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  1. I don't know what the committee will decide if you guys lose today, but the Pack are sincerely a good team right now and they pass the eyeball test for sure.
  2. Please show me how you came up with "Bernie Sanders would like to attack third world countries for fun and profit". Thank you.
  3. Rammies have to figure out a way to stop Kell from penetrating so easily.
  4. Donald Trump is the neo-left?
  5. What a true but sad/hilarious statement. "We knew we were in deep dog doo when they cut the lead to 18".
  6. We had a 21 point lead in the second half...
  7. I'm predicting a CSU victory tonight. Yes, SDSU is playing very well in the last 3 halves however Pope being a major contributor is very important to the Aztec's consistency and he has shown a lack of motor and focus when playing hurt. When Pope plays well, they win. When he doesn't...who knows. Maybe he'll prove me wrong tonight but I'm just playing the odds here. CSU has some chinks in the armor but Clavel and Omogbo are pros. I'll take Reno in the other game as they look so locked in right now but I'll be rooting for the dogs 'cause Reno, duh, and Tark.
  8. So, who are the cutest boys in the MW?
  9. Both Clavel and Barnes will end their careers as very rich men.
  10. Also, there were some sort of connector pieces that joined the horizontal beams to the vertical ones. All that needed to happen was for those to fail.
  11. Yep...quarterfinal day is exhausting.
  12. Be careful what you wish for.
  13. Omogbo looks like a pro as well. He's got the speed to defend at the next level.
  14. Clavel has "it". He will be a really good NBA player.
  15. Jacob Van is the most underrated player in the conference.
  16. At some point we just have to stop participating as consumers. It's the only thing they feel.
  17. I guess we'll just leave it to the person who's been drinking to decide whether or not they should be driving.
  18. I live in a city, of course, but the bar I'm at is a few miles from my home. I could walk, but I'd have to go through a sketchy neighborhood. Is it cool if I drive home after a drink or two? BTW I know you do not condone drinking and driving. I'm trying to make the point that maybe being inconvenienced is not a great excuse for drinking and driving. In any case, dui law enforcement is a sham. All a cop would have to do is literally hang out around a bar and it would be easy pickings all night long. They do that a few times and everybody gets real cautious about it. We all know that yet they don't do it.
  19. My team ain't playing and I'm rooting for Fresno, my Tark brother. I just mean it's early in the game. Long, long way to go.
  20. OMG you guys are dramatic. I just turned the game on and it was 10-5. Chill out dog fans and also go dogs go.
  21. I thank you for your perspective. I would watch UNM play NMSU when I could and NMSU play in the WAC tourney every now and then but I certainly wouldn't say I had a feel or opinion on how Marvin coached. Do you think "his model" had a lot to do with the type of players he could get to NMSU, though? He's going to be able to get more skilled kids to UNLV (hopefully). It will be interesting to see if he still continues with Aggie ball or if he adapts to the increased talent levels at UNLV.