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  1. Hey Boise...

    I see. My comment makes even less sense now.
  2. Nevada @ Boise State

    I’m still surprised Hutch missed both shots at the end. Broncos are tough! Two incredible games between these two teams!
  3. Hey Boise...

    This is like, “Hey, shut up or I’m gonna have my friend beat you up.”
  4. Nevada @ Boise State

    Maybe he clapped mother f****r in Morse code.
  5. Nevada @ Boise State

    That damn technical on Cooke looms large.
  6. MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

  7. Bracketology Update Feb. 12

    And it would be stupid to include them. Fans put way more importance on the polls then the committee does.
  8. Bracketology Update Feb. 12

    Supposedly the committee is working pretty hard on coming up with a good way of using all metrics in the future. They have been in contact with people at several universities and with Sagarin, Pomeroy, and others about this. One of the biggest issues seems to be finding a balance between the predictive and reflective metrics. Going 100% predictive would create the strongest field but the importance of wins and losses would be diminished. IMO, going I imagine the goal is to be able to combine the different metrics into one number; or two numbers, one reflective and one predictive. Combining the different ratings isn’t trivial. You can’t simply average them.
  9. Bracketology Update Feb. 12

    How important do you think the AP and Coaches’ Poll rankings are to the committee? I think they have very little influence. The team sheets used by the committee have rankings from SIX different metrics; none of which are the two aforementioned polls. Ask Utah State fans how much good being ranked did them one year.
  10. Bracketology Update Feb. 12

    The AP and Coaches’ poll are not related to seeding. The committee isn’t going to care (and shouldn’t) where a team has been ranked in those polls throughout the season.
  11. UNLV at Nevada

    Preach man!
  12. UNLV at Nevada

    I already made you sweet trade in the Pick8 game. What else could you want?
  13. UNLV at Nevada

    If Mooring doesn’t cool off, I’m not confident the Pack will come back. I expected Juiston and/or McCoy to have a great game. Didn’t anticipate Mooring.
  14. UNLV at Nevada

    Refs letting the other team break the rules is always a huge part of why one’s team loses.
  15. MW 20 Win Seasons

    That’s far from a certainty. If they won out, including the conference tournament, they’d have 29 wins. Getting to 30 is a tall order.