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  1. TheTedfordTrain

    Shouldn’t SJSU have to do this also?

    1. The NCAA has never enforced the 15,000/game minimum. So, NIU just wasted their money 2. Back when schools thought it would be enforced, SJSU just made up their attendance. Nearly every home game was suspiciously reported right at 15,000.
  2. TheTedfordTrain

    Leighton Vander Esch!!

    Never seen anyone so excited to be sitting at .500
  3. TheTedfordTrain

    Speed City 50 Years Ago Today

    Also the last time SJSU was relevant at anything.
  4. TheTedfordTrain

    Reb High Fans

    Okay... I never made a prediction on how long Sanchez would be around. Was there even any indication that the Raiders were going to build a stadium when Sanchez was hired? You’re also completely wrong in your assumption that an NFL stadium will be a game changer for UNLV. Hint: You won’t be the first college team to play in an NFL stadium. A football complex is a different story. Are you drunk?
  5. TheTedfordTrain

    Reb High Fans

    You have to build a foundation first. Sanchez is doing that with Fertitta money. I truly believe that once that complex is built, then they’ll start to attract some better recruits, fire Sanchez, then the wins will start coming in. Shit, even Sanchez can win when he has a strong program to work with- look at what he did at BGH
  6. TheTedfordTrain

    Reb High Fans

    Yeah, I’m with Rougue on this one. It’s not like some other hire would have brought them a ton of wins. They’re just a bad program. Sanchez or no Sanchez...wouldn’t have made a difference. At least they’re getting a football complex built out of it.
  7. TheTedfordTrain

    What’s Up With Kawhi?

  8. TheTedfordTrain

    Better Hire

    Is it Sanchez who brought in the money or the admin?
  9. TheTedfordTrain

    Better Hire

    As of today, 2018.
  10. TheTedfordTrain

    Turd Of the Week- Week 7

    Levi’s is a poorly designed flop.
  11. TheTedfordTrain

    Turd Of the Week- Week 7

    I voted Hawai’i. Losing to BYU is unacceptable. They’re a terrible program that can’t recruit fast players. It’s an outrage!
  12. TheTedfordTrain

    This sounds like something SJSU should try.

    Come on. They were a lot more selective than that. They were looking for outside wide receiver stats.
  13. TheTedfordTrain

    Game Thread - Fresno State vs. Wyoming

    Hope Marcus doesn’t come back out. No reason to risk him