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  1. Campus might be nice. But last time I was there (strip) I had to walk past like 7 boarded up buildings just to find a food place open
  2. Just imagine Nevada fans talking smack on the architecture of a building while sitting in front of a boarded up building in Reno with half the windows broken, while a homeless dude sits on the ground doing meth next to them. Such a pretty picture.
  3. Academic rankings are for nerds. They are constantly mentioned in expansion but in reality they rarely mean anything. I was a hiring manager for years and we only hired people with degrees. We had a range from Harvard down to some random online school you have never heard of. Honestly found no difference between field of education, or what school you went to. Some people were good, some sucked. Field of education maybe was slightly more important being a tech company if someone had a tech related degree or background they tended to be easier to train but not always. Its just crap so Uni p
  4. I do like party schools more than art losers. But NT and UTSA sound fine.
  5. Don't they have like 7 large school transfers? He's going for a quick fix for now
  6. No our lines are pitiful. They will probably injure Hank and our rush for 280 yards
  7. Damn I enjoyed his info whether it was wrong or right he seemed to have some connections and I usually believed his info
  8. Could be. But we have regretted the Hair affiliation for many years.
  9. We wanted them to leave so no. But would pay them a bit to go maybe
  10. We should immediately fire Thompson and hire Aresco. Aresco brings Memphis, SMU, Tulsa then add another Texas school. Start screaming P6 non stop and call the 2006 team national champions and hang a banner.
  11. Can't imagine what Cowboy/mark/whateverfookingnames he has is going through right now.
  12. That would be amazing. Was so excited for the AAC to take a bottom 10 team
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