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  1. Haven’t been closely following. Didn’t they all vote early?
  2. Two things need to happen that are in our control. Go all in on California schools. FSU, SDSU and your champs SJSU. These are the Only teams that make sense given the TV markets. Huge and insurmountable for most other schools to try and compare. Unless you are CSU. We need to grow in order to get respect. Most states in conference are declining in population. We need to bring back BYU, add UTEP, UTSA, NDSU, UC Davis and a Montana school. I’ll let the board decide which team to cut. Would suggest any team without a conference championship.
  3. Might need the guys who actually “call” the plays to be present. Game was over before they took the field.
  4. Fair points. Want to add that we really need Boise to play their football games. Us leaches can’t get by on just championship money.
  5. Lincoln has got to be the most underrated town. We drove cross-country and stopped for the night. Absolutely loved it. Small, college-town vibes. Best of all, everything was so cheap!
  6. Beat me to it. When is it going to be acceptable for SJSU fans to start smack talking everyone on this board? After MBB season?
  7. I think Blake’s broader point is that the MWC is better off with its new TV deal.he doesn’t mention SJSU being the cause for the viewership increase
  8. It’s crazy though. Stanford did it with Harbaugh. Same college as Caragher. Really trying to catch lightning in a bottle at SJSU.
  9. BSU fans should now and forever thank and be grateful to SJSU and coach Brennan. You’re welcome.
  10. Man. Didn’t think losing to SJSU would make him quit his job
  11. Our punting game is our weakest aspect of our game. In fact we shouldn’t punt at all and just go for it on 4th every time
  12. I’m not sure what this means. If SJSU is Ethan Hawke then we haven’t had S’ pushed in. And if BSU is the other side of table you clearly have had you S pushed in “real good”. This is a weird take for BSU
  13. Well, we did turn down the PAC-12 already. Dumpster fire over there
  14. I would imagine Boise would want this at Sam Boyd. Looks like 60 degrees next week
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