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  1. LOL! That's the question really. Fans were storming the court. Players are probably going to get touched. How were they being "touched" that set them off like that?
  2. I would think BSU is going to have to go outside of the program for a new DC. Not sure we have any guys that are ready to take over that spot. Are there any MWC coordinators we can poach?
  3. I personally think the courts will and should stop the emergency spending bill if it happens. Cause you know the dems with do the same for the green new deal or some other hair brained idea if this is allowed.
  4. Night games look completely than different during the day. It looks dull and dark at night. Looks great during the day. To me that is the biggest difference. Since we play most game at night, it doesn't look as good as it should. That's my opinion.
  5. Newer and bigger blue turf = more crying and complaining. That's a win win in my book.
  6. He wont' stay long, but that's a great pick up for their staff.
  7. The only question I have is he going to get another USU tattoo and tell everyone how much we loves it in Logan?
  8. This is an interesting hire. It would be like Dan Hawkins getting rehired at BSU.
  9. Congrats Fresno! It as another hard fought game. Crazy how evenly matched both these teams have been the last two years.
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if Wells got another gig. Harsin going to Colorado? Not so sure after the Hawkins debacle there, but you never know.
  11. He's just getting ready for the unemployment line.
  12. Sucks for the CSU players, good for the conference that USU won.
  13. One of the craziest endings that I have seen in a while.