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  1. Talk about controlling the time of possession. It’s the longest drive I’ve ever seen
  2. Wake forest (I will update with a picture later)
  3. I don’t know what it says about me, but I read that line and couldn’t stop laughing.
  4. Whether it’s basketball or baseball, I’ve been pretty anti- conference tournament for a while. Usually I get extra uppity about it when the team I root for is affected. The Jay Johnson Nevada baseball team that lost 1 weekend series all year and then bowed out after 2 conference tourney games is a prime example.
  5. By my hazy memory, Nevada has lost like 5 post-season games in row: yesterday, 2-and-out at the Stanford regional last year, 2-and-out as the 1 seed in the 2018(?) conference tournament, …
  6. UNLV wins the league by 3 games and now must win 4 straight to make a regional. Conference tournaments are kind of dumb.
  7. At least that one is continuous across the lip. Ali's appears to have "Stopped the Growth" in the middle.
  8. What's more divided: American politics or Ali's mustache?
  9. In the first 15 minutes: They compare the number of COVID-19 deaths currently to the hundreds of thousands to millions without mentioning the time scale of said model predictions. They do not mention if they tested 5000 random people or 5000 symptomatic and/or exposed people and likewise for the testing numbers of the various states and countries. Important for the extrapolations they make. Compare COVID-19 deaths in three months to flu deaths PER YEAR Gloss over the 4x difference in the percentage of positive cases between Norway and Sweden and the 5x difference in deaths per 1 million people. They just imply both numbers are very small and, thus, the differences are "statistically insignificant". That is not the definition of statistically insignificant. Why should we trust these two guys, whose job is to treat and stabilize people in an Emergency Departments over epidemiologists whose job is to perform statistical analyses like the one these two haphazardly tried to do?
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