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  1. blind_squirrel54

    #10 Nevada vs Air Force

    I agree they are shooting more threes because of how much zone teams are playing against them. However, it doesn't need to be that way. It isn't a requirement that a team needs to shoot a bunch of threes to beat a zone. For example, UNLV and Colorado State beat New Mexico (zone defense team) with 13 and 15 three pointers attempted, respectively. Nevada does exactly what the opponents want when they jack up a high number of threes against the zone. I echo other Wolf Pack that say they need to get more attempts inside. Quicker, crisper ball movement and more patience could achieve this. The drop in Caleb Martin's percentage has played a role in the drop off in percentage. IMO, this has been compounded by how many threes he is attempting. 68% of his attempts this season have been threes. He's too good at the other things to be exclusively a three point shooter (especially when making less than 33% of them).
  2. blind_squirrel54

    #10 Nevada vs Air Force

    For the season the Pack is shooting 33% from three. In conference games they are shooting 28%. So “regressing” back to 33% in conference play would be good for about 1 to 2 more made threes. I tend to think they will start shooting better, but not enough to justify the volume of three pointers they currently take. IMO, the offense would benefit from them only taking 20 threes per game instead of the 29 they currently average in conference play.
  3. blind_squirrel54

    WAC over MWC

    It isn’t a factor at all! It won’t be listed on the team sheets the Selection Committee will use on Selection Sunday. The five ratings they will list are: NET, ESPN’s Strength of Record, ESPN’s BPI, KenPom, KPI, and Sagarin. Alive and well? Pfft. It is a crap metric but keep touting it because you like how it rates the WAC.
  4. blind_squirrel54

    WAC over MWC

    You realize the RPI was killed off, right? Perhaps you should use a higher quality metric.
  5. blind_squirrel54

    #10 Nevada @ Boise State

    He hasn’t attempted a two point shot this game. I don’t understand why he is shooting so many threes this season. And a lot of them aren’t great shots.
  6. blind_squirrel54

    WAC over MWC

    It remains to be seen how the season finishes, but it isn't a given that they will be the best MWC team in history. Nevada is currently 8th in Kenpom. Via the same metric, SDSU finished 8th in 2010-2011 and BYU 10th in 2009-2010 and 12th 2010-2011. As of now, those teams were of comparable quality to this season's Nevada team.
  7. blind_squirrel54

    Fire Dutcher!!

    A bad loss is a bad loss and, admittedly, quibbling over which one is worse than the other is rather silly. However, UVU and Brown are of similar quality per KenPom. SUDS got obliterated, while FSU lost a close one and was without D. Taylor. I know which result I'd be more discouraged with as a fan. I should have quoted @masterfrog's post.
  8. blind_squirrel54

    RPI #15 Ranking: Is this a League Record for the MWC? (A10 is #14)

    I looked up the same numbers and was going to make a similar post. I imagine the zone and sagging man defenses have contributed to the increase in his 3PA, but I think him getting that number under 60% would probably be a good thing.
  9. blind_squirrel54

    Colorado at New Mexico Game...

    F*** I’m an idiot! I don’t know what the hell I was thinking! apologies @Jalepeno
  10. blind_squirrel54

    Colorado at New Mexico Game...

    Previous idiocy edited out: That would be like a record of 13-5. Even given the current state of the Pac12, I agree that the Buffs would probably get into the tourney.
  11. blind_squirrel54

    #6 Nevada vs GCU (Talking Stick Resort Arena)

    Have struggled mightily against the zone
  12. blind_squirrel54

    #6 Nevada vs #20 ASU (Staples Center)

    Holy Christ Trey Porter!
  13. blind_squirrel54

    #6 Nevada vs #20 ASU (Staples Center)

    Not getting many good looks. Completely flustered offensively.
  14. blind_squirrel54

    #6 Nevada vs #20 ASU (Staples Center)

    Lol so bad
  15. blind_squirrel54

    SDSU vs USD

    Straw man building day? Edit: @TheSanDiegan beat me to it