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  1. Woah. So they chose it because no one else in the area had the colors or mascot? Immensely complicated critical thinking for such a well-regarded academic institution.
  2. He won like 3 games in his first two years. Let’s not act like it wasn’t a huge learning curve with some seriously ugly football at the beginning. Huge Kudos to him for getting it together last year, tho.
  3. Good thing SJSU brought back the track team, only to kill it again and build a parking lot in place of the track.
  4. Not the Governor. I believe it’s a county thing. Fresno is still playing in their arena.
  5. I also worked 12. 2 hours into my shift, a coworker came up to me and said I looked like shit. She gave me some Ibuprofen 800’s, they helped, but I was in a weird haze the rest of the day. Good luck.
  6. My symptoms didn’t hit until about 18 hours after the shot.
  7. Lol. I did work and I was miserable the entire day.
  8. Glad you’re asking and not just spitting out ignorance like a lot of people. Same dose. First one “primes” your immune cells. Some people even develop immunity after one shot, 54% of people according to Pfizer. I could get into antigen presenting cells, innate vs memory immunity, but most of it would just go over your head unless you’ve taken some immunology courses. Second one makes sure you have a strong enough response so that you create the memory cells required for immunity. So, symptoms are actually good, it means you’re definitely going to be immune.
  9. I don’t know what you read, but the COVID vaccine end product is the same as all those other vaccines, memory T and B cells.
  10. It should still take 2-3 weeks after the second dose to build immunity. Considering it’ll be 94%, I’m feeling pretty comfortable I won’t get it if I wash my hands and use common sense. I’m still going to wear my mask and social distance because I live in California and I don’t really have an option. The biggest thing for me is that I won’t feel guilty visiting the parents or any other elderly folks. BTW, my symptoms are gone. They lasted about 12 hours.
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