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  1. UNLV at SJSU

    I am not trying to troll, but this is a fun game to watch for a Spartan fan.
  2. UNLV at SJSU

    It's the one thing we are good at.
  3. He seems to be taking this well
  4. Prime Rib on a Traeger

    On my Traeger, I don't move the temp from 225. Takes longer, but cooks and tastes better. Have fun!
  5. Gear Report: India

    SJSU has cornered the Indian market. Chennai airport is awash in SJSU gear.
  6. Biggest blow-out of a MWC team in week 2?

    Where is UNM vs. NMSU? I just need to deflect for a bit.
  7. USF @ SJSU

    Just basic photography really. You can see crazy flares when every time they show the home crowd.
  8. USF @ SJSU

    The problem is the cameras will be shooting into the sun if you shot from the visitor side. It will blow everything out.
  9. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    I am truly not a fan. My jam lately is Mezcal. I encourage all of you with Tequila on your selves to throw it in the trash and get a bottle of Mezcal.
  10. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    being we are in the Bay. Anything Fernet related is pretty popular. Don't ask me why, but they sell more fernet in the Bay than they do in Italy.
  11. OT: MWC school towns dining and entertainment options

    The Apple Pan is likely the best burgers in America.
  12. SJSU did the exact same thing. The earthquakes wanted a small stadium and some other gimmicks and we said no.
  13. Adidas partners with SJSU with apparel deal

    Cincy sounds like he polishing the brass on the titanic.
  14. Adidas partners with SJSU with apparel deal

    Fresno has an exclusive with the Power Rangers. Luckily, I think we can get in on the leprechaun uniform look.
  15. Former Fresno St. mascot accused of groping

    Baaa means No!