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  1. He’s a FA. Can still get him too
  2. Geniuses! https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/joe-southwick-suspended-for-allegedly-urinating-off-balcony/amp/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.obnug.com/platform/amp/2008/01/the-price-of-plagiarism-not-all-that-high
  3. Obviously all good kids before they got to Idaho. What a shit hole.
  4. Nicely done with the topic. Now do the MWC a solid and do the same with your school.
  5. Man, Boise State has a lot of behavioral problems year after year. Thug U
  6. @mugtang, Please change Topic to "UPDATE - RAIDERS Stadium 5-31-19"
  7. Everyone on the board thinks Convert is retarded except for Convert. Read the room, Convert. You. Are. Retarded.
  8. You don’t have to threaten me with a good time
  9. Poor guy. Your entire ego will soon be crushed.
  10. I’m not an attorney, but we’ll find out soon.