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  1. I fell like you're letting perfect be the enemy of good here. Let's say we eliminate 80% of air travel in the next decades and replace that with high speed mag lev or whatever. Still miles better than where we are, right?
  2. Well if 40% of the country weren't dumb as shyt...
  3. Those proverbial dinosaurs have come back 3 or 4 times already though. None of the nuclear accidents we've had were supposed to happen. There were back ups and fail safes.
  4. @retrofade Let's have a few more Trump appointees running nuclear regulatory commissions and decreasing regs to save their cronies a few bucks.
  5. I'm not arguing against it being our best alternative. I just find it odd that some have the hubris to say "it won't happen again". Everything happens again.
  6. I'm sure that's what guys with your job said that worked at Fukushima, 3 mile island and Chernobyl. Shit always finds a way to happen.
  7. You guys act like you've never seen any of the Jurassic Park movies.
  8. Do you think political campaigns work? Do you think they spend $1B on getting you all riled up and motivated because it doesn't work? LOL. Do you think advertising has any effect? Why do you guys think you're above being influenced? You're delusional if you think voters all come to their decision solely through cold hard facts, adhering to principles and measured thinking.
  9. right... first of all, their "elections"? The ones where Putin gets 75%. Would he have got 80% without our cy-ops campaign, lol? And how is that giving Russia a victory? Because it acknowledges they were successful at f-ing with us? And what kind of victory does Russia get when Trump says he believe's Putin's strong denial over the intelligence community's work?
  10. Says the guy with 24k posts directed at the same 8 people and 3 troll derby wins. You're changing the world, Blues. Keep up the important work.
  11. But Obama...? My friend, I'm not asking you as a commie leftist demmykrat. My question is not whether the Russians hacked anything, or physically changed votes. Trump was told by everyone in the IC that Russia was making all kinds of attempts to influence our election, and Trump refused to acknowledge that for a long time. We all remember him taking Putin's word over that of the US intelligence community. So...why? Why do you think he did that?
  12. Respectfully, so what's your guess on why Trump continuously denied that Russia had a campaign to influence the election?
  13. It's so discouraging that the HUD Sec doesn't know what an REO is. He would learn this term on day one if he had any interest in doing anything in the department. All the best people.
  14. Why didn't the Republicans fix this when they had the house, senate and presidency?
  15. Remember kids, the troll derby is right around the corner. Blues has never won at anything in his whole life. It would be a crying shame to end that streak.