is playing the we didn't want them anyway game.
  4. I am seeing some internet speculation that besides internal/booster opposition at AFA and CSU, CBS Sports may have done something to sweeten the MWC deal to encourage teams to stay.
  5. CBS Sports now has their story posted. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/air-force-colorado-state-join-boise-state-san-diego-state-in-sticking-with-mountain-west-over-aac/
  6. Aresco was ready with his spin. In other words, we didn't want them anyway.
  7. For those who want to watch the AAC fan spin and meltdown, here is their thread. https://www.csnbbs.com/thread-930978.html
  8. Grab the popcorn. AAC spin on this will be be fun to watch.
  9. The AAC board has a pinned note telling fans from other conferences that they are guests on that board and to act accordingly. Some AAC fans want to dish it out to other conferences but don't want to be on the receiving end.
  10. Over on the AAC board, a poster says his sources tell him the AAC takes a 20% media contract cut if CSU and AFA do not join. Those two are the conference's best play right now. As I said earlier today, if AFA and CSU do not realize how much the AAC needs them and try to cut a sweetheart deal then they do not know how to negotiate.
  11. It seems like the GOP now sees Communists everywhere. All I can say is at least he gave the media a good soundbite. But seriously????
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