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  1. Rumour is that WR was showing up late to meetings and was the missing 11th player on a recent 4th down play. I think it was the straw that broke the camels back. Avalos is also having to clean up the culture left behind by Harsin. Not the first to leave.
  2. Sorry not in favour. UNR, Fresno, SDSU yearly.. I'd like UH to be in that mix too. Ultimately I hope that divisions simply go away.
  3. I'm actually surprised they can call their conference the WAC
  4. I don't get UW performance honestly.. you're 2nd to BSU as far as sending talent to the NFL I think. That means Bohl is significantly underperforming
  5. Okay.. that's your opinion and I have mine. Nothing wrong with that
  6. He's having to fix the culture a little. This year the kids aren't giving up like they occassionally did with harsin. Also the first top 10 win on the road in like 10? 20? years is nothing to scoff at.
  7. Well next two home games are UW and UNM, so should break the streak
  8. Ball game, well played fly boys. You deserved the win. This conference deserves better refs tho
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