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  1. They were trying to drop them in behind enemy lines without being noticed.
  2. If JJ is concussed, we’re screwed! I mean even more screwed than we were before.
  3. They were actually chanting that about us. Thought we should be ranked 351 instead of just 350. I’m pretty sure I agree with them. We are the worst D1 basketball team in the county. 😔
  4. anyone have a link? I am in the western Washington and apparently, in the footprint so I can't watch it.
  5. What the hell. Why is WWE on instead of Nevada at USU?
  6. Nevada should be required to sit their starting 5 and spot us 30 so Wyo can cover the 30 point spread.
  7. That was a pretty athletic interception!!
  8. Sorry, when I clicked on the link, it said it was broken. If you go to www.nflstream.io it is really easy to find.
  9. https://nflstream.io/hawai'i-bowl-live/stream-1 you’ll have to close a few pop ups probabaly.
  10. Haha, not so fast. Don’t leave Wyo out of this discussion.
  11. Dear lord, please bring lube trucks when coming to Laramie. It's going to be a long and painful season.
  12. Anyone know of a streaming link? I'm in Western Washington and it always says it is blacked out.