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  1. Looking at athletic budgets and fan support, it’s obvious which school needs to be dropped from this conference. And it’s okay, no need to feel guilty about it, they already know it and destroyed half their stadium in anticipation.
  2. Mug explained it, but you were too high to comprehend.
  3. You have any brain cells left? https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/rcna13542
  4. Man, the scars in this post. Every word screams deep, deep, painful wounds. Love it!
  5. The joke here is SJSU has no fans. They belong in a conference with UC Davis and Cal Poly. The two real Cal State football programs will soon leave them behind.
  6. Which is precisely why the announcement of this project was delayed and delayed. They wanted to be absolutely sure the funding was solid and it was definitely happening.
  7. If 4 MWC football championships and 1 basketball is down, just imagine what we’ll do when we finally pay it off!
  8. How much profit is there if over half the people at the game got in for free?
  9. Supposedly SJSU had an opportunity to get a free, brand new MLS stadium on campus before Avaya was eventually built. Those soccer lines were such a big deal, that they opted to play in a shitty half stadium instead.
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