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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/28/us/charles-lieber-harvard.html
  2. Who are you, Trump? Taking credit for other people’s work? @Dimwhit
  3. My hospital currently has 8 suspected cases. One confirmed. LA public health has been really slow in testing and Quest is expecting long turnaround times. The hospital is setting up tents outside the ER for sample collection and developing our own PCR test. Everyone is scrambling to get this done. The entire situation is fluid with constant changes. Today I saw a makeshift lab being put together for extraction and amplification of suspected Coronovirus samples. Cafeteria stopped self-service food.
  4. The mean says we come roaring back for contention of a MWC championship this year. Have to do the conference proud and not get embarrassed once we reach the conference’s championship bowl also. Getting your shit pushed in by a mediocre Washington team really doesn’t do us any favors.
  5. Target audience were the Donks. Thanks for clarifying I hit the nail on the head.
  6. Newcomers continue to dominate this conference. Old MWC is a joke.
  7. Jesus, you’re one whiny ass little bitch. I haven’t seen someone take a beat down in a thread this hard since Convert in basically all his threads.
  8. Slow day in Boise? First Seabass of the season caught in SoCal yesterday. Aight, peace.
  9. Good for BYU. Finally stepping up to the true King of the MWC. Guessing they got tired of embarrassing the prima-donna, fit-throwing QUEENS out of a NY6 bowl. Surprised they weren’t threatened with a lawsuit after pushing their soft asses around for 4 quarters, just like Fresno did.
  10. Your guess is as good as anyone’s. You played a good Texas team and got swept, then won the first game vs a UNC team that isn’t very good. Hard to make an assessment, but you should definitely win more than a game or two.