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  1. That’s exactly what I said, Dude.
  2. OP busted a @TheTedfordTrain and disappeared after he made an ass of himself.
  3. Several posts from you bragging about Daddies money get old after a while. We’ll see.
  4. Hey guys, checking in. A few months ago, some super VIP Boise insider poster on the MWC Board said he was going to really enjoy everyone’s reactions when the big Boise news dropped. Did I miss the news? Haven’t been around.
  5. Jesus, finally. Took long enough. She was a disaster. So many accusations and controversies surround her administration. Some really bad ones too. Congrats. Hopefully you find a good one.
  6. I specifically remember a large group of people yelling a lot of gay jokes at Andy Avalos- jokes that would be highly frowned upon in 2021. Avalos was obviously listening, because he turned around and blew kisses at us. It was well played. Pretty wild that he’s the HC now.
  7. Student section remained behind the visitor bench long after the screwdriver incident. I sat behind the visitor bench at the beginning of my college career and hurled more cuss words in those 3 hours than I have in my entire adult life, combined. If my memory serves me right, sometime around 2005 or 2006, schools in the old WAC complained about visitor benches behind opposing teams, specifically Fresno State, then the WAC banned it. That same year the Cal State system banned alcohol at games. So we were moved to the corner of the stadium without beer, it sucked ass.
  8. Yo, is Boise still in line to win their first tournament game ever? Asking for the January Boise fans.
  9. Dogs take game 1 vs SDSU 3-2. Got really tight at the end when SDSU had runners in 1st and 2nd with nobody out. Double play then a pop out in foul territory ended it. Game 2 later tonight
  10. Utterly atrocious, yet you were trailing most of the game in both matchups. K.
  11. All this talk about Boise messing up, but no credit given to how much Fresno has improved. The athleticism is unreal, and they’re just starting to put it together
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