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  1. I don't mind college players making money as long as it's not completely out of control. I just don't agree that they should have "all the power" when the schools are the main draw.
  2. Minor league sports have players. The Arena League has players. The XFL has players. Nobody watches any of those leagues because, as it turns out, simply having players isn't enough unless they're the absolute best in the world (which only the major established pro leagues have) or there's another compelling reason to care, like people's ties to their alma maters.
  3. I think he's just assuming that the Mountain time zone is jacked and pumped to watch USC and UCLA in the B1G for some reason.
  4. I disagree. The main draw of college sports - in other words, the only reason they're still in business and not obscure like other alternative/minor leagues - is the schools. It's the connection between fans and their alma maters that makes this model work. So based on their relative importance to the business, the schools should probably have the power.
  5. A draft would never work as long as colleges are involved. There would be so many lawsuits, it's not even funny. The optics of forcing kids to go to certain schools would be terrible. Once the universities are inevitably cut out beyond maybe licensing the rights to their names, then they might do a draft. But at that point, it doesn't even matter because what used to be college sports will quickly fail on their own anyway.
  6. 0% chance UCLA backs out. They desperately need that B1G money.
  7. Even if there was any market or demand for NCAA sports in Canada, which is questionable at best, the networks would still shut this down because it's not good for them to have a whole other country involved. Just look at the Raptors - they've been really good for like a decade now, including a championship, but they're rarely ever on national TV in the US during the regular season because at least half the audience would be watching on Canadian networks instead, causing ESPN/TNT to get lower ratings and advertisers to get less revenue. Not only would the same problems apply here, but it would likely tank the MWC's TV deal overall because the dead weight of having 3-6 schools that are effectively persona non grata to advertisers in the US would cancel out the perceived benefits of everyone else. Simon Fraser only makes it work because they're in Division 2, so TV isn't really a consideration either way.
  8. Splitting the players into groups like this sounds like a great way to cause resentment and ruin the locker room. If anything, I think this idea has a better chance of working in basketball, where the importance of individual star players is more pronounced and role players (the type of players who would take the student-athlete path) understand that they have to stick to their role.
  9. Couldn't disagree more. Turtling in place while the rest of college football is changing around them is exactly what's been killing this sport in the west, and that applies to both the PAC and the MWC. The best-case scenario for the PAC standing pat at 10 is slow death followed by an implosion once the ACC's GOR runs out.
  10. Meh. Worst comes to worst, they can always just pivot back to the old Boise/Memphis plan and come out okay.
  11. Rice couldn't even beat LaSalle, let alone Memphis. 0-8 isn't all his fault, but he's had 12 years here and has only added to that record, not fixed it. The last two years were supposed to be the years to finally get it done and we whiffed on both. As it stands, I have no confidence right now that five more years of the status quo will be any different than the previous 12. I would love to be proven wrong, especially because Rice does seem like such a nice guy, but I need to see it.
  12. Boise State basketball will always be an afterthought, I guess. Rice is a good guy by all accounts, but his resume is way too thin over the last 12 years to warrant yet another long-term contract extension before he's won anything in March. 0-8 should be a lot more embarrassing and motivating for this program than it appears to be. It just doesn't seem like there's any sense of urgency to finally win a tournament game.
  13. Speaking of forward-thinking, UCF hasn't done squat since 2018 and your current coach has been known for underachieving his entire career, so good luck with that. You can't compare to Boise/TCU/Utah in the past or Cincinnati in the present. Most people outside of Orlando will only remember UCF as the narcissists who pretended they won a national championship when they didn't even make the playoffs.
  14. They've actually invested in athletics while USF and Temple have not. USF and Temple both also already got to be in a power conference themselves, got kicked to the curb, and it still didn't light a fire under their asses. That's probably an extra black mark against them.
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