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  1. Initial story broke at the beginning of the year about the perv trainer, but the story has gotten uglier and uglier. There appears to be a coverup, and now details are coming out about whistleblowing retaliation. Investigation is ongoing, there are lawsuits happening, and the ugly details are slowly coming out. As D4M said, Fresno went through some ugly turmoil in the early 2000’s. Wasn’t pretty and we paid out a ton of money. The entire Cal State system had to pay it out. Hope things work out for SJSU.
  2. This sounds like some Game of Thrones episode. “Those who make attempts on the life of the king aren’t kept in the kingdom very long.” ...but a much more less attractive version.
  3. Always some old ass boomer that thinks we care.
  4. Oh, shut the fck up, Convert. If you knew for a fact that they’d be putting “Trump 2020” on their jerseys, you’d be Ejaculating in your pants and calling it their Patriotic freedom to wear whatever they want.
  5. Never understood why advocating for equality outrages so many people. Weird.
  6. Your hospital should have a different platform. Our Cepheid allocation is 150/month. That’s only 5/day. Only used for emergency surgery.
  7. Yep, the Browns have a long history of picking up busts.
  8. Dude is trash. Been saying it since Fresno manhandled him in the MWCCG
  9. Saliva tests are garbage. They’re only useful for heavy viral shedders. Shedding is variable between individuals. Also, what kind of test is it? Based on your description of a, “few hours” I’m guessing it requires special equipment and/or trained staff.
  10. Rich, old men will always control this country, but events like these will help balance things a bit. A tiny bit, but it’s something.
  11. Couldn’t have happened to a better group of fans.
  12. Having to leave your family really sucks when you don’t hate them. Probably hard to understand for a lot of Americans.
  13. Damn. This just hit Top News ESPN Push Notification level. #SuperiorLifestyle https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29599225/colorado-state-investigating-alleged-neglect-coronavirus-protocols
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