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  1. SpartanGrad

    12-Pac considers plan to sell 10% of conf for $500m

    NM - saw the correction. $50bn valuation??? Yeah right. announced revenues for 2017 were ~500mm. No way they can achieve a 10x revenue multiple.
  2. SpartanGrad

    Why does SJSU struggle so much ?

    Hmm. I'm starting to get a small understanding Fresno, then. But, I still can't imagine an entire state trash talking my town a la California to Fresno. Must be tough. ...poor sheep
  3. SpartanGrad

    Why does SJSU struggle so much ?

    BA fans are finicky. It isn't much to do with having so much competition in other sports around the Bay. It's not having a winning product. No one is going to a 9ers or Raiders game. Giants were way down this season in attendance and the A's never draw a crowd. Where the Sharks are consistently "good" and have been sold out for several seasons. As to the "Why." First: absolute inconsistency in the Admin. We had something like 10 presidents in 10 years. Never going to put anything together that way. Second, weak and feckless AD. Much easier to pay the min. amount for a head coach and your not taking a big risk if it doesn't pan out. Where as paying a huge contract and having it fail would likely lead to the ouster or both. If Tedford had been a total flop, there is no chance the AD and maybe even the Prez would survive. We have powerful and wealthy alums (super bowl winning coach) and they are why we got Ron Caragher.
  4. https://www.ksl.com/article/46432028/patrick-kinahan-utes-dont-see-much-value-in-playing-byu But really, is this news? I also like how SJSU gets a shout-out here.
  5. SpartanGrad

    World War 1. 100 years ago right now

    Thanks for doing this! WWI is such a fascinating war and so poorly represented
  6. SpartanGrad

    Well, Good Bye Tesla

    Ping me if you have questions. I did IB at a Bulge Bracket
  7. SpartanGrad

    Well, Good Bye Tesla

    You an Ex-IB? Not many people realize that is really what is happening here.
  8. SpartanGrad

    OT: Long Beach State to change their mascot

    I especially like this quote: “Why is that our mascot? Is it any better than… the Redskins?… A lot of our student population are people of color who have dealt with slurs and awkward representation,” Vahalia said.
  9. SpartanGrad

    Adidas partners with SJSU with apparel deal

    Cincy sounds like he polishing the brass on the titanic.
  10. SpartanGrad

    Adidas partners with SJSU with apparel deal

    Fresno has an exclusive with the Power Rangers. Luckily, I think we can get in on the leprechaun uniform look.
  11. SpartanGrad

    Former Fresno St. mascot accused of groping

    Baaa means No!
  12. SpartanGrad

    Is Any Other MWC Disrespected More?

    Where is "san jose" in the Mercury News' title?
  13. SpartanGrad

    America's 200 Most Educated Cities

    Stockton is smarter than Fresno? #sad
  14. With TV negotiations coming up, you could make the argument that Wichita could increase our leverage in those talks...
  15. SpartanGrad

    Concerns Mount for Tedford

    Whoops... I better go fix it..... Back on topic. Fresno hasn't finished ranked in a long time and your highest ever recent rank was lost because of us... #sad! I don't want to lose sight of the fact that you post the 2013 season as a point of pride. LOL