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  1. Me and my neighbors are so sneaking wine into our caucus site. This is the only way to fly.
  2. Who could have ever foreseen that giving boomer volunteers an untested app for their out of memory walmart pay as you go phones running Android 2.0 would be a disaster?
  3. So when Rush is dead, who are you going to get your horrible zingers from? I suggest Mike Huckabee.
  4. Nice to see a good old @thelawlorfaithful gif story again.
  5. But it's so folksy! Heartland 'merica!
  6. Y'all realize Nevada is using the app?
  7. Just when you think it can't get dumber than Fraud Guarantee, Shadow says hold my beer.
  8. Sounds like Biden did very poorly. Not viable in many precincts.
  9. Pete actually got all the black people in Iowa to stand behind him during his speech. All seven. Suck on that Biden.
  10. Live look at the Iowa caucus goers.
  11. Ah, the age old question. As for me, I'm generally a contrarian. I am not a Democrat. Mainstream D's and R's are just as bad as the other and I only voted for Hillary in 2016 because Trump was an extraordinary case. I've generally supported underdog candidates with messages that resonated with me and often those center around getting big money out of politics and reducing the concentration of influence. Many say my stance is "impractical" but it takes all types to make the world go 'round.
  12. That just seems like the logical thing for the progressives to do, but she seems to be trying to reposition herself away from Bernie and toward greater acceptability within the party. I don't think the ruse will work though. She seems to have decided she doesn't want to be Bernie's VP.
  13. Can a moderate Dem get enough of the progressive Dems out to vote though? I'm not so sure. I'm only one guy but I believe there's more out there like me. If the Dems legitimately rig the system to nominate Biden I'm not voting Dem. I'm done. Tons of progressives and anti-corporate folks held their noses and voted for Hillary in 2016 and it was deflating. I see even less will to hold noses and support a shady Dem process just because it's ”the lesser of two evils" in 2020. It will be interesting to see it all play out though and find out just how many there actually are that will vote against Trump in any case. Maybe there will be more Republican voters that will just stay home.
  14. It seems much of the country has fallen into the belief that Donald Trump's ascendency is normal and that Trump himself is a typical Republican. The times they are a changing.