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  1. Meantime, Lauren Boebert said she "didn't know" the people in the militia group she posed with on the Colorado Capitol steps in December 2019. - Her statement about the photo said in part: "Extremists that believe your rhetoric have posted photos of me with people I don’t know at the Capitol Building in Denver, Colorado, following a rally from more than a year ago......" Now a reporter has uncovered other pictures of her with the same people that were taken months before the above steps picture. No comment from Boebert yet. https://coloradotimesrecorder.com/2021/01/b
  2. Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying the "someone else" defense. I'm trying to figure out why she needed a "team" to run her social media accounts several years ago before she even announced she was running for Congress. Then she never checked what the "team" was liking or sharing? Where is that "team" now? From this tweet: "Fake News CNN is writing yet another hit piece on me focused on my time before running for political office. Over the years, I have had teams of people manage my pages. Many posts have been liked. Many posts have been shared. Some did not represent my views. Esp
  3. $14 million per year for 3 teams would be $4.7 million each additional. Either football only or no extra money for all sports.
  4. UPDATE ON THE LORD OF THE RINGS FILING: The attorney now says in a new filing this morning that maybe there is a different remedy. He does want the court to know today about his lack of sleep and sewage problems though, maybe a play for sympathy: "Counsel’s intense amount of sleep-deprivation, having to do the work of several attorneys, mostly alone, with a skeleton staff while being plagued with threats to his safety and an apparent act of vandalism at his home where someone stuffed bundles of wood and garbage into the drain sewer at his home causing a massive sewage backup,” he wro
  5. So many grifters are jumping on the "Patriot Party" fundraising wagon that the Trump campaign is having to issue denials that they are involved. Both the "Patriot Party" (supposedly based in Georgia) and "MAGA Patriot Party" (supposedly based in Florida) filed FEC paperwork and said they were raising money for Trump.
  6. I would reduce DC to a Federal District of just a small area around the Capitol, Supreme Court, White House, Mall, main Cabinet Dept buildings etc. Return the rest to Maryland. The precedent exists to return the area to Maryland since the original Virginia area of DC was retroceded in 1847. Puerto Rico should be a state at this point.
  7. CNN missed some of the other fun at the AZ GOP meeting. They point out that the meeting was closed to nearly all media except for a few "preferred" outlets which was unusual. But Right Side Broadcasting (an acceptable outlet to them) was live streaming the event and at one point the AZ GOP told them to stop the stream possibly due to what was being said. Chair Kelli Ward allowed Daniel McCarthy to speak. He is a failed 2020 AZ GOP Senate primary candidate who has threatened to start a 3rd party. McCarthy said among other things in a rant: At one point the AZ GOP
  8. Supposedly Melania has been house hunting in the Palm Beach area. No one knows for sure if she is looking due to the restrictions Trump signed against living at Mar-a-Lago full-time when it was converted to a club, The 3,000 sq ft living space at Mar-a-Lago being considered too small for the Trump family (they had 11,000 sq ft in NYC), or is she looking for a separate home for herself.
  9. Well of course. If a Capitol riot and Qanon can't keep Trump as President, why not try Lord of the Rings. From the article link below: Paul M. Davis, the Texas lawyer who was fired from his in-house counsel job after he recorded himself among a mob at the U.S. Capitol Complex on Jan. 6, has filed legal documents which set a new floor for legal embarrassment in U.S. jurisprudence. The documents employ a series of awkward references to — and ideas from — the temporary government of the Kingdom of Gondor in The Lord of the Rings. Davis’s lawsuit bombastically attempts to ass
  10. It is not just about Democrats getting revenge. Impeachment may be turning into a battle for control of the GOP between factions. There appears to be a developing move among some Republicans to both wrestle party control from Trump and end the unknown of will he or won't he run in 2024.
  11. The Milwaukee newspaper wrote an editorial a few days ago calling for Johnson to resign. Ron Johnson asked to be able to respond to the editorial. The newspaper published it but added 19 editorial footnotes to "provide additional context so that readers have a fuller understanding of the senator's actions." https://www.jsonline.com/in-depth/news/solutions/2021/01/19/sen-ron-johnson-calls-editorial-unhinged-editorial-board-responds/4204754001/
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