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  1. Fck yeah. Fresno, beach City. I used to ride my surf board to class.
  2. This is the death of Spartan football, and the handful of fans they have left are too naive to see it. Sad.
  3. That’s all going to depend where you are and how big your facility is. At the very beginning of the outbreak it took 3 days to get a result. It had to be sent to the CDC because they held a monopoly on the test kits. Fast forward a week, and the CDC’s TAT swells to 10 days, so they send out kits to local health departments. First, it’s about 5 days, then local health departments are overwhelmed. Plus, the stupid CDC kits were faulty. Trump signs the okay for the release of emergency authorization test kits, then it’s a race for every vendor in the world to bring one to market. Some are garbage, some are good, some are as fast as 15 minutes, some can take 24 hours. The market is flooded with tests now....the TAT is going to depend on the transportation time, platform, and sample backlog. To put it short, it’s different everywhere.
  4. Probable COVID isn’t being reported as COVID to the department of health. At least not at my facility which has had some of the highest numbers in the country. PCR needs to come back positive AND the patient has to show symptoms. We’ve had rapid testing and in-house PCR since March. I’ve heard some goofy things from the conspiracy theory crowd. Things like, “hospitals are reporting fake COVID because they get paid $X to report it. They’re getting rich”. Pay for diagnosis isn’t some new thing to COVID. It’s been around for a very long time, and it was actually created to combat hospitals overcharging insurance companies. It stops them from over ordering tests, giving HMO runs rounds, etc. Also, what really shuts down this silly theory is the fact that hospitals are hurting really, really bad from this COVID outbreak. Record losses are being reported. If the goal was to get rich, then they’d be reporting no cases. After all, “no testing, no cases!” AMIRITE?
  5. Your conclusion is correct, but a decrease in antibodies does not mean a lack of immunity. Antibodies decrease with every disease process. Memory T & B Cells are what’s important. The fear isn’t that we will be unable to avoid disease after a second exposure because our titer has dropped. The fear is, with COVID being inherently prone to mutation as an RNA virus, that our memory cells won’t be able to recognize the mutants epitopes.
  6. I love everyone who responded to this thread. You guys make this board fun. Even the Hoser Fans. BTW, I recently found out I’m going to be a dad. Happy Father’s Day everyone!
  7. I was in San Jose a year or two ago for a wedding. I went to dinner with some friends and the plan was to stay out for a few drinks. Restaurant closed at 8, so I asked the bartender if he had any recommendations. He said basically everything closes early. I was shocked, and asked, “There’s a university here, and you’re telling me there’s nowhere to go?”. He said, “Yeah, there’s nothing to do here. They all go to San Francisco or somewhere else”. We walked around, and sure enough the place was a ghost town. So we all had drinks in a hotel room. What a boring ass city.
  8. If you’re going to go this route, then Fresno has Yosemite, Sequoia, etc.
  9. Seriously. Fresno has it's downfalls as a city, but at least everyone else in this conference lives in a Shit hole too. Albuquerque- Well, your best reputation is a TV show about manufacturing Meth in the Desert Boise- It’s Idaho....enough said San Jose- A bland, suburban, and crappy Bay Area city. It’s even skyrocketing in crime after being named safe a long time ago. I mean, who TF says “Let’s visit San Jose!” Boring AF Fort Collins- the best thing about Ft. Collins is its proximity to Boulder Vegas- Cool place to get obliterated and destroy some city property... but, live there? Hell no. Most of us have more respect for ourselves. Reno- Everything i said about Vegas, but not nearly as cool San Diego- a border city that tries so hard to be like LA that it’s pathetic. Also, the worst pro city in the country. How do you lose almost every team? And the ones you have kept, have been some of the worst franchises ever. Laramie- easily the worst city in this conference. Literally, tumble weeds. Logan- from the shots of their student body at the Spectrum, the most exciting thing about Logan is Friday night game of Magic and Saturday night World of Warcraft I appreciate you guys. I can’t imagine having to compare ourselves to places like Seattle or Los Angeles.
  10. Well, there’s cracking light hearted jokes and then there’s blaming the entire downfall of your program on a group. Just my opinion on it that there’s a major difference.
  11. You probably just lumped me with someone else. Probably @Dogs4Me. He loves cracking the Asian jokes since he’s married to one.