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  1. Since both teams split, working down the standings from the top, the first team to beat one of the top teams was Air Force at home against Fresno. So Air Force would get the 10 seed assuming the likely scenario of a UNLV loss at Fresno combined with an Air Force loss to Boise this Saturday.
  2. Anything related to Utah State defense right now is a smart play. When it's for a Hawaii team that didn't necessarily have the worst defense ever but needs to shore up it's 4 qtr longevity and propensity in giving up the big play, it's a huge win.
  3. Hawaii Bowl and Diamond Head Classic, can't beat that sports holiday Broncos...I remember hoping this scenario panned out when SDSU was part of the basketball field last season. Having just visited with the lady who is a foodie for the game vs the Bows last month, my grub recommendations: http://www.yelp.com/biz/puka-dog-koloa-5?nb=1 Good on the run food, hot dogs with Hawaiian twist. Lots of island fruit relishes and badazz sauces. http://www.yelp.com/biz/marukame-udon-honolulu?nb=1 Japanese udon noodle soup, tempuras, masubis. Damn good and cheap. http://giovannisshrimptruck.com/ Good stop on a day trip through the center of the island to the North Shore. Garlic shrimp and steamed. http://www.yelp.com/biz/waiola-shave-ice-honolulu?nb=1 Doesn't get the same recognition as Matsumoto's, but Waiola is solid and more under the radar IMO. Closer to Waikiki too if you're staying there, north of the canal. http://www.leonardshawaii.com/malasadas/ These are hit and miss with people but I'd have to guess this is among the more famous Hawaiian pastries. Aloha Stadium has some nice vendors in the end zones as well. I'm sure the locals would probably be more discriminating but when at a game, with the horrors of Qualcomm food ever present in my head, I'll take it any day of the week.
  4. My biggest issue with this thread is that we were promised happy ending friend rice bowls but they were quickly downgraded to lap dances. You just don't mess with people like that.
  5. It's awful. My seats on the 30 yard line club level are basically in Eastlake. Worst, absolute worst concessions there too. Road MWC fans - do not buy food at Qualcomm. Just don't, we enjoy your continued company on this board.
  6. Sky Show vs. EIU the week before. We'll roll a 24K if we're lucky in two weeks for Oregon State.
  7. Can't argue with that. I'm a Giovanni's guy myself.
  8. Outstanding get for you guys. Very solid defenses on the horizon for the 'Bows. I remember one season with TK, we allowed something like 5 TD passes all season going into game#13 against Colt Brennan ironically...needless to say that went up, we never seem to be able to play defense at your crib. Nothing but good memories though of Kaumeyer's system overall.
  9. Have to root for BYU so that we have an outside chance at landing in the Hawaii Bowl. Sorry