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  1. 1.) SDSU 2.) BSU 3.) USU 4.) CSU 5.) UNLV 6.) NEV 7.) FSU 8.) UNM 9.) WYO 10.) SJSU 11.) AFA
  2. Effing endzone fumbles. On a related note, I hate that rule.
  3. Was that the one where Zach Sudfeld(?) fumbled out the end zone while diving for a touchdown?
  4. Late last night, it was very easy to look at how many votes Trump led by, the expected number of votes remaining to be tallied, and the ratio of Biden to Trump votes typical for the areas where most of the votes were going to come from and see that Biden was still very much alive in certain states. #MakeBackOfTheEnvelopeCalculationsASkillAgain
  5. I wonder if the results would be different if the theoretical release date of the vaccine was January or February instead of before the election. In other words, how many people answered "no" because they perceived November to be too early for a vaccine to have been properly vetted and determined to be safe? My guess is some but not nearly enough.
  6. Last year, Nevada's offensive line play was akin to that of 5 cardboard cutouts. I think that bodes well for the COVID-19 athletic season. Big things ahead for the Pack!
  7. Right. People choose to watch these things over the playoffs?
  8. In the first 15 minutes: They compare the number of COVID-19 deaths currently to the hundreds of thousands to millions without mentioning the time scale of said model predictions. They do not mention if they tested 5000 random people or 5000 symptomatic and/or exposed people and likewise for the testing numbers of the various states and countries. Important for the extrapolations they make. Compare COVID-19 deaths in three months to flu deaths PER YEAR Gloss over the 4x difference in the percentage of positive cases between Norway and Sweden and the 5x difference in deaths
  9. I think that is why he quoted the Case Fatality Rate
  10. Fair enough. If this testing is beneficial, fine. However, in New York City and Colorado, health officials have already stated that the time for testing everybody has passed and social distancing should be priority. I understand other regions of the country may not be at that point yet.
  11. The goal is to slow the spread to keep from over overwhelming the health care system, right? Pushing for everyone to get a test, even those with mild symptoms and no risk factors, seems counter productive to that goal.
  12. Large lead blown, but at least the wind will be in the offense’s face as they try a comeback of their own.
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