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  1. Utah shooting guard Vante Hendrix announced he is transferring to Fresno State. The 6'5" redshirt freshman was the 2016-17 L.A. City Section Player of the Year. He played in the first few Utah games this season, scoring 14 points vs Minnesota and 6 vs Hawaii. http://twitter.com/Vante_Hendrix14/status/1087496259240263680
  2. FresnoFacts

    Power 7!

    AAC fans focus on the total viewer number but not on factors such as time slot, competing shows/games, and importantly demographics and behaviors of viewers. Of course total viewer numbers are available online while other info is held back by companies. Total viewers has been important in the cable/satellite subscription days. If someone pays extra for the sports channel then the channel wants to offer the games the subscribers will continue to pay to see. As streaming/cord-cutting grows I think performance against other time slot choices and importantly the fan demographics and behaviors gain importance for the new contracts. It would be interesting to see MWC vs AAC comparison information about fan demographics and behavior. Some of the things that might be considered are gender, ethnicity, response to advertising/sponsorship, etc. That would reveal even more about the value of a league to a media partner and its potential advertisers. For example, some demographic groups consume more hours per week of sports in the media than others so how do the MWC and AAC fanbases reflect those groups. Some demographic groups consume more social media time than others so again how does that show up in the fanbases. More importantly some demographic groups respond to ads/sponsorships stronger than others a key factor for advertisers to know about the MWC/AAC fan behavior.
  3. FresnoFacts

    Power 7!

    AAC is closer to the Sun Belt than to the MWC.
  4. FresnoFacts

    Nevada @Fresno conference game of the year???

    The blue shirt says SLUGS, so UC Santa Cruz. Also here is the original source of that picture. http://gobulldogs.com/news/2017/11/10/mens-basketball-fresno-state-ucsc-recap-111017.aspx
  5. FresnoFacts

    Dogs in March Madness??

    That is Andy Katz's latest bracket. He also has Nevada a 3 seed. On his actual handwritten bracket he has Fresno State marked as the Automatic Qualifier. Tourney Champs!!
  6. FresnoFacts

    Kliff Kingsbury

    Reports are a 4 year contract with the Cardinals. FIFY
  7. FresnoFacts

    CSU -@- CSU-Fresno: Men's Hoops

    Fresno State 34 CSU 12 with 3:43 left in the 1st.
  8. FresnoFacts

    Post-bowl season rankings

    Fresno State finished the 2013 season with votes in the AP poll which would put it at #27. At the end of the 2013 regular season Fresno was #20 in Coaches, #21 in AP and #20 in the BCS. The loss to USC in the 2013 Las Vegas Bowl dropped Fresno out of the top 25.
  9. FresnoFacts

    LSU Snaps UCF's 25 Game Winning Streak

    Marshall 38 South Florida 20
  10. FresnoFacts

    LSU Snaps UCF's 25 Game Winning Streak

    Chris Vannini is the G5 beat writer for The Athletic. Of course he will speak well of a G5 team.
  11. FresnoFacts

    LSU Snaps UCF's 25 Game Winning Streak

    On the other hand, negotiations may also consider that so far 3 of the 4 AAC bowls produced much lower ratings this year than last year. (Cure was on CBSSN so no available ratings) Fiesta and Military Bowl ratings still to come in the next day or two. But so far: Armed Forces - 2018 Army vs Houston 2.577 million viewers (2017 game Army vs MWC's SDSU 3.485 million) Birmingham Bowl - 2018 Wake Forest vs Memphis 2.533 million viewers (2017 Texas Tech vs USF 3.397 million) Independence Bowl - 2018 Duke vs Temple 1.801 million viewers (2017 Florida State vs. So. Miss. 2.205 million) Gasparilla Bowl - 2018 Marshall vs USF 1.750 million viewers (2017 FIU vs Temple 1.597 million)
  12. FresnoFacts

    Houston Fires Applewhite

    Money solves everything mentality that starts at the top with Fertitta and goes down from there to people like this Houston fan. Too many people like that. They don't realize there might be reasons some coaches will stay away from the Houston job for any salary. Or that some coaches may have personal reasons for staying in their current gig.
  13. FresnoFacts

    Houston Fires Applewhite

    Fertitta is also Chairman of Houston's Board of Regents. Money and power over what happens.
  14. FresnoFacts

    Boise State vs Rebellious Tea Partiers

    I beat both of you with that tweet. I posted it in this thread long before your other thread was started.
  15. FresnoFacts

    Boise State vs Rebellious Tea Partiers

    San Jose State football tickets?