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  1. I bought that exact guitar for my kid. It was kinda fun at first. Really see slinky because of the short scale length but the neck was wack after it acclimated to not being in Indonesia. The neck was so stiff that the strings wouldn't pull enough on the neck to get any kind of relief in the neck and it just became an unplayable piece of crap. At least Guitar Center was nice enough to take it back.
  2. Of course. Don't mistake my posting of that tweet as an endorsement or as any indication of any side I'm on, by the way. There is a 22 minute video those snippets were taken from that is much less inflammatory and "gotcha", if your interested. I didn't post the whole video because I knew a 22 minute video was not in line with the average attention span around here.
  3. Sure. Some Israelis feel this way. That is all.
  4. How dare you call him a Nazi. Is nothing sacred?
  5. I'm so sick of playing the same teams over and over and over...
  6. Sharks played like a$$ last night, too. Kings and Sharts have nothing to play for. We had our chance and didn't capitalize. Good news is we should have home ice through entire playoffs unless it's against the avs.
  7. There are great places and people in Kansas, Las Vegas, Reno, Fresno, Albuquerque, San Diego, Boise, and so on. There are shitty people and shitty places in those towns as well. Welcome home, Convert. We have many cats in need and a brand new courthouse for you to wear shorts in.
  8. @mugtang is a Titan among board operators and humans in general. Godspeed.
  9. You also described Blues. No more people named after colors
  10. Your opinions regarding the ability of Vegas to support or pay for anything like this are dumb and come from your butt-hole. You said that about NHL and NFL. You have no clue. Sit down, you internet hack.
  11. Let's stop and think of how fundamentally stupid that sentence really is. Please understand that I'm not saying you are stupid, not at all. I'm saying the conditions that make that sentence a reasonable strategy are just stupid.
  12. Reno has a cbi banner. You should apply!
  13. Okay, society is a company and the supreme court are Satanists. Whatever. Doesn't change a got dang thing.
  14. We are exactly like Venezuela.
  15. Got news for some of y'all. You go as we go to a large extent. We live in a society where systems are communal.
  16. They probably just want to get out of paying child support.
  17. Well, Fox news personalities are already using that defense when they get sued..."whoa guys, nobody actually believes what I say right? I'm obviously full of shit. I mean that's totally obvious, right? You'd have to be crazy to take me seriously."
  18. Do you want the shirt off his back if it has a swastika on it?
  19. I think these would have been more representative of Reno.
  20. But Maynard always says that only God's law is real...
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