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  1. 1. This isn’t me, but this is a sock who’s purposely trying really hard to come off as me. My best guess is Maytard. Like what he did with CardinalMayo and that WooPig sock of his. 2. There’s a 50/50 chance Fresno wins the West again, but there’s also a 50/50 chance Fresno loses to a much improved SJSU team this year. Fresno’s defense has regressed tremendously this year and isn’t in a position to talk shit to anyone. 3. Still lurking, but doing my best not to engage until mid-next year. Okay, bye. Kisses and hugs.
  2. Let’s just say you were talking basketball, which you weren’t, for the sake of argument. SJSU basketball went 1-17 in MWC play 2017-2018. Football went 1-11 for the season. Both sides of the coin are the same. Doesn’t matter where it lands. Stop trying to credit yourself as the only person who saw this win coming. You’re an idiot.
  3. Lying in essay format doesn’t make you right.
  4. Oooh, shut the fck up, Convert. You’ve been calling SJSU to be “much improved” since the first year they hired Brennan. They finally win a road game 3 years later and suddenly you were right? Save it.
  5. Stop fishing for more info about the guy you slept with. He’s not interested. Move on.
  6. Nothing but a big congrats to you and your dad. Watching Brennan get choked up really hit it home. It’s been a very difficult time for the program. What’s clear is that despite the hardships, it continues to mean a lot to the coaches, players, and fans. Cheers, brother.
  7. Honestly, how do you not feel good for SJSU? Brennan getting emotional at the end of the game, two miserable years of embarrassing football, then you beat an SEC team on the road? SJSU fans deserve this one. Congrats to the team, the coaches, and the fans. Enjoy this win. Up by a TD and driving in the second QT. Sac State is a pretty damn good team. Definitely not a pushover.
  8. Every university in the MWC inflates their numbers, but does anyone inflate them more than SDSU? Geez, that’s nearing embarrassment level. The NCAA must chuckle a bit when they receive the numbers from them.
  9. Memory loss must be a very crucial mechanism for getting through life for you. Understood.
  10. What is it now, the fourth or fifth time you’ve dropped this “zinger”? And you’re still laughing uncontrollably to yourself x4 in emoji cat? Amazing.
  11. Do you have the same diagnosis as Ph? You guys are eerily similar.