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  1. I think you'd have to be nuts to think Juiston leaving is a net positive. We're playing with two guys that were walk-ons last year. TJ is getting max value out of the current players right now. We might be contenders with Juiston and Ntambwe provided they bought in. Same with JTT.
  2. Unfortunately for you, I use what people say to gauge their intelligence.
  3. The only stat that matters is wins. Everything else is...
  4. Think so? Seems little bit smaller than the usu game to me.
  5. He must be a little hurt. Dressed for emergency only. If he was in trouble I imagine he's just be in sweats?
  6. I think rebs are going to struggle tonight.
  7. That last play to get the first down was great. The lateral and those hail mary throws into double coverage though?
  8. Love the kid but he's a robin, not a batman.
  9. The white christian majority is the real victim.
  10. Lol Chris Murray will just post some irrelevant circle jerk stat like ”the pack hasn't had a 2nd quarter fumble by a backup kicker in 2 decades”.
  11. Jodie Foster doesn't even like dudes.
  12. Two flagship universities going at it on this fine winter day in Boise.
  13. I support calling the pack Nevada as long as they mispronounce it.
  14. Well we have excellent and measured leadership at the top so should be okay.
  15. Some of the choices Bernie made as an ineffective legislator give him the credibility Joe lacks on certain issues though. Bernie voted against Iraq war and no clips of Bernie saying marriage is between a man and a woman, etc. So he's got that going for him, which is nice. Plus if he wins they'll have to make Larry David a full cast member on SNL.
  16. I think at the beginning of the year, before any games are played, we should nominate three teams for bid consideration. All the other teams must do whatever they can do to get those teams into the tournament to support the league. The league!
  17. Yesterday this guy was saying "see you next year" to everybody. He so funny.
  18. Credit to demarlo Slocum, who had the scout on this game, and TJ for a hellavu game plan. Rebs played smart and high energy d.