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  1. CSU may very well be the second best team in the league. That Niko fellow is a damn good coach.
  2. That’s like eating gas station sushi
  3. Hey, we are moving the ball. Let's put Solano in. WTF
  4. Old Dominion @Agent Orange/Blue you are up @SLCPoke you are on deck
  5. I'll go with UMASS @TheSanDiegan 3...2...1...GO @Broncomare you are after him
  6. Shite!!!! I'll take Duke. @Agent Orange/Blue you are up @SLCPoke you are on deck
  7. Nevada @TheSanDiegan YOU...ARE...UP @Broncomare on deck
  8. I'll take Southern Miss @Broncomare you are still up for 1 (I think just 1) @Agent Orange/Blue you are also up @SLCPoke you are on deck
  9. FIU @TheSanDiegan batter up @Broncomare on deck
  10. Mississippi State @Agent Orange/Blue Next @SLCPoke Next Next @pokebball Next Next Next
  11. NC State (picture pending) @TheSanDiegan on da clock @Broncomare on deck @WYO1016 in da hole
  12. Notre Dame @Agent Orange/Blue up @SLCPoke on deck @pokebball in the hole
  13. Oklahoma @TheSanDiegan is up @Broncomare is on deck @WYO1016 is in the hole
  14. Large lead blown, but at least the wind will be in the offense’s face as they try a comeback of their own.