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  1. The only thing lamer than quitting is grown dudes arguing over gymnastics and actually knowing this much about it.
  2. So I'm not the only one that doesn't enjoy abandoned buildings and crack heads.
  3. Well yeah obviously Houston win would have notched it. But would have been much easier to just beat crappy Fresno at home than beat a final 4 team on the road.
  4. December didn't matter. We were in if we had not lost to Fresno, or lost like 5 of our last 7 or whatever. Massive collapse in conference was the issue.
  5. When teams in the finals are scoring like 130 pts you know that they don't play defense even slightly. So now they play teams that play D. Glad they lost though
  6. Alston scored. He would put up numbers when he got hot. But the issue was when we need a bucket or are in a slump and he shoots 34 ft three misses, next trip 32 ft three, miss, next trip 35 ft three, miss. It killed any chance of stopping the bleeding and killed any momentum we would have at times as well. Shot selection was utterly atrocious from a guy with a massive wing span that can get to the hoop when he wants, but instead chooses to launch bricks from 34 ft. He was a stat filler, but a very low IQ player.
  7. This he had the most atrocious shot selection of any player I've watched.
  8. What does lbj's wiener taste like?
  9. Makes sense with the continual lowering of test levels, 42% of americans now being obese up from 35% in 2010 and the average 20 year old female being a 5'4 170lbs hambeast
  10. Lol one of dumbest things I've read in last year. Which takes skill. Not surprising its a Nevada fan though. I'm not anti vax I'm anti being told what to do. But due to the low IQ and mental handicap of vaxcels they can't understand that when you tell people what to do that don't like to be told what to do, they then in fact do the opposite just to annoy you.
  11. Most of those parking lots were hideous. Louisiana Ragin Cajuns legit looked like it was in the middle of an overhead shot of a Russian ghetto or something.
  12. Now do Ray Mercer brutally knocking out Tim Sylivia in seconds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUx9OE7DZAo
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