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  1. Sam's Italian Deli makes great sandwiches. Currently they have only the original location in Central Fresno near the VA hospital and the Art Museum. But after 45 years in business, they will open a second location in 2025 in the RiverPark area. Sam's has shown up in past years in Yelp's Top 100 Restaurants in the US list. https://samsitaliandeli.com/ https://www.yelp.com/biz/sams-italian-deli-and-market-fresno Hands down some of the best sandwiches, also heard sequoia sandwich Co in clovis has great sandwiches also. Deli Delicious has good sandwiches. But after starting in Fresno it is now a growing chain closing in on 100 locations around the US. Sequoia Sandwich is also good. It is a small Bakersfield based chain though (5 Bakersfield locations, 1 in SLO, plus the Clovis location)
  2. Que Pasa was mentioned above. It is one of the restaurants located at Campus Pointe across the street from the arena. Even if you do not eat in that area I would spend a few minutes showing him Campus Pointe. Campus Pointe is on 45 acres of the campus leased by the University to a developer. https://campuspointe.com/ Currently it includes 3 apartment complexes (one is 55+) with a building of all-studio apartments opening in Fall. Many athletes live in the apartments at Campus Pointe. Then Campus Pointe includes a 16 screen theater, https://www.mayacinemas.com/location/individual/fresno a VR gaming spot, a few other shops including a satellite campus bookstore, along with 15 restaurants (including Mexican, Japanese, Korean, a brewpub, and more). https://campuspointe.com/dine/ A convenience store and a Hyatt House hotel are under construction at Campus Pointe with more businesses coming.
  3. I liked this interview with former GOP Rep. Bill Thomas. The freedom to speak when someone is out of politics shows. Although I suspect there were loud howls from Kern County MAGA today. https://www.bakersfield.com/columnists/robert-price/robert-price-was-trump-s-conviction-a-just-one-bill-thomas-weighs-in/article_33ac686c-2062-11ef-8e25-079e5caf93a4.html Background - Thomas was the Congressman representing Bakersfield and Kern County from 1979 to 2007. When he retired he was the Chair of the House Ways and Means committee. Kevin McCarthy began his political career under Thomas,, serving on his staff from 1987 to 2002 before being elected to his own first office. . A couple of excerpts: "“I don't understand anyone who cannot accept the result of this legitimately chosen jury, with a judge that has the patience of Job and the willingness to take what is certainly going to be a lot of quote, unquote, crap for making the right decision,” Thomas said in an exclusive interview Friday. “And the thing that scares me most is the people are now (going) to support someone who almost destroyed our democracy on Jan. 6 ... (A person) who has done nothing but be negative” about everything, except when it comes to issues “about himself.”" "We've seen Trump’s act repeated over and over. He is guilty. He is a felon and he will not change. He is the hurt party every time. I mean, how old does that get? And you've got both candidates that were running for the congressional seat that Kevin McCarthy vacated, both supporting Trump, and the party supporting Trump. How are they comfortable supporting a felon? I don't understand it because, frankly, Trump is not a conservative. He's not honest. He's a conspirator."
  4. Republicans don't like recognizing anyone or anything that is different than themselves.
  5. I guess Alex Jones wants to scare his followers and get in on the trial fundraising grift too.
  6. Using religious imagery for his followers in today's rant.
  7. McArdle is part of the group that has wanted to remake the party into a right-wing party. Two years ago she said:
  8. Sentencing July 11, GOP convention starts July 15. Convention speeches will be a show to watch.
  9. I didn't say it won't be addressed eventually, I just think the order of projects should be changed. A video board should be planned for after completion of fan experience improvements such as restrooms, concessions, and a party deck or whatever else. A video board to me should be lower priority in light of the rest of the stadium, the stadium is not that large to need to show off video highlights. Make the experience for fans of both baseball and softball more enjoyable first.
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