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  1. You got trolled with such mastery and you can’t see it. #Sad
  2. I’ve never seen one fan completely and utterly own an entire fan base like Del Scorcho owns BYU fans. Well done. and, oh yeah, they’re hypocritical pvssies.
  3. Don’t be so angry. Go enjoy your win over the mighty Lobos. You deserve it, champ.
  4. I doubt that considering 40% of your shitty stadium was filled with Fresno fans. Greatest ever was 2 years ago. Won the conference (something you haven’t sniffed since since the Big West), won our bowl game, and finished ranked. But I understand why you would think that was our greatest ever. 10+ of our other seasons would be SJSU’s “greatest ever”.
  5. This pandemic is working out for SJSU- being allowed to pump in crowd noise. This is the loudest Spartan stadium has been in 30 years, and the crowd isn’t much smaller than it normally would.
  6. Trying to start a trend. If SJSU fans followed my lead, they’d be on here an average of 3 weeks a year since they were given a pity invite to the MWC.
  7. You guys suck. I’m going to say it if no one else is. You got lucky that you got the team that was last on campus. Fresno by 50 if we play after mid-year.
  8. The Lakers and the Dodgers are world champions in the same month. I nearly died from ejaculating too much.
  9. Especially when you catch the tuna and make it yourself.
  10. While Urine is sterile, it most certainly isn’t a disinfectant. A, for effort, tho. You tried.
  11. 4 good games and suddenly Josh is a good NFL QB. You WHYoming fans crack me up.
  12. This doesn’t make the stat above a lie.
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