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  1. Jackie Speier is dumb for that. But does Trump respect the office of the presidency?
  2. Can't wait to go to the mall to get some pizza and have a bunch of rejects around me that would pay money to see mini AOC and the deplorable choir.
  3. Save the drama fo yo mama. Bernie will say "of course I believe a woman can win the presidency. Senator Warren, who I admire greatly and have great respect for, may have misunderstood." Bernie and Liz will be very conciliatory towards one another.
  4. Yeah. Looked mostly full to me.
  5. The real mini AOC is going to be there! Get ur tickets now!
  6. Wyo missed 5 free throws in the last minute and a half and a guy that was 88% shot 4 of them. They make one and Wyo wins despite Rebs doing everything right in that same time period.
  7. Yeah, you really can't separate the two. It's just not a fair fight. Trump is a ridiculous, foul scumbag by any measure. He's in the WWE hall of fame for crissakes. It is not normal to have someone so controversial as president. There's been nothing remotely comparable to him, his behavior, his lying and rhetoric. You'd have to expect a reaction.
  8. I demand the Dodgers be named back to back 2017-2018 WS champions post haste.
  9. That's only because McDonald's doesn't have kabobs.
  10. One game at a time. We have an opportunity to have a high-ish finish in a weak conference this year, but one game at a time.
  11. I remember the unemployment numbers during Obama just weren't "real" because they didn't account for this or that. "Real unemployment was 10, 15 even 20/25 percent! Who knows!”
  12. It's worth mentioning these are young university attending folks.
  13. The Beastie Boys said it best. You gotta fight for your right to party.
  14. They only real authority...
  15. Yeah but the same guys do pac 12 and mw games and big 12 games. The refs are basically freelance and go wherever they want. You'll see Eric Curry and Dave Hall and Randy McCall all over the country in just about every conference.