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  1. Lobonado

    New Mexico Screwed

    Huge loss for UNM. He's 1st team all-MW talent.
  2. Lobonado

    Fire New Mexico !!!

    Davie is done.
  3. Zane Martin. Very nice pickup. Sit one, play two D1 transfer. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/college/basketball/mens/bs-sp-zane-martin-new-mexico-transfer-towson-20180707-story.html
  4. Lobonado

    Nevada Basketball Best ever

    UCLA will go all out for Donovan next year. I think he'll take the job too, especially since OKC has been pretty underwhelming. UCLA would tear it up with Donovan.
  5. Lobonado

    Prepare Thy Lube: Both Martins Are Returning.....

    Good for UNR, but UNM will be the best team in the conference next year.
  6. Lobonado

    Jordan Caroline

    Another season of college basketball won't make up that talent deficit. NBA is all about young talent and potential. I doubt they'll ever play in NBA regardless if they stay or not.
  7. Lobonado

    Coach Weir, Lobo Basketball Update...

    Also UNM will have the firepower and athletes to compete with Nevada for the MWC crown. Including if the Martin bros return. It's gonna be "40 minutes of hell" with that full-court press.
  8. Lobonado

    Coach Weir, Lobo Basketball Update...

    My goodness. He coaches UNM and his sole focus is UNM. He mentioned UNR in his presser and gave them a little compliment. Who cares what he said two months ago, but obviously you do.
  9. Lobonado

    Coach Weir, Lobo Basketball Update...

    No need for the OT. Lobo basketball is on the rise. Weir is building something special in Albuquerque.
  10. Lobonado

    2018 NBA Draft Combine

    When do the players have to officially decide?
  11. Lobonado

    New Mexico peeps

    Blake's Lotaburger Frontier Golden Pride Twisters Santiago's
  12. Lobonado

    UNM to reduce sponsored sports?

    It's a shame that we can't cut women's soccer, softball, or volleyball. All of those programs are horrible at UNM. Title IX baby.
  13. Lobonado

    Basketball Coaching Carousel - non MWC teams

    Scott Cross is a good coach. Wonder why UT-Arlington fired him.
  14. Lobonado

    Basketball Coaching Carousel - non MWC teams

    Jobs like Georgia, Mississippi, Mississippi St, etc are terrible. The fan base could care less about basketball. Sadly, it's all about the money these days, and those schools have deep deep pockets.
  15. Lobonado

    Basketball Coaching Carousel - non MWC teams

    I doubt Muss even gets a look. I imagine UCONN is looking for a big-time hire.