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  1. So for Menzies to ensure he gets his full buyout, he has to try his hardest NOT to work?
  2. I’d be stoked if Nevada could land Juiston. He had a hell of season in ‘17-‘18 .
  3. Meh. Both of those beat a high seeded Georgetown. A team that after reaching the Final Four as a 2 seed in 2007 received the following seeds in the NCAA Tournament: 2, 3, 6, 3, 2, 4. In those 6 tournaments they lost in the round of 64 three times and in the round of 32 the other three times. Lower seeded teams feasted on Georgetown. Talk about embarrassment.
  4. BSU SDSU USU NEV FSU CSU AFA UNM WYO UNLV SJSU I really have no idea who returns and such. I just expect BSU to make a big jump(winning the conference might be a bit optimistic). Alston is going to breakout. If Mcdaniels returns, move SDSU to 1st. Nevada is based on Musselman being the coach.
  5. SDSU already has either Thad Matta or Rick Pitino lined up, huh?
  6. Ya. I think we as fans overstate how an early tourney loss hurts a coaches appeal to the ADs looking to hire. Though, I wouldn’t be surprised if the way the season ended-losing 4 of 9-hurt his candidacy a little.
  7. This is where I am at. I think he is Nevada’s coach next season. There are only a few really good job openings every year. Every year there many quality candidates for those jobs. I most worried about LSU opening up.
  8. I don’t think he’d leave for Wazzou. That’s one tough job
  9. Been really good at throwing the ball wildly.
  10. I have the Auburn NMSU game on my laptop next to while I work. Nearly every time I’ve looked over Auburn has hit a 3. They can shoot.
  11. And you are guaranteed to see the start of the game. Looking at you, CBSSports
  12. This is only the second year of the quad system, right? Maybe third. Prior to quadrants win were categorized by top 50, 50-100, etc. regardless of location. I think the quadrant system is aN improvement in that regard. I also think the NET has been a big step forward from the RPI. Though, I wonder why the NCAA had to create their own metric when they could have just combined the ratings of KenPom, BPI, Sagarin, and others into one number.
  13. Me too. Something has seemed amiss at times with this team throughout the year and it appears to have been amplified as the season has drawn towards an end. Fans can always set expectations too high, but getting a 50/50 matchup in the Round of 64 is a disappointment considering what the team returned. How does a team this experienced, even without Caroline, go 7 freaking minutes without a point in crunch time?
  14. How do you go 7 minutes without scoring? Yikes! Congrats Aztecs!