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  1. Welcome to the Sophie’s choice Berners had to make with Clinton. The left is simply fractured right now.
  2. Biden has zero chance. Bernie is not a dem. He is running to overthrow the system represented by Clintons and Bidens. Whether we like it or not if Bernie gets effd you're going to have turnout problems, I promise you. It's ride or die with Bernie if he is the chosen nominee by the people. Bernie is in control here. Establishment R's didn't like it one bit but realized they were stuck with Trump. This situation is very similar. If they f over Bernie I sincerely hope he runs independent and f's the dems. The whole thing needs to be taken down, R's and D's.
  3. Okay. Still makes no sense to recommend charges on somebody you can't charge, so I'm not going to assign any relevance to the lack of charges.
  4. So your rationale is that since he wasn't logically inconsistent in some places he should have been logically inconsistent in all places?
  5. He said he was operating under the "can't prosecute a sitting president opinion." You can't operate under that opinion and then recommend prosecution.
  6. The real problem with Bloomberg is nobody gives a fart about him.
  7. Why would he even recommend prosecution if prosecution is not possible in the eyes of the DOJ?
  8. It's true that after the usu game our schedule is home heavy with the better teams. We got that going for us which is nice. I think it's still too early to really start putting stock on who finishes where though. Lots of games to be played yet.
  9. Rammies shot that from three on us today.
  10. So what are we even arguing? That UNLV really isn't a second place contender? I really don't know. Got stomped on the road by Reno, CSU and Boise but we throttled Utah State and New Mexico at home. Gave SDSU a good game in Vegas too. CSU, Boise and Reno have to play is at home so we'll see. Wait a sec, you guys have no good road wins either right? It's tough out there away from home unless you're SDSU.
  11. True to an extent. Those losses against the other second place contenders were all on the road and UNLV will get to return the favors in Vegas. UNLV just needs to stay out of SDSU's side of the bracket. Whatever the seed.
  12. Yeah, the whole Biden/Burisma thing tends to look pretty shady from where I sit. The joke is you can't see the mountain of corruption that Trump is. I get it, government sucks, the establishment is swampy, we need an outsider to clean house and stop the nonsense. I think almost all of us want that. We all want real people in power doing the right thing. The big joke is you dopes think Donald Trump is the guy to do it. Pro fraudster, can't even get a loan anymore, smacked by the courts for running a fraud university and a fraud charity is going to drain the swamp and restore order. They guy that puts his kids in government roles. They guy that won't divest his business interest, the guy that won't show you his finances, they guy palling around with Epstein, the guy that costs the country hundreds of millions in leaving the wh every weekend. Yes, this is the white knight we've all been waiting for.
  13. Bernie has leverage. A legitimate threat by gym to run indy would hand Trump the victory no doubt. If Bernie is the legitimate front running candidate it would be suicide to dick him again. I know I wouldn't vote Dem in that case. Screw em. Let the party die.
  14. Momentum definitely has turned towards UNLV. They got it it back to possible.
  15. What is CSU sitting from three? Feels like 75%.
  16. Or...wait for it...we could hold Presidents accountable for using government money and resources to leverage foreign investigations into US persons, who are not under investigation by the US, and for the purpose of smearing a political opponent? Man that just doesn't feel American to me. So unexceptional.
  17. Was he rallying around Mitt? I'll answer for you. Not really. He was making commentary regarding how the cultists deal with dissenters.
  18. I know where I'm celebrating tonight.