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  1. Lobonado

    Coach Weir, Lobo Basketball Update...

    Also UNM will have the firepower and athletes to compete with Nevada for the MWC crown. Including if the Martin bros return. It's gonna be "40 minutes of hell" with that full-court press.
  2. Lobonado

    Coach Weir, Lobo Basketball Update...

    My goodness. He coaches UNM and his sole focus is UNM. He mentioned UNR in his presser and gave them a little compliment. Who cares what he said two months ago, but obviously you do.
  3. Lobonado

    Coach Weir, Lobo Basketball Update...

    No need for the OT. Lobo basketball is on the rise. Weir is building something special in Albuquerque.
  4. Lobonado

    2018 NBA Draft Combine

    When do the players have to officially decide?
  5. Lobonado

    New Mexico peeps

    Blake's Lotaburger Frontier Golden Pride Twisters Santiago's
  6. Lobonado

    UNM to reduce sponsored sports?

    It's a shame that we can't cut women's soccer, softball, or volleyball. All of those programs are horrible at UNM. Title IX baby.
  7. Lobonado

    Nevada basketball incoming transfers

    Vance Jackson and Jaquan Lyle are already D1 proven. Carlton Bragg is obviously very talented (5*) but he still needs to prove something. Lyle will be All-MWC.
  8. Lobonado

    Nevada basketball incoming transfers

    Two years right? Since it would be within conference.
  9. Lobonado

    Nevada basketball incoming transfers

    Not a bad group you've got there, but UNM's incoming transfers are better.
  10. Lobonado

    MW BBall Coach Rank Em

    Interchangeable really. Put them there because they are new to the MW. Should've put 7/8- Smith, Medved.
  11. Lobonado

    MW BBall Coach Rank Em

    1. Eric Musselman- He has built a very strong team in Reno. Definitely deserves the number one slot for now. 2. Paul Weir- Literally took a band of misfits predicted to finish 9th and finished 3rd in the league with one win away from the NCAAT. He's looking real promising. Watch out next year when he has an infusion of talent. 3. Leon Rice- I thought about putting him at #2 but that first round lost to USU was pretty bad. The king of a 20 win season, and that's about it. Overachieves every year yet dissapoints in March. A solid coach nonetheless, but I think he's reached the ceiling with BSU. 4. Brian Dutcher- Never easy getting to the NCAAT as a first year head coach. He inherited some good talent and had some nice senior help from Pope and Kell. He did a great job having the Aztecs playing hot late in the season. 5. Allen Edwards- Had the Pokes playing tough all season. As usual, a few head scratchers and some unexpected wins as well. Decent coach. 6. Marvin Menzies- The fan favorite, Marvin Menzies. I'm not sure if he's the right man for UNLV. Obviously he had success at NMSU, but so far not much in Vegas. Next season will tell us a lot, but after seeing Weir turn UNM into a conteder after year one it makes me think that his seat just got hotter. 7. Craig Smith 8. Niko Medved 9. Dave Pilipovich- Let's say expectations are not high in Colorado Springs. AFA will a steal a few wins in the Clune and that's about it. He doesn't have much talent to work with. 10. Jean Prioleau- SJSU is horrible. Is it really his fault though? It's going to be even tougher next year. 11. Justin Hutson- Could be good or bad. We'll see. That's why he's down here.
  12. Lobonado

    Montana To Deutschland

    Off-season is here my friends. His 4pt play killed us in the MWCT final. On a side note, who changes their last name because no one can pronounce it correctly? I have a surname that no one can pronounce nor spell, but I would never change it. Weird stuff. Anyways, I wish the kid well.
  13. NBA teams love young players with potential. I would say 75% of 1st rounders are freshman or sophomores. Every year a guy stays in school it hurts his NBA chances. NBA teams prefer a young raw talented player over a proven college player. Obviously each case is different, but NBA teams want to form young players to fit their system.
  14. Fair enough. I'd take NMSU only for bball. As a UNM fan I would like to free up two OOC games.
  15. What does NMSU bring to the MW?