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  1. Waste is important, but seems less of an issue since many are keeping the waste within the plant walls. The plant is already designed to contain nuclear materials and the waste doesn't displace a significant amount of area.
  2. A co-worked of mine (Utah alum) worked at the Dept. of Energy during the Obama admin, and I asked this question about Nuclear. He agrees the benefits are there, but the biggest reason they are not investing comes down to the Nuclear energy rates are completely uncompetitive. More expensive than most forms of energy. Sure a lot of this is based on old designs and expensive Regs. The other issue is deconstructing the plants themselves. The San Onofre plant in CA is closing and will be the first plant they ever have torn down in the US. The other big achievement to look out for is Fussion Reactors, which promises to make all other forms of energy obsolete. Key word: promises.
  3. Cirrus also makes prop-engine planes with the parachute. It's been deployed in ~40 separate instances. The plan is totaled after it's deployed. See video in action below.
  4. Dipshit... Read my post. Then read yours. Only thing anyone gets out of it is you and Fresno fans are sheep lovers. Leave the mom jokes to Dre.
  5. Bro...I get that was supposed to be a mom joke... But you have to know how that sounds, right? Every fan on this board attacks CSUf as sheep lovers and you now confirm all those attacks...
  6. It took you over 24 hours to come up with that zinger?
  7. I did pat myself on the back for that one. Don't worry. I'll teach you comedy at a later time. You wont need to wait until the season starts! In the meantime a pro tip: use gifs sparingly.
  8. Fresno is raising funds for capital improvements, no? What's the money going to? Higher sheep fencing?
  9. Details are scarce, just a terrible rendering, so far. But, I assume it replaces the bleachers. It's a good idea since that is the side of the stadium that is shown on broadcasts
  10. Most. Gene Bleymaeir boned SJSU by saddling us with men's water polo and men's and women's track and field. Three non-revenue sports to feed.
  11. I think the big focus right now is the fundraising for east-side stadium revision. SJSU has been super transparent about the raise and have over half of the $40mm raised. If I were to guess, this is likely the result of the MWC "talk." If it happened, of course. Also, If you look at linkedin, you will a ton of hires around fundraising/giving. The hires all had good experience, too.
  12. I believe he's contracted Mad SHEEP disease... not sure how that spreads to humans, however.
  13. NM - saw the correction. $50bn valuation??? Yeah right. announced revenues for 2017 were ~500mm. No way they can achieve a 10x revenue multiple.
  14. https://www.ksl.com/article/46432028/patrick-kinahan-utes-dont-see-much-value-in-playing-byu But really, is this news? I also like how SJSU gets a shout-out here.
  15. Thanks for doing this! WWI is such a fascinating war and so poorly represented