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  1. FresnoFacts

    Fresno @ Boise

    The Big 10 connection to the San Francisco/Redbox/Foster Farms Bowl ends next year. Supposedly the Big 10 will tie in with a new bowl game at Wrigley Field in Chicago. Levis Stadium may be where the MWC ends up playing the PAC. Currently the PAC sends its #4 to SF and #6 to Vegas. It would be interesting to see the shuffle result.
  2. FresnoFacts

    Fresno @ Boise

    BJ Rains says Boise may be out WR John Hightower, plus TEs Garrett Collingham and Matt Pistone?
  3. Don Williams of the Lubbock newspaper was probably the worst ballot of the 4 not ranking Fresno State. I don't say that because he did not rank Fresno State. Williams ranked 5-4 Northwestern at 19 and 5-4 Texas A&M at 23. He had UCF all the way down at 18 which was the lowest any voter had UCF.
  4. Of course, they have to get Texas back in the rankings.
  5. Matt Baker at the Tampa Bay Times has the largest spread between Fresno and USU that I have seen so far 12. Fresno State 19. Utah State https://www.tampabay.com/sports/florida-gators/2018/11/04/matt-bakers-ap-top-25-florida-gators-slide-fresno-state-and-bc-rise-to-top-15/
  6. The actual AP poll should be out in about 15 or 20 minutes. But a few more voters have released their ballots with good jumps for Fresno and USU. Garry Smits at the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville 11. USU 13. Fresno State Steve Batterson at the Quad City Times 15. Utah State 16. Fresno State
  7. Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News (probably begrudgingly) now has USU and Fresno State on his AP ballot. He often does not like to vote for MWC teams. 22. Utah State 23. Cincinnati 25. Fresno State http://www.mercurynews.com/2018/11/04/my-ap-ballot-a-new-no-1-just-kidding-west-virginia-rises-so-does-washington-while-iowa-state-makes-an-appearance/
  8. I've seen 2 public AP ballots so far with Fresno ahead of USU: Kellis Robinett of the Wichita Eagle and Brandon Marcello of 247.
  9. FresnoFacts

    USU @ Hawaii

    An AAC fan saying MWC teams might beat out AAC teams for the spot? That is a pretty big concession, I am still seeing AAC fans on boards who think the spot will go to their league no matter what.
  10. FresnoFacts

    First CFP Rankings

    I'll give Cougar King credit, he replied about 20 minutes ago to being called out on another thread.
  11. FresnoFacts

    Ot: Gameday Thread Week 10

    Final SMU 45 Houston 31
  12. FresnoFacts

    Ot: Gameday Thread Week 10

    Back from the delay and SMU quickly scores. SMU 45 Houston 31 with 2:43 left.
  13. Apparently their defense is Ed Oliver. With him out tonight this is what happens.
  14. FresnoFacts

    Ot: Gameday Thread Week 10

    D'Eriq King finally getting Houston back in the game. After 2 TDs it is SMU 38 Houston 31. 9:34 left in the game.
  15. FresnoFacts

    Ot: Gameday Thread Week 10

    Houston had to settle for a FG when they can't score from the SMU 5. Then SMU goes 75 yards in 3 plays for a TD. SMU 38 Houston 17