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  1. You should have known that just from watching football.
  2. Nope they never played there, the G League team has moved to SLC.
  3. Before the name change it was roughly 12,500.
  4. Regardless of the name, at least your team isn't subjected to playing in a high school arena tonight.
  5. You didn't go the extra mile and didn't find out that BSU changed arena names.
  6. For whatever reason, Bernie, Elizabeth Warren and AOC have way too much clout with the democratic part. Sad to watch.
  7. You must be a real disappointment to your family.
  8. Whoa! You're Mormon, BYU fan and you don't like Glen Beck? What's next, are you going to say you don't like Mitt Romney too?
  9. Yeah, I'll probably watch it. Not sure what to expect. Haven't heard much about BYU's team.
  10. I don't watch women's basketball. Might watch the Jazz game, even though they have disappointed so far in my opinion.
  11. Give it another 10 years at the rate they are moving.
  12. Does it count if it's not said on Twitter?
  13. BSU turned a turd of a first half into something respectable in the second half. Lucky to get the win against a much improved SJSU team.