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  1. blind_squirrel54

    MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    Due to the different numbers of games played, SDSU taking two out of three would result in a 19-11 record for the Aztecs and a 19-10 record for the Wolf Pack. So, Nevada would have a 1/2 game lead in the standings.
  2. blind_squirrel54

    A bold plan to make College Football great again

    The conferences would play a round robin conference schedule, yet there would still be conference championship games. Why?
  3. blind_squirrel54

    NV Fans, is this year's sweet 16 team better than our last one?

    KenPom rankings: 2018: 25th 2004: 20th
  4. blind_squirrel54

    Caleb Martin AP All American Honorable Mention

    Hutchison transcended college basketball this season. He will receive All-NBA honors.
  5. blind_squirrel54

    What’s the furthest Nevada can go?

    A large majority of that arena is going to be Kentucky fans. The crowd will be pro Wildcats during any game they play in.
  6. blind_squirrel54

    What’s the furthest Nevada can go?

    BYU also made the Sweet 16 in 2011.
  7. blind_squirrel54

    Nevada vs Gonzaga in the final four?

    Loyola is pretty effing good, man! I say playing “way” over their head is a bit of an overstatement.
  8. blind_squirrel54

    Congrats Nevada!

    Though, the majority of those that use an “ah” in the middle aren’t using the proper Spanish pronounciation either. As they finish it off with a “duh” instead of a “dah”. People from the east coast pronouncing Nevada doesn’t exactly sound like proper Spanish. That’s without even getting into pronouncing the v as a b.
  9. blind_squirrel54

    Texas vs Nevada

    I thought so, too but I’m in full homer mode. Every call is a bad call.
  10. blind_squirrel54

    Texas vs Nevada

    70% improvement
  11. blind_squirrel54

    Texas vs Nevada

    Pack isn’t going to win if Texas makes 3s.
  12. blind_squirrel54

    Kentucky’s Three Point Streak is Over

    It was moved farther back but I still think it is a bit shorter than the FIBA line. Edit: NCAA is 20’ 9” FIBA is 22’ 1 3/4” The NIT is experimenting with a deeper 3 point line this year (if not the exact FIBA distance, it is very close to it).
  13. blind_squirrel54

    Five MWC Womens Hoops Teams got Post-Season Bids

    Didn’t they play USC in the WNIT a few years back?
  14. blind_squirrel54

    #1 Nevada vs #5 San Diego State

    Aztecs are on fire but it isn’t like Nevada is making them take tough shots.
  15. blind_squirrel54

    #1 Nevada vs #8 UNLV

    Stephens’ thumb