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  1. It took multiple attempts to get students to approve the Student Union fee. They initially threw fits about that fee also.
  2. The building will use pre-manufactured insulated concrete panels for the construction method. That will reduce the number of shear walls. But you are confused about which school might need a wall. It sounds like it is San Jose State that needs to consider improved security around the campus. SJSU had two arrests last week for two separate gun incidents on the SJSU campus, including this shooting last Thursday at the campus library: and this SJSU incident just the day before the library shooting:
  3. This is on the CSU Board of Trustees agenda for Tuesday Sept 24, so now public. The official announcement will come later. Lynda and Stewart Resnick are donating $10 million to Fresno State for its new Student Union project. The donation will be in $1 million installments for 10 years. The donation is for design, construction, operation and maintenance of the new student union along with the creation of a Wonderful Scholar Center inside the new Student Union. The CSU Trustees will vote Tuesday to name the new student union "The Lynda and Stewart Resnick Student Union". http://www2.calstate.edu/csu-system/board-of-trustees/past-meetings/2019/Documents/sep-24-25-ia.pdf According to the Trustee agenda report above, currently over 200 students are attending Fresno State on scholarships from the Resnicks or one of their companies (Wonderful Pistachios, Wonderful Halos, POM Wonderful, FIJI Water, JUSTIN Wines, Landmark Wines, JNSQ Wines and Teleflora). The new 84,000 sq ft student union is scheduled to open in 2021. Fresno State students voted last year a $149/semester fee to build the new student union. More info and more images at: http://fresnostate.edu/studentaffairs/division/vp/new-student-union.html
  4. AFA - #39 in National Liberal Arts Colleges As noted, SJSU at #24 among Regional Universities in the West Also as noted above Fresno is at #211 in National Universities (#101 among all public universities).
  5. My understanding is that Forbes requires 10 years of data for some of its methodology categories such as Alumni Salaries. UC Merced graduated its first class in 2009. I've been told it will appear for the first time in next year's Forbes ranking.
  6. I've said the same think here in the past. Additionally the dynamic ad model used for streaming such as ESPN+ or in the new ATSC 3.0 OTA standard will put more emphasis on the value of the demographics not just the quantity of eyes. But AAC fans and many others currently focus only on the total numbers.
  7. Good numbers for a late game, 7:30pm PT/10:30pm ET kickoff.
  8. I gave up watching the NFL years ago. Just doesn't draw me in like college football. I'm developing a similar blah attitude about the top of the A5. Something is missing for me. I guess I need to call myself a fan of the 2nd and 3rd quartiles.
  9. Becoming way too difficult to support AAC teams vs P5 given the fan behavior. Personally I think FBS is the A5 followed by the T2 Tweener 2 (MWC and AAC) and the O3 Other 3.
  10. CHP said the red Massey's had priority on the 5 due to the color. That forced the green John Deere's over to the coast and down 101.
  11. Hopefully SJSU and Wyoming both beat Tulsa while hopefully AF also tops Navy. That would look nice against the AAC.
  12. Probably not a reason according to the AAC fans. It was 10pm Eastern Time kickoff and as far as they are concerned that is too late for big viewer numbers since the majority of the population is in Eastern Time.
  13. USF misses a field goal in the final 2 minutes. Wisky wins 49-0. Total offense for USF = 157 yards - 131 passing 26 rushing.