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  1. Please just end rebel football and go all in on basketball. I'm ready.
  2. Ault may have been their best coach, but he's no Tark. Reno's greatest sports achievement is ending a season ranked 12th or something like that. Once.
  3. "But he didn't fix it good enough or fast enough after we broke it!!! He's a bum!!!” - many Republicans.
  4. Yes. Most of the states in our conference are already spoken for. No need to stress out about any of our presidential votes. Probably Nevada included. Bernie did good in Nevada last primary and Nevada still went easily Clinton despite berners staying home I suppose.
  5. We're all playing for second and it's possible for about 6 of the teams.
  6. We're all playing for second and it's possible for about 6 of the teams.
  7. Sounds like a plan to me. I also love how international baddies communicate on what's app. I get that it's encrypted and all, but the name is so silly.
  8. Is it possible Pelosi knew what was going to drop and played her hand to the fullest? I mean, the timing. What a co-eenk-a-deenk.
  9. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/16/politics/ukraine-investigation-marie-yovanovitch-surveillance/index.html Getting kinda Watergate-ie in here. Trump goons spying on a state department official.
  10. So we have a broken law to satisfy those fake goal posts. Does Parnas satisfy the "no first hand account" goal post enough for those wringing their hands about that or did he also misinterpret what Rudy wanted and Rudy misinterpreted what Trump wanted. Are we going to continue to be this obtuse?
  11. I'd rather have a Republican that's not a dumbass scum bag reptile running record deficits and employing recession stunts to sustain the trend Obama set.
  12. It's almost like Trump surrounds himself with such low grade characters for the plausible deniability. Or maybe it's just the best he can do and this is a beneficial side effect.
  13. The students were taunting him by just saying his name over and over. They say he was yelling weird things at the court like he was mentally ill.
  14. Dude was punching the wall in the tunnel.
  15. For the fine folks that say we need a businessman to run the country like a business, Trump, as the CEO, would have been fired by the board of directors long ago. Even if you can't legally beyond a shadow of a doubt tie tie him to some of deeds of his henchmen and proxies, the buck stops at the top. He's responsible for his hires and underlings.
  16. So whaddyall think about Parnas and Hyde surveilling Yovanovitch and discussing ordering a hit? Just going to keep giving Trump plausible deniability because he's mean to libruls? Guiliani just went all rogue? They were just messing around? Nobody actually killed nobody?
  17. What's the difference anymore? Mitch says he's coordinating with the defendant's wishes.
  18. So the president's associates were surveilling yovanovitch and apparently discussed hiring a hitman. No biggie. We'll just keep giving Trump the benefit of the doubt.
  19. Why not both? The president did wrong things.
  20. Do you think his twitter feed respects the office of the presidency? He does that every day.
  21. If you think that's funny well okay then. I still love you.