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  1. 1.Warren/Sanders or Sanders/Warren would be pretty tough. 2. We all vote with our guts to a significant extent and often race, gender, religion and other identity factors play major roles in generating those gut feelings.
  2. Yeah but nobody clicks the links. You have to physically shove things down people's throats, Mug. All they read are topic titles and then you say whatever opinions you've already formed and sometimes they might not even be related to the issue, because they didn't read the gd article you linked. Arghhh...
  3. Your line in the sand regarding government intrusion is different than the next "libertarian" and not every "leftist" wants Joseph Stalin communism, but we're lazy so we slap these labels on people so in one swoop reduce you to whatever extreme we need to make you look unreasonable. Back to my example with top25, I think some libertarians would say he should be a more well informed consumer and that the market should respond to a demand of phones that don't hijack your privacy, rather than having the government decide what we can or can't handle, especially for something that's not related to safety, like food standards, etc. Let Apple be a dick company and face the consequences.
  4. Little? iTunes is schwetty balls though.
  5. I think it should be but I'm an authoritarian that wants the government to save me fwum my choices. Just don't use a smart phone, Mr. Libertarian. Where's your market solutions god now?
  6. Fun fact I'm going to the dentist today which is Dr. Clinton Reynolds, Dan's brother. One of the other Reynolds brothers is the manager of The Killers.
  7. I must say that was much better than I expected. The Fresno one made me lol.
  8. #1. Being a Yankee fan is so punk rock. #b. Frick you @thelawlorfaithful
  9. Wtf are you taking about? This is some Trump level gaslighting.
  10. Were you the lady in mixed doubles?
  11. This is the weakest shyt I ever heard. First of all it's pronounced "it August". #2: I don't even get in my pool if it ain't at least 105.
  12. Yes, that's all that was needed. eye roll. The black slaves of yesterday and the illegal laborers of today subsidize our lifestyles. We're not saying that's the right thing to do, we're just saying that's how it is. I thought that would be obvious.
  13. Okay. Apply that to getting the country/planet off carbon. Government investment can and has led to unimaginable private sector growth.
  14. No, he's saying most of us benefit from the illegal labor and we need to see the whole picture for what it is.
  15. And you won't have insurance premiums. I'm not saying it will zero out but that's a pretty big chunk of change in the equation.
  16. I keep telling y’all joe is a bad candidate. He’s run for pres like 5 times. Warren and Sanders are neck and neck with him in latest NV poll and NV is the third primary.