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  1. New names I'm hearing: Richard Pitino Joe Golding Avery Johnson
  2. AD said that he is leaning towards current sitting head coaches.
  3. No way. Our AD has SEC connections. Will be an assistant coach from an SEC school or Frank Martin.
  4. I would love Gregg Marshall, but I don't see any rumors connecting him to us.
  5. Names I've seen mentioned already: Damon Stoudamire Frank Martin Tim Miles Larry Schyatt Russell Turner Casey Alexander- Belmont head coach Dennis Gates- Cleveland St. head coach Travis DeCuire- Montana head coach
  6. Thank goodness! PW is a good guy, but a horrible coach. Top Candidates: Frank Martin Tim Miles
  7. Any word on the format of the MW tourny? I just hope they decide to have #1-9 seeds and leave #10, 11 at home. Please let our season end!
  8. No way Weir is coaching the Lobos next year. Even with all the financial problems at UNM.
  9. 1. Paul Weir 2. Jean Prioleau 3. Justin Hutson 4. Dave Rice 5. Leon Rice 6. Noodles 7. Marv
  10. That's cool. Can you guys send a million or two over to us so we can fire Weir?
  11. Never wanted Weir. UNM doubled his salary and he moved to a better conference. Anyone would take that opportunity. Not going to happen, but we could do the same for Jans when Weir gets canned... I don't care for much for NMSU, in fact, I root for you guys when we aren't playing. I know you guys hate Weir though haha.
  12. And if you actually win, you're treated like the king of New Mexico. Just ask Alford... Weir is a horrible coach, and deserves all the heat.
  13. 1. Boise 2. Utah St. t3. CSU t.3. SDSU 5. Nevada 6. UNLV 7. Fresno 8. Wyoming 9. SJSU 10. Air Force 11. UNM
  14. The bottom feeders of MW b-ball are: SJSU AFA UNM I'd maybe throw in Fresno, because they look atrocious too. The battle for last place will come down to UNM-AFA. I doubt SJSU wins another game, and AFA might get one against Fresno. UNM's only chance is against Air Force. Covid is no excuse for Weir finishing last place in the MW. Completely unacceptable and embarrassing.
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