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  1. The Washington Post has an article today about the companies working with AI to revolutionize the porn industry. https://www.washingtonpost.com/style/of-interest/2024/02/25/ai-porn-avn-industry/ Create your own perfect fantasy performers doing exactly what you want on your screen.
  2. In his previous term Trump used both acting appointments and keeping positions vacant to avoid confirmation. Trump previously said he liked people in acting positions because it gave him "flexibility". He also liked to keep positions vacant to avoid confirmation which allowed the responsibilities and duties to be delegated to a loyalist. There are plenty of old news articles out there discussing that behavior.
  3. If Spanish language stations were banned from AM what would be left is basically talk/sports/religion stations. MAGA could then call it America Modulated broadcasting.
  4. But in the same speech Trump is starting to show his age more and more. Can't we get a younger candidate from the two parties? Protect AM radio? I don't remember the last time I listened to AM.
  5. Here is the fun part of the timing of this outage in California. AT&T is currently petitioning the state Public Utilities Commission to gain permission to begin eliminating its copper wire landline network service in a large portion of the state. The company wants to be relieved of its "Carrier of Last Resort" and "Eligible Telecommunictions Carrier" standings. In its documents one thing AT&T touts is the reliability of alternatives such as its own cell phone network.
  6. They would be conflicted because lab grown is not the way they believe it was intended to be.
  7. Putin cracking down. And who are Russia's "traditional values" supporters Putin is touting?
  8. I'd be curious to see the ages of the brains that were scanned. Scanning 1,500 adult brains would not tell us very much about a brain at birth since brains change over a lifetime. Then the AI model had about a 90% accuracy. What was different about the people and brains it misidentified? Would that 8%-10% misidentified group provide clues to some of the issues that society seems to struggle with?
  9. I know fellow Boomers who still have never forgiven the Middle East countries over the 1970s oil crisis. The memories of gas station lines are burned into their psyche.
  10. Wait until they find out that the UAE is also pouring money into turning itself into a hub for AI technology. https://www.axios.com/2023/09/26/uae-disrupt-ai-superpowers https://ai.gov.ae/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/UAE-National-Strategy-for-Artificial-Intelligence-2031.pdf Chips and AI? Combined with US government support? Far-right heads will spin.
  11. It was not hard to predict. No matter what happens someone will find something to knock it. It is the current political climate.
  12. I'm just waiting for the far-right to learn that 85% of GlobalFoundries shares are owned by Mubadala Investments, the sovereign investment arm of Abu Dhabi, UAE. I'm sure the conspiracies and outrage will eventually appear.
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