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  1. Hey @Nevada Convert, What do you think of this guy and his predictions? Got to hand it to him that he said Trump would win in 2016 so his system worked. It wasn't like he just picked the obvious polls leader every time. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/allan-lichtman-presidential-election-accurate-prediction-trump-biden/ The professor famous for accurately predicting the winner of every presidential election since 1984 has issued his verdict for 2020: Joe Biden will defeat President Trump. American University Professor Allan Lichtman uses a system he created of 13 "keys" that
  2. He doesn't take responsibility for anything. He whines about how everyone is mean to him. He calls women nasty ugly pigs. He blames all his problems on others. He brags constantly but with exaggerations and lies. His wife thinks he's gross. Stiffs contractors because he can. He wears orange make-up and it takes over 2 hrs to get him ready every day! This is a big tough man with big balls to you?
  3. People on the sidewalks were not blocking the street or impeding their driving.
  4. Hooligans with a permit are still hooligans. This is fing euro soccer violence.
  5. We’re all hypocrites and we’re all Americans. Be part of the solution and help end the divisiveness that is destroying everything. Good day.
  6. I wonder if the “BLM” protests have similar components. I wonder if the president can look at them with similar nuance.
  7. Several times in this short thread I have. The commie-anarchists are hooligans. The looters are hooligans. They are a cancer to this nation.
  8. I said they had the right to be there at least twice before this. You said they were peaceful, though, which is obviously wrong. They were there to take part in the chaos and antagonize.
  9. Agree to all but the the raison d’etre of the old man is not to wake up in the morning to see what he can do to antagonize half the country. That’s got to be worth something.
  10. I agree. Were Trumpers there with righteous intent last night or were they there for hooliganism, same as the protestors?
  11. Yes, the trumper caravan was about doing the job of the police last night. Yes, it was about restoring order. God bless those solemn righteous patriots.
  12. It's chaos. I agree with what you said. But I kinda felt like you were insinuating because a trumper got killed that means that all that counts here.
  13. No shit. I'm not defending that. Are you defending macing and paintballing people as ”peaceful"? Because that's all I'm taking about.
  14. The caravan was driving through the streets macing and paintballing people. Not talking about this murder which is horrendous and inexcusable.
  15. He's part of the problem. People did bad things in his name last night did they not?
  16. The guard may beat back some nonsense for a time but that's not going to end this in any meaningful way.
  17. The president spends all day every day inflaming the culture war. This is Trump's America. He is incapable of being any part of a solution to this.
  18. So I saw videos of Trump flag waving antagonists in pickup trucks shooting people with paint guns and spraying mace in Portland last night. Where are the Biden signs and flags?
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