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  1. Jimmer Kawhi Granger Bogut JR Giddens
  2. Lobo fans are not happy with Paul Weir right now, and it has started many conversations about program expectations. Ultimately the goal of each program is to win the MW and make the NCAA to win a national championship, but what are your programs realistic expectations? I imagine SDSU's expectations will look different than SJSU's Should you be making the NCAA tournament every single year? Once every three years? Every eight years? Should you be finishing top 3 in the MW every season? Top 5? Top 8? UNM Expectations: Finish Top 4 in the MW every single Season NCAA Tournament Berth 3 out of 4 years- Making at least 2nd round of tourney UNM has the best fan base and arena in the conference and should be producing Top 40 teams almost every single season. We need a good coach to get back on track, but expectations are not being met right now.
  3. Duke and Kentucky's bench players will get poached or booted. They'll need landing spots.
  4. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28994449/mississippi-state-lineman-enters-transfer-portal-mike-leach-tweet Wow. Some people don't like "the pirate" in Starkville.
  5. And Vance Jackson is going to Arkansas to play for Musselman.
  6. Vance Jackson leaving UNM as a grad transfer.
  7. You guys will finish top 3 for sure. Rice seems like a pretty competent coach. I feel like he's done all he can at Boise considering its a football school.
  8. Shaka Smart Jim Christian Richard Pitino Danny Manning Just to name a few. Who knows if their teams would've made the NCAA tournament. Are they given another year? Texas is a big job and Minnesota could go after some MW coaches.
  9. Good game aggies. Our miserable season is over. Weir will be on the hot seat heading into next year.
  10. Boise wins 74-61. Another uninspired effort from the Lobos. This team has straight up quit. That's on coaching. Fire Weir!
  11. It's a good way to do it. Players can focus on the game then celebrate their careers after without being rushed.
  12. Beilein would be an amazing hire. Problem is every team in the country will be begging him to be their coach next season. UNM will have to pay up to get back in the game. 6 year post-season drought right now.
  13. Steve Forbes or Chris Jans would do well at UNM.
  14. That was painful watching Alford and Neal walk into the Pit and completely outclassing Weir. Lobo fans are sick of zero discipline, zero defense, and hero ball offense. A change is needed in Loboland. Hopefully we can find the cash to buy him out...