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  1. This is my favorite right now, the "Trump didn't want to be called a racist by democrat meanies" defense. LOL. Trump is the real victim!
  2. Can you find me some quotes from Biden and Pelosi where they say this is very serious, young people are dying too, it's much worse than the flu and then peddle the opposite after that. Because that's the only whataboutism that would matter. Hint: Pelosi telling people to eat in and support Chinatown, to counter racism from, before the the virus was known to be spreading here, is not the what you're looking for.
  3. We'll see. Norwegians and Swedes have a little thing between them.
  4. You are a guy like me. We're both here having worthless discussions with mostly idiots in order to feed our need to be heard and understood. Very alpha.
  5. Trump could get Israel and Palestine to make nice, de-nuclearize the entire world, get rid of all chem and bio weapons, end world hunger and they still wouldn't give it to him. He's just too big of an asshole.
  6. #1. Trump is a racist. His senior adviser and speech writer is a white supremacist. In any case Trump never stopped doing something because "people like me" called him a racist. #2. Why even discuss what Pelosi or Shumer or any other dem said? This is just whatabouting because what Trump did was indefensible. He's the executive in charge of this stuff. He had the information that the coming virus was worse than the flu, very serious, that young people were dying, acknowledged all that to a Pulitzer prize winning reporter on the record, and then peddled the opposite story to the public a
  7. That's the funny part about this. Woodward already wrote a less than flattering book about him and Trump's like let's do it again! How are ya Bobby?
  8. If I were Team Trump I would have said that those tapes sound an awful lot like John Barron and then I would have put John Barron on the phone to clean up the mess.
  9. Good thing I'm not the president, or the media or the demmykrats. This is your boy, on tape, in private saying he downplays it, understands the seriousness of it, and then goes on tv to get you and bob all riled up to fight the libs over it.
  10. Convert truly is on this board's first team. I appreciate and like him.
  11. I think the thread title will have some staying power, become a board inside joke like best buy and votr
  12. Culture war derangement syndrome. Also the Oscars are so very dumb, I mean Shakespeare in Love wins best picture over Saving Private Ryan and Life is Beautiful. How is that possible???
  13. Honestly, based on his demonstrated language skills, I bet he said it correctly in his mind, meaning that he wants "tough on crime" judges of course. He's just not that bright.
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