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  1. LJ_Aztec

    MWC Uniforms: Week 1

    File this in the nobody cares folder, but small edit for SJSU. Went with white pants instead:
  2. LJ_Aztec

    MWC Uniforms: Week 1

    Great thread idea! SDSU will almost certainly be going with the mainstays since the start of the 2015 season. Aztec calendar red helmet, white road tops, and the road/home black pants. Like Bohl and Wyoming, would not expect Rocky to take much interest in any deviation from the basic road and home uniforms. Though I figure most that would take interest in this type of thread would have already found the way to this article, the annual season kickoff uni preview: The annual Uni Watch college football season preview - Paul Lukas ESPN
  3. LJ_Aztec

    The top 4 seeds in the MWC tournament set

    Since both teams split, working down the standings from the top, the first team to beat one of the top teams was Air Force at home against Fresno. So Air Force would get the 10 seed assuming the likely scenario of a UNLV loss at Fresno combined with an Air Force loss to Boise this Saturday.