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  1. Jim Kiick, Wyoming and Miami Dolphin star running back, dead at age 73....was lucky enough to see Kiick play against San Jose State in Spartan Stadium in 1967.....
  2. If the G5 refused to play the P5, it would reduce the big boys home games from 7-8 a season to a maximum of 6 per season....I don't think the P5 would like that very much......I would not watch any P5 games if they broke from the NCAA and I'm sure many others feel the same.....
  3. Yeah.... SDSU won't be able to schedule Texas Southern, Long Island, Grand Canyon and Tennessee State like they did last season.....
  4. How bout schools like Michigan and Penn State? 7 -8 home games with gate receipts of 7+ Million Dollars per game! P5 gonna be hurting too!
  5. Hey TT.....Can't you just knock this shit off for a couple of months?
  6. Spartan Stadium North EZ currently under construction.....
  7. I'd be very surprised if the Spartans keep this game within 20.....
  8. Original Joe's in Downtown San Jose …….
  9. Last I heard actual construction to begin August 1.....North EZ work ( new video board and sound system) also to be under construction soon.....
  10. Design and Build firm has recently been selected...…………..
  11. Look for Spartans to schedule another P5 team soon.....