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  1. I tried right at 10 and had no luck snagging any.
  2. No tourney this year. Auto-bid goes to regular season champion.
  3. Won’t the extra body parts we start growing make it pretty easy to distinguish us from the unvaccinated?
  4. A great opportunity to see some fantastic free throw defense from CSU
  5. He was 60 plus a decade ago. oops. I just saw that @thelawlorfaithful beat me to it. With pictures
  6. In terms of at-large considerations, I am partial to CSU over USU (by a slight margin). No Quad 3 or 4 losses and they won road games against the conference's top teams. BSU is the only other team to beat one of the Top 4 on the road.
  7. In terms of the Quadrant system used by the committee? No it is not. CSU hasn't lost a Quad 3 or 4 game all year. Those are the "bad" losses. In terms of the score? Hell yes! That was not good! But, the committee isn't going to go through every loss by each and every team under consideration for an at-large bid.
  8. Hey man! What did the folks of Jackpot ever do to you
  9. I think CSU is in no matter the result tonight. They have 0 bad losses plus the road wins in San Diego and Logan. They'll be a low seed, but they are in.
  10. I agree. There was no need to post that quote. People trashing Hamilton like it’s his fault he’s the best player on a bad team.
  11. @halfmanhalfbronco tore the leg off of his Max Rice voodoo doll.
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