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  1. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/page/earlytop25040521/gonzaga-ucla-1-2-way-too-early-top-25-college-basketball-rankings-2021-22 CSU getting some love at #21. I imagine they will be the team to beat next year in the MW.
  2. David Patrick would be a great hire for SJSU. He coaches great defense.
  3. If Medved stays, CSU will be the team to beat in the MW next year. Followed by Nevada and SDSU.
  4. I can't believe this is the same Oregon St. team that lost to Wyoming and Portland at the beginning of the season. Props to them and Wayne Tinkle. Whenever I see Tinkle I always think of this guy lol
  5. Wow... I thought you guys were actually gonna hire someone good this time around.
  6. Casey Alexander would be a great hire. Damon Stoudamire would do well at UNLV too.
  7. You guys should hire Grant McCasland from UNT. Very good coach.
  8. Why would ISU want an average coach? I imagine they hire Darian DeVries from Drake.
  9. We need a coaching carousel thread. Indiana, DePaul, and Minnesota opened up today. I expect UNM will announce the new head coach later this week. All signs point to Richard Pitino.
  10. Texas Tech is a very good team. Beard is a tournament coach. Look for them to make a deep run again.
  11. Duke better not make it in the field today.
  12. Pitino is an average coach. Take away his last name and it would be WW3 on the Lair right now. He is young, but sounds like a Weir 2.0 I do think he jumped from FIU to P5 too fast, he wasn't ready for MN...
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Craig Smith has never lost a MWC tournament game. Impressive.
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