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  1. blind_squirrel54

    Temple vs UCF...

    College Football National Championship Trophy?
  2. blind_squirrel54

    I dropped off my ballot last night...

    I imagine the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-flailing Tubeman was received well by kids and swayed a majority of them towards Rosen.
  3. blind_squirrel54

    Nevada @ Hawaii

    Do our punt returners not know how to call for a fair catch?
  4. blind_squirrel54

    UNLV Basketball Scrimmage

    Mike Bobo was its coach
  5. blind_squirrel54

    So wait... she *does* have a Native American ancestor?

    Well, it would probably be warranted, like what, 1/1024th of the time? At best 1/64th.
  6. blind_squirrel54


    I agree with the two above. Ichiban is great!
  7. blind_squirrel54

    Nevada at Toledo

    The tipped punt and the Pack’s final drive defense were awful, but it’s probably a 7 point game if Nevada just ran the ball on 3rd and 15.
  8. blind_squirrel54

    San Diego State vs Arizona State Game Thread

    Am I missing something? Why are the announcers making a big deal about Edwards not using a timeout after first down? Also, it was close, but there was enough to overturn that fumble.
  9. blind_squirrel54

    Boise State Baseball Update

    Would be awesome! Probably hideous, but awesome nonetheless! Go big or go home!
  10. blind_squirrel54

    RPI Is Dead...

    My bad. I no read good.
  11. blind_squirrel54

    RPI Is Dead...

    Most definitely. Non P5s figured out how to game the RPI, too.
  12. blind_squirrel54

    RPI Is Dead...

    The reliance on RPI was the subject of much criticism over the years. How is moving to a different metric bad news?
  13. blind_squirrel54

    RPI Is Dead...

    Margin of victory is capped at 10 points. I don’t see how this move screws non power teams.
  14. blind_squirrel54

    Is the future of the MWC football-focused or basketball-focused?

    Steamrolled them by a whole 2 points.
  15. blind_squirrel54

    Pick 10: Team thelawlorfaithful

    SMU @LoFasZz you are up @pokebball you are on deck