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  1. They may be silly, but 2+2=4. The conditions were met to arrive at the place we are at. I feel like you're disappointed that 2+2 doesn't equal 5.
  2. There is little wisdom in the institutions anymore. Why do you expect better of mobs? And listen, my dude. I kept what you said about winning the troll derby in my back pocket. Word to the wise, start in January or so. You're going to burn out trying to keep this up for 10 months.
  3. There is no order in the systems, only politics where the other side is the enemy. Rudderless lashing is the resultant response.
  4. The y don't call my mom "test site" for nothing. tOHRfNT.mp4
  5. This whole thing seems like broken windows policing and abuse of power by LE, just in a more white collar arena. So, drain the swamp here, but back the badge where it's black people who aren't the President's friends getting their lives ruined over pretty matters. It's the inequity in the institutions and government, folks. It always is.
  6. Sure. Would you agree that the US is not objectively the best at everything and people that blindly think it is because they were born here are dumb?
  7. How dare you joke about this. My pool may have sloshed out some water. We are in drought conditions!
  8. I think it's more about putting down morons that can't look at their country with any objectivity than putting the country down itself.
  9. I didn't feel it. Did you?
  10. I get that a certain amount of work guess into it and they don't it spoiled, but as a consumer of journalism, I couldn't give two craps about who breaks a story and out scoops the other but these outlets act like it's the end all be all and that I care. "You heard it here first. We beat channel 8”. IDGAF.
  11. The institutions are failing before our very eyes. People no longer believe in them. There is no trust in any of the authoritative systems. The police, the judiciary, Congress, the presidency, the DOJ, the press. The mob is taking over in the vaccum of faith and that's really bad. Trump's rhetoric is not the cause of this disease but he's one hell of an accelerant. What's going to happen if Derick Chauvin is found not guilty because the jurors felt he followed the law? And what is going to happen if jurors convict him to appease the mob? That's just as scary. Now understand I do not proclaim he is innocent in any way, shape or form, but God help us.
  12. The point of the teachings of Jesus or the point of depicting him as white ish?
  13. Leftist puritanism is not religious. I just think it's a better concept to describe the zeitgeist.
  14. Although a very high quality visual meme, the mixing of fractions and decimals in this comparison is triggering me.
  15. I liked @smltwnrckr leftist puritanism theory better as a description of the vibe right now. Religious nuts burned books too. And toppling statues is far different symbolically and functionaly than burning books.
  16. He looks exactly like me right now after two cups of coffee and MW boarding.
  17. I'm not posting this to pick on LDS, just answering your question, but this is picture is literally in every LDS house.
  18. Don't worry about Phoenix.