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  1. Trump also said yesterday he was going to appoint pro-crime judges.
  2. We got your back Connie. F that retro guy.
  3. Can you imagine getting that email? Lol
  4. Didn't somebody try to bet with you on the election with loser getting a ban?
  5. I read some analysis that this is probably not so much evidence of sincere fascism but a shoddy stall tactic, as Trump is scheduled to give a DNA sample by the 23rd.
  6. Massively subsidized big pharma to the tune of 10 billion and counting free and clear. Big government rules?
  7. Are you kidding? That makes my blood boil.
  8. I was looking at our forecast in Vegas couple days ago and saw we were going from 114 to 87 and I was like WTF? Apparently that's child's play. My sister in Boulder texted me with their forecast and I was like
  9. yeah, that writes his speeches...smh.
  10. Frankies is an iconic dive bar in Vegas. I found this poignant. I'm not looking to get into a finger pointing thing here, just saying there's a crap ton of people in LV right now that need some love. Sucks...
  11. Stephen Miller is literally a white supremacist. He literally is working to persevere white demographical dominance of the United States. That's his bag baby and it's not that hard to look up. Here's an intro but there are many writers and sources that back this up with a google search. https://www.npr.org/2019/11/17/780231676/stephen-miller-and-white-supremacy
  12. Dallas came out of a cannon but shot their wad in the first period and a half. They ran out of gas in the third but Knights weren't up to take advantage.
  13. Knights turned the momentum to the end the period after an indifferent start but Dallas kicked our butts for fifteen minutes.
  14. Stars taking it to us.
  15. Sorry convert. Just selfish, willfully ignorant, narcissistic Trumptards being themselves. "I work on Lake Travis, Lakeway. Today was bad. 8am-11:45am: boats of all sizes, a lot pushing weight capacity, full speed heading east from every boat launch they could get to in hopes they don’t miss the people planned to skydive from helicopters. This made the lake as choppy as it gets in bad storms. 11:45am-12:10pm: the calm before the storm. 12:10pm-12:30pm the large fast cigarette boats and cabin cruisers go by. Their combined wakes rock our marina. Boats tied off on the docks closest to the l
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