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  1. I wonder if the number 1 cable news network selling existential threat to white christians 24 hours a day for the last 20 years also has anything to do with it.
  2. So do you want us to get emotional about these deaths or do you want us to realize that daily indiscriminate shooting deaths are also just the cost of doing business? Or do you want to prove a point that we're all hypocrites and you and NDT are smart guys?
  3. I do see your point and agree, however they don't have the same real life gun culture, or culture in general, that we do. It's hard to isolate that one variable. I'm not a blame the video game guy but I was wondering if the way we play video games now contributes to some of the dysfunction. When you and I were kids we played the violent games but it was detached from one another. Now we literally speak to people when we are killing them on screen and the conversation is very dehumanizing, racist, misogynist...you name it. Now sure a well adjusted person should be able to deflect that kind of stuff but it's not that simple. Most of us are generally able to shrug off the insults here but we all know there's one or two of us on this board that maybe don't shrug it off so well. Even Lawlor took a break because he said he wasn't in a mental state to deal with the "wolves" or something like that.
  4. I think reducing everything to the extremes is what is increasingly damaging to the discussion on this board, and part of that is labeling everything under umbrellas of authoritarianism or freedom. Real life is somewhere between those points.
  5. No, I understand that the full on skinhead types are quite rare.
  6. I want all of us to be about love. I want all of us to view each other as humans. We get the media, government and politicians we deserve.
  7. Apparently it's what Trump's base wants.
  8. It's totally a coincidence that so many white nationalism and white power folks finds the Trump presidency to be an ally.
  9. You asked for the media to stop talking about WP and racisim all the time, yet Trump's rallies and tweets seem to be impetus of much of that coverage.
  10. All this Trump stuff...it's really always been about white nationalism when you get down to it right? Not in a no race mingling or lynching type way (well maybe in a go take out the inhuman Mexicans sort of way), but in an us versus them framework where "us" the the heartland folks that benefited from decades/centuries of favorable societal and governmental treatment . Make America great when we were in control of things sort of way? When Christian white culture dominated every aspect of society sort of way? This president will allow us to say Merry Christmas again! Whether or not you were on the Trump train explicitly for this, you got to admit this is stuff was at the core of what motivates the movement right? It's a culture war and it's the culture of 1940s and 1950s christian whites that is being defended.
  11. Also he tried to keep blacks out of his buildings. But we're not allowed to view his comments with any context. We can only say he's racist if we catch him saying the n word and then he signs an affidavit on a Bible swearing he meant it in explicitly racist terms.
  12. Sounds like you want the media to stop covering Trump rallies and tweets.
  13. We've got to put a massive effort into understanding why and then put a massive effort on a societal level to combat that why. I'm afraid we will only do so when people stop going to ball games or malls or concerts and the economy is damaged.
  14. Was it silver/Blanco or gold or reposado?
  15. Right? You can't even go to California anymore and drive around and take notes on the illegal Mexican count from your car without getting these leftys all hot and bothered. I'm sick of it to. Where will it end?!?
  16. My bad. I'll use the sarcasm symbol next time.