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  1. SJS is at FULL allowed scholarships for all sports...….
  2. Lady Spartans advance to NCAA tournament with a 5th place regional finish.....
  3. Just came back from the ribbon cutting ceremony....What a facility! People will be blown away when they see it!
  4. San Jose State getting great publicity hosting the Western Intercollegiate thru Wednesday at Pasatiempo....14 hours of coverage on the Golf Channel with Spartan Alum Aron Oberholser....Also, the Spartans have a two shot lead over the field....
  5. The money donated to South Campus projects would not be donated to Main Campus.... it's not that hard to understand.....
  6. The school isn't spending ANY money! Stadium project ALL privately funded!
  7. The Spartans lost 4 players who are now starters on other teams.....Clarke at Gonzaga.....Welage at Xavier.....Terrell Brown at New Mexico State....Cody Swartz at Wisconsin Green Bay.....Suffice to say that SJS would have been extremely competitive in The MWC this year....
  8. I believe it's 11 wins.....3 football....8 basketball.....
  9. No problem.... let's just change the thread title to West Coast Baseball....