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  1. I felt it in Idaho Falls, lasted for about 15 seconds. Thought I was having a dizzy spell and then started getting texts from other people asking if I felt it. My brother works in West Valley, Utah and he felt it in his office. He thought it was just another after shock from their earthquake, but it felt different.
  2. The printing press. The same place it's always come from since leaving the gold standard behind.
  3. Stay the fck home, unless you are in dire straights. That's what I've been hearing too.
  4. Boom! Problem solved! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bidet-Toilet-Fresh-Water-Spray-Clean-Seat-Non-Electric-Kit-Attachment-Bathroom-x/353000897607?hash=item52307e3c47:g:kJAAAOSwj7heajXW
  5. Things like this and other natural disasters happen all the time. However it seems more magnified when a growing global crisis is on going.
  6. And this is the guy who will save us all.
  7. Well if China is telling the truth and what South Korea has done, then there is a chance to flatten the curve with in a couple of months. Some are claiming a vaccine might be ready by this fall for the masses. Something has to give, destroying the economy could end up harming more people than the virus. It's still early.
  8. Not just Americans, everyone has been caught off guard by this and no one was that well prepared except for maybe South Korea. People want to play the blame game right now which isn't doing any good at this point. We need solutions, constant bitching is not helping anyone or anything. This isn't targeted at you obviously.
  9. Personally I think your estimate might end up on the low end. The money supply is so screwed up right now the Feds have had to pump an extra $2 trillion into the over night Repo Market in the last two days. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/how-the-white-house-can-get-dollar1000-into-the-hands-of-every-american/ar-BB11k1xt?li=BBnbfcN
  10. Hey if I can't watch any sports than all those little bastards out there shouldn't be able to enjoy Disneyland.
  11. Yes, it has been working for them. The country of South Korea could fit inside Southern Idaho and has a population of $51 million. Logistics of doing this is not the same. Large number of people in a very small area. We could do something similar here, but would take much longer to ramp up.
  12. Sounds like a very ripe breading ground for the virus. How many people from Oregon and Washington will attend?