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  1. I'll go with UMASS @TheSanDiegan 3...2...1...GO @Broncomare you are after him
  2. Shite!!!! I'll take Duke. @Agent Orange/Blue you are up @SLCPoke you are on deck
  3. Nevada @TheSanDiegan YOU...ARE...UP @Broncomare on deck
  4. I'll take Southern Miss @Broncomare you are still up for 1 (I think just 1) @Agent Orange/Blue you are also up @SLCPoke you are on deck
  5. FIU @TheSanDiegan batter up @Broncomare on deck
  6. Mississippi State @Agent Orange/Blue Next @SLCPoke Next Next @pokebball Next Next Next
  7. NC State (picture pending) @TheSanDiegan on da clock @Broncomare on deck @WYO1016 in da hole
  8. Notre Dame @Agent Orange/Blue up @SLCPoke on deck @pokebball in the hole
  9. Oklahoma @TheSanDiegan is up @Broncomare is on deck @WYO1016 is in the hole
  10. Count me in as a participant, please
  11. The cluster**** of a roster they put together should have been proof that he and Pelinka weren't going to work. Pelinka should have been fired! On the long list of the Lakers' problems, Walton's coaching was near the bottom. What a mess the Lakers are.
  12. Can you divulge anymore? I saw some of Torres' stuff warning of the hell to come if Gus wasn't hired (and especially if Alford was hired). I found it odd that he seemed so invested in the 'instantaneous demise' of Nevada basketball. I really don't know much Torres fella.