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  1. Stayed on the strip. Bridge was closed. But these were sold out games. I’m sure UNLV games are more fan friendly
  2. Only thing I had was about 10 waters and 10 beers on first trip there. That 5 mile walk was brutal despite paying $80 for an Uber. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Stop. He had Nevada competing shortly after hot dog guy. Nevada is a good team and Norvell is a good coach. Just came up a bit short to a Fresno team that is also good.
  4. What should I Google? “Avalos losing control of team”?
  5. WTF kind of longest acronym is that? Competing with the LGTBABCDEfGHIjKL committee?
  6. Why you trying to get me Hot and bothered? Lol. Don’t be a gay.
  7. You pulled the bro card. Fuked up
  8. Oh, you know people. Are you related to lbanez? He made amazing predictions
  9. Doesn’t hurt my feels at all because it’s not true. These aren’t Pete’s Broncos. Nothing special in Boise. Just a losing squad pumping their chests about old trophies collecting dust.
  10. Uh, hu. Marks and Moore are better quality coaches than anyone on your staff. They’re above Boise now. It’s P5 or nothing for them. At this point, Boise is a step down.
  11. Marks left Boise because they disrespected him. That’s a proven fact. Rumor has it that he donated all his Boise State attire to Goodwill the moment he moved to Fresno.
  12. They’re happy in Fresno. In Marks case, he’s never returning to Boise unless it’s to beat Boise
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