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  1. So many mental prodigies and they still can’t figure out how to move a football 10-yards on 4 downs?
  2. Utah State beats Boise by 2 or more TD’s this year. Book it.
  3. Disagree. The blue uniforms, on a blue field, in a dark stadium have been a huge advantage for him. The light bulb was invented in 1879. You’d think they’d want to modernize, but the advantage of a dark stadium is too great for them.
  4. Harsin, with his bus loads of 4 star recruits pouring in from the great state of California is getting beat by 2-star Texas rejects that lazy ass DeRuyter recruited. DeRuyter couldn’t spot talent for shit. With so much talent, and the gap widening because Boise is so amazing, why is Boise not destroying everyone? If Harsin fails to win the conference this year, does he deserve to be fired?
  5. You haven’t even raised the money for some lousy blueprints!
  6. Northern Colorado sacks SJSU’s QB multiple times, SJSU can’t get any run going, and the the Spartan QB goes down with an injury. Worst O-Line in the country. UNC 31 SJSU 13
  7. VanderBench still benched after his game vs the Rams in the playoffs?
  8. Well, at least we know one thing for sure. Being that they’re from Boise, they won’t be able to stay in their lane.
  9. Are those the soft ass guys that got pushed around in the MWC championship? Must be.
  10. 1st round pick of the second most popular sport in America. #Facts
  11. Bottom line is that Kelanie was better than Melanie from Boise. She is disqualified from the conversation. Not even the best female athlete. 0-6. She sucks!
  12. Not taking credit here. This lobo fan is owning halfman right now. Almost as bad as Kelani owns Allie. 6-0.