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  1. Lobonado

    New Mexico at UNLV

    What a miserable season we are having. Really disappointing...
  2. Lobonado

    UNLV at New Mexico

    Feed the post. Bragg is darn good.
  3. Lobonado

    #6 Nevada at New Mexico

    UNM played really well tonight. Defense was exceptional and we limited our turnovers. Nevada played poorly and games like that happen. The Pit is one of the toughest venues in the country. See you guys in Reno.
  4. Lobonado

    #6 Nevada at New Mexico

    One of the Martin twins has the worst shot technique I've ever seen. Still there's a lot of game to be played. UNM is ready though.
  5. Lobonado

    #6 Nevada at New Mexico

    Lobos playing good! Let's go baby!
  6. Lobonado

    #6 Nevada at New Mexico

    Any streams for tonight?
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/GoodmanHoops/status/1081357081565974529 Interersting get. High risk, but high reward.
  8. Lobonado

    #6 Nevada at New Mexico

    We just aren't that good this year. I could see UNM making a late season run when we gel, but right now we just aren't good. Add that Nevada is pretty darn good with experience and this equals a Lobo loss. However, crazy things happen in the Pit and that gives me a little bit of hope.
  9. The MWC will only be relevant again once UNM, UNLV, and SDSU improve. Bad coaching hires have been killer. If Nevada can stay good and the "big 3" wake up then this can actually be a good conference.
  10. Lobonado

    MW MBB Today

    Kansas transfer Carlton Bragg played his first bball game in over a year and finished with 16 and 6 in 22 minutes.
  11. Lobonado

    Would New Mexico bring back Alford?

    I'd take Alford again. He's a darn good coach who actually coaches defense. Will it ever happen? Of course not, but let's not forget we actually went to the NCAA tournament with him.
  12. Lobonado

    Bears vs Rams

    I prefer a game like last night's versus the Rams-Chiefs game...
  13. Lobonado

    UNM/NMSU game thread

  14. Lobonado

    UNM/NMSU game thread

    Horrible start. 10-0 aggies.
  15. Lobonado

    UNM/NMSU game thread

    The Lobo fanbase is extremely hungry for a win over the Aggies. I think it's all mental now. Going to be a dogfight tonight.