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  1. I was at the game. I admit, we were overly obnoxious, but that’s just because our last big win was back in the 60’s. 😂 we had a lot of pent up obnoxiousness to get out.
  2. It certainly can't be Wyoming, we haven't won a big game in years thus making us one of the least obnoxious fan bases here.
  3. Stop being mean! Wyo participated in all the games and should receive no lower than a 5th place trophy!
  4. Go to approx 1:40:05 mark and watch a play that is very similar except it is the Air Force QB. Watch as the Wyoming defender doesn't take a cheap shot and goes for the waist and not the knees. While technically the Air Force tackle was not illegal, it is something that should definitely be coached out of the game. That conversation has to come from Howdy Doody during film study telling players that the intent is not to injure the opponent. I'm not sure that Howdy Doody has the ethics though to teach that concept since we've seen the same type of plays for years.
  5. Notice how the Wyo defender didn’t go for Hammond’s knees?
  6. Anyone know of a streaming link? I'm in Western Washington and it always says it is blacked out.
  7. If you tell me Chambers and Evans go out on the first drive of the game and we score 35, I tell you you’re on crack!
  8. Somehow, the Cowboys have a chance to drive to win the game. TVW not even close on 1st and 2nd.
  9. Chambers in a boot and on crutches. I thought it was a knee. Looks like probably a broken ankle instead?
  10. Especially to mark it a full yard short of the end zone.
  11. Offense has come out on fire. Come on D, we’re going to need a better showing this time around.