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  1. The cluster**** of a roster they put together should have been proof that he and Pelinka weren't going to work. Pelinka should have been fired! On the long list of the Lakers' problems, Walton's coaching was near the bottom. What a mess the Lakers are.
  2. Can you divulge anymore? I saw some of Torres' stuff warning of the hell to come if Gus wasn't hired (and especially if Alford was hired). I found it odd that he seemed so invested in the 'instantaneous demise' of Nevada basketball. I really don't know much Torres fella.
  3. Any estimation on when the announcement will come?
  4. Just when you thought the rivalry was rekindled...Danyelle will bring Aggies and Wolf Pack fans together
  5. It baffles me how many Wolf Pack fans I have seen clamoring for him. He had some pretty bad teams at LSU and TCU. He did an amazing job when he was Nevada’s coach. I don’t know if either side should risk tarnishing that. Plus, his recent results don’t scream “Hire this guy!” With all due respect, I would hope there are better candidates.
  6. I agree and disagree a bit here. Overall his four year tenure here was a huge success. He inherited a team that wasn't even in the top 200 the season prior. His first year, the team jumped into top half of Division I of men's basketball. He then turned out a borderline top 50 in year 2 and top 25 team in years 3 and 4. If the level of play in those four years was repeated for multiple decades, Wolf Packs fans would have it pretty good. Overall, yes, It is poor form and silly to be hyper-critical of him now. I wonder how many people who are hyper-critical of him now nearly worshipped him prior. However, I do think his refusal to accept a larger buyout can rightfully leave a sour taste. Season tickets sold out this season even with increased prices. Multiple games sold out over his final two years. The support he and his team received was great and boosters chipped in to make him the highest paid coach in the conference and were willing to keep it that way. The community did everything you could have asked. He could have acknowledged that and agreed to a contract with a larger buyout. While Nevada basketball probably benefitted more from Muss than Muss benefited from Nevada basketball it was in no way a one-sided relationship. A larger buyout would have been a nice gesture. I doubt $2 million was going to scare off any suitors. Just minor quibbles, he did a great job and revitalized the program. Parting ways at this juncture may actually be good for both parties. This is where I am. Muss is an intense dude. Going off the amount of assistant coach turnover he had, I imagine he can wear on people pretty quickly. It may not have been best for long term success of a program (or even best for Muss) for him to be at the same place for much more than 4 years. With that said, this hire is crucial. With the wrong hire, the team can tank and all positive momentum lost. I think the job is more desirable than it was 4 years ago. It might also be more desirable for possible recruits. There are a lot of good coaches, and I think the program has a much better chance of landing one than in years prior. Muss deserves credit for that.
  7. Good point. Though, per KenPom, both of Jans' NMSU teams have been better than Weir's team and any of Menzies' teams.
  8. Who can without losing a year of eligibility? A good number have already used a redshirt year.
  9. Aint getting to 213 pages. We don't have enough sci-fi novelist/basketball insiders or 7th degree friends of boosters who are in the know to turn a large enough rumor mill.
  10. I think he is mine, too. Interestingly, NMSU’s two best teams per KenPom have come during Jans two years as head coach. DeCuire, Miles, Alford, Connor, and Miller all stood out from Murray’s list
  11. I’d be ok with the first three (is Pasternack in hot water with the FBI stuff?). I’ll thrown in Travis DeCuire. I think he would be a good hire.
  12. Lost a close game in the Elite 8. What a choke job!