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  1. the executive told them not to comply. The senate will decide the guilt of the executive.
  2. Not a congressional subpoena that’s for sure.
  3. Collins just said, to a panel of constitutional scholars, that "we have no idea what the framers meant".
  4. Nah, he's loving this and I love Stunner. We are very lucky to have him here.
  5. I post tweets in hopes someone such as yourself will read them, discuss them and even critique them, so we may all learn and grow together.
  6. Stunner..."engage me on my terms or f*ck you" Stunner..."retro and toonkee are silencing me with their rules! I want justice! attica...attica"
  7. I regret responding to your trolling. You win. Carry on.
  8. The funny part is, if I can say something is funny in this situation, are those fans calling the UNLV players "pxssies" and "bxitches" etc. I doubt any of those loser zonies would be talking like that to guys like D-1 college tight ends without their little elevated barrier. Fauolo just cannot do what he did but I hope that helmet swing landed on one of those rejects that was yelling racial slurs at the players. Might as well make it count.
  9. I'm cool with like a 5 game suspension for both Arnold and Fauolo. Needs to hurt a little more in my opinion.
  10. Arnold has no excuse, no matter what Oblad said or didn't say to taunt him. he wan;t being physically threatened in any way. Fauolo's only excuse...maybe...is that he could have been trying to get that guy in the stands to stop attacking a fellow player, and let the record state I am in no way suggesting that was the case. In fact I say it's highly doubtful.
  11. So...why would the Constitution say the president has the power to pardon, except in cases of impeachment? You think it means like of a judge were impeached the pres couldn't pardon him, something like that?