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  1. What dems are going to be in trouble. Comey? Rosenstein?
  2. Meanwhile we have a person with a lifetime appointment that was made in bad faith. MOAR laws.
  3. Nope. He specifically addressed that. Can't do that because he can't be tried by the DOJ.
  4. I think a law needs to be made that these kinds of things must be dealt with in a certain time limit, or something. The vacancy happened in Obama's term and it should have been filled there, as there was more than adequate time to do so. I would be consistent with that opinion with Trump as well. Although Mitch could have legally did what he did, not sure it's in the spirit of the intent of the ff.
  5. I like this approach the dems seem to be framing taking on these ambitious projects, that is by unashamedly saying it's going on the cc, just like everything else. Repubs have a way of framing their spending as not being debt, it's just normal like groceries, while dem stuff is all new 60 inch tvs and eating at restaurants. But we all know we can't afford any of it, and it's time to change that perception.
  6. Also, to be fair, I didn't read the GND lol.
  7. He said nothing that wasn't in the report, but I think he said what he wanted to repeat, or emphasize..."wasn't my place to charge the Trump, that is up to other processes. Here's ten things for those other processes to look at. Although, I could not charge Trump, I could have exonerated him, and I did not (are you listening congress?).
  8. If you read my posts I said nuclear may be our best option, we just may have to live with the risks and consequences, which maybe the least-worst option. But I don't know.
  9. I'm not worried about the nuke plants going bankrupt.
  10. I fell like you're letting perfect be the enemy of good here. Let's say we eliminate 80% of air travel in the next decades and replace that with high speed mag lev or whatever. Still miles better than where we are, right?
  11. Well if 40% of the country weren't dumb as shyt...
  12. Those proverbial dinosaurs have come back 3 or 4 times already though. None of the nuclear accidents we've had were supposed to happen. There were back ups and fail safes.
  13. @retrofade Let's have a few more Trump appointees running nuclear regulatory commissions and decreasing regs to save their cronies a few bucks.
  14. I'm not arguing against it being our best alternative. I just find it odd that some have the hubris to say "it won't happen again". Everything happens again.
  15. I'm sure that's what guys with your job said that worked at Fukushima, 3 mile island and Chernobyl. Shit always finds a way to happen.
  16. You guys act like you've never seen any of the Jurassic Park movies.