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  1. k, who has the most to gain by downplaying it and getting things back to some semblance of normal?
  2. With this logic, nobody dies of anything besides the brain losing oxygen. What caused the brain to stop working is irrelevant. Just put "brain quit” on all the death certificates. If it was expected they would have lived past their actual date of death without also contacting the virus and receiving complications from it, it would be negligent to not list it as a cause of death.
  3. Or maybe the wife wants to vote Biden but is afraid her Trumper husband will see her ballot and then leave her for a younger woman, then leave that woman for an even younger woman and then cheat on that one with two adult entertainers while the younger, younger woman, who was put under the knife to look like Carla Bruni, the woman he really wants, is at home with their infant son, who will be named after a made up publicist that the husband would pretend to be when he calls in to talk shows.
  4. I think it's reasonable to assume we catch a small sample of police brutality and misconduct on video. I think it's also reasonable to assume you knew your previous logic was defeated so you cried "leftist narrative" and "defund" to red herring the discussion away from your failed analogy.
  5. Guilty, lol. I'm actually better than scratch but that's a term people recognize so I used that instead of plus 2. I actually downplayed my awesomeness.
  6. Guys, I'm a scratch golfer. My father, grandfather and father were all golf course superintendents. I know golf like a mfer. I know a fair amount about course maintenance. There's two people that drive on a green. 1. A person that is given special permission to accommodate a significant disability that makes the game otherwise unplayable, like a guy with no legs for example. and 2. the most selfish, massive fing asshole you can imagine.
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/twitter-responds-to-rand-paul-allegedly-subpoenaing-antifa/ar-BB18BEqg
  8. utah gonna utah. I meant the basketball.
  9. he's a very smart guy and a capable debater, no doubt, however sometimes the the words he uses are a little too hateful for my taste, however I think I have noticed times where he's gone past the edge, realized it, and came back to having a more productive tone. Like most of us do.
  10. "People choke"...this is going to get a lot of mileage in multiple connotations in the coming months.
  11. I think this is different. I'm not overly concerned by police brutality against me, I'm concerned for others.
  12. I'm going to defend Soup here because we're all guilty of this. Sometimes we needle each other or get frustrated and lash out and then later realize we did not act like our best selves and try to come back to the board a little more earnest. I know I do this.
  13. You're right but so is @Los_Aztecas. Trump cannot be so crude, divisive and inciteful and then call foul once he gets what he gives.
  14. Trumpers aren't in this because reasoning. No zealot is.
  15. I'd say LeBron and the rest probably did rush to judgement however I also believe their reaction is not based on this singular event.
  16. So why should we pay attention to your poll threads?
  17. K, but this guy's method has been right 9 times in row. This ain't some guy throwing stuff at a wall and seeing what sticks.
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