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  1. Charleston is like 11992 or something. Fun fact... Nevada is actually the most mountainous state
  2. That is weird! Someone should do a deep dive and see if they can parse out a difference.
  3. If only those kids would have just pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. It's so simple. I like to imagine that Namond grew up to be a good person that served his community. Maybe he helped get Duquan off the streets somehow and together they formed a non-profit or something.
  4. I always thought former NV governor Brian Sandoval had "it". Republican but not into the weird social culture war crap. Had broad appeal.
  5. Good question. I think it's important to think about what being a leader means to answer this most effectively. Example...I might really like some of Bernie's positions on some things, but that doesn't mean I think he would be a great leader.
  6. This is the best convert post ever. I'm crying. "War against the state must comply with the state".
  7. I don't think a thoughtfully considered, cost-benefit analysis is part of any response born of frustration and anger.
  8. We are all stupider for reading this thread title. Thanks!
  9. What kind of response were you looking for when you equated tyranny with temporarily wearing an additional article of clothing at the grocery store so we can all get back to normal as soon as possible?
  10. The last season of the wire is soul crushing. Duquan...
  11. We had a good one too
  12. Well you have to wear them in public. Is that tyranny?
  13. We still are. Nobody can do anything about it amirite?
  14. what about pants?
  15. How the hell can anyone do that?
  16. I've never loved you more.
  17. We are organic robots. Consciousness is a mostly faulty concept.
  18. You used the fox news slogan. That's why I made a little joke. And fox is msm. #1 On a different note, I agree that we have to be worry about going full on Nazi with the mask thing like when you're sitting on your porch, etc. But to everybody (not you soup), JFC, just wear the gd thing at the grocery store then. It's literally the least you can do to help get everyone through this and it's easy AF.