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  1. Dallas came out of a cannon but shot their wad in the first period and a half. They ran out of gas in the third but Knights weren't up to take advantage.
  2. Knights turned the momentum to the end the period after an indifferent start but Dallas kicked our butts for fifteen minutes.
  3. Stars taking it to us.
  4. Sorry convert. Just selfish, willfully ignorant, narcissistic Trumptards being themselves. "I work on Lake Travis, Lakeway. Today was bad. 8am-11:45am: boats of all sizes, a lot pushing weight capacity, full speed heading east from every boat launch they could get to in hopes they don’t miss the people planned to skydive from helicopters. This made the lake as choppy as it gets in bad storms. 11:45am-12:10pm: the calm before the storm. 12:10pm-12:30pm the large fast cigarette boats and cabin cruisers go by. Their combined wakes rock our marina. Boats tied off on the docks closest to the l
  5. Right? I guess the appropriate retort is to bring up Venezuela?
  6. This is true, but I was pointing out that there are people in this world that we know that Trump lost as voters over the last few years. The crux of the OP was that no one changed their mind.
  7. Let's say that everything you both said is relatively true here, about dems playing dirty, not denouncing riots, etc. The problem is that Republicans conduct themselves exactly the same. There's zero intellectually credibility or honesty on your reasoning. Just say teams and shit next time and be done with it.
  8. They said no serious injuries. I guess multiple boats sank.
  9. I don't know, Aggie. I think we have a few people in our little message board they went from voting for Trump to probably just not voting. Mid-term turnout was huge and largely seen as a referendum on Trump.
  10. Yes, but... Maybe he hid behind that on occasion but I think he also used that schtick to say, hey, I'm running a GD satire show, you're supposed to be running the country or an actual news program, be better than me. Your standard should be higher than a satire show. That kind of thing.
  11. Sweden has 10 million people. We have 35x that. Now of course they are still much lower by percentage but let's be fair.
  12. Hockey has been good. I know I'm a new money hockey fan from Vegas and all, but I've been watching all the games. Two game 7's yesterday and one today. tons of fun. Then we got Dodgers just chewing through everybody almost every night. I try to keep an eye on the Tour de France as well. All of a sudden I don't have enough time to keep up with all the sports. If football was on I'd have to quit my job, lol.
  13. To be fair, they might be in California right now but those people are probably from all corners of the country, as they are in the military and get sent from place to place.
  14. Says the Trump nuthugger. All Trump does is spout unconfirmed bullshit all day every day. It's literally how he got his start in politics and got your attention and how he got you to buy that stupid red hat you wear to Arby's when your feeling sassy. You got some nerve.
  15. "We have reports of antifas on George Soros Southwest Airlines coming to Idaho with soup and Joe Biden is controlled by dark shadow people on the streets, some guy said"
  16. The amount of strawmen, predictions and assumptions you're trying to pass off as evidence of something is actually quite impressive. Doing the lord's work my friend.
  17. I dunno. The primary crux is that Trump felt it was inconvenient to go the cemetery and thinks fallen military are suckers and losers. Although it is a detail in the piece, and it may be incorrect or at least not the whole story, how he got out of going isn't all that important and doesn't dismiss the other corroborated statements, some of which were said to occur at separate times.
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