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  1. Terrible call. Poyser didn't touch him.
  2. Well, this year, yes. I'm talking about in general. Year in and year out.
  3. No matter what happens tonight I will say this...Reno cares a lot more about these games than UNLV does. Bball and football.
  4. You have no idea... UNLV is ranked in the 300's in fg% 5 feet and in. It's almost comical at this point watching them attempt to finish.
  5. http://www.themwc.com/page/watch-live The undercard. Lady Rebs are 17-0 against Lady Wolfpack in Las Vegas. Also, there are more people at this game than most SJSU games.
  6. It would be so awesome if Mussleman got ejected and Rice had to take over, and then Reno loses of course.
  7. When I was in high school I put up 50 on Rancho.
  8. I think I know who you're talking about. He is good. He sounds like he really enjoys his job.
  9. Is he a young-ish sounding guy?
  10. Please let San Jose go on a run in the MW tourney. What a mind blowing sight it would be to see them in the NCAA's.
  11. It should be competitive, but not good.
  12. Yes. Things are getting pretty weird in the universe. SJSU is going to beat New mexico and SDSU in back to back games and Donald Trump is the president. What's next?
  13. Bulldogs are the tastiest.
  14. I would love some fried rice at bball games.
  15. What are we going to do with SJSU? They're like a real team now. It's undeniable whether they win or lose this game.
  16. Call me crazy but I'd rather go to the Final Four with 3 star players than finish 7th in the MW and miss the big tournament with 5 star guys, but that's just me.
  17. Clavell is the best offensive player in the conference.
  18. Doesn't Buffer charge like a 100 grand to show up and do the "let's get ready to rumble" shtick?
  19. It gets better. They're talking with Rosie O'Donell about playing Bannon.
  20. Man, you guys are going all in to beat the worst team in the MW. #littlebigmen This is a blatant attempt to "out-Vegas" Vegas. This will not be forgotten. The south shall rise again!
  21. The ace in the hole we have over Oregon is that Marvin has a track record of running offenses through the post and getting those guys into pro ball. Oregon not so much. Altman seems to prefer more SDSU style guys and the offense is more centered around guard and wing play. That being said their main big, Boucher, is having a hell of a year but he's not really a post-up kind of guy like McCoy.
  22. True, but that would be silly rivalry talk and everyone would know that. Reno has it's own style and flavor. Own it! Just make sure you don't add "Tahoe" to this hypothetical branding.