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  1. Every time you post shit like this the dude turns out to be a giant dud. Congrats.
  2. Dogs beat SJSU 7-5 Move into first place with the H2H tie breaker over SJSU. You can post the standings now, @crixus
  3. Dogs score 5 runs in the first inning
  4. Must admit, by 2025, when it’s scheduled to be complete, it’ll make a top notch FCS facility. Well done, Joser. Sort of reminds me of Idaho’s renovation of Kibbie right before dropping down.
  5. Fresno has reasonable student fees. Just makes students pay for their football tickets. One of the few schools that still does
  6. Play a bunch of body bag games to keep the athletic department alive. Secure that beating.
  7. Good for them. Fresno State students did the same thing a year or two ago for a student union.
  8. They stuck the students with the bill. The student fees make up a huge majority of the athletic budget at SJSU.