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  1. I think Danny G gets his first win as a head coach tomorrow. UNM favored by 6.
  2. Fire Weir! UNM should never finish below 5th!
  3. Dang, I guess Nevada is pretty good. Hard to think that UNM went toe to toe with them last week.
  4. Good job figuring it out. Glad the guys will be able to play this season. OOC game with Texas Tech?
  5. Sounds like UNM will be heading to Texas... https://www.lvsportsnetwork.com/episode/hour-2-marcus-arroyo-has-lost-his-best-recruit/ Around the 26 min mark. Interview with Geoff Grammer.
  6. Doubt UNM plays Boise those dates.
  7. Doubt UNM plays those games Dec. 3/5. Still haven't practiced...
  8. That one hurt. GG Nevada. Lobos will be a force next season.
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